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How to write an English diary
班级____姓名 课型:写作课 主编教师:张 楠

Teaching aims: a) How to write an English diary. b) The form of English diaries. c) To improve the students’ writing ability. Important points: The skills of English writing. Difficult points: How to make every sentence appropriate and precise.

Teaching procedure:
Step I. Leading-in After exchanging greetings, talk about writing diaries and the advantages of writing in English.(As we know, most of the students, especially the girls, like writing diaries. But few of you write in English, which is a good way to improve your writing and speaking. So why not write English diaries? Today our topic is how to write English diaries.) Step II. Discussion First, give the students about three minutes to check their


vocabulary about days in each week and the twelve months of the year, and ask two students to write them on the blackboard. Second, give them about five minutes to discuss the words and phrases about weather and mood. Step III. Writing Show the students a writing exercise to read and discuss, then ask each member of the first six groups to write a sentence respectively according to the important points given in the writing exercise. After about five minutes, ask them to write their sentences on the blackboard, and ask group seven, eight and nine to correct these sentences. At last, all of the students work together to make up an complete article with these sentences. Step IV. Enjoy a good version Jan.3 2014 Friday Rainy

In the evening some of my friends invited me to the KTV. It was the first time that I had been there.① At first I didn’t want to go. I felt depressed②in the afternoon because I did badly in the math exam.

At the KTV, everyone sang songs happily while I was the only one of the audience.③I thought I was not good at singing and didn’t dare to sing. Due to my classmates’ encouragement,④I at last picked up the microphone and sang I believe I can fly, after which I felt very happy.⑤Above all, I come back to be a self-confident person. It’s really true that “I see me running through that open door. I believe I can fly”. ⑥There is always a door open to you. So just believe yourself and you can do everything you can. 满分揭秘 ①it was the first time that…表示第一次做…”,that 后从句用过去 完成时,此句表达准确,说明了作者娴熟的语言运用能力. ②depressed”沮丧的”,该词为高级词汇,使用恰当. ③while 在此处表示对比,通过”我”和其他同学之间表现的对比返 衬上文所说明的我心情郁闷这一事实. ④该句用 due to 表示原因,同时用名词 encouragement,说明了作者 用词的考究,不落俗套. ⑤ after which 引导非限制性定语句,介词和关系代词使用准确.

⑥用 it 作形式主语 ,后面用了主语从句 ,而该主语从句是选自 I believe I can fly 这首歌中的歌词,不仅引用恰当,且作者丰富的知 识令读者叹服. Step V. Homework
请你根据以下提示,用英语写一则日记(时间:9 月 25 日,星期六,刮风) 1)早上 8:00 起床 2)晨练后吃早饭,妈妈包了饺子,味道好 3)做完作业后帮妈妈做家务 4)午饭前打电话约朋友李梅下午二时看电影,片名叫 Titanic 5) 乘公共汽车于 1:50 抵达电影院,李梅在等 6)电影院里人很多 7)电影很有趣,过得很愉快

参考范文 September25, Saturday Windy morning exercises, I had

This morning I got up at 8:00. After I did

breakfast. My mother made dumplings for breakfast. They were delicious. After breakfast, I did my homework. Then I helped my mother do housework. Before lunch, I phoned my friend Li Mei. I asked her to go to the cinema with me at 2 o'clock this afternoon. The name of the film was Titanic. I went to the cinema by bus. I arrived there at 1:50 p.m. Li Mei was waiting for me at that moment. The film was very interesting. We had a good time.





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