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选修8 unit3language points1_图文

1. now and then 时而; 不时
= sometimes =from time to time =at times 我偶尔看见他,但不常见。 I see him now and then, but not often.

2. Here was a chance for me to distinguish myself by inventing something…

distinguish oneself
by his wisdom.

显扬自己, 使自己扬名

e.g. The man distinguished himself

distinguish vt. & vi. 1) 辨别; 辨认
e.g. 我分不清这对双胞胎,因为他们太像了。

I can’t distinguish the twins for they are so alike

2) (常与from, between连用) 区别; 区分 distinguish A from B 把A与B加以分开

distinguish between A and B


Can you distinguish between those two objects?

Children should be taught to distinguish right from wrong ___________________________.

3. habit

n. 习惯

be in the habit 有……的习惯 出于习惯 out of habit 打破……的习惯 break the habit develop/form the habit of 养成……习惯 ? habit 通常指个人经常性的行为 ? custom 一般指整个社会在一段时间里的 行为、风俗 ? practice 指惯例, 也指商业或者法律上的 常规做法。

4. convenient adj. 便利的, 方便的
对某人便利/方便的 be convenient to sb. It is convenient for sb. to do sth.

对某人来说做某事是方便的 译:三点钟对你方便吗? e.g. Will 3’oclock be convenient to you? 译:明天开始工作对你方便吗? e.g. Will it be convenient for you to start work tomorrow?

convenience [U] 方便, 便利 [C] 方便的事
在某人方便的时候 at one’s convenience

e.g. Please do this job at your convenience.
C ★ Come and see me whenever _____. A. you are convenient B. you will be convenient C. it is convenient to you D. it will be convenient to you

5. monitor 1) vt. 监听, 收听

e.g. They have been monitoring the enemy’s
radio broadcasts to try to find out their secret plans. 2) 密切监视, 监督 e.g. The teacher is monitoring an examination.


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