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牛津高中英语模块 5 短语大全
1. make friends with sb. 2. develop friendships with sb. 3. What do you think the proverbs tell us about ? 4. Beijing is well worth a visit. Beijing is well worth visiting. 北京值得一 游。 Beijing is worthy to be visited. Beijing is worthy of being visited. 5. get along well with sb. 与某人友好相处 6. feel betrayed 感到背叛了 7. betray sb. to sb. 把某人出卖 8. a surprise maths test 一次忽然的数学考试 9. be / feel ashamed of …对…感到惭愧 10. be proud of sb//take pride in sb. 以为自豪 11. feel like (doing) sth /clause. 想、感觉 像 …… 12. be determined to do / determine to do sth. make up one’s mind to do sth. 下定决心去做某事 13. I admitted that I had made a mistake I admitted having made a mistake. 我承认我犯了错误。 He has been admitted to Beijing University. 他被北京大学录取。 14. keep one’s secret 保守秘密 15. keep one’s word keep one’s promise 信守诺言 16. break one’s word 食言 17. go straight to 直奔 18. forgive sb. for doing sth. 原谅某人所做 的事 19. yell at sb. 对着某人大叫 20. laugh at / make fun of / play a joke on/ tease sb 嘲笑、取笑,跟某人开玩笑、取笑某人 21. focus one’s attention on 集中精力于 22. as a result of / because of/ owing to/ due to/ thanks to 由于;因为 23. can’t stand (doing) sth. 不能忍受(去做) 某事

24. apologize to sb. / make an apology to sb. 向某人道歉 25. lead to / contribute to / result in/ cause 导 致 26. turn into a horrible argument 转变成可怕 的争论 27. feel guilty about…因为…感到内疚 28. feel jealous of 嫉妒 29. can’t help doing sth. 禁不住做某事 30. an unforgettable experience 一次难以忘 怀的经历 31. have every right to do sth. 完全有权利做 某事 32. embarrass sb. in public 当众使某人尴尬 33. mean to do= intend to do = plan to do 打 算干某事 34. mean doing sth.意味着 35. blame sb for sth / blame sth on sb 因为某 事而责备某人 36. sb. be to blame for sth 某人因受到责罚 37. lie in 在于 38. before long 不久 39. long ago 很久以前 40. There is no doubt that he will succeed. 无 疑他会成功。 I have no doubt that… 我不怀疑… 41. I doubt whether / if he is right. 我怀疑他 是否准确。 42. first of all 首先 43. stay up late/ stay up at night / stay late into the night 熬夜 44. make it 成功 1. cheer sb. up 使某人提起精神 2. persuade sb to do sth = persuade sb into doing sth. 说服某人做某事 try to persuade sb to do sth= advise sb to do= suggest sb’s doing 试图说服/劝告/建议某人 做某事 3. speaking of friends I’ve met some… 谈到; 说到 4. rather than 而不是 5. join the school badminton team 参加学校 羽毛球队 6. ever since 自从那以后

7. would rather do sth than do sth = prefer to do sth rather than do sth 宁愿…而不… 8. had better do sth. 最好做某事 9. can’t wait to do sth. 等不及去做某事 10. chat on the Internet / chat online. 在网上 聊天 11.discourage sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人 去做某事 12. spend an absurd amount of time online 在网上花费令人难以至信的大量的时间 13. offer/give sb. practical advice 给某人提 供实用的建议 14.a sentence free from mistakes 挣脱(不好 的东西)的,无…的 15. in advance 提前/事先 16. get through to … 打通……的电话 17. apart from 除了……之外 18. be absorbed in … 聚精会神于…… 19.three and a half hours later= three hours and a half later 三个半小时之后 20. in the world = on earth 到底,毕竟 21. have / take different attitudes towards … 对……有不同的态度 22. It is likely that = sb. be likely to do 很可 能做某事 23. be based on shared activities or interests

1. follow our usual schedule 遵循往常的日 程 2. open the floor for discussion 自由发言 addition to /besides/as well as/apart from 此外 full of = be filled with 布满 5.have a lasting/ good/ great/ instant/ effect on (upon )对……有持久/好/大/立刻的影响 6.grow to / climb to/ rise to/increase to 增长 至 grow by / rise by/ increase by 增长了 7.wipe out 扫除;消灭 8.give voice to sth=voice 发表 9.cut back/ down on 减少 10.My suggestion is that sb should do sth.

11. be beneficial to…;be good for; do good to; do sb. good; benefit…对。。。。。。有益 12. environmentally friendly way of living 环 保的生活方式 13. at the same time 同时 14. This room is twice bigger than that one. 这个房间是那个的三倍大。 This room is three times as big as that one. This room is three times the size of that one. 15. be concerned about/ for concern oneself about / for 担心 16. be concerned with/in 与……有关 17. be responsible for (doing) sth 对…负责 18. see/ consider/ regard/ treat/ think of sb as 把……视为 19. the people running these factories 经营这 些工厂的人们 20.the key to success / the key to solving the problem 成功/解决问题的要害 21. pay slightly higher prices for 为……付更 多的钱 22. ask around 四处打听 23. be willing to do sth. 乐意干某事 24. My money has run out.(无被动) / I have run out of money. 我的钱已经用完了。 25 recycled material ( 可回收的材料) 26 What if we run out of space? 要是我们 没有空间了怎么样? 27 What fun it is! How funny! 真有趣! 28 do harm to = be harmful to = do damage to 对……有害 29. run across= run into = come across 偶遇 30. so/as long as…; if only… 只要。。。。 31. personally (speaking)… 就我个人而言 32. cause damage to… 对。。造成破坏/损害 1 be covered with/in 被……覆盖 2 clean up the mess 清理 3 customs officers 海关关员 4 come over to 靠近 5 watch the arrivals closely 仔细地观察到来 者 6 draw conclusions 得出结论 7 natural disasters 自然灾难

8 form up 形成 9 according to 根据 10 combat desertification 对抗沙漠化 11 take steps to stop the process of desertification 采取措施来阻止沙漠化进程 12 provide sth for sb/ provide sb with sth 向……提供 13 be stocked with 储备有 14 set up a centre 建立中央 15 pick out 挑选出;辨认出 16 in the form of 以……的形式 17 on account of 因为;由于 18 present your point of view 表达你的观点 19 turn off the tap 关水龙头 20 raise concern both nationally and internationally/ both at home and abroad 引起 海内外关注 21 Not only does he like English but also he likes French. 他不仅喜欢英语,而且还喜欢 法语。 22 rely on/ depend on 取决于;依靠于 23 recognize importance of doing sth 熟悉到 做……的重要性 24 be under way/ be under discussion / construction 正在进行/讨论/建筑过程中 25 work out solutions to many problems 26 replace…with… 取代 27 He will be a great success= He will be very successful. 他将会是个成功的人。 28 be home to a diverse range of fish and animals 是大量的鱼及动物的发源地 29 the most endangered animals 大多数濒临 灭绝的动物 30 the number of + 谓单/ a number of + 谓 复 ……的数目; 许多 31 prohibit sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某 事 32 remain to be done / remain single/ the remaining $20= the $20 left 有待/保持单身/ 留下的 20 美元 33 have harmful effects on 对……有害的影 响

34 We still have a long way to go to solve all the problems concerning (about) the Yangtze river 关于 35 appreciate doing / one ones doing 欣赏/感 激做某事 36. encourage sb. to do …鼓励某人做某事 37. fight against…; struggle against 同。 。 。 。 。 。 作斗争 38. be stocked with…贮备,备有。。。。。。 39. make progress 取得进步 40. so far; up to now 到目前为止 41. work on 致力于

1) beyond one’s imagination 超乎想象 2) point out 指出 3) point to 指向; 4) point at 直指 5) interfere with…干涉;干预… 6) on one’s/ the way to doing sth. 正在做某 事的过程中 7) by the way 顺便问问,顺便说说 8) by way of 途经; in this way 用这种方式 in a way 在某种意义上,在某种程度上 in one’s (the) way 挡路 under way (工程等)在建设之中 9) be approaching;be coming;be on the way;be around the corner;be at hand 临近 10) in general 一般说来 in a general way 一般,通常 as a general rule 在一般情况下 generally speaking 一般说来 11)praise sb for sth 因某事而表扬某人 win high praise 受到高度赞扬 in praise of 赞扬(某人); beyond all praises 赞美不尽的,赞不绝口的 12)with the intention of 为了,以…为目的 或意图 without intention 无意地 13) make one’s intension clear 说清晰自己 的目的 14) state/ announce one’s intention 声明自己 的意图

15) be anxious to do sth. 渴望做… 16) be anxious for/about sth. 对…担心 17) desperate adj.不顾一切的 拚死的 desperation n. the desperate look 绝望的表情 a desperate cry for help 绝望的呼救声 be desperate to do sth. 急切想干某事 18) adopt measures/ new methods/ an idea 采取措施/ 采用新办法/ 采纳意见 19) an adopted son;养子 20) adopted words 外来词 21) of one’s own 自己的 22) be related to…与…有关 23) while (conj.) 当…的时候,和…同时 (while 引导的从句要表示一段时间) John came in while I was typing a letter. 当我 正在用打字机打一封信时,约翰进来了。 (conj.) 然而,虽然,尽管 While he was hated by others I liked him. 虽 然别人恨他 但我却喜欢他。


1. break break away from 打破,脱离,挣脱,改掉 break down 出毛病,身体(精神)衰弱,分 解,拆开 break off 暂停,中断 break in 强行进入,插话 break into 闯入 break out 爆发 break up 捣碎,驱散,瓦解,学期结束, 拆散 break through 突破 2. come come about 发生,出现 come down with 染上(小毛病) come out 出版,结果是 come to 达到 (an end/an agreement/a stop) 苏醒,合计,总共是 come up 发芽,走近 ,被提及,被讨论 come across 偶然碰到 when it comes to sth 谈到,说到 3.cut cut across/ through 抄近路 cut down 砍倒,削减 cut off 切断,割掉,断绝关系,与世隔绝 cut up 连根拔除,切碎 cut out 删(省)掉,戒掉 cut in 插嘴 4.get . get down 下来,记下,使沮丧 get down to doing sth 致力于,专心于,开 始做 get on 进展,进步,穿上,上车 get on/along with sb 与……相处 get along with sth 在…….方面进展 get off 脱下,下车 get in 收集,收获,插(话) get away 逃跑,逃脱,去休假 get over 忘记,越过,克服,从疾病中恢 复 get through 打通电话,完成,通过 get around 消息传开 get close to sth. 接近,几乎

5. hold hold back 阻止,隐瞒, 控制(感情) hold up 举起,使停顿 hold on 别挂电话,等,坚持 hold out 持续,坚持,伸出 6.look look up 查找,向上看 look through 翻阅,浏览 look on 旁观 look on…as 看作 look into 调查 look after/ at / for 照顾/看/寻找 look out(for)当心 look about / around/round 四下查看 look down upon 瞧不起 look back upon/on 回忆,回顾 look ab. up and down 仔细打量某人 look ab in the face/eyes 直视某人 7.make make up 编造,配制,打扮,组成 make up for 弥补 make into / of / from 制成 make out 弄懂,发现,看出,填写,开列 (清单) make for 走向,驶往,促使 make it make a difference make the most/best of =make good use of =take full advantage of make sense make sense of make progress=make advances 8.put put up 搭起,张贴,举起,安装,投宿, 安排住下 put up with 忍受 put out 伸出,扑灭 put off 推迟 put away 放好,存钱 put down 记下,平息 put on 穿 戴 , 上 映 , 增 加 (put on weight/speed) put forward 提出,提前



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