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08-1 Volunteering־Ը ־Ը Volunteering means eager and patient participation. It shows ones love, friendliness and enthusiasm. As the Olympic Games is drawing near, volunteering seems to be of more importance. On one hand, since China is the country of the year and the host of the great event, all the worlds attention is focused on us. Therefore, it is our great task to display a beautiful, civilized China to the people who are not very familiar with China. Volunteering is the best stage for us to impress the visitors by publicizing China to them. On the other hand, as a citizen of the community, we have many ways of doing voluntary work such as picking up litters on the street and helping the old across the road. We should try our best to contribute to the polite and green Olympic Games. Volunteering means a lot and benefits China, Chinese people and everyone. 0808-2 On patriotism壩 壩 Patriotism means the love for one's country. It makes one ready to sacrifice one's life for one's country and to do many other deeds that can bring benefits to the people. The effect is very great when it is exercised by all the people of a country. It makes a country strong, and her history glorious. It also improves ones character and secures him/her a widespread fame. To love our country, to work so as to make her strong and rich, to support her government, to obey her laws, to pay fair taxes into her treasure, to treat our fellow-citizens as we wish to be treated ourselves----this is to be a real Chinese patriot. If the people of a country are not patriotic, the country must be very weak. History tells us how some countries of ancient time were, owing to a lack of patriotism, conquered by other peoples and how the peoples of the conquered countries were made slaves under the yoke of their victorious masters. Therefore, the best way to love our country is that we students work hard and try our best to contribute to our motherland.


08-3 PollutionȾ Ⱦ As the world is getting more densely populated, pollution presents a severe problem. More people make more waste. All this waste is polluting our surroundings. Pollution has a bad influence on our life. The air is polluted by the smoke and fog coming out of the factory chimneys. Plants die for want of fresh air. The river is polluted and the fish are unfit to live. There is noise pollution made by cars and factories, etc, which hurts the ear. It is high time we did something about pollution. I suggest more trees be planted to keep the air fresh. We should purify the water and make use of the wastes and turn harm into good. By cur common efforts, we will make a clean and purified environment for life and work. 08-4 My favorite Olympic Sportϲ˶ ϲ˶ The Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, China. This is a big event that all of our Chinese are proud of. Among all the Olympic sports, I like swimming best. On one hand, I think swimming in water is very refreshing and fantastic. When I was a child, I used to swim for two hours every day, which was also a sure way of forgetting all my worries. Right now every time I watch swimmers in the pool, I feel as if they were soaring in the sky like butterflies, which is so beautiful and touching. On the other hand, swimming is a good way of building up our bodies. Swimming needs the exercise of our muscles and strength, so it is very good for our health. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to swim, and lets shout aloud Go, Beijing! Go, Swimmers
SOCIAL ACTIVITIES AND OUR STUDY 罻ǵѧϰ 罻ǵѧϰ Social activities benefit us in many ways such as in communication, work, study and so on. Many students take a part time job in their spare time in order to practice their social skills. From social activities, students learn skills, gain social experience, and put what they learn into practice. In this way can students know what the outside world really is and prepare themselves for

their future work. Too many social activities, on the other hand, will cause a lot of trouble. For example, the students who take a part time job work hard, but just earn a little money. In order to work, they have little time to study. I think as a student, study is the first forever .If a student cannot study well, how can he have the ability to contribute to the society in the future. Therefore, it is suggested that we should practice our social activities, but we must know what is the first thing for a student to do. Television ӣ ӣ Nowadays the most common form of entertainment in our daily life is television. People begin to wonder about its advantages and disadvantages. Some believe that it is a blessing, while others hold it is a curse to the society. My opinion is that it has both advantages and disadvantages. Through watching TV, we can learn a lot of useful things. There are many knowledgeable programmes on TV. For example, English speaking competition. Also, we can know the international political affairs. Watching TV also makes your tired body relaxing. In the modern society, you can appreciate the beautiful sight in your home with TV. However, television has some harmful effects on our life. Often watching TV you can get a great chance of getting near sightedness. Some programmes are full of violence, crime and sex, which result in juvenile delinquency. Many students use their study time watching TV. Every thing has its advantages and disadvantages, if we can make a good use of it , it will help us a lot. Confidenceţ ţ Confidence is an excellent character and it is very important in modern society. It is especially important for young people to build up confidence. As the proverb goes, Confidence in yourself is the first step on the road to success. People who have a strong confidence can succeed much more easily than those who lack this kind of character. However, if a person has no confidence, he can hardly achieve anything. Some people always complain about how difficult their tasks would be and how incapable they are. They often refute to have a try and therefore have no opportunity to overcome difficulties. Apparently, this shows they lack self-confidence. Everyone of us should pay more attention to fostering this kind of

character in order to become a useful person in the future. Timeʱ䣩 ʱ䣩 Time is valuable but limited. As the proverb says, Time is money., but I think time is more precious than money, for we can earn more money when weve spent some, but lost time can never be found again. Time is the material our lfe is composed of. Thats why we ought to value time. It is a pity that many people make poor use of time. Time is like a great runner who runs very fast and disappears in a flash. Making no plans, we will make a waste of it. What a pity! There is a phrase that one today is worth two tomorrows. So please value today from now on. Therefore we should form the habit of valuing time, never put off what we can do today till tomorrow. 5. Movies of violenceӰı¼ Ӱı¼ Nowadays more movies of violence are produced because some people like seeing them. They are fast-paced, vivid, and exciting and make people crazy. However, too many movies of violence do harm to our society. They tend to make people form a bad habit of using violence, so cause some crimes in our society. Especially the youth who like not only seeing the violent movies but also imitating the violent behaviors. It will severely threaten the social security. As a result, we should choice our protest to make movies serve the audience. So I think we should call on people not to be affected by the violent movies. 6. Modern Transportationִͨ ִͨ Today modern transportation is of vital important to us. Our life, work and everything are closely connected with transportation. Modern transportation, which is characterized by fast speed and convenience, benefits us in many ways. Besides, our community can't develop so fast without transportation. However, there are some problems with modern transportation. With the rapid increase of population and development of economy, the traffic problems are becoming increasingly serious. As a result, streets are full of ever-flowing vehicles such as cars, buses, and bicycles and pedestrians. This makes traffic jams a common encounter for many people. It certainly causes much inconvenience, waste of time, and inefficiency. In a word, though modern transportation makes our life easy, it is also urgent to find effective ways to solve these traffic problems, and provide

convenience for the people. 7. Changes in college students' way of spending summer vacation ıѧ٣ ıѧ٣ From the table we can see that ten years ago, 55% of the students chose to stay at home during the vacation, but now it reduced to 32%. At the same time, at present 30% of the students would like to travel and 28% to do social activities as opposed to that ten years ago, which was 16% and 9% respectively. Why do more students choose to travel and do social activities now? Possible reasons for this are as follows. First, with the development of economy and the improvement of the students living standard, students can afford the money to travel. Secondly, the students are more aware of the importance of going to and knowing the society, and they are eager to do social activities so as to improve their social skills. It can be predicted that in the near future there will a sharp increase in the number of the students who would like to travel and do social activities. 8. My ideal professionҵְҵ ҵְҵ When I was a child I had a dream of becoming a diplomat after I grew up. Now, I am studying English college, and I think that my major is not very fit in with my ideal profession- to be diplomat, but I won't give up. I'll study hard for my dream. I enjoy foreign music, architecture, and culture, especially European culture. I want to be the bridge between Europe and China. This notion supports me , and it is my impetus. Maybe my dream will never come true, but it won't disappoint me, because I know, I dreamed it, I worked hard for it, and I wont regret even if I fail to realize my dream. Advertisement棩 棩 Nowadays advertisement appears everywhere and plays a very important role in our modern society. Advertisement not only gives information, but also influences our way of thinking. The advertisers know that everyone tends to dream of having a better life, of being better educated, of being more adventurous, and so on, so they try to make us believe that our dreams will come true if we buy their products. This is why advertisements for home cleaning products often try to convince ladies that they can become perfect wives and mothers only if

they use those products. And advertisements aimed at men often include the picture of a pretty girl. Such advertisements are suggesting that a man will be more attractive to women if he owns a certain type of car or watch. ,or if he dresses in a certain style. However, the problem with advertisements is that they tell us that money can make our dream come true. But this is obviously not so. We cannot buy personal good looks, intelligence, friendships or a happy family. A lot of advertisements are, therefore, a form of lying. They can also make people feel depressed and discontented with their ordinary lives, especially those people who have only a small amount of money to spend on luxuries. Thus, it is necessary to realize that advertisements are only suggestions, not decisions. It is you who decide whether you accept them or refuse them. TravellingУ У Nowadays travelling is becoming more and more popular with both youngsters and citizens. They would like to put all their spare time to traveling. Different people travel for different purposes. Some like traveling because they are fond of climbing, skating and camping. Some think traveling is a good way to meet and make friends. Some prefer the beautiful scenery in different places. Some take traveling as a means of learning. As a true lover of nature, I like traveling. The soul of travelling is liberty, perfect liberty, to think, feel, do, just as I please. Besides, I love the sense of being in harmony with crude nature and enjoy it whole-heartedly. Smoking Smoking is a bad habit. It does great harm to health. It is generally believed that smoking can lead to heart disease, lung cancer and various respiratory illnesses. Besides, smoking is a waste of money. Smokers spend a lot of money on cigarettes. This is a heavy burden for families of ordinary income. Money spent on cigarettes every year would add up to a large sum enough to establish many schools. Some smokers have their own opinions. Some think smoking is a fashion. Some even think smoking is a good way of meeting people. Handing a cigarette may shorten the distance between two strangers. However, they are only thinking of themselves. They neglect the more harmful effects of smoking on passive smokers, who often feel sick and headache when breathing in smoke.

Therefore, in order to protect non-smokers from being affected measures must be taken. Smokers should be convinced of the harm and trouble brought by smoking, and they should not hesitate to get rid of the habit right away.

Studying Abroadѧϰ ѧϰ Nowadays many Chinese students are interested in studying abroad. They spend much more time, energy and money on the preparation for studying abroad than on their own majors in college. And some of them even begin to prepare for GRE and TOFEL at the beginning of their college life. Why are they so over-enthusiastic about studying abroad? One of the reasons may be that they prefer a different way of living, which can open a new world to them and help enrich their experience. Moreover, he or she will become a multi-cultural person. Secondly, they can improve their foreign language quickly, and thus they are likely to get a good job. Lastly, better laboratory equipment and large amounts of information may be another attraction for many students. However, as everything has two sides, there are also some problems in attending a foreign university such as language barrier, lack of knowledge of the local culture, etc. Therefore, misunderstandings often arise. in addition, the cost of living is so high that the students have to find part-time jobs in order to help support themselves. This may cause them not to pay full attention to their studies and fail in their courses and learn little. As for me, I would like to study abroad in the future. But the cost is too high for me to afford, so I will work for several years in China after graduation, Then I think I will be better prepared not only in finance but also in experience, so that I may seize an opportunity to study abroad. How to Succeed in a Job Interviewɹԣ ɹԣ When applying for a job, many people, school graduates in particular, have to have an interview with the employer before they are given/offered the job. However, Many graduates do not know how to succeed in such an interview. The following are some of the rules to follow

To succeed in an interview, the applicant/you should display your personal and professional qualities. Since the first impression is the clothes you wear, you/the applicant should take care to appear well but /nicely/neatly dressed, avoiding wearing casual clothes. Besides, you should pay close attention to your manner of speaking, which should be neither showy nor familiar/close ,but rather straightforward, (grammatically) accurate, and friendly. In addition, you should be prepared to talk knowledgeably about the position. Finally, a really impressive applicant must convey a sense of self-confidence and enthusiasm for work. After you have done all of these above, with just a little luck, you will surely be successful. If you can remember/bear/keep these rules (in mind), you will succeed in a job interview. How to prevent the fluԤð Ԥð To prevent the flu is very important because the flu affects your health and lives greatly, even causes death. Are there any methods to /How to prevent the flu? The following are some rules: /There are some rules for us to follow: First, youd better have enough rest every day. Second, you have to/should/it is necessary for you to do exercise twice a week. Third, you should often wash hands after use. Fourth, the room/place you stay/live in should be aired frequently. Lastly, it is better for you to drink more water and fresh fruits If you have developed good habits and are able to follow these rules, I think youll prevent the flu and have a good health.


On the importance of healthҪԣ Ҫԣ 1 Ҫԣ Ҫԣ 2 ֽķʽ ֽķʽ 3 飻 飻 The desire for good health is universal/common. wherever you are and whatever you do, keeping healthy is always important. With the improvement of our living

standards/because our living standards are improving, we are paying more attention to our health. In my opinion, good diet and exercise are two most important /major ways to keep healthy. The food we eat every day must be rational and should include meat, vegetables, eggs, and fruit. It is important to drink water and milk every day and not to drink too much coffee or soft drink/ get addicted to drinking coffee or some other soft drink. Physical exercise is necessary for us to keep healthy. We can take a walk, ride bikes, play badminton, or swim. We should plan our physical exercise according to our body conditions. An hour a day is enough. As a university student, it is a good idea to get up early and do some exercise every day. On the whole, if we develop a good habit, we may stay healthy.




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