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高中英语课时配套课件:Unit5《Nelson mandela-a modern hero》Period 4(新人教版必修1)_图文

1. The scientist from whom (we learned a lot) never lost heart when he was in trouble. (P37)

心。 ①Although I failed the match this time, I’ll

never lose heart (丧失信心).
②Don’t lose heart (不要灰心), it will turn out well.

③—Sorry, we failed in the football game this time.
— _____You still have more chances. A. What a pity! C. Don’t lose heart. B. Don’t lose your hearts. D. I’m sorry for you.

【解析】选C。考查交际用语。从语境可知是想鼓励对方不 要因失败而丧失信心。故选C项。

lose heart


lose one’s heart to sb. /sth.
爱上某人或某物 learn. . . by heart 记住,背过

with all one’s heart /with one’s whole heart 全心全意;完全地 heart and soul 全心全意;满腔热情

lose heart为固定短语,不必加任何冠词。

2. It was a prison from which no one escaped . (P38)

① She managed to escape from the burning car. (英译汉) 她终于从燃烧的汽车里逃出来了。 ② 他真是幸运,逃脱了惩罚。

He was lucky to escape punishment(being punished) .
③ 那位年轻人今天早晨从监狱逃跑了。 The young man escaped from the prison this morning.

④ 写出escape在句中的含义

a. The matter has quite escaped my memory. 被忘掉
b. The gas is escaping somewhere. 漏出,泄漏 c. The fire escape is at the back of the building. 逃走或逃脱的 手段 d. He made his escape in disguise(伪装). 逃走,逃脱 ⑤那个小男孩正在从黑暗处往外逃,但失败了。 The little boy was fleeing from the darkness, but he failed.

escape vt. /vi.


escaped adj. escape from

逃脱了的 从……逃跑/摆脱/逃避; 溢出,泄露

escape+ n. /doing (being done)

make one’s escape have a narrow/near escape 逃走,逃脱 九死一生

(1)escape from 不能用于被动语态 (2)“逃跑(flee)”未必能“逃脱(escape)”

The enemies were fleeing in all directions, but few of
them could escape. 敌人四处逃窜,但很少有人能逃出去。

3. They were not cleverer than me, but they did pass their exams. (P38) 他们并不比我聪明,但却通过了考试。 ①过马路时务必小心。

Do be careful when you cross the road.
②昨天她的确把真相告诉了我们的老师。 She did tell the truth to our teacher yesterday. ③At that time I do hope you win the football match. (改错) 答案:do 改成 did

do表强调,强调谓语动词。 1)英语中强调谓语动词时,在动词原形前加do, does, did意 为“的确,确实”。


4. I did not work again for twenty years until Mr Mandela and
the ANC came to power in 1994. (P38)在曼德拉先生和非国大 党1994年开始执政之前我又有20年没有工作。

Things have changed a lot since he came to power.

② He___ for ten years but still doesn’t want to leave.
A. has come to power C. took office B. has been in power D. came into power

【解析】选B。句意:他已执政十年,但他仍不想下台。由 for ten years 知该用延续性动词be in power;而come into power 表动作,故选B。

③那届政府在一次事件后下台了。 The government lost power after an incident.

come to power in power lose power have the power to do sth.

上台执政,当权 执政,当权 失去权力 有能力做某事

beyond one’s power
within one’s power be in power

力所能及的 执政,在位(表状态)

come to/into power表动作,非延续性动词,不能与一
段时间连用;延续性动词形式应用be in power。

5. All that time my wife and children had to beg for food and help from relatives or friends. (P38) 在那段时期,我的妻儿只得从亲戚朋友处讨饭吃,并乞求帮 助。 ① 他们恳求饶命。

They begged for mercy for the sake of saving their own lives.
② 她恳求她父亲原谅她。 She begged her father to forgive her.

③ An old woman and a child were begging those persons for
food and money. (句型转换) An old woman and a child were begging for food and money from those persons.

beg vt. &vi. beg sb. for sth.

乞求,乞讨,恳求 向某人乞讨某物

beg sth. from/of sb.
beg sb. to do sth. I beg your pardon.

恳求某人去做某事 请原谅。用于道歉或未听清对方 的话要求重复时使用的交际用语。

6. They said that the job and the pay from the new South

African government were my reward after working all my life
for equal rights for the Blacks. (P38) 他们说从南非政府得到的 这份工作和薪饷是我毕生为黑人争取平等权利所得到的回报。

She was given a reward for passing the examination. ②他因为他的服务而被给予一块金表作为奖赏。 He was rewarded with a gold watch as a reward for his services .

③He rewarded the boy___$10___bringing back the lost dog. A. at; of C. for; with B. with; for D. for; for

【解析】选B。句意:因为那个男孩带来了他丢失的狗;因 而他给予了那个男孩10美元的酬谢。reward sb. with sth. for

doing sth. 因为……而 以……酬谢(报答)某人,故选B。

④ 大学给她颁发奖学金。 The university awarded her a scholarship.

reward n.


reward sb. for sth. /doing sth.


因为……给予某人报酬 reward sb. with sth. as a reward for in reward for be rewarded with 以……酬谢(报答)某人 作为……的奖赏,为……酬谢 以……酬谢, 作为……的奖赏 得到……奖赏

7. . . . sentenced to five years hard labour for encouraging violence against anti-black laws. (P39) ……因鼓励用武力对抗反黑人法而被判服苦役五年。 ①那位年轻人因杀了两个女孩而被判了死刑。

The young man was sentenced to death for killing two girls.

② 他因犯盗窃罪而被判入狱三年。

He was sentenced to three years in prison because of stealing.
③ The famous star has been sentenced to paying a fine of 100, 000 yuan for escaping tax. (英译汉) 那位明星因逃脱税款被判罚款10万元。

be sentenced to sentence sb. to death

被判处……徒刑 判决某人死刑

sentence sb. to five years’ hard work
判决某人五年劳役 sentence sb. to prison for life 判决某人终身监禁 sentence sb. to life imprisonment


8. In my opinion . . . (P39)在我看来…… ① 在我看来,那是你的错误。 In my opinion , it’s your fault.

② 人们对那位领导评价很高。
People have a high opinion of the leader.

③你能对我的新裙子发表一下你的意见吗? Could you give your opinion on my new dress?

Although you have formed an opinion about famous people, you should change it.

in my opinion


in one’s opinion=in the opinion of sb. 根据某人的看法,在某人看来 have a high opinion of give/express one’s opinion on 对……发表意见 对……有很高的评价

form an opinion about


1. He taught us during the lunch breaks and the evenings when we should have been asleep . (P38)

习。 ① 对不起,我本应该在周五前完成这项任务

Sorry, I should have finished the task before Friday. ② She should have arrived here in an hour. It’s very far away. 翻译:她竟然在一小时之内来了。路程这么远 。

should have done 本应该做…… (而实际上未做) 否定形式:shouldn’t have done 本不该做……(但做了) should have done 还可以表示以下情况:①表惊讶之情,意 为“竟然”。②对可能发生的事情进行有把握的推断,意为 “应该已经”。

2. I felt bad the first time I talked to a group. (P38) 第一次给旅行团作讲解时,我心情很不好。 ① 第一次遇到她时,我就觉得她是一位善良的 女孩。

I felt her very kind the first time I met her.
② 我平生第一次见到这么好的珠宝。 I saw so fine jewelry for the first time in my life.

③ Every time the little boy heard the music, he always danced to it.

④下次再见到你我一定会带给你一件精美礼物。 Next time I’ll see you again, I am sure to bring you a nice


the first time+that 从句 表示“第一次……的时候”,引导时

1)类似的结构:the second/third/last. . . time, 相当于when. . . for the first/second. . . time

each/every time+从句每当……的时候 the moment/minute/hour+从句 一……就…… next time下次……的时候


学奖得主罗杰· 科恩伯格教授(Roger D. Kornberg)的简介:

[写作要求] 1. 要求要覆盖所有要点。

2. 最后适当发挥一下感想。
3.100词左右。 __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________

一、审题谋篇 1.时态:一般现在时、一般过去时和现在完成时 2.人称:第三人称 3.结构:①先介绍年龄、国籍。 ②再介绍其主要成就。 ③最后发挥自己的感想。

二、联想本单元所学相关的词汇和句型 1. 词汇: ① be generous with (慷慨的,宽宏大量的) ② winner (获胜者) ③ the Nobel Prize (诺贝尔奖)

④ award (授予,给予)
⑤ be well educated (受到良好的教育) ⑥ in one’s opinion (在某人看来) ⑦ devote one’s life to (献身于) ⑧ receive a degree (获得学位)

2. 句型:(仿写) ① He was generous with his time, for which I was grateful.

He is always generous with others, for which he is easy to get on with. ② A great person is someone who devotes his/her life to helping others. 他是一位这样的人,总是献身于教育事业。 He is such a person who always devotes his life to education.

三、经典句型积累 1. His contribution is of great help in the research on curing

cancers and heart diseases.
2. In his opinion, everyone should devote his life to his loved work. 3. I am eager to become a great scientist like him.

Professor Roger D. Kornberg, a 59-year-old American, is the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2006. His contribution is of great help in the research on curing cancers and heart diseases. Since over a century ago when the

Nobel Prize was first awarded, he has been the sixth scientist
whose father also ever won the Nobel Prize. Kornberg used to study chemistry in Harvard, Professor and then

received his doctor’s degree in Stanford. Since 2003, he has been working in Stanford University School of Medicine.

He has been well educated. He is always generous with others. In his opinion, everyone should devote his life to his loved work. How great he is and I admire him and I am eager to

become a great scientist like him.

Ⅰ. 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空

1. She is an educated (educate)housewife.
2. The boy was rewarded (reward) for buying food for the old lady. 3. The thief jumped into a car and made his escape (escape). 4. I think we shouldn’t sentence (sentence)the boy of 16 years old to one year in prison. 5. The boss is always very cruel (cruelty) to his employees.

Ⅱ. 单句改错

1.She lost her heart when she faced difficulty.
答案:去掉her 2. The company manager came to power for six years. 答案:came to 改为 has been in 3. In his opinions, we should stop holding Super Girls.

答案:opinions 改为opinion

4. They set about a committee to look into the safety accident. 答案:about 改为up

5. I liked her for the first time I saw her five years ago.
答案:去掉for 6. Tom did came here yesterday. 答案:came改为come

Ⅲ. 单项填空 1. An awful accident___, however, occur the other day.

A. does

B. did

C. has to

D. had to

【解析】选B。由the other day判断句子应用过去时,排除A、 C两项;had to“不得不”, 与题意不符,排除D项;did在句中 放在occur前表示强调。

【规律方法】英语中的强调方式探秘 1) 用助动词“do”或“did” 来强调一般现在时或一般过去时 的实义动词及祈使句。例如: Do be quiet. The baby is sleeping. 务必安静。孩子在睡觉。

2) 用“It is/was. . . that. . . ”强调句型来强调句子中除谓语动 词以外的其他句子成分。 It is Kate that has finished the task earlier.

It is in 1949 that China was founded. 中国是在1949年成立的。

3)用“What. . . is/was. . . ”句型来强调主语或宾语,其特点是
将被强调的部分后移。例如: What surprised me was she should have passed the exam. 使我惊奇的是,她竟然通过了考试。 4)疑问词后加上-ever 可以对疑问句进行强调,表示“究竟, 到底……”。例如: Whatever are you going to say now? 现在你究竟想说什么?

2. In order to escape___, the thief hid himself among the
trees. A. being killed C. killing B. killed D. to be killed

【解析】选A。考查escape的用法。escape+n. /doing sth. 表示 “逃脱某事”,在本句中表示“逃脱被杀”,故用被动式。

3.I’m sorry it’s___my power to make a final decision on the project.

A. over

B. above

C. off

D. beyond

【解析】选D。考查固定搭配。句意:很抱歉,要对这一工 程作出最终决定是我力所不能及的。beyond one’s power 是 固定搭配,表示“力所不能及的”,故选D。

4.The judge sentenced the murderer____ . A. to die C. to dead B. to dying D. to death

【解析】选D。考查固定搭配。sentence sb. to death 宣判某 人死刑,是固定短语。

5.He helped her and she____him with a smile. A. gave C. rewarded B. brought D. said

【解析】选C。考查动词用法。give sb. sth. , bring sb. sth. , say sth. to sb. ,由这三个动词的习惯搭配 ,均可排除。

reward sb. with sth. 是固定搭配,表“用某物酬谢某人”,

6. —Did you remember to give Mary the money you owed her? —Yes, I gave it to her ______ I saw her. A. while C. suddenly B. the moment D. unless

【解析】选B。本题考查the moment 的用法。the moment 在
这里作连词用,相当于as soon as 一……就……,符合句意, 故选B。

7. Soon after Hitler ___power in Germany, Einstein was_
__in his life. A. came to the; in the trouble

B. came to; in trouble
C. came to the; in trouble D. took; in troubles 【解析】选B。考查固定搭配。come to power 上台,执政; in trouble 处于麻烦、困境中,故选B。

8. —Kate! Have you got an invitation from Nancy?
—______. What? A. Yes, I’ve got one B. I’m sorry I don’t know C. I beg your pardon

D. Say again
【解析】选C。考查交际用语。结合上下文看出后者没听清 楚前者的话,故请对方重复一下,排除A、B两项;D项不符


9. —Sorry, Professor Smith. I didn’t finish the assignment yesterday. —Oh, you___have done it as yesterday was the deadline.

A. must C. should B. mustn’t D. shouldn’t

【解析】选C。考查情态动词。从回答看,Professor Smith在
说明这项任务应该完成,而事实上却没有。should have done sth. 意思是本应该做(而事实上未做)。

10.The business was___ by the parents of the present
owner. A. put up C. set up B. stood up D. got up


店主的父母创办的。put up 张贴;stand up 站立,屹立;get
up 起床;set up 建立,创办,符合句意,故选C。

Ⅳ. 书面表达 用英语写一篇100词左右的短文。要求根据所给信息作适 当发挥,且需包括以下三部分内容: 1. 对该人物的简单介绍(出生于美国,著名的科学家和发明

2. 喜欢该人物的理由(对世界做出了巨大的贡献;有1000多 项发明);

3. 从该人物身上得到的启示。

__________________________ __________________________

【参考范文】 Born in America, Thomas Edison was a great scientist and inventor.

I admire Edison a lot because of his great contribution to
the world. He had more than 1, 000 inventions. In his boyhood,

he was always eager to know how things worked. He was also
so creative and diligent that he worked day and night. And this explained why he had so many inventions.

What impresses me most is his famous saying, “Genius is

one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”.
From him, I realize the secret to success is not when and where you were born, but what you are doing and how you do it in your life.

My father often works very hard.And he has 1 to see a

film. Here I’ll tell you 2 about him.
One afternoon, when he finished his work and 3 go home,

he found a film ticket under the 4 on his desk. He thought he
5 to have not much work to do that day and 6 was quite wonderful to pass the 7 at the cinema.So he came back

home and 8 finished his supper. Then he said 9 to us and left.

But to our 10 , he came back about half an hour later, I 11 him what was the matter. He smiled and told us about 12

funny thing that had happened at the cinema.
When my father was sitting in his seat, a 13 came to my father’s and said that the seat was 14 . My father was

surprised.He took out the ticket 15 looked at it carefully. It was Row 17, 16 . And then he looked at the seat. It was the

same. So he asked 17 her ticket. She took out the ticket at
once and the seat shown in it was Row 17 , Seat 3.

18 ? What’s the matter with all this? While they were wondering suddenly the woman said, “The 19 of the tickets are different. ” So they looked at the ticket more carefully. After a while, my father said, “Oh, 20 , I made a mistake. My ticket is for the film a month ago. Take this seat, please. ”

With these words, he left the cinema.

1.A.little money
C. little time

B.much money
D.much time

【解析】选C。根据前一句,此句应为“他很少去看电影”, 故选C。 2.A.a funny story B.a good story old story

D.a strange story

【解析】选A。 通读全文,可看出这是一件可笑的事情,故 选A。

3.A.was to C.had to

B.was about to D.ought


较大的干扰性,be to表示将来时,表示按计划安排要做的事。 D.paper







【解析】选A。平时工作很忙,那天碰巧有时间,故选A。 B.this C.that D.which

【解析】选A。分析此句的结构可以看出,to pass the 7 at
the cinema应为主语,故it 作形式主语,选 A。



【解析】选D。下午下班后接下来的时间应是晚上,故选D。 8.A.early C.quickly B.quietly D.suddenly

【解析】选C。下午下班回到家再吃饭,时间显然不充裕, 故选C。

9.A.hello C. good evening

B.good-bye D.good night

【解析】选B。从家里出去看电影,向家人告别,故选B。 10.A.disappointment C.sorrow D.surprise











【解析】选D。thing有后置定语,且特指某一件事,故选D。 B.woman D.nurse

【解析】选B。从后句“So he asked


her ticket”得知选B。





【解析】选A。C和D项有较大干扰性,taken 意为“占领”, wrong意为“错的”,在此,这位妇女向my father 说这座位 是她的。 15.A.and B.but C.or

【解析】选A。and 连接两个先后的动作,故选A。 16.A.Seat 1 B.Seat 2 C. Seat 3 D.Seat 4

【解析】选C。 从“It was the same”与 “. . . Row 17, Seat 3”
判断,选C。 bring see get show

【解析】选D。 因为my father确信他没有错,故他让那位妇 女拿出票让他看一看是否她错了,故选D。




Seat 3的票,my

【解析】选A。出现两张同是Row 17, father感到纳闷,故选A。





【解析】选B。两张票座号相同,只是颜色不同,故选B。 在此A有较大干扰性,电影院是以票的颜色的不同来检查日 期的。 20.A.I’m sad B.I’m sorry

C.I’m wrong

D.I’m worried

【解析】选B。因为my father 出了错,故向那位妇女道歉, 选B。


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高中英语《unit 5 nelson mandela-a modern hero》period 2课件 新人教版必修1...4 The person to whom ___ is Nelson Mandela. Function-V---play the game...


高一英语新人教版必修1课时同步训练:Unit5《NelsonMandela-amodernhero》(4课时)(附答案) - 人教版必修 1 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a ...

...《unit 5 nelson mandela-a modern hero》period 1....ppt

高中英语《unit 5 nelson mandela-a modern hero》period 1课件 新人教版必修1_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Period 1 Warming up ? What personal qualities do ...

...英语课件:Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero Gra....ppt

2016高一英语课件:Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero Grammar(新人教版必修1)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。语法及全套课文课件 Grammar 1. This is the best ...


英语:unit5《nelson-mandela-a-modern-hero》课件(3)(新人教版必修1) - Martin Luther He fought for equal rights f...

...教案 Unit5 Nelson Mandelaa modern hero (The Se....doc

高中英语课时配套课件:Un... 暂无评价 25页 免费喜欢此文档的还喜欢 ...高中英语新课标(人教版必修一) 教案 Unit5 Nelson Mandelaa modern hero (The...


英语:Unit5《Nelson_Mandela-a_modern_hero》课件定语从句(新人教版必修1)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Grammar 回顾练习 1. This is the best hotel in the city...

...《Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero》period 3....ppt

2015-2016学年高中英语《Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero》period 3课件 新人教版必修1 - Period 3 Using languag...


英语:unit5《nelson-mandela-a-modern-hero》warming-up课件(1)(新人教版必修1) - 广东省中山市国际创 新学校 外语组编写 Unit 5 Ne...


英语:必修1-unit5-nelson-mandela-a-modern-hero-reading课件(新人教版) - Unit 5 Nelson Mandela a modern her...


新人教版高中英语必修一英语:Unit5《Nelson_Mandela-a_modern_hero》课件定语从句 精品ppt课件_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Grammar 回顾练习 1. This is the best ...

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