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2014 高考英语阅读理解抓分练习题(2)及答案

(201*年深圳市高三年级第一次调研考试) The good news is that James Cameron’s Avatar,his first big film since Titanic,12 years ago,is a good film. The bad news—at least for Cameron—is that his film is not the masterpiece he set out to make. Nobody spends so much money(more than£214 million)or spends so much time(the project started in 1995)to make just a good film. No , Cameron has intended to make a classic science—fiction epic(史诗) that will take its place along with Star Wars, The Matrix or his own Terminator films, But,amazingly enough,Avatar is so beautiful that it’s almost too rich to take in and appreciate on one viewing. It’s not afraid of social and political comments,educating us in the evils(邪恶)of capitalism while entertaining us with the evils of capitalism. The curious thing about Avatar is that,for all of its advanced technological work,there is something out of date. The idea of humans using other bodies to travel in other worlds was an exciting concept for novelists and film-makers back in the 1990s. "Second Life can be easily found in films of that decade. Avatar?s political idea also seems out of date. Humans destroy things for short-sighted profits, and this has been going on all the time throughout the human history, hasn?t it? Undoubtedly,Cameron unbelievably succeeds in creating an extremely beautiful world that nobody has ever se en. But this wonderful shell of beauty can?t make up Avatar?s lack of heart. In the past,Cameron could always mix big scenes with strong feelings. What?s missing here is the heartbreaking moment. The love story between Jake and Neytiri doesn?t take off the way Jack and Rose did in Titanic. However,despite all these, we will be left with a film that?s no masterpiece. but still well worth seeing.

【解析】 本文是一篇电影评论,作者从独特的角度对《阿凡达》提出了令人耳目一新的见解。 (1)C 推理判断题。根据第一段第三句中的内容可知虽然此片是一部好电影,但是考虑到高昂 的制作成本,有些不值得。 (2)B 细节理解题。由第一段内容可知 Cameron 打算制作出一部与《星球大战》《黑客帝国》 和自己的《终结者》相提并论的经典科幻史诗,可见 B 项《黑客帝国》不是他的作品。 (3)C 细节理解题。根据第三段后半部分中的"What?s missing here is the heartbreaking moment. " 可知《阿凡达》的弊端是缺少令人心碎的时刻。 (4) B 推理判断题。根据第一段最后一句中的内容可推断《阿凡达》在表达自己的观点时无所 畏惧。 (5)D 作者态度题。由第二段和第三段可知《阿凡达》是一部科幻电影;再根据最后一段中的 内容可知作者认为《阿凡达》虽然不是杰作,但仍然不愧为一部值得观看的电影。由此选 D 项。

Since the end of World War I (WWI) in 1918,Canadians, and millions of o thers around the world have paused at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month to honour the sacrifices our soldiers have made in different wars, fighting for the freedoms that we all enjoy today.
[来源:学科网 ZXXK]

Known as Remembrance Day, the day originated as a tribute to the soldiers of WWI, a dark period for our young country, which claimed the lives of over 60,000 military personnel and civilians and over 16 million dead worldwide. As there are no more surviving soldiers of WWI,today we rely on the wisdom and words of those soldiers who fought in the wars that followed, and this day now also recognizes their heroic contribution. They tell us to always remember what those brave souls fought for, and all they ask in return is that we never forget. That?s why we wear the red poppy (罂粟花);that?s why when we see a soldier in uniform we should stop him or her and say “Thank you” ; that?s why we take a pause from our busy lives for two short minutes today to honor that request. Yet this message is fading away, year after year. Take for example the terrible decision to allow parents to excuse students from Remembrance Day ceremonies at school. Not only is this disrespectful, it distances the student from his or her classmates. It is difficult to understand why any Canadian parent would want to

remove their child from the time-honored tradition of reading the poem IN
FLANDERS FIELDS, while a wreath of poppies is laid.

It is more important than ever to teach school-aged children about our history,no matter how violent it was. Sheltering them from the realities of war is a great disservice. Understanding why conflicts happened, or happen today, can help shape choices and decisions they make as adults. Of course, because we live in a free society, we cannot force an individual to do something. It is unfortunate, but some parents now have their child “opt-out” of the services. These people should be reminded they are free to make such choices only because of the men and women the rest of us are remembering.
36.Which A. It?s only B. Its C. It

of the following is true about Remembrance Day? held in Canada.

ceremony lasts 11 hours.

falls on November 11th each year.
[来源:学科网 ZXXK]

D. It?s to celebrate the country?s independence.

【解析】细节理解题。第一段讲“自从 1918 年第一次世界大战结束,加拿大

和数百万世界各地人,都在每年第 11 个月的第 11 天的第 11 个小时(也 就是 11 月 11 日 11 时)停下来,向为我们今天所享受的自由而战,在不 同的战争中牺牲的战士表示敬意。”故选 C。

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a Remembrance Day

activity today?

A. Stopping B. Listening C. Wearing D. Showing 【答案】B

at 11a.m. to remember the war dead. to stories told by WWI soldiers.

a red poppy to show respect. gratitude to soldiers in uniform.

【解析】 细节理解题。 第一段, 提到人们在每年 11 月 11 日 11 时停下来纪念阵亡战士, 即 A。 第五段“That?s why we wear the red poppy (罂粟花);that?s why when we see a soldier in uniform we should stop him or her and say?Thank you?”。提到戴红罂粟花和向穿制服的军人说谢谢,即 C 和 D。整篇文章没有提到听一战战士讲故事。故选 B。 38.

What can we learn from the passage? history is too violent for school children. writer was once a soldier in the Canadian army. students are willing to take part in Remembrance Day ceremonies. parents are keeping their children away from frightening war

A. War B. The C. Few

D. More

【答案】D 【解析】细节理解题。 “Take for example the terrible decision to allow parents to excuse students from Remembrance Day ceremonies at school.”提到父母为孩子找借口离开纪念日仪式。倒数 第三段“It is more im portant than ever to teach school-aged children about our history,no matter how violent it was. Sheltering them from the r ealities of war is a great disservice.”说明把历史教给 学龄孩子是比以前更加重要,无论那是多么猛烈。对他们掩盖真相是极其有害的行为。这些 信息都说明,更多的父母在让他们的孩子远离战争故事。故选 D。 39.The A. the B. the

underlined word “It” in the last paragraph probably refers to _____

death of so many soldiers in wars fact that there were so many wars after WWI ungratefulness for the freedom they have

C. people?s

D. removing 【答案】D

children from Remembrance Day events

【解析】细节理解题。 “It is unfortunate, but some parents now have their child “opt-out” of the services.”现在一些父母让他们的孩子选择退出服役。通过上下文可知,这是很不幸的。 40.The A. the

writer believes that

sacrifice of the soldiers should always be remembered Day is becoming less important for soldiers

B. Remembrance C. schools D. people 【答案】A

- no longer think Remembrance Day is necessary

should be forced to learn about the realities of war


is more important than ever to teach

school-aged children about our history,no matter how violent it was. Sheltering them from the realities of war is a great disservice.”说明作者坚 信战士们的牺牲应该永远被纪念。故选 A。

American actor Johnny Depp can best be describ ed as unconventional. From his early life, his path into acting and even in his choice of movie roles,we can see that Depp has seldom taken the easy road. His willingness to take risks and do the unexpected has made Depp one of the few Hollywood actors able to

achieve huge commercial success while maintaining his artistic reputation. Born in 1963,Depp was somewhat troublesome as a youth, .occasionally turning to petty-crime and drugs. When his parents divorced in 1978,Depp dropped out of school aga inst his mother ?s wishes and started a music band called THE KIDS. Although the band achieved some success, they were seldom able to make ends meet, with Depp often unable to pay his rent, sleeping rough on friends? s ofas and even in his car. In 1983,the ever-optimistic Depp and his new wife, Lori Anderson, moved to Hollywood California to further Depp?s musical career. But life there continued to be a struggle and Depp was forced to take a job selling pens door to door to support his new family. His luck changed when Lori?s ex-boyfriend, the famous actor Nicholas Cage, impressed by Depp?s good looks and intelligence, suggested he become an actor and helped him get a small part in a movie. Several other minor movie roles — and a divorce from Lori — followed,before Depp got his big break three years later. He landed the leading role in the television series 21 JUMP STREET,playing a youthful undercover police o fficer. The hugely popular show turned Depp into a teenage heartthrob overnight. He appeared on the cover of countless magazines and was much sought after by movie producers, eager to exploit his popularity with teenage girls. But Depp left 21 JUMP STREET after three years, when it was at the height of its popularity, later admitting that he hated the show?s unoriginal storylines and his “pretty boy” character. In the decade that followed, Depp rejected repeated offers of “pretty boy” roles in big-budget Hollywood films. Instead he established himself as a serious, somewhat dark, peculiar performer, consistently selecting roles in smaller, inde pendent films that surprise critics

and audiences alike.

[来源:学科网 ZXXK]

Even i n the movie that made Depp an international superstar, THE PIRATES OF

CARIBBEAN (2003 ),he was barely recognizable as Captain Jack Sparrow, the

British,long-haired golden-toothed pirate. This and subsequent hit movies have placed Depp at the very top of the commercial film industry ( with a pay-check of $20 million for each such movie) but he still continues to make the smaller, stranger films for which he is SO greatly admired.

a youth, Depp could be described as a _____. criminal B. trouble maker D. successful musician

A. serious

C. drug addict

【解析】 细节理解题。 第二段“Depp was somewhat troublesome as a youth, occasionally turning to petty-crime and drugs.“ Depp 作为一个青年有点麻烦, 偶尔还会犯点小罪和吸毒。这说明他 是一个惹事生非的人。故选 B。 42.

The underlined expression “make ends meet” in Paragraph 2 is closest 。 B. meet their audience D. earn en ough to live

in meaning to

A. get together after a show

play to the end


【解析】词义猜测题。后半句“with Depp often unable to pay his rent, sleeping rough on friends? sofas and even in his car.” “Depp 经常不能付租金,睡在朋友的沙发上甚至是车里。”说明 他们经常入不敷出, 也就是很少能收支相抵。即挣不到足够的钱来生活。故选 D。 43. a. b.

In which order did the following events take place in Depp?s life?

met Nicholas Cage started a band called THE KIDS

c. d.

played a British pirate sold pens door to door

e. got married to Lori Anderson f. starred in a TV show A. d, b, e, a,c, f
C. a,

B. b,e,d,a,f,c D. e,d, a,c,f, b


b, f,c, d, e

【答案】B 【解析】 细节理解题。 这几个事件最先出现的是第二段的“started a music band called THE KIDS.” 他开创了这个乐队。故选 B。 44.

Why did Depp leave the TV show 21 JUMP STREET ? show was no longer popular.

A. The B. He C. He D. He 【答案】C

wanted to perform in movies. thought the show was terrible. rejected planned changes to his role.

【解析】细节理解题。第四段“later admitting that he hated the show?s unoriginal storylines and his “pretty boy” character.” “后来确认,他讨厌这个节目模仿的故事情节和他漂亮男孩的角 色。”可以看出,他离开 21 JUMP STREET,是因为他认为这个节目很糟糕。故选 C。 45.Depp?s

choice of movie roles throughout most of his career suggests

that _____.
A. he B. he C. he D. he

valued interesting work over money believed he couldn?t play αpretty boy” roles well was very popular with Hollywood movie producers was more interested in shocking audiences than entertaining


【解析】推理判断题。文章最后一句话,尽管 Depp 位于商业电影的顶端,但他任然继续制作 那种他所倾慕的更小,更陌生的电影。可见与钱相比,Depp 更注重对工作的兴趣。故选 A。



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