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英语精品 Unit 1 Art Teaching plan I. 单元教学目标: 1.Talk about art and galleries 2.Talk about likes and preferences 3.Learn words in families 4.Use the subjunctive mood 5.Write a letter to give suggestions II. 目标语言 1. 功能句式。 Talk about likes and preference: I‘d prefer…/ I‘d rather…/ I‘d like…/ which would you prefer…./ I really prefer…/ would you rather…/ would you like…or… 2. 词汇 abstract, sculpture, gallery, consequently, belief, consequent, convince, shadow, ridiculous, controversial, nowadays, attempt, predict, aggressive , scholar… 3. 语法: the subjunctive mood if I were you…./ I wish I could… 4. 重点句子 1. there are so many different styles of western art it would be impossible to describe all of them in a short text. 2. people became focused more on human and less on religion. 3. if the rules of perspective had not been discovered, people would not have been able to paint such realistic pictures. 4. at the time they were created, the impressionists‘ painting were controversial but today they are accepted as the beginning of what we now call ―modern art‖. 5. it is amazing that so many great works of art from late-19th century to 21st century could be contained in the same museum. IV.课型设计与课时安排 1st period Warming up and reading 2nd period Language study 3rd period Grammar 4th period Using language 分课时教案 The First Period Warming up Reading Teaching goals: 1. To enable the students to have a knowledge of the short history of Western painting. 2. To improve the students‘ reading ability.



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最新人教版高中英语选修6全册教案 - 最新人教版高中英语选修 6 全册教案 Unit 1 Art The First Period Reading Teaching goals 教学目标 1. ...



人教版2017高中英语(选修6)全册教案 WORD版.doc

人教版2017高中英语(选修6)全册教案 WORD版 - Unit 1 Art 第一部分 教学设计说明 About the topic and structures 单元话题和结构 the ...

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关键词:人教版高中英语选修六unit1教案 1/4 同系列文档 (人教版)必修二 优秀...(on Page 44,Listening Task)is a talk from Zhang Lin.He is talking ...

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(人教版)选修优秀教案 ... (人教版)选修优秀教案 ... 【英语】高中...6页 20财富值 高中英语新课标(人教版)选... 10页 免费 高中英语新课标(人教...

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【英语】高中英语新课标(人教版)选修六 优秀教案 {Unit2 Poems Period 4} 人教版 高中英语 选修六 unit2 教案人教版 高中英语 选修六 unit2 教案隐藏>> Perio...

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