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2016-2017 学年度第一学期六年级期末综合练习(一)
一、听力 25 分 A. 听句子,选择与其内容相符的图片。 A B C D E

1.__________ 2.___________ A 3.________ 4.__________ B C 5.__________ D E

6.__________ 7.___________ 8._________ 9.___________ 10.___________

B. 选出与你所听到的内容不相符的选项。

( ( ( ( (

) 11. The old woman in the picture is Lucy’s aunt. A B C ) 12. My grandpa enjoys farming. A B C ) 13.I don’t have breakfast at 7:00 in the morning. A B C ) 14.What does Kate do on Saturdays? A B C )15.My hobby is collecting maps. A B C ) 16. A. I’d like a bike. B. Yes, I’d love to. C. That’s OK. ) 17. A. Yes, it is. B. It’s on November 4th. C. Thanks. ) 18. A. I’d like a computer. B. I like a cake. C. Yes, I’d like a cake. ) 19. A. The chocolate one. B. The blue one. C. The star-shaped one. ) 20. A. Yes, please. B. I’d like some milk.C. I like them very much.


( ( ( ( (

D.听对话,判断下列句子的正误。(用 T 或 F 表示)

( ( ( ( (

)21. Peter and Kate often go and see a film on Saturdays. )22.Kate usually has piano lessons. )23.Zhou Pei always helps Kate and Zhou Pei practises to play the piano at home. )24. Peter helps his mum to do the housework. )25.We should learn from Kate.

二、词汇 10 分 A.选词填空 A. after B.both C.looks D.snows E.season

( )26. Autumn is the third __________ of the year. It begins around September. ( )27. They play football at 4:00 _______ school. ( )28.Labour Day and Mother’s Day are __________ in May. ( )29. In winter, the weather is cold and it often __________. ( )30. When it snows, everything is white. It __________ beautiful! B.用所给词的适当形式填空 31.My sister’s hobby is singing. Listen, she is __________ (sing) over there. 32. Would you like __________ (come) to my birthday party? 33. One of the twins runs __________ (fast). 34. It can show _________ (I) love for you. 35. Peter likes __________ (eat) in the restaurant. Summer _________ (come) after spring. You must __________ (clean) your face first. 三、单项选择 20 分 ( ) 36.It’s snowy. Let’s ________ a snowman. A.making B.made C.make make ( ) 37.What about_________ a trip during Spring Festival. A.go on B.going on C.goes on go on ( ) 38.It’s eleven o’clock, but he_____________. A.still works B.still working still working D.still is working ( )39.The boy likes ______, but in winter he doesn’t like_______. A.swimming, to swim swim, swimming

C.swimming, swim ( ( A.plant

D.swim, swimming C.plants plant

)40.In autumn, the farmers are busy___________ flowers. B.planting )41.--What do children in China often ____for their school lunch? ---Rice, vegetables and some pork. A.have B.has begin the C.eats C.are D.having D.begins

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

) 42.Our English class________ at nine. A.begin A.plays A.flying get ) 43.Jim likes ________ volleyball. C.playing D.getting ) 44.Look! Our friends __________. B.are flying C.flies B.gets C.get )45.He often _______ home at 6:00 in the afternoon. )46.Look! The students are _______ with their teachers. A.going camp B.going camping C.go camping going camp ) 47.He wants _____ a football. A.buys A.on A.on, on A.on -Great. B.on, with buy D.buying D.for D.with, with )48. They want to stop the sand ________ windy days. )49.I’m going ______ a trip _______ my family. C.with, on, for )50.Christmas is _________ December 25th. D.about B.for, to C.for, for, to )51.-Will you come ______my new house _____dinner this evening? )52. They will go ________, would you like to go with________?, them, they, them shop, theirs )53. -Jack, we are going to the beach. -__________________. A. That’s all right. B.Thank you. C.Have a good time.D. Sure, I’d love to.


)54. Our English party is coming. Let’s_________. make a snowman C.collects stamps B. get some balloons and food D.playing games

( club

)55.On holidays, I often_____________. and swimming watching TV and goes to the music C.have a good rest D.reading interesting books

四、看图完成句子 15 分


56-58. Do you help your mum to do housework? Yes. I often________ ________ _________. 59-62. It’s __________. Let’s go out and ________ _____ ____________.

63-65.How’s the ________ in summer? It’s very hot in summer. Sometimes there is ________


66-67.Here’s a __________ _________for you.

68-70. When do you _________ _________? At seven in the morning.I have milk,a sandwich and an _______.
五、补全对话 5 分 A:______________71_______________________ B: There are three. ____72____________________ A. I like swimming in a small river near my A: What do you like doing in your free time? home. B:___________73_____________________. B. What’s your mother ’s hobby? A:____________74____________________ C. How many people are there in your family? B: He likes collecting matches and going fishing. D. What does your father enjoy doing? A:___________75_______________________ B: She likes making bread for us. 71._________ 72.__________ 73.__________ 74._________ 75.__________

E. They are my father, my mother and me.

六、读文选图 5 分


)76.Many western countries like Britain, France, Germany, Russia,USA and Canada often have a white Christmas. They decorate Christmas trees with gifts and children are very happy to get Christmas gifts from Santa Claus.

( ( ( (

)77.In Japan people have sushi boxes as take-away food. In India people often use tiffin carriers to take food. Is it interesting? )78.Sandwiches as take-away lunches in the USA. Americans and lots of people around the world like to eat them. Have you tried sandwiches? )79.Some school children in China have lunch at school. They take lunch boxes to school.

)80. China’s National Day is on October 1 st. People often have a big celebration and they have short holidays. 七、阅读理解 10 分 A. 课内阅读 选择或填词 Mr Kent is a science teacher. His hobby is a bird-watching. Mr Kent wants people to care more about birds. In a science lesson, Mr Kent takes his class to a big field. Birds are looking for food. He asks his students, “What will birds eat in winter? Can birds find food to eat? ” Many birds fly to another place in winter. Chinese cranes will fly from Heilongjiang to Jiangsu every winter. They fly together in small groups. They often fly at night. Mr Kent’s students are very interested in birds. In winter, his students give birds seeds to eat. They like bird-watching. ( )81. Birds often _____________. to another place in winter ( ( B.look for food in Jiangsu C.stay in small groups D.want people to play with them )82._________, Mr Kent takes his class to a big field. A. At weekends B. In a club ) 83. Mr Kent likes ______________. A. giving birds seeds to eat C.In a science lesson D.In winter B.his students, science and bird-watching


C.find food for birds

D.flying to Heilongjiang every winter

84. Kent’s students __________ bird-watching very much. 85. At night birds often __________ together, students give them seeds during the day. B. 课外阅读并填写表格 I have got some information for everyone going to Britain next month. As you know, you will be staying with a family for two weeks. Now the most important thing is money. You should take about 30 pounds in cash(现金) and about 200 pounds in travelers cheques (支票). Then when you arrive at the airport you will be met by the home stay family. You must remember to wear a red shirt so the family will find you easily. I have told them to look out for the red shirts. You will also need to take with you 4 photos of yourself and of course, it’s very important that you take the school letter. While you are there, if you have any problems, you can call our agent(代 理人). I will give you her office photo number 5804436 and the person to ask for is Mrs. Belcher. She’s in the office from 9-5 every day. OK! That’s everything. Have a good trip! Going To Britain ?30


Traveler cheques: 86.___?________ Wear: A red 87.______________ Take: 88.________________ Office photo number:89.________________ Ask for: 90._________________ 八、综合填空 5 分 R__________ newspaper is the most important way we get news. If you read newspaper c___________, you will find there are all k_______ of news: accidents, fires, sports, wars, books,etc. Sometimes there is very i_____________ news. A n_________ report is usually very short, except when it is very important, but it has a lot of information. It is a__________ written in short paragraphs.(段落) The f_________


paragraph usually g____________ all the information: what. when, where, h_________ and why. The o___________ paragraphs give full details (细节)of the subject. 九、书面表达 5 分

请仔细阅读提供的相关信息,必须用所给信息完成书面表达。要求内容完整, 语句通顺,语法正确,单词拼写正确,书写工整规范,正确使用标点符号,且 不少于 40 词。
Tom 是这样介绍自己爱好的: Hello, everybody. I’m Tom. I have many interesting hobbies.


第一档,即 5 分标准:内容完整,语句连贯,使用全部所提供的信息且有适度发挥。无 语法和拼写错误,书写工整、规范,标点符号正确,符合词数要求。






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