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Book2 Module1 Cultural Corner&grammar 导学案
Read the passage on P9 I: Underline the following phrases and guess the meaning of them. 1.the health care system 2. be owned by 3.put …into a result 5.private health insurance 6.medical fees II: Read the passage and finish the following questions. 1. What’s the main idea of the passage? A. to introduce the health care system in Britain, America and Canada. B. to analyse ( 分析) the advantages and disavantages of a health care system. C. to tell us which country has the best health care system. D. Health Insurance helps a lot in paying for medical fees. 2. Which country is the first country in the world to have a free health care system paid for by the government? _____________________________________________________________________ 3. What’s the problem with the health care system in Britain? 4. How many countries are mentioned in the text? What are they? _____________________________________________________________________ 5. Of all the countries mentioned, Which country hasn’t free health care system? _____________________________________________________________________ Ⅲ 1. Britain was the first country in the world to have a free health care system paid for by the government.Health care is free for everyone living in Britain. (1)因为 country 被_____修饰,因此用不定式 to have a free health care system 作 country 的_____

He is the only one to see the accident.
(2)paid for 是过去分词短语作__________的定语,可改为被动的定语从 句: 。 (3) living in Britain 是现在分词做 (3)翻译: 语,修饰 。

2. The problem with this system is that ( poorer people don’t have the money to pay for private health insurance.) (1)本句的主语为_________,with this system 是__________________,

is 为系动词,that 引导_____________。

3. Different countries have different ways of paying for it. 划线部分用作 .breathe vi. &vt. 呼吸 Eg:Close your eyes and breathe deeply. 闭上眼睛深呼吸。 breath ____________(词性) ?She was soon out of breath,but went on running. ____________________ ?He held his breath ,afraid to be found. ____________________ ?John took a deep breath before he entered the boss’s office. ____________________ 4. pick up 捡起,拾起;(用车)接某人,取(某物) ;收拾; (无意间)学会;改善,提 高;变强,变猛烈; (便宜地)买到;收听等 pick up 一词多义,辨析 pick up 在下面例句中的含义。 ?I picked up the magazine that was lying on the floor. __________________ 语,修饰 。可以转化为 。

He is always the first one to get into the classroom.

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?the bus stopped to pick up the passengers. ?She picked up French while she was in Paris. ?You can pick up BBC on the radio. ?After the operation,her health has greatly picked up. ?I was lucky to pick up some used stamps. ?the train was gradually picking up speed. I’ve already asked them to pick their toys up. 5. lie down 躺下 原形 lie lie lay 意义 过去式

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

?Hurry up, or you will be late. = ________________ _________________ *Bring the flowers into a warm room ______they’ll soon open. [2011 辽宁, 31] A. or B. and C. but D. for 7. That couldn’t be better.那再好不过了。 (1)can’t/couldn’t 或 nobody, nothing, never 等否定词与比较级连用, 常用来表示对已发 生的事情的评价或判断,这一结构是用比较级表示________的含义。 I can’t give you better advice 汉译: Never have I seen a bigger airport 汉 。 。



译: ?I couldn’t think of a better idea.

?—Did you sleep well last night? 你昨晚睡得好吗? —Never better,like a log. 汉译: ?Nothing is more important than happiness. *Mr. Stevenson is great to work for—I really couldn’t ask for a ______boss. [2011 全国 B. laid C. laying D. lie 卷Ⅱ, 17] A. better B. good C. best D. still better

*Last night Bill returned from his office to find his sister ______ beside the sofa. [2011 温 州高一检测] A. lying 6. Go to bed now or you’ll be really tired tomorrow. 现在就去睡觉否则明天你真的会感到很疲劳的。 (1) 本句句型为“ __________________”。 在此句型中, 祈使句表示________, or

连接陈述句,意为“否则”,陈述句常用 __________。 ?Take the chance,or you’ll regret it. (2)or 也可以换成 and,表示顺接。 ?Take more exercise and you’ll get really fit. 多加锻炼,你就会很健康。 (3) 祈使句相当于一个条件状语从句, 试把下列句子转化成含条件状语从句的句子。 ?Start early and you can catch the first bus. = _________________________________ 只有过程的细节到位,才有结果的完美无缺!
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