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Unit two The third period
1. run out /run out of

主备课人 课型 新授 2. make up be made up of

制作时间 审核人 3. translation

2012 10 英语组 translate

实际授课时间 授课总节数 4. in particular

2012 10. 5. await

1.认知翻译: Some students often run out of money before the end of each month. The man had run out of his energy when the firefighters came up. The gas is running out . His patience ran out with time going. 句型总结:run out of__________________ 及物动词短语 run out ____________________ 不及物动词短语 知识拓展: The villager had put out the fire when the firefighters arrived. The candle went out when I entered the room. put out 扑灭什么 熄灭什么 及物动词短语 go out 。 。 。灭了 。 。 。熄了 不及物动词短语 训练巩固 ( ) As the weather is getting drier and drier, the water in the river is _____. A run out of B run out C running out of D running out 能力提升 The girl has run out her time but the work has only done half. 2. 认知翻译: make up 组成构成 ;编造; 弥补; 和解 Three nurses and two doctors made up the medical team. I asked the student to make up a sentence with this word. We quarreled yesterday but I make up with her today. Tom must make up the work he missed. 知识拓展: The car is made up of many parts. = The car consists of many parts. The bridge is made of stones. The wine is made from cor. The car was made in Japan and consequently I didn’t buy it. Bamboo can be mad into paper. 句型总结: be made of _______________ be made in _________________ be made from _______________ be made into ________________ be made up of ________________ = ________________

训练巩固 ( ) More than 200 members __________ the club. A are consisted of B are made up of C consist of D make up ( ) This kind of wine is made _____ wheat. A of B up of C from D in 能力提升 The book was consisted of three chapters. 3. 认知翻译: Some English students are reading Tang poems in translation. Lu Xun translated many foreign novels into Chinese. 句型总结:translate … into… _________________ 知识拓展: I put the stories into English last week. He turned the speech from Chinese into English. Put… into… ___________________ turn…into…___________________ 训练巩固 ( ) The writer has __________ his novel into Japanese. A translate B translating C put D turn 4. 认知翻译: The children love rock music in particular. I enjoyed the last song in particular at the party. The restaurant was particularly popular with young people. I am hoping to visit some places of interest , particularly in Europe. 句型总结: in particular =_______________ 尤其,特别 知识拓展: It is very cold here , especially in winter. Mary is very particular about her food. Especially=_____________= _________ _________ Be particular about/ over 对。 。 。挑剔:吹毛求疵 训练巩固 ( ) My sister was very particular _______ her clothes. A in B about C for D with .

能力提升 ( ) She like seeing films , _________ directed by Zhang Yimou. A particular B especial C in particular D popular 5. 认知翻译: await 等候; 等待; 期待 We were awaiting the headmaster in the room when the bell rang. Many young kids are awaiting his novel. 句型总结: await sb_______________ await sth______________ 知识拓展: I am waiting for your letter. wait for sb/sth= _________sb/ sth 训练巩固 ( ) Most of students are _________ the winter vocation coming soon. A look for B wait for C awaiting D awaited 能力提升 改错 The girl is awaiting for his friend in the heavy rain. 6. 认知翻译: hold on 抓住; 稍等,别挂断;坚持住,挺住 hold on to sb/sth. 抓住某人或某物 Hold on to the rope, otherwise you will fall down. If you hold on a little longer , we can give some aid to him. -----Can I speak to Mr.Smith? -----Hold on, please. I will go and see if he is in. 知识拓展: hold back 抑制,控制 ; 阻挡,阻拦 hold up 举起 抬起 hold off 推迟,拖延 She just managed to hold back her anger. He held back his tears in his eyes. The police was not able to hold back the crowd. 训练巩固 ( ) ----- is Peter there/ -----________. please, I’ll see if I can find him for you. A Hold off B Hold on C Hold back D Hold up

选做习题 1 我们耗尽了我们的精力。 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2.这台机器有三部分构成。




-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------我的疑惑 今日收获 自我激励: 教师寄语

Blood is thicker than water. 血浓于水。




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