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对待时间的态度 范文(一) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: ? Study the following set of cartoons carefully and write an essay in which you should ? 1) describe the cartoons,? 2) state its main idea, and give your comment.?? You should write about 160—200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 points)? 范文? These two cartoons show two contrasting scenes. While the male student spends all his time and money playing Internet games, the female student studies diligently. One could easily argue that a bright future awaits the students who study hard, while those who waste tuition playing games have little to look forward to. The above images encourage students to value their time in school and take advantage of educational opportunities.? While students dream of being accepted into college for years, they often become lost once admitted. Without their parents' constant support and advice, or because of limited communication with teachers, many students are unable to focus on their future goals. Such confusion leads some to forget their studies and resort to playing on the Internet, among other forms of recreation. Students should not only keep their ambitions in mind, but also seriously strive towards them. Without a clear purpose, one might easily waste crucial years neglecting one's studies. ? Constantly playing on the Internet leads to failure, while continuously studying guarantees success. Students need to appreciate their time in school, and work hard in order to ensure a good future. 译文:?? 这两幅漫画描述了两个形成鲜明对照的场景,第一幅画中的男生在网络游戏中虚掷了所有的时间和金钱,而第二幅画中的女生却在勤勉地学习。可以很容易得出结论:对于刻苦学习的学生, 一个美好的未来在等候着他们;而浪费学费玩游戏的学生没有什么指望了。上面这两幅画激励学生们珍惜在校的时光和受教育的机会。? 经过多年的梦寐以求终于跨进大学门槛的学生,却往往迷失了自己。因为没有了父母常在身边的支持和建议,或是缺乏与老师的沟通,很多学生找不到自己未来的奋斗目标。而这种困惑就 使得一些学生扔掉书本,靠各种消遣——包括玩网络游戏——来打发时光。大学生不应只空谈理想,应该认真地为之奋斗,而没有明确的目标则会让一个人在度过他至关紧要的几年后头脑空空。 ? 沉湎于网络游戏只会导致失败,而坚持不懈的学习则能收获成功。大学生们一定要珍惜在校时光,为了美好的未来而努力。

前人栽树 后人乘凉 范文(二) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: How can we meet the needs of today without diminishing the capacity of future generations to meet theirs? Sustainable development implies a broad view of human welfare, a long term perspective about social development. Write an essay which should cover: 1) describing the set of drawings below,? 2) stating its main idea, and ? 3) giving your comment.? You should write about 160—200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 points) 范文


The images above are both meaningful and instructive: this man's hard work is not only for his own benefit, but also for the benefit of future generations. The pictures serve to remind us that the existence of our current happiness and valuable national heritage is due to the struggles of our predecessors. We, in turn, should also work hard in order to guarantee the comfort and safety of generations to come. Sustainable development has become a topic of heated debate in recent years. While it is justifiable to satisfy current demands, we cannot neglect the needs of our descendants in the process. Our children also depend on Earth's natural resources and we should not deprive them of such necessities. Unfortunately, many people only think of their short term, personal interests. An entire forest might be clear cut, in the interest of making a profit, without a single tree planted in its place. This inconsiderate attitude towards the welfare of our descendants, as well the indifference to the outcome of such reckless actions, can only turn Earth into a cold and lifeless planet. People must be taught to appreciate Earth as not only their home, but also the home of our children and grandchildren, as well as all other plants and animals. While making great efforts to increase our current quality of life, we must simultaneously consider how our actions will affect future lives. 译文:?? 上面的漫画意味深长而发人深省,栽树人的艰辛劳作不只是为了他自己,也是为了后人。这幅漫画是为了提醒我们今天的幸福生活和宝贵的民族遗产归功于我们祖先的奋斗,而我们,反过 来,也要努力劳动来确保我们后代的幸福和平安。? 可持续发展是近几年的热点话题,虽然我们要满足自己当前的需要,但不能将子孙后代的需求抛置脑后。我们的孩子同样需要自然资源,我们不能剥夺他们的这份必需品。?不幸的是很多 人只考虑他们短视的、自私的利益。为了获得利润,整片的森林被砍光,一棵树都不留下。这种不顾及子孙福利的态度,和对这种轻率行为的后果的无动于衷,只会让我们的地球变成一个冷冰 冰而无生气的行星。 必须告诫人们的是:地球不仅是他们的家园,也是他们的孩子和所有后代的家园,还是其他所有的植物和动物的家园。在努力提高今天的生活质量的同时,我们必须考虑到我们的行为会对 未来的生命产生什么样的影响。

美丽不是表面的 范文(三) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: ? Study the following set of cartoons carefully and write an essay in which you should ? 1) describe the cartoons, ? 2) interpret its meaning, and ? 3) point out its implications in our life. ?? You should write about 160—200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 points)? 美丽不是表面的 范文? In the above cartoons, a young woman happily eats bananas and casually discards the peels on the street, unaware of the fact that such actions not only pollute the environment but also pose a danger to others. In the next illustration a disabled man struggles to properly dispose of the trash she has left behind. Despite the girl's youth and beauty, it is the disabled man who is truly beautiful. True beauty comes from one's actions rather than one's appearance. While most of us enjoy pretty appearances, it is more important to cultivate a clean and beautiful soul. Only such souls can create a genuinely beautiful society. Chinese traditionally uphold the virtues of modesty, generosity,broadmindedness, and politeness. Confucian teachings such as: “do not do to others as you would not want done to you” and “one should be delighted to hear criticism,” are wise and worthwhile. If people embody these teachings our society can only improve and progress. The thoughts of great minds like Confucius are also worth studying. His writings set fine and noble examples for us to follow. Another proverb thus comes to mind: in the company of three one always can find a teacher. We should always be willing and able to learn from those around us. 译文:?? 在上面的漫画里,一个年轻女子愉快地吃着香蕉,然后随手就把香蕉皮扔到了街上——丝毫没顾及到这样的举动不仅会污染环境,还会给他人带来危险。而在接下来的那幅图中,一位残疾 人艰难地把她扔下的垃圾清理掉了。虽然这个女孩年轻貌美,但真正美的是那位残疾人。真正的美是出自行动而不是外表,虽然我们每个人都喜欢漂亮的外貌,但更重要的是培养纯净、美丽的 心灵,只有这样的心灵才能创造出真正美好的社会。中国自古推崇谦逊、宽宏、心胸开阔和以礼待人的美德。 孔夫子的教导:“己所不欲,勿施于人”、“闻过则喜”是明智的并值得我们遵循。如果人们把这些箴言都落实到生活中,那么我们的社会就会得到改善和进步。大思想家孔子的思想是值 得我们学习的。他的著述给我们留下了杰出、高尚的楷模让我们效仿。另一句谚语又浮现在我的脑海里:“三人行,必有我师”。我们必须随时愿意和能够向周围的人们学习。

我进沙退 沙进我退


范文(四) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: A. Study the following cartoon carefully and write an essay in about 200 words. B. Your essay must be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET II. C. Your essay should meet the requirements below: 1. Describe the cartoon and the message conveyed 2. Draw a conclusion and give your comment on the cartoon.. 范文: Indicated above are pictures that show trees play a vital role in water and soil conservation. In the left hand picture, people are fleeing from voracious sand dunes because they cut down all the trees. The caption reads, "As the sand advances, we retreat." In the right hand picture, the people have returned carrying tools, water and samplings for the reforestation of the land. We are informed that, "As we advances, the sand retreats." It seems that the cartoonist is sending a message about the significance of trees in water and soil conservation and the need for everyone to fight against the danger of the desertification. In fact, what he is saying is if we do not fight against the sand, it will drive us away from the land. If we let this situation go as it is, our environment will suffer a great destruction. The best way to fight back against the greedy desert is made clear in the second picture. There the local people are vigorously setting about the task of planting trees to reclaim the land and make it fertile. The fact that there are three people in the picture, each with a different job suggests that cooperative efforts is one of the keys to success in the battle against soil erosion and only in this way can desertification be finally defeated. (225) 译文: 如图所示,树木对水土保持起着至关重要的作用。左图中,人们被贪婪的沙丘追赶,因为他们砍伐了所有的树木。标题写着:“沙进我退”。右图中,人们拿着工具、水和树苗回来重新植 树造林。我们被告知:“我进沙退”。 我认为,漫画家要告诉我们的是:树木对水土保持的重要性,以及每个人参与抵制沙化威胁的必要性。实际上,他要说的是如果我们不与沙漠做斗争,它会把我们从土地上赶走。如果我们 让这种情况继续下去,环境将遭到巨大的破坏。 第二幅图清楚地说明了击退贪婪沙漠的方法。那里的人们正在热情高涨地着手植树造林、收回土地,使它变得肥沃。图中三个人每人干不同的工作,这说明合作努力是成功防止土壤侵蚀的 关键之一,只有这样才能战胜沙漠化

假冒伪劣商品 范文(五) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: In this part, you are to write an essay of 160--200 words within 30--35 minutes. Your essay must meet the requirements below. 1.Show your understanding of the meaning of the picture below 2.State the harmful effects of fake and inferior products 3.Suggest ways to fight against fake and inferior products 假冒伪劣产品 范文? As the picture given depicts, the socialist market-oriented economy in our country is developing rapidly, just like a truck running at a high speed. But the general public is surprised to find that there are more and more fake and inferior products seriously hampering the expansion of our market economy. Consumers have to be very careful in purchasing goods and services they need; otherwise they will fall into the traps set by the illegal manufacturers. There is no doubt that fake and inferior products are extremely harmful. In the first place, they endanger people’s health, giving rise to a lot of injury accidents. For instance, inferior-quality medicines not only aggravate a patient’s condition, but also tend to threaten his life and, what’s worse, to result in his death. Secondly, fake and inferior products are usually sold on the cheap. In many cases they interfere with the normal economic order in our country, affecting the marketing of many high-quality goods. This, in a great degree, hinders the development of our socialist market economy and harms the interests of our state. Therefore, we can say that fake and inferior products are a dangerous “tumor” in our healthy economy, which must be cut away as soon as possible.


In my opinion, several strong measures should be adopted to fight against fake and inferior products. On the one hand, those who make them deserve to be severely punished by the law. On the other hand, consumers should learn to discern between true and false. Only in this way can they defend their own legal rights and interests. (263 words) 译文: 正如所给的图画所描绘的, 我国社会主义市场经济正在迅速发展, 就像一辆高速行驶的卡车。但是公众惊讶地发现, 越来越多的假冒伪劣产品严重地阻碍了我国市场经济的发展。消费者必 须经常谨慎地去购买他们所需的货物或服务, 否则他们会落入不法制假人所设的陷阱。 毫无疑问, 假冒伪劣产品极其有害。首先, 它们危害人民的健康, 引发了许多伤害事故。例如,伪劣药品不仅使病人的病情恶化, 而且往往会威胁病人的生命, 更糟的是, 导致病人的死亡。 其次, 假冒伪劣产品通常廉价出售。在许多情况下, 它们又干扰了我国正常的经济秩序, 影响了许多高质量产品的销路。这在很大程度上阻碍了我国社会主义市场经济的健康发展, 并损害了我 们国家的利益。 因此, 我们可以说, 假冒伪劣产品是我们健康经济中的一颗“毒瘤”, 对此必须尽快清除。 依我看, 必须采取若干有力措施来与假冒伪劣产品斗争。一方面, 制假者应该依法严惩。另一方面, 消费者应该学会识别真假。只有这样, 消费者才能维护他们的合法权益。

环境保护 范文(六) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) 1. Describe the picture 2. Deduce the purpose of the drawer of the picture 3. Suggest your counter – measures 范文 Basically, what we see in this picture is a bird lamenting the fact that its home has been destroyed. Of course, birds usually make their homes in trees, and since there are no trees left in the picture – only the stumps, to show that the original trees have been chopped down – the bird is left without shelter. In fact, the bird has no choice but to perch on the handle of an axe, which has been used to destroy its original home. We can deduce from this picture that the drawer is trying to attract our attention to the tragedy of the destruction of forests, which is part of the threat to the ecological balance of the planet. He seems to be saying that soon there will be no trees left in the world. In my opinion, the sad little bird is a symbol of all living things, including human beings, and, like the bird, we too will be left homeless if we allow the destruction of the environment to continue. This simple picture is a wake – up call for the whole of the human race. If this vivid image of the grim future of our planet is not to become a reality, we must take positive steps right now to put an end the plundering of the Earth’s natural resources. It is clear that the drawer of the picture is urging us to start with a campaign to save the forests, which is something all of us can join by urging our local authorities to take positive measures to save the trees. 译文: 我们主要能从这幅图上看到的是一只小鸟为自己的家被毁坏而悲伤。当然,鸟类通常把家建在树上,因为图中没有树了—-只有树桩,表明原来的树被砍伐了—这只鸟无处藏身。实际上,这 只鸟别无选择,只能停在被用来破坏它原来家园的斧柄上。 我们可以从图中推测出画家试图把我们的注意力吸引到森林遭到破坏这一悲剧上,而这正是威胁地球生态平衡的一部分。他似乎想说很快世界上将没有树了,但我认为这只可怜的小鸟象征 包括人类在内的所有生物。而且,如果我们允许继续破坏环境,我们也会像小鸟一样无家可归。 这幅简单的图画是对全人类的一个警钟。如果不想让这个对这个星球可怕未来的生动的描绘变成现实,我们现在必须采取积极的措施停止掠夺地球的自然资源。很明显,画家在力劝我们开 始拯救森林的行动。我们都可以参与,敦促当地政府采取措施拯救树木。

空气污染 范文(七) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) 1. Describe the picture 2. Deduce the purpose of the drawer of the picture 3. Suggest your counter – measures 范文:


The cartoon presents the Earth with a personified human face that seems quite unhappy. A examination of the picture immediately reveals that the source of its mood is the air pollution resulting from a huge number of automobiles spread around its surface. The cartoon, no doubt, aims at alarming humans of the heavy load we have exerted on Earth by our insatiable production and usage of automobiles. However, the majority of people merely indulge in the celebration of the convenience brought by cars, while forgetting or simply neglecting their harmful impact on the atmosphere. Admittedly, there are various factors contributing to the current worldwide air pollution, but it is undeniable that the exhaust from automobiles is categorized as one of the major elements. I would like to make the following proposals to solve this problem: firstly, we should apply the most cutting-edge technologies in order to adopt new forms of energy as substitutes for fossil fuels. It should also be guaranteed that the clean energy be inexpensive so that it can be widely accepted. Besides, there should be attempts to develop possible transportation means, so that citizens can be diverted from dependence on cars. In short, it is humans' responsibility to resume clean air for Earth. 译文: 这幅漫画以拟人的方式呈现地球,它的脸显得非常不高兴。仔细观察这幅图就会发现其郁闷来自于空气污染,这是由于其表面上有着无数车辆在行驶。 毫无疑问,这幅漫画意在向人们敲响警钟,即人类永不知足的生产和使用汽车给我们的地球带来了巨大的负担。但是,大部分人却沉溺于汽车带来方便,而忘记了或者是忽略了其对大气层 的负面影响。诚然,有很多因素导致了现在的全球空气污染问题,但是不能否认的是汽车废气被归为最重要的因素之一。 为了解决这个问题,我想提出以下建议:第一,我们应该运用最先进的技术从而以新能源替代化石燃料。同时,我们要确保清洁能源的价格低廉以得到大众的接受。此外,我们应该尝试发 展各种交通方式,这样市民们能够摆脱对于汽车的依赖。简而言之,人类有责任来恢复地球的清洁空气。

安乐死 范文(八) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: Study the following picture carefully and write an essay of 160 – 200 words in which you should 1) describe the picture. 2) state different views on mercy killing, and 3) give your opinion on it. 晚期癌症病人请求安乐死。我们怎么办? 范文? Mercy killing is one of the most controversial issues in the world of medicine. As the picture given above depicts, a late-stage cancer patient is terminally-ill, asking the doctors for mercy killing. But the doctors look deeply embarrassed, feeling helpless because they are at a loss what to do about it. The picture really sets me thinking. It implies that people differ in their attitudes towards the mercy killing. Some people think that physician-assisted suicide can relieve dying patients of unbearable pain and suffering. They maintain that as long as a doctor prescribes a drug for a legitimate medical purpose, he has done nothing illegal even if the patient uses the drug to hasten death. Others are strongly opposed to physician-assisted suicide. They contend that a doctor has no right to give a patient sufficient medication to control his pain if that may hasten death. They conclude that it is illegal for doctors to help the dying end their lives. As far as I’m concerned, doctors have a duty to help dying patients to alleviate their pain and suffering. I also agree that doctors deserve to be punished if they prolong the needless suffering of their terminally-ill patients. In short, I am in favor of mercy killing. (207 words) 译文: 安乐死是医学界最有争议的问题之一。正如上面所示的画所描绘的,一位晚期癌症病人病入膏肓,请求医生们实施安乐死。但医生们看上去十分尴尬,感到无能为力,因为他们不知道该怎 么办。 这幅画确实发人深省。它暗示,人们在对待安乐死上看法不一致。有些人认为,医助自杀可以减轻垂死病人不堪忍受的痛苦。他们主张,只要医生开药是为了合法的医疗目的,那么即使病 人使用这种药物加速了死亡,医生也没有做什么违法的事。其他人则强烈反对医助自杀。他们坚持认为,医生无权给病人开足以控制痛苦的药物,如果那样做会加速死亡的话。他们的结论是, 医生帮助垂危病人结束生命是违法的。 依我看,医生有义务帮助垂死病人缓解病痛。我还认为,如果医生延长了垂死病人不必要的痛苦的话,那他们应该受到惩处。总之,我赞成安乐死。

以罚代管 范文(九) Writing (图画提纲式议论文)


1. Describe the picture 2. Deduce the purpose of the drawer of the picture 3. Suggest your counter – measures 范文: People have the illusion that they can do anything with money. Just as what is shown in the picture, by paying a penalty, people can give birth to more children, factories can let out the polluted air directly without any treatment, and trees can be felled at will. This is a very serious social problem. Compared with other countries, China has a larger population but more limited resources. If everybody behaves in the similar way, it would be far beyond the country's capacity to guarantee everyone a well-off life. Moreover, it was reported that to bring up one child costs 350,000 yuan, which means that a family with several children bears a heavy burden. Meanwhile, if factories do not take any measure to treat the polluted air, the atmosphere will be further contaminated. Also, the felling of trees will surely lead to soil erosion, while frequently occurring sand storms are humans' deserved punishment for deforestation. Though penalty is one of the methods to punish this sort of behavior, it is never the only way. Solving these problems reflected in the picture depends largely on our responsibility to society and environment. If the sense of responsibility is greatly aroused, harmony between man and the environment will not be far away. 译文: 现今很多人认为用钱就可以做所有的事情。正如图中所示的那样,通过付罚款,人们可以超生,工厂可以不经过处理就排放废气,树木也可以被随意地砍伐。 这是一个非常严重的社会问题。相比其他国家,中国有更多的人口而资源却非常有限。如果每个人都用这种方式行事的话,那么这个国家远远没有能力让每个人都过上富裕的生活。此外, 有报道称要培养一个孩子需要花费 3 万 5 千元,这意味着一个有许多孩子的家庭将承受很沉重的负担。同时,如果工厂不采取措施处理废气的话,大气层会被进一步污染。另外,树木砍伐会导 致土地的腐蚀和水土流失,频繁发生的沙尘暴就是人类过度砍伐森林应得的惩罚。 尽管罚款是惩罚这些行为的一种方法,但绝不是唯一的方法。解决这个问题更重要的一点在很大程度上取决于我们对于社会和环境的责任。如果能够唤起广泛的责任感,那么我们离达到人 与自然之间的和谐就不远了。

垃圾污染 范文(十) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) 1. Describe the picture 2. Deduce the purpose of the drawer of the picture 3. Suggest your counter – measures 范文: In this picture a man rudely opens a garbage can and violently throws all kinds of waste into it. However, the box is not an ordinary trash can, but is, as a matter of fact, the Earth. It is where survive, breed, and prosper. But as the drawing indicates, Earth does not receive an equal repayment. Quite the contrary, one of the biggest "gifts" humans return to Earth is an unbelievable amount of trash. The picture purposefully points out a kind of pollution that arouses little public attention, that is, garbage. The past century has witnessed an unprecedented increase in garbage output, most of it technological products that are difficult to be decomposed through natural processes, such as plastics and glass. Furthermore, a recent report released that several major Chinese cities are already surrounded by circles of trash in the suburban areas, polluting air, water, and earth. Hence, the issue of waste pollution needs to be addressed as one of the priorities that demand social efforts. Only through a holistic system of trash disposal can this problem be fully solved. Moreover, we should advocate a more frugal lifestyle so as to reduce the growing scale of waste pollution. 译文: 在该图中,一个男人粗鲁地打开一个垃圾箱、猛然地把各种垃圾往里倒。但是,这不是一个普通的垃圾箱,而实际上是地球,是人类生存、繁衍和发展的土地。可正如图中所表明的那样, 地球却没有得到她应得的回报。相反,人类回复给地球的最大"礼物"之一就是数量惊人的垃圾。 这幅图意在指出一种没有得到足够公众关注的污染,即垃圾污染。过去的一个世纪见证了人类前所未有的垃圾生产,而大部分是来源于各种技术产品的垃圾,它们很难通过自然过程进行分 解,比如塑料和玻璃。此外,最近的一则报道显示中国的几个主要城市的郊区几乎都被垃圾所包围,全方位地污染了空气、水源和土地。 因此,垃圾污染这一问题必须被看作是需要得到全社会努力解决的主要问题之一。只有通过一个全面的垃圾处理系统才能够充分解决这一问题。此外,我们应该提倡一种更加节俭的生活方 式,以减小垃圾污染的增长规模。


私家车问题 范文(十一) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: Study the picture carefully and write an essay of 160 -- 200 words in which you should 1)depict the present situation of private cars in Beijing, 2)offer reasons for or against owning private cars, and 3)give your own opinion on the issue. 北京拥 250 万辆汽车,其中私家车达到 170 万辆。 范文 With the living standards rising rapidly, more and more Beijing residents have cars of their own. Statistics show that in Beijing alone, there are 2500,000 cars, among which private cars add up to(=number) 1700,000. The increase in the number of cars brings about a lot of problems, such as air pollution, noise, traffic congestion and gas shortage. Then a controversy arises: whether private cars should be encouraged in Beijing? People differ in their opinions on it. Many residents are against owning cars. According to them, private cars have to be limited in Beijing. The reasons for it are obvious. To begin with, cars contribute to air pollution. Beijing is now plagued by serious air pollution. If people are to have cars of their own, the already contaminated atmosphere will get even dirtier. Secondly, private cars can be a terrible threat to the already heavy traffic in the city. If more cars are allowed onto busy streets, there will be more traffic jams, which is really a public hazard to all of us. Finally, cars consume a large amount of fuel. Though China is rich in its oil resources, they are running out rapidly. All these facts allow of only one solution: to limit the ever growing number of cars. In my opinion, private cars should be discouraged in Beijing. In order to leave clean air, wide and safe roads and abundant energy resources to our descendants, we have to say “No” to private cars. As far as the great demand for means of transport is concerned, we can develop mass transit to take the place of private cars. In short, Beijing does not need private cars. 译文: 随着生活水平的迅速提高,越来越多的北京居民拥有自己的汽车。统计数字表明,北京有 250 万辆汽车,其中私家车达到 170 万辆。汽车数量的增加产生了一系列问题,如空气污染、噪音、 交通堵塞和汽油短缺。这样就引起了一场争论:北京是否应该鼓励私家车?人们对这个问题有不同的想法。 许多人反对拥有汽车。在他们看来,北京必须限制私家车。原因很明显。首先,汽车加剧了空气污染。北京的空气严重污染。如果人们都要拥有私家车,已经污染的大气将变得更脏。其次, 私家车可能对北京业已拥挤的交通状况是一个可怕的威胁。如果更多的汽车开上繁华的街道,交通堵塞将会更严重。这对我们大家来说确是公害。最后,汽车消耗大量燃料。虽然中国拥有丰富 的石油资源,但是它们正在日趋减少。所有这些事实只能有一种解决办法:限止日益增长的汽车数量。 我的看法是北京不应该鼓励私家车。为把清洁的空气、宽阔安全的道路和富饶的石油资源留给子孙后代,我们对私家车只能说“不”。至于对交通工具的巨大需求,我们可以发展公交系统 来代替私家车。总而言之,北京不需要私家车。

考试恐惧症 范文(十二) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should first describe the drawing, then interpret its meaning, and give your comment on it. “考试恐惧症” 范文 Testing students by examinations has long been regarded as a reliable way to assess students’ competence. But disproportionate emphasis on examinations has brought about terrible results. As is depicted in the picture, a schoolboy, frightened to death by examinations, huddles himself up under a desk, refusing to go to school. His parents are trying to comfort him, saying “Come out, there are no examinations today.” This drawing implies the harmful effect of examinations on children’s psyche. On the one hand, teachers tend to make use of different kinds of testing to force students to work hard at school. On the other hand, most parents think that school records are the sole criterion for judging the quality of a child’s work. It often happens that a child is punished heavily by his parents just because he does not do well in one examination or another. Therefore, pupils are extremely afraid of taking examinations.


As far as I’m concerned, examinations are an effective form of assessment if properly used. But teachers and parents should encourage pupils to concentrate on what they do well at school. And schools have an important duty to try to fit a child’s interest to his possible future career. On no account should they reckon examination as the only means of stimulating pupils to pursue knowledge. (218 words) 译文: 通过考试来测试学生长期以来被认为是评估学生能力的可靠方法。可是不恰当的强调考试已经产生了可怕的后果。正如这幅画所描绘的,一个学童由于极度害怕考试躲在书桌底下缩成一团, 不肯去上学。他的父母亲正在努力安慰他,告诉他说,“孩子,出来吧,今天没有考试。” 这幅画暗示了考试对儿童心灵的有害影响。一方面,老师们往往利用各种测试来迫使学在校努力学习。另一方面,许多家长认为学习成绩是评判孩子学习质量的惟一标准。常常发生这样的 事:儿童由于在某次考试中没考好而受到家长的严厉惩罚。因此,学生十分害怕考试。 至于我,我认为,考试如果使用得当,是一种有效的评估形式。可是教师和家长有义务鼓励学生把精力集中在学校里学习得好的功课上。学校的一项重要职责是力图使学生的兴趣适合于他 将来可能的工作。他们无论如何也不能把考试认为是激励学生学习知识的惟一手段。

终点又是新起点 范文(十三) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: Study the following drawing carefully and write an essay in which you should 1)describe the drawing, 2)interpret its meaning, and 3)support your view with examples. You should write about 200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 points) 范文 It is vividly depicted in the cartoon that a boy is running along the racetrack with painstaking efforts, sweat pouring down his face. After a long journey, he is making the final spurt toward the finishing line, with strong determination to become the champion. It seems that he could rest for a while to enjoy the ecstasy of victory. However, straight ahead lies a sign which indicates a new "starting point" and urges him to continue rushing to the next destination. Undoubtedly the cartoon conveys the meaning that life is like the process of running in which one should make constant efforts and never stop making progress. Owing to the quickening pace of life, competition goes increasingly fierce in all walks of life, stimulating everyone to pursue one goal after another. Once a person stops making progress, he can hardly maintain his past glory and survive in this competitive world. As Deng Xiaoping, the great Chinese leader said, "development is the only way." No matter how powerful a country is, no matter how successful a specific institution, it will definitely seek new development in high speed. Generally speaking, neither a country nor a person can remain stagnant. A case in point is the successful launching of "Shenzhou V Spacecraft" which sets china in a high position of aviation and space flight. Although it means a great achievement for us Chinese, we are facing new challenges in the future and need to do further research in space technology. Another illustration is closely related to us, the examinees. If we pass this test and are fortunately admitted by a university, we shall not stop making efforts. Instead, we are confronted with the challenge of conquering the difficult graduate courses. We still have to strive for success in our future academic study, employment and career. On the whole, these examples effectively clarify the saying that "destination is another starting point." (317) 译文: 这幅图画生动地描绘了一个男孩在沿着跑道奔跑。他付出了艰辛的努力,汗水淌下脸庞。在长途跋涉之后,他在朝着终点冲刺,并拥有强大的决心成为冠军。似乎他可以休息一下,去享受 胜利的狂喜。然而,正前方有一个写着“起点”的标记,鼓励他继续朝着下一个目标冲去。 毫无疑问,这幅画显示了人生就像跑步的过程一样,人们应该做出不断的努力,而且决不要停止前进。由于生活节奏的加快,各行各业的竞争日趋激烈,激励每个人去追求一个又一个的目 标。一旦一个人停止取得进步,他就很难保持过去的荣誉并在此竞争世界中生存下去。正如伟大的中国领导人邓小平所说:“发展才是硬道理。”无论一个国家多么强大,无论一个具体的组织 多么成功,它都需要寻求高速发展。总之,无论一个国家还是一名个人都不能停滞不前。 一个典型的例子就是“神舟五号”飞船的成功发射,使中国在航空和空间飞行中处于高端地位。尽管这对我们中国人意味着巨大的成就,但我们在未来正面临着新的挑战,并需要在空间技 术方面进行继续研究。另一个例子和我们考生密切相关。如果我们经过了考试,并幸运地被一所大学所录取,我们也不应停止努力。相反,我们面临着征服艰巨的研究生课程的挑战,并且还要 在未来的学术研究、就业和职业生涯中努力争取成功。总而言之,这些例证有效地证明了“终点又是新起点”这一说法。

养老“足球赛” 范文(十四)


Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: Write an essay of 160 - 200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should first describe the drawing then interpret the meaning, and give your comment on it. 养老“足球赛” 范文 As is vividly depicted in the cartoon, four children are playing a "football match" of taking care of their aged father. Each of them stands in a different corner of a football field. The eldest son kicked out the father with the other three children guarding their goals. The purpose of the drawing is to show us that due attention has to be paid to the mistreatment of senior citizens. First and foremost, some people shirk their duty of financially supporting their old and helpless parents due to their own interests. Furthermore, some elderly people are often ill-treated by their own children and cannot lead a normal life. Last but not least, while some young people enjoy a comfortable life, their parents are neglected and reduced to utter poverty. It is imperative for us to take drastic measures. To begin with, relevant laws and regulations should be made to severely punish those who shun the responsibilities of caring their parents. In addition, we should cultivate the awareness of the young that respecting the old has always been the traditional virtue of Chinese culture. Only in this way can we curb the current evil phenomenon revealed in the picture. (198) 译文: 如图所示,四个孩子在打一场照顾他们年迈父母的“足球赛”。每个人站在球场的一角。大儿子踢出父亲,其他三个孩子守着球门。 这幅图的目的是告诉我们应该重视虐待老年人问题。首先,有些人由于自己的利益逃避赡养他们年迈无助父母的责任。其次,有些老年人经常被他们自己的子女虐待,不能过正常生活。最 后,当一些年轻人享受舒适生活的同时,他们的父母被忽视,一贫如洗。 我们急需采取严厉措施。一方面,我们应该制定相关的法律法规严惩那些逃避养老责任的人。另一方面,我们应该培养人们的意识:尊老是中华文化的传统美德。只有这样我们才能制止图 画中所显示的这种丑恶现象。

花 300 剪个“小贝头” 范文(十五) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: Study the following photos carefully and write an essay in which you should 1)describe the photos briefly, 2)interpret the social phenomenon reflected by them, and 3)give your point of view. You should write 160 – 200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 points) 范文 What vivid pictures! One presents a young man’s face, on which the name Beckham is painted, and the other depicts an equally disturbing situation, where a teenager spends 300 yuan on his haircut simply because he wants to follow Beckham’s hairstyle. Obviously, the drawer intends to remind us how crazily these youngsters are adoring their icons. The pictures really set me thinking. I cannot help associating them with another hot word “supergirl”, which almost swept over every Chinese in the year 2005. They are mirrors, reflecting how eager the youth are to succeed like their icons. In recent years, with China’s steady economic growth, the youngsters have enjoyed material abundance, which, however, does not always mean spiritual satisfaction. On the opposite, many of them find themselves increasingly indulged in pursuing meaningless things. They imitate whatever their icons do: how to look cool, how to look for fun, and even how to play hide-and-seek with reporters. They envy how successful their icons have become, yet they never take a look at the thorny road, along which, their icons climb up to success. Personally, I hold it self-evident that this kind of craziness will do great harm to the youth. It is high time that they were taught how to adore icons properly. It is the responsibility of every educational institution to call upon the youth to learn one thing about success: success always results from hard work. (237 words) 译文: 多么生动的照片啊!一幅照片展现了一个年轻人的脸,脸上写着贝克汉姆的名字;另一幅照片描绘了同样令人不安的情境,一位青年花 300 元理个发,就是为了模仿贝克汉姆的发式。显然, 作者打算提醒我们,这些青年人多么狂热地崇敬他们的偶像。 这些照片确实发人深省。我不由得把它们与另一个热门词“超女”联系起来,在 2005 年“超女”这个词几乎风靡全国。这些照片是镜子,反映了年轻人渴望成功,犹如他们的偶像。最近几 年来,随着中国经济稳步增长,年轻人享受到了物质上的富裕,但是这并不总是意味着精神上的满足。相反,他们中很多人越来越沉溺于追求毫无意义的事。他们仿效他们偶像的行为:如何看 上去酷、如何寻找欢乐,甚至如何与记者捉迷藏。他们羡慕他们的偶像已经飞黄腾达,然而却从来不看一看偶像们攀登通向成功的荆棘之路。



守门员与球门 范文(十六) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should 1) describe the drawing briefly, 2) explain its intended meaning, and then 3) support your view with an example/examples. 译文: 这幅漫画生动描述了足球场上的一名前锋正准备将球射入守门员把守的球门。在守门员看来,自己比起实际的身材渺小很多,以至于守门变成一个不可能完成的任务。反之,在那名前锋眼 里,这位巨人守门员似乎占据了整个球门。 这幅漫画的目的是告诉我们在看似不可克服的挑战与困境面前,最重要的是拥有自信。无论一个人在学校或工作中曾经如何成功,终有一天他会遭遇困难和问题。关键时刻,正是他对困难 和人生的自信最终决定他能否反败为胜。 没有什么例子比下面的例子更有说服力。海伦·凯勒天生聋哑失明,当然没什么让她自信。但她不断克服多种障碍,最终成为一名作家和教师,成为世人的楷模。这个例子清楚证明了无论 面临何种任务,我们决不能高估困难或低估自己 范文 It is symbolically illustrated in the cartoon that a striker is preparing to shoot at the goal defended by a goalkeeper on a football field. In the goalkeeper’s mind, he is so much smaller than he actually is that guarding the goal becomes a mission impossible. On the contrary, the giant guard seems to fill up the whole goal in the attacking player’s mind. The purpose of the drawing is to show us that in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges or predicament, possessing self-confidence is of utmost significance. Regardless of how much success one has had in school or at work, there are bound to be times when he or she will encounter difficulties and problems. It is at these critical times that his self-confidence, towards difficulty and life in general, eventually plays a crucial role in determining whether he can turn failure into victory. I can think of no better illustration than the following one. Helen Keller was born deaf, dumb and blind, certainly nothing to give her self-confidence. Nevertheless, she went on to conquer her multiple handicaps to finally become a writer and lecturer, to become an inspiration to all. This case effectively clarifies that no matter what tasks we are confronted with, we should never overestimate the difficulties or underestimate our abilities. 译文: 这幅漫画生动描述了足球场上的一名前锋正准备将球射入守门员把守的球门。在守门员看来,自己比起实际的身材渺小很多,以至于守门变成一个不可能完成的任务。反之,在那名前锋眼 里,这位巨人守门员似乎占据了整个球门。 这幅漫画的目的是告诉我们在看似不可克服的挑战与困境面前,最重要的是拥有自信。无论一个人在学校或工作中曾经如何成功,终有一天他会遭遇困难和问题。关键时刻,正是他对困难 和人生的自信最终决定他能否反败为胜。 没有什么例子比下面的例子更有说服力。海伦·凯勒天生聋哑失明,当然没什么让她自信。但她不断克服多种障碍,最终成为一名作家和教师,成为世人的楷模。这个例子清楚证明了无论 面临何种任务,我们决不能高估困难或低估自己

养狗也要守规则 范文(十七) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: Study the following picture carefully and write an essay of 160-200 words in which you should 1)describe the picture, 2)suggest ways to control dogs out in public places, and


3)give your own comment on it. 养狗也要守规则 Many city residents like keeping dogs as their house pets. As the picture depicts, a lady is smiling, with a cute dog in her arms, while her husband is enjoying the pleasure with their pet. But now there are also people who complain about dogs and demand that the animals be controlled out in public places. It is generally believed that dogs should have rules too. Several strong measures should be taken to deal with the problem. In the first place, the local government is supposed to launch a campaign telling dog owners to pick up after their dogs. The easiest solution is for them to put the mess in a bag and then in the next rubbish bin. Secondly, the dog owners who leave a dog mess on the streets deserve to be fined heavily. Thirdly, all dogs require a license and a rabies vaccination and are allowed outdoors only on a leash. Finally, dogs must wear a muzzle in public places if necessary. Only in this way can people co-exist with the animals. In my opinion, I agree with the measures mentioned above. It seems to me that caring for one’s dog also means being responsible enough to control it out in public places. (202 words) 本文框架 Many city residents like keeping dogs as their house pets. As the picture depicts, … But … It is generally believed that … Several strong measures should be taken to deal with the problem. In the first place, … The easiest solution is … Secondly, … Thirdly,… Finally, … Only in this way can people co-exist with the animals. In my opinion, I agree with … It seems to me that …

养鸡场变成了烤鸡店 范文(十八) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: Study the following picture carefully and write an essay of 160 – 200 words in which you should 1) describe the picture, 2) state different views on global warming, and 3) give your own opinion. 养鸡场变成了烤鸡店 It is known to all that global warming has become a public hazard threatening the survival of human beings. As the picture given above depicts, an old couple is standing beside the fence of a chicken run, saying “It seems that the global warming has already got out of control.” In addition, the picture shows that there are several chickens being roasted in the sun at the side of the road leading to the farm. The cartoon implies that the world’s temperature would be high enough to roast chickens because of greenhouse effect. The picture is really thought-provoking. People differ in their views on global warming. Voices now come from many quarters insisting that the science about the rise of the world’s temperature is incomplete and that it’s OK to pour fumes into the air until we know for sure. This is a dangerous game: by the time 100 percent of the evidence is in, it may be too late. On the other hand, scientists in one wave after another try to awaken us to the growing threat of global warming. But the governments of many countries tend to turn a deaf ear to the scientists’ warnings. In fact, the Earth’s atmosphere is definitely warming and the problem is largely man-made. The clear message is that we should get moving to protect ourselves. So the general public demand that all nations should adopt strong measures to prevent the increase of the earth’s temperature. In my opinion, to serve as responsible stewards of the planet, we must press forward on deeper atmospheric and oceanic research. But research alone is inadequate. All governments are supposed to take the legislative initiative as soon as possible. Only in this way can the global warming be put under control. (273 words) 本文框架 It is known to all that … As the picture given above depicts, … In addition, … The cartoon implies that … The picture is really thought-provoking. People differ in their views on global warming. Voices now come from many quarters insisting that … This is a dangerous game: … On the other hand, … But … In fact, … So … In my opinion, … But we should … Only in this way …

网吧问题 范文(十九)


Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: Study the following picture carefully and write an essay of 160-200 words in which you should 1)describe the picture, 2)state different opinions on this debate topic, and 3)give your own comment on it. Should we shut the cafes down? 注:shut down 关闭,停业,查封。Internet café网吧。Internet addiction 网瘾。develop addictions 上瘾。 throwing away the apple because of its core 因噎废食。teenage 青 少年的。 blame A on B 把 A 归罪于 B。Internet abuse 滥用网络。develop/cultivate healthy habits 培养健康(有益)习惯。 As is depicted in the picture, recently, Internet cafes in X county were shut down by the local government. The action came as the result of an anonymous letter of students’ parents to the county’s Party secretary. The adults claimed that many teenagers were spending far too much time in Internet cafes and were suffering from “ Internet addiction”. The picture also shows a boy who got very surprised at the cafébeing shut down. People differ in their opinions on the question: Should we shut the cafes down? Some believe that teens are too young to restrict themselves. Without proper supervision, they tend to spend hours in the Internet cafés and develop addictions. According to them, because it is difficult to get all cafes to refuse teenagers, shutting them down is a practical solution. Others are opposed to shutting all the cafes down because it is like throwing away the apple because of its core. They argue that Internet cafés are there for those who need easy Internet access and who don’t have access at home. Shutting down all the cafes limits the rights of these people and so the policy isn’t fair to them and to the Internet caféoperators. In my opinion, we can’t blame teenage Internet addiction on the Internet cafes entirely. If our kids want to enjoy network games, they can play at home, even if all the cafes are shut down. I think we should educate the young about the side effects of Internet abuse and help them develop healthy habits instead. (257 words) 本文框架 As is depicted in the picture, … They claimed that … The picture also shows People differ in their opinions on the question: … Some believe that … According to them, … They argue that … In my opinion, … I think we should educate sb. about

北京 2008 奥运会标志 范文(二十) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Beijing 2008 Olympics Logo 1.Describe the picture; 2.Tell the meaning of the picture. The emblem, officially entitled “Chinese Seal—Dancing Beijing”, has a single Chinese character on a traditional Chinese seal. The words “Beijing 2008” are written with a Chinese brush below it. The figure in the logo resembles a runner or dancer and the Chinese character “Jing” which means “capital”. The image carries the message that today’s China is not only a nation with a long and glorious history, but also one full of modern dynamics. Dancing Beijing is a journey to the future, the emblem for China moving towards the 2008 Olympic Games. It represents the heart of an ancient culture embracing the modern world, the spirit of a people moving towards a new destiny. It captures the soul of a city in transformation and its motion conveys a message of hope, joy, and unity. Dancing Beijing is a symbol of the city’s promise to make the Games a success and to be unlike any the world has known. The Chinese seal of Dancing Beijing is a promise rooted in honor and trust, character and truth. Dancing Beijing is the color of China. Red is the most significant color in Chinese culture’s symbol of luck, of celebration and of new beginnings. The depth of its meaning equals the depth of its beauty. Dancing Beijing represents the spirit of the individual. It is the symbol for every Olympian, every performer, every volunteer and every spectator. Arms flung wide, it invites all people and the world to share in the city’s history, beauty, energy, and its future. Dancing Beijing is in the form of the dragon, the ancient symbol of Chinese culture that has both beauty and majesty. It symbolizes a binding of the fire and light of the Chinese people, the power to the promise.


Dancing Beijing is an invitation, a hand extended in welcome to China’s celebration. The Games are held in the hope of uniting humanity as never before. They are a gesture of friendship and hope that the community of nations will unite in peace through sport.

对待动物的正确态度 范文(二十一) Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Our Right Attitudes Toward Animals Your essay should meet the requirements below: 1)Describe the cartoon and deduce the purpose of the drawer of the cartoon; 2)State the negative effects of eating wild animals; and 3)Give your suggestion as to how to solve the problem. As is depicted in the cartoon, both the cat and snake are on the table, with tears in their eyes, waiting to be eaten by humans. Through this picture, the drawer condemns the eating of wild animals. Eating wild animals gives rise to a lot of negative effects. In the first place, as many wild animals carry parasites, when we eat them, the parasites enter our bodies, thus causing a lot of illnesses. In the second place, since animals are an indispensable part of our environment, the extinction of some animals may disturb the natural balance. Last but not least, eating wild animals is cruel. Since eating animals causes so many harms, we should work together to put an end to the problem. On the one hand, the government should make stricter laws to prohibit people from eating wild animals. On the other hand, all the people should realize the harms of eating wild animals and refrain from doing so. 吸引外资 范文(二十二) Writing (提纲图表式作文) Directions: Study the following pie chart carefully and write an essay of 160 -- 200 words within 30 minutes. Your essay should meet the requirements below: 1.Describe the pie chart. 2.State the possible benefits brought about by the investment. 3.Suggest measures attracting investment from outside. Hong Kong -- 44% Japan -- 19.2% U.S.A. -- 16% Other 23 countries and regions -- 21.8% Investment in Beijing from Different Countries and Regions 范文 Since China opened its door to the outside world in 1979, Beijing has made remarkable results in attracting foreign business to invest in joint ventures. According to the pie chart, the investors in different enterprises come from 26 countries and regions. The investment of Hong Kong ranks first, accounting for 44 per cent of the total. Japan’s investment makes up 19.2 per cent, putting it in second spot. Third is the United States at 16 per cent. It is generally believed that Beijing benefits a lot from the outside investment. In the first place, a large number of joint ventures have been set up, which contributes greatly to the development of Capital Economy. Secondly, the foreign-invested enterprises offer a lot of jobs to the residents in Beijing. This in turn relieves the problem of laid-off workers in the city. Finally, the high-tech enterprises in the capital will grow rapidly as Beijing enjoys the same preferential policies as coastal cities open to the outside world. On As far as the measures to attract outside investment are concerned, they are as follows. the one hand, we should make special efforts to improve the investment environment so that an increasing amount of foreign capital can stream into Beijing. On the other hand, we should take advantage of this opportunity to run the present foreign-invested enterprises as efficiently as possible. I am convinced that with the reform and opening up policy being implemented, Beijing will be a great attraction for foreign investment. (247 words)


译文: AAAA 自从 1979 年中国对外开放以来,北京在吸引外企投资合资企业方面已取得了显著成绩。根据图示,不同企业的投资者来自 26 个国家和地区。香港的投资额居第一位,占总额的 44%。 日本占 19.2%, 居第二位。美国为第三,占 16%。 普遍认为,北京从外部投资中受益匪浅。首先,大量合资企业已经建立,这就大大促进了“首都经济”的发展。 其次,外资企业为北京市民提供了许多就业机会。这又缓解了北京的下岗工人问题。最后,由于北京和沿海开放城市一样享有许多优惠政策,所以高科技产业在首都发展迅猛。 至于吸引外资的措施,有如下几点。一方面,我们应该专门努力来改善投资环境, 以便越来越多的外资能流入北京。另一方面,我们应该抓住机遇把目前的外资企业尽可能办好。我深信, 随着改革开放政策的贯彻执行,北京将吸引大量外资。 范文(二十三) Writing (提纲图表式作文) Directions: Study the following table carefully and write an essay of 160 -- 200 words within 30 minutes.

西安人的生活水平 Statistics in People's Daily Expenses in Xi'an 范文 What is shown in the table above indicates that dramatic changes have taken lace in the people's daily expenses in Xi'an from 1995 to 1999. The expenses on food have declined by 30% while those on clothing and recreation have increased respectivily by 9% and 7%. The statistics of rise and fall seem to exist in isolation but closely related to one another. There are two factors accounting for these changes. Development in economy is an essential one in the five years. The increased income resulting from economic growth plays an important part in the less expense on food. Hence, a small percentage of total income is enough to cover food expense. Another one is the changes in life style. When foods presents no worry to the average, people begin to focus more of interest on handsome appearance and happy leisure time. As a result of such a shift, spending on clothing and recreation increased year after year. From the analyses made above, we may come to the conclusion that people's living standards in Xi'an have been constantly improved between 1995 and 1999. With the further growth in economy and more changes in life style, the tendency indicated in the table will continue in the table will continue in the better direction. 译文: 上表中显示的数据表明,从 1995 年到 1999 年,西安人的日常支出发生了很大变化。食物支出下降了 30%,服装和娱乐支出分别上升了 9%和 7%。上下波动的数据似乎独立存在,但是相互之 间却紧密联系。 造成这些变化的因素有两个。这五年中的经济发展是一个不可或缺的原因。经济发展带来的收入增长,对食物支出的减少起到了很大的作用。因此,工资总额的一小部分足以支付食物的费 用。另一个因素是生活方式的改变。当普通人不再担心食物时,人们开始把更多的兴趣集中到漂亮的外貌和快乐的休闲时间。这种转变的结果是服装和娱乐的支出逐年提高。 根据上面所做的分析,我们可以得出这样的结论:西安人的生活水平在 1995 年和 1999 年期间一直在改善。随着经济的进一步增长和生活方式的更多改变,表中显示的趋势将继续向好的方 向发展。

抽烟问题 范文(二十四) 最新大纲样题: Directions: Widespread tobacco consumption has led to grave consequences, yet the tobacco companies still claim that they make a valbuable contribution to the world economy. There is a discussion in a newspaper on the above two viewpoints. Write an essay to the newspaper 1) criticizing their view and 2) justify your stand. In your essay, make full use of the information provided in the pidctures printed below. You should write about 200 words on ANSWER SHEET 2.


The majority of people would agree that cigarette smoking has caused serious problems. But the tobacco companies insist that they contribute greatly to the world economy by paying taxes to the government and employing hundreds of workers. Personally, I believe that cigarette production and consumption threatens to do more harm than good. Firstly, smoking is responsible for many fatal diseases such as lung cancer, heart diseases and so on. According to the survey, tobacco consumers account for about 20% of the world population, and among them, three million people die from smoking-related diseases every year. The fact that the output of tobacco production is reduced from 143.64 billion pounds in 1994 to 142 billion pounds in 1995 also suggests that people have come to realize the negative effects of smoking. Secondly, tobacco consumption is extremely wasteful of money. As is indicatd in the pictures, 200 billion US dollars is lost due to smoking each year. Obviously, the total loss of money around the globe substantially exceeds the gain in the industry. In conclusion, as the economic development aims at making our life better, we cannot sacrifice our health for short-term financial benefits. If we have to spend more and more money providing medical services for those who suffer from smoking-related illnesses, the notion of promoting economy via tobacco production is not justifable. It is high time that we fought for the total tobacco ban.

人口问题 范文(二十五) Directions: A. Study the following graphs carefully and write and essay in at least 150 words. B. Your essay must be written neatly on ANSWER SHEET II. C. Your essay should cover these three points: 1. effect of the country's growing human population on its wildlife 2. possible reason for the effect 3. your suggestion for wildlife protection THE UPS AND DOWNS OF POPULATION GROWTH The two charts show that the increase in the U.S. population has been accompanied by a corresponding decline in the number of wildlife species. Far too many species have been lost already. This poses a danger to ecological balance. As the human population expands, more and more wild animals are hunted for food, or because they are thought to present a threat to man. But studies show that one of the primary causes of the disappearance of wildlife is pollution, which is one of the consequences of population growth and economic development. This makes us wonder if man is able to share this planet in harmony with other life forms. In my opinion, it is imperative to take steps to reverse the disturbing trend illustrated in the charts. One measure would be to forbid the building of cities in areas where wild life is threatened with extinction. But, more imporantly, man must learn to stop polluting the environment, or he himself will become extinct. 范文(二十六 ) 提纲式作文: Directions: Women make a great contribution to the progress of modern society. But there are still some people who don’t agree with it. There has been a discussion recently on the issue in a newspaper. Write an essay to the newspaper based on the following outline. 1. Role of women in modern society 2. Prejudices and discrimination against women 3. My comment Women play an important part in modern society. Now many women are going into professions, such as medicine, law and engineering. They comprise a large part of the workers in offices and factories. Many jobs they are engaged in are in line with their special capabilities of their sex. In addition, some of them are working up to important positions which used to be held mainly by men. There are even some businesses which are run completely by women. It is obvious that women are making an outstanding contribution to the progress of modern society. There are, however, still prejudices and discrimination against women in our modern society. In the first place, some people think that many jobs men do can hardly be done by women, who are physically not strong enough. In their eyes, women are the weaker sex – both physically and emotionally. Thus, women can only be suited to the performance of domestic duties. And a woman’s place is within the protective environment of the home. Secondly, they believe that most of the world-famous scientists and statesmen are found to be males. Finally, they assert that the whole society seems to have always been dominated by men only. In a word, men should enjoy more rights than do women. Personally, I'm firmly standing on the side of those woman right defenders. Since both men and women are equally important in human activities, they should be on an equal footing. (241 word


范文(二十七) 规定情景式作文:规定情景式短文写作,可有两种方式:一是全部用英文命题,二是规定情景部分用中文命题。 Directions: Write an essay in which you are required to state the causes of the housing problem and the demands of city-dwellers for spacious living, and give your possible suggestions to solve the problem. Your essay must be written neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 words) The housing problem is closely related to population growth. Some of the big cities in China are now crowded with an ever increasing population. Naturally, one of the most serious problems incurred is that of housing. As far as the causes of the housing problem are concerned, many factors are involved. In the first place, with the rapid increase in population, the lack of housing is becoming more evident than ever before. Many old houses have been knocked down to make room for new apartment buildings, which complicates the housing problem for the time being. In the second place, despite the ever-increasing high-rise buildings, the provision of living space still falls far short of demands. Because the society is advancing, city-dwellers long for spacious living. They look forward to decent dwelling places, which can protect human dignity. All these factors result in housing shortage. Various solutions have been suggested to deal with the problem. To begin with, we should build more apartment buildings to meet the increasing needs of people. In addition, the government may provide bank loans to the residents who want to purchase dwellings of their own. Thirdly, the moving of urban residents to the suburbs may ease the housing problem in the inner city. The best solution I think is to put the birth rate under control. But, as you know, we still have a long way to go. (232 words) 范文(二十八) 规定情景式作文: Directions: Migrant workers (外地民工) have made a great contribution to the prosperity of cities. In this part, you are to write an essay of 200 words entitled "The Role of Migrant Workers". You can agree and/or disagree, completely or partially to above statement. But no matter which position you take, you should give sound supporting reasons. As is known to all, migrant workers have made a great contribution to the prosperity of cities. They are an indispensable part of our work force. Most of them work on construction sites. There is no doubt that without migrant workers many of the construction projects would have to be held up for lack of manpower. In addition, a large number of migrant workers are a beneficial factor, which enhances the consumption of food and daily items. This in turn helps to develop food industry and service trades in cities. All these are positive aspects of migrant workers in cities. However, as a popular saying goes, “Everything has two sides”. The same is the case with migrant workers. Firstly, most of them are not well educated and professionally trained. Some of them have had very little schooling. As you know, illiterate people, who are usually ignorant of the law, tend to disturb the peace, endangering social order. Secondly, most of the migrant workers swarm into big cities just to make money. Being illiterate or unskilled, some of them would stop at nothing to get what they are ambitious for. Therefore, they are a potential threat to the peace and stability of society. In my opinion, in the appraisal of migrant workers, it is one-sided to affirm everything or to negate everything. We should appreciate the great contribution made by them, and at the same time pay enough attention to the problems caused by them. (244 words) 范文(二十九) Writing (规定情景式作文) Directions: Stress is a natural part of modern life. In this part, you are required to write within 40 minutes a composition of no less than 200 words about "Stress in Modern Life" (现代生活中的压力). You are to state briefly the relationship between stress and modern life and the different attitudes towards stress. At the end of your composition you should draw your own conclusion. Stress in Modern Life As everyone knows, stress is a natural part of everyday life and there is no way to avoid it. As the pace of modern life continues to increase, we are always feeling on the go from morning till night. And it is hard to slow down. It seems to us that everyone around us is aggressive. Therefore, whatever one does, he feels under stress all the time. It is clear that stress has much to do with the life in a competitive society. Different people, however, think of stress quite differently. Some believe that stress is not the bad thing it is often supposed to be. They are of the opinion that a certain amount of stress is vital to provide motivation and to give purpose to life. Others argue that stress contributes to one’s mental decline and hence endangers his health. According to them, relaxation, the opposite of stress, is essential for a healthy mind and body. Personally, I’m in favor of the former view. I think it is impossible to avoid stress when one is entirely devoted to the career he pursues. In my opinion, it is only when the stress gets out of control that it can lead to poor performance and ill health. (207 words) 注:be on the go 忙碌。 范文(三十) Writing (规定情景式作文) Directions: In this section, you are to write an essay of about 200 words within 40 minutes. Your essay should be based on the information given below.


现在许多人愿意乘飞机旅行。随着我国民航事业的迅速发展,全国各大城市兴建了许多现代化的机场。乘飞机旅行有许多长处(方便、快捷、省时、舒适等); 但是,空中旅行也有许多不足 之处(机票价格贵,有的旅客不适应空中旅行,常常感到身体不适,甚至有人还担心发生空难)。请你简单阐述上述两个方面。最后请你说明你的看法。 Many people prefer to travel by air. This is because air travel has some advantages. In the first place, airplane, the miracle created by man, is the fastest means of transport. It takes the least time for one to travel by air from one place to another. Secondly, traveling by air is convenient and comfortable. Friendly air hostesses are affectionate and considerate. They look after passengers all the way to their destinations. Moreover, on long distance flights there are films and music for people to entertain themselves. As a popular saying goes, “Everything has two sides.” The same is true of air travel. It has some disadvantages, too. For one thing, air travel costs a great deal. The average Chinese are not rich enough to afford expensive air fares. So they prefer to take trains, which save a lot of money. For another, although passengers are assured of their safety, they are still worried about it during the journey because flying always involves more or less risk. As far as I am concerned, the advantages mentioned above exceed the disadvantages. If I were given choice between traveling by air and traveling by train, I would certainly prefer the former. For me, time is money and it is the most important thing I have to take into consideration whatever I do. (216 words)

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2017 考研英语作文写作十大必背模板 距离 2017 考研还有 60 余天,考研复习进入了最后冲刺阶段,新东方在线 考研英语教研室建议大家这一阶段不仅要坚持练习真题,更...


Brlbidn考研英语作文:王江涛推荐考研英语20篇必背范文 - Time wi


2016考研英语作文必背30篇:4我进沙退,沙进我退 - 2016 考研英语作文必背 30 篇:4.我进沙退 沙进我退 Writing (图画提纲式议论文) Directions: A. St...


考研英语高分作文经典背诵100篇:人生价值类_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。考研英语高分作文经典背诵 100 篇:人生价值类 (1)2004 年真题。Directions: Study the ...


新东方在线分享 2015 年考研英语作文提分句型,希望考生能够在考前多积累多 背诵,不断提升自己的写作综合能力。 2015 年考研英语作文提分必背句子(1) 1.There is...

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