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(浙江专用)2014届高考英语一轮复习 课时作业(十八) Unit 3 A taste of English humour 新人教版必修4


[必修 4

Unit 3 A taste of English humour]

(限时:35 分钟)

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.On the bank of the river,we found him________on a bench,with his eyes________on a kite in the sky. A.seated; fixing B.sitting; fixing C.seated; being fixed D.sitting; fixed 2.We sat in silence,________to be together. A.being content B.contenting C.content D.contented 3.Scientists are convinced________the positive effect of laughter ________physical and mental health. A.of; at; in C.of; on D.on; at 4.It is a great concern that the school is now ________for experienced teachers. A.badly in need B.badly off C.better off D.struggling 5.Our teacher looked here and there on our playground________looking for something. A.even though B.even if if D.only if 6.Several villages were________from the outside world,for all roads to those villages were destroyed. A.cut up B.cut out C.cut off D.cut through 7.—Have you seen the movie The King's Speech? —No. Who ________ it? A.had directed B.has directed C.directed D.directs 8.The machine has been used many years. It's no wonder that it doesn't work well ________. A.regularly B.constantly C.occasionally D.frequently 9.[2012·山东卷] He smiled politely ________ Mary apologized for her drunken friends. B.if C.unless D.though 10.As a film star she was a success,but as a wife she was ________failure, so their marriage ended in________failure. A./; / B./; a C.a; a D.a; / 11.Up to now,Moore ________ any films based on his work.People around him all feel puzzled.


A.didn't approve of B.doesn't approve of C.won't approve of D.hasn't approved of 12.How many more deaths will it take ________ the authorities of the need to test these drugs? A.convincing be convinced C.being convinced convince 13.Cathy kept the children ________ with stories,songs and drama all day long.The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A.entertain entertain C.entertained D.entertaining 14.—How could you ________ your friend so easily? —She is the kind of person who ________ in a crowd. A.pick out; stands out B.make out; stands for C.take out; stands by D.bring out; stands aside 15.—Mom,can I go to the cinema? —No.I'd rather you ________ a quiet night in front of the TV. A.will have B.have C.had D.have had Ⅱ.[2013·浙江教育考试院高三测试(一)] 完形填空 Two years ago we were at a turning point in our lives in New Zealand, so we decided to start an adventure. We quit our __16__, said goodbye to friends and family, and went to live in Switzerland. __17__ in the small town of Aadorf, we enrolled (注册) our daughters, who were 15 and 11 at the time, in the__18__school. They were the only English speakers in the school, and__19__they had no German or local Swiss dialect, we knew their path would be__20__. But after only a few months, the girls were doing really well, and making every__21__to suit the Swiss way of life. __22__, the local newspaper__23__a story about them. When the half?page article, complete__24__photo, appeared in the newspaper, the girls were delighted. But__25__followed next still has us shaking our heads in__26__. A teacher from the school showed the article to a friend, who sent the article to friends of his, a Swiss family who__27__to be nearing the end of their 12?month stay in New Zealand. When they read how we missed feijoas—a fruit__28__in Switzerland—they cast their eyes out the window (后续内容,请见下页。) 16.A.offices B.schools D.programmes 17.A.Searching B.Working C.Settling D.Stopping 18.A.foreign B.local C.neighbouring D.old B.when C.where D.though 20.A.narrow C.wild D.hard 21.A.choice B.effort C.plan D.promise 22.A.In turn B.In reply C.In response D.In short

2 B.sold C.made D.ran 24.A.about B.with D.through 25.A.what B.that C.who 26.A.excitement B.amazement C.agreement D.embarrassment 27.A.happened B.expected C.intended D.decided 28.A.expensive B.popular C.unknown D.strange __29__the huge feijoa tree loaded with fruit. So they picked two kilograms of feijoas and brought them back with them to Switzerland—__30__for us. They gave the fruit to their friend, who then drove two hours to__31__deliver the precious load to us. When we opened the front door__32__that day, a big bag of feijoas were sitting there. We had no__33__how it got there. A note left inside the bag__34__us to start to solve the mystery. It was from the family, wishing us all the best and happy__35__. 29.A.against B.of C.down 30.A.especially B.really C.mostly D.certainly 31.A.sincerely B.carefully C.purposefully D.secretly 32.A.soon B.afterwards C.right D.later 33.A.idea B.concept C.feeling D.sense 34.A.told B.warned C.helped D.taught B.eating C.weekend D.travelling Ⅲ.[2013·诸暨中学高三期中] 阅读理解 It was a cold night in December. Two beggars were sitting on a busy street corner in the downtown section of the city. The cold wind made them huddle together for heat and comfort. They watched helplessly as scores of people walked by, some ignoring them on purpose and others too caught up in their own cares to even notice their existence. Every so often, a kind?hearted woman or a small child would drop a few coins in the hats which lay in front of them on the icy sidewalk. Some people, feeling particularly generous, would even pull out a bill or two from their wallets and drop them into the beggars' hats and then continued their walking. Today was not a bad day for begging. The men were able to collect enough for a decent meal at the coffee shop down the street and a few candles to light up their shelter in the alley behind the train station. As the crowd began to die down, they started to pack up their bundles and head for their evening shelter. Just as they were getting ready to leave the street corner, they noticed a man walking toward them. He was obviously a wealthy man—they could tell that from the finely tailored business suit he was wearing and the gold watch chain that adorned(装饰) his left pocket.


The first beggar looked at the second and whispered with excitement, “He's coming our way!” The two tried not to look directly at the man as he stepped closer to them, but they couldn't help gazing up with anticipation as he reached into his pocket and took something out. “Thunk” was the only sound they heard as what looked like a piece of hard candy, wrapped doubly in tissue paper hit each of their waiting hats. The rich man turned and continued on his way, not making a backward glance. “How insulting!” said the first beggar, as soon as the rich man was out of sight. “He could have easily left us a few coins or a spare bill, but he played a joke on us with a piece of rock candy.” He looked at the wrapped offering with disgust. “Who does he think we are— children? There's no way we can even eat this—we have no teeth.” The beggar picked up the object with the very tips of his fingers and threw it into the gutter. He watched as it floated a few yards in the stream of muddy water and disappeared into the drain at the end of the street. Then, he gathered up his things and walked away. The second beggar looked down at the_morsel_in_his_hat,_then at his departing friend. His first impulse was to toss the donation in the trash can under the street light. But his second thought made him change his mind. “I haven't had anything like this for ages,” he thought. “I can't chew it, but I can suck on it for a while, and the sugary juices will stay in my mouth for a long time. How nice of that man to offer me something so sweet.” He opened the paper eagerly, then paused as his hands touched the white tissue paper inside. “Maybe I should save it for another time,” he thought. “It won't spoil, and I could eat it later when I'm really hungry.” The beggar paused for a moment, then he said aloud, “He wanted me to have it anyway. I might as well enjoy it now.” With that, he unfolded the white tissue paper, but to his surprise, there was no hard rock candy inside. Instead, into his fingers fell a shiny white pearl worth thousands of dollars. 36.The first paragraph serves as a(n) ________. A.explanation B.introduction C.comment D.background 37.The two beggars started to leave the street corner when ________. A.darkness fell B.they felt too cold C.few people passed by D.the wind began to blow hard 38.The two beggars thought the man was rich from ________. A.his way of walking B.his appearance C.the jewellery he wore D.the shiny shoes 39.What did the first beggar think of the rich man? A.He was too mean. B.He was very kind and warm?hearted. C.He treated them as children. D.He looked down upon the poor.


40.The underlined words “the morsel in his hat” probably refer to ________. A.the food the second beggar left over B.the coins the second beggar collected C.the rock candy the rich man gave the second beggar D.the donation from the rich man 41.What can we learn from the story? A.He that can have patience can have what he will. B.Patience is the best remedy for every trouble. C.He who laughs last laughs best. D.Every dog has its day.


课时作业(十八) Ⅰ.1.D 考查非谓语动词。第一空用 seated 或 sitting 作宾补,第二空处是 with 的复合 结构,由 fix one's eyes on sth 可知应用过去分词 fixed。 2.C 考查形容词作状语。be content to 对??感到满意。contented 为形容词作定 语,意为“满意的”。句意:我们静静地坐着,能在一起感到很满足。 3.C 考查介词用法。convince sb of sth 使某人相信某事。介词 on 可表示“在??方 面”。句意:科学家们相信大笑对于人的身心健康有积极的作用。 4.B 考查短语辨析。A 项应为 badly in need of sth(非常需要某物);B 项意为“缺 乏”;C 项意为“较好的;较为宽裕的”;D 项意为“拼搏;挣扎”。句意:这所学校严重缺 乏有教学经验的教师,这引起了很大的关注。 5.C 根据前面的 looked here and there 判断,我们的老师“好像”在找东西,所以用 as if。 6.C 考查动词短语辨析。A 项意为“切开;切碎”;B 项意为“切掉;删去”;C 项意 为“切断;隔绝”;D 项意为“抄近路”。句意:由于通往村里的道路都被毁掉了,所以有几 个村庄被与外界隔绝开来。 7.C 考查动词的时态。电影《国王的演讲》已经上映,故用一般过去时。 8.C 考查副词辨析。occasionally 偶尔; regularly 定期地; constantly 不断地, 经常地; frequently 频繁地,经常地。句意:这台机器用了好多年了,难怪(它)偶尔运转不 良。 9.A 考查时间状语从句。这里 smile 和 apologize 同时进行,as 意为:当??的时 候。句意:当玛丽为她喝醉的朋友道歉时,他礼貌地微笑着。 10.D failure 表示“失败的人或事”时,是可数名词;表示“失败”时,是不可数名 词。第一空指“失败者”,所以用 a;第二空指“以失败告终”,所以不加冠词。 11.D 由 up to now 可知,此句应该使用现在完成时态。 12.D 本句考查 It takes(sb)sth(to do sth)。原句转换成陈述句语序为:It will take?deaths to convince the authorities of the need to test these drugs.。 13.C 此处考查“keep+宾语+宾语补足语”的结构。the children 与 entertain 之间 为逻辑上的动宾关系,所以要用过去分词作宾语补足语。 14.A 考查动词短语辨析。句意:——你是怎样这么容易就认出你的朋友的?——她是 那种就算是在人群中也很显眼的女孩。pick out 选出,拣出,辨认出;stand out 引人注目, 脱颖而出;stand for 代表,象征;take out 取出,带??出去;stand by 站在??一边, 袖手旁观,支持;stand aside 站开。 15.C 考查虚拟语气。would rather 后通常接不用 that 引导的从句,从句用过去式, 但不表示“过去”,而表示“现在”或“将来”。 Ⅱ.背井离乡,何人能解乡愁苦。作者一家在瑞士开始了新的生活。如何融入当地的生 活?文章中我们发现,虽在他乡,但人们之间的乡邻情让我们无比感激。 16.C 从上下文知,我们开始在瑞士的生活,我们离开了朋友和家人,所以应该是放弃 了工作,所以选 jobs。 17.C 从上下文知,我们定居在了一个叫做 Aadorf 的小镇上,所以选 C 项。 18.B 我们把女儿们安置在了当地的(local)学校中。 19.A 从句意知,由于(as)“我”女儿她们不懂德语和瑞士方言,所以她们的道路相对 会比较艰难(hard)。 20.D 参考上题解析。 21.B 根据语意知,这是 make an effort 的固定词组,表示“努力做某事”,选 B 项。 22.C 这里是固定词组,in response 表示“作为对??的回应,反映??”,选 C 项。 23.C 当地的报纸对她们做了报道,所以用 make a story。


24.B 当附有照片、占半页报纸版面的文章刊登的时候,孩子们很高兴。所以用 with 介 词,表示“伴随,附有??”。 25.A 这里是 what 引导的主语从句,表示“??的东西”,选 A 项。 26.B 我们感到非常吃惊,用 in amazement 搭配,选 B 项。 27.A 根据上下文知,一个瑞士家庭碰巧(happen)住在新西兰,即将住满一年,选 A 项。 28.C 根据语意知,这种水果在瑞士并不非常有名,所以用 unknown。 29.D 这里表示“朝??方向看”,所以用介词 at。 30.A 根据上下文知,他们摘了两公斤的费约果,专门(especially)给我们送过来。 31.D 从下文 When we opened the front door 知,他们是偷偷地送来的,所以用 secretly。 32.D 语意表示“第二天晚些时候,我们打开门发现了这些水果”,所以用 later that day。 33.A 我们不知道这些水果是怎么来的,所以用 have no idea 表示“不知道”,选 A 项。 34.C 但里面附加的一张字条帮助(help)我们知道了真相,所以用 help。 35.B 从上下文知,他们希望我们能好好地享受这些水果,所以用 eating。 Ⅲ.本文告诉我们这样一个故事,两个乞丐等人施舍,碰到一个看起来派头十足的年轻富 翁,本以为会得到很大的恩施,但到头来发现那个人非常吝啬,但故事的结尾呢?那颗白色的 价值千金的珍珠告诉了我们答案。 36.D 推理判断题。从文章第一段知,这是整个故事的开头和铺垫,主要为了引出下面 的故事,所以起到背景介绍的作用,所以答案选 D 项。 37.C 细节理解题。根据文章第二段 As the crowd began to die down, they started to pack up their bundles and head for their evening shelter.和第三段 Just as they were getting ready to leave the street corner 介绍知,当人群减少的时候,他们正要离 开街角了,所以选 C 项。 38.B 细节理解题。根据文章第三段 He was obviously a wealthy man—they could tell that from the finely tailored business suit he was wearing and the gold watch chain that adorned his left pocket.可知,从外在的相貌和穿着,他们发现这是一个富 人,所以选 B 项。 39.A 细节理解题。从文章中对话“How insulting!” said the first beggar, as soon as the rich man was out of sight. “He could have easily left us a few coins or a spare bill, but he played a joke on us with a piece of rock candy.”可知,第 一个乞丐认为这个富人很小气,答案选 A 项。 40.D 词义猜测题。从文章中 The second beggar looked down at the morsel in his hat, then at his departing friend. His first impulse was to toss the donation in the trash can under the street light.可知,the morsel in his hat 就是指代下文的 donation, 所以答案选 D 项。 41.A 主旨大意题。从全文知,作者通过这个故事告诉我们:唯坚韧者始能遂其志,所 以答案选 A 项。




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