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volunteer work 关于志愿者工作的翻译

Youth Volunteer Corps Youth Volunteer Corps of America,(formally called YVCA, now YVC), is a national non-profit organization created to introduce, encourage and support the spirit of volunteerism in youth ages 11 to 18 through consistent, well-organized volunteer opportunities. It began in 1987 as a single organization in Kansas City, Missouri, sponsored by the Heart of America United Way and was funded by numerous public and private sources. Since then YVC has grown to more than 50 affiliated sites in the United States and Canada, sponsored locally by diverse community-based organizations such as Volunteer Centers, HandsOn, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Camp Fire USA, United Way, City Parks & Recreation and school districts. Funding is provided by foundations, corporations, individuals, United Way and local and federal government. Contents [hide]
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[edit] Mission Statement and Goals The Mission Statement is, “To create and increase volunteer opportunities to enrich youth, address community needs and develop a lifetime commitment to service.” The stated goals of YVC are: 1. To engage young people in service projects that are challenging, rewarding and educational. 2. To serve the unmet needs of the community and its residents. 3. To promote among young people a greater understanding and appreciation for the diversity of their community. 4. To promote a lifetime ethic of service among young people. Examples of projects include:

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Serving meals to the homeless Constructing and restoring trails AIDS education and outreach Organizing recycling programs Assisting kids with disabilities Removing graffiti Painting murals Tutoring elementary school children Performing skits for children Renovating sub-standard housing

[edit] Fundamental Components YVC is a membership organization where affiliates (or local YVC sites), in exchange for membership dues, are provided with training, fundraising opportunities, support and programming. The program consists of two fundamental components: Summer Component: Youth volunteer on extended projects throughout the summer, allowing for the opportunity to see larger outcomes and accomplishments. Youth are a part of a team supervised by trained Team Leaders where they learn teamwork, appreciation for diversity and civic responsibility. School-Year Component: Youth serve during the school year with teams on service projects after school and on weekends. Additionally, YVC Program Directors, AmeriCorps members and staff work with teachers to design and implement age-appropriate service projects that tie school curriculum to community service. [edit] History As part of his college senior thesis project research in 1985, YVC President David Battey interviewed leaders in the newly forming youth service field. He found that while service opportunities were sporadically available through schools, churches and synagogues, a broad-based community organization offering challenging, organized service opportunities to youth of all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds was not consistently available. Developing a framework for such an organization, Battey returned to his hometown of Kansas City and established the Youth Volunteer Corps of Greater Kansas City under the sponsorship of Heart of America United Way and with funding from public and private sources.


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1985: David Battey and four fellow Williams College seniors present thesis on national service. The grade (an A) boosts David’s G. P. A. and the work leads to the formation of YVC. 1986: Battey, the first volunteer, begins researching program and funding options while living at his parents’ house in Kansas City. 1987: The program is given a name and a logo designed pro bono by Kansas City advertising agency, Bernstein-Rein. The Heart of America United Way Volunteer Center sponsors the YVC of Greater Kansas City and gives Battey a desk, phone, secretarial support, and credibility. The first 68 diverse Youth Volunteers (YVs) serve on one of 12 teams doing four week-long projects in the Kansas City area. A Youth Advisory Council is formed and school year service projects begin.


1988: YVC of Greater Kansas City grows to 112 YVs in the summer program. Youth Service America sponsors the replication of the YVC model by hiring Battey on October 1 as the director of YVC, now a parent organization that supports local YVC sites.

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1989: The first expansion YVC site is started in Spartanburg, SC, as part of the United Way of the Piedmont. 1990: YSA receives a $1 million four-year grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation to expand the YVC model. The first YVC national conference is held in Washington, DC; there are 12 attendees.

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1991: Several new YVC sites open across the US including several in Michigan. 1992: On May 1, YVC becomes an independent national not-for-profit organization based in Kansas City, with Dr. Rich Davis as founding Board Chairman. 1993: YVC opens its 30th site. 1994: YVC’s first group of AmeriCorps members begins in September under the direction of Joe Gonzales. Dr. Lynne Ford publishes positive results in her independent evaluation of the YVC model and its impact on youth.

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1995: YVC Canada is formed with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. 1996: The first YVC International Conference is held in San Antonio, Texas, with 150 attendees including several from Canada.

Don Sloan becomes YVC Board Chairman.


1997: Representatives from the YVC network, including Battey and three Board members, attend the Presidents’ Summit on Volunteerism in Philadelphia and commit to doubling the number of YVs to 40,000 by the end of 2000. 1998: YVC launches its cars for cause vehicle donation program with strong support from H&R Block. YVs from Seattle set up YVC’s first website,, and unveil it at the International Conference in Vero Beach, Florida.

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2001: YVC develops new marketing materials including new brochures and a revamped web site 2002: YVC International Conference is held in Banff, Canada. The first time it has ever been held outside the United States. 2003: Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation investment in YVC over the past 10 years tops $1,000,000. 2004: YVC receives its largest AmeriCorps grant ever—$680,000. 2005: The number of youth having served in a YVC service project tops 200,000. 2006: YVC launches a 20th Anniversary fundraising and marketing campaign. 2007: First Youth Summit to celebrate YVC's 20th Anniversary is held at Park University in Parkville, MO with 150 attendees. 2008: YVC's 20th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign raises $3.9 million. 2009: Bank of America becomes YVC’s first national corporate sponsor. 2010: YVC receives a Summer of Service grant awarding 400 YVs $500 education awards for completing 100 hours of service.

Chinese Young Volunteers Association

On December 5, 1994, the Chinese Association of Young Volunteers was set up. Under the courteous solicitude of the Party Central Committee, the program gradually developed. At the end of 1997, General Secretary Jiang Zemin made a personal inscription of “Chinese Young Volunteers.” On the eve of the second CAYV congress, he once again pointed out the orientation of the undertaking in his official comment: “ The Young Volunteers Program is a noble undertaking of contemporary socialist China; it is highly promising career.”

Since its implementation, the program has carried out many forms of effective voluntary services focusing on the basic needs of production and people’s livelihood, on the training of young talents, on community construction, poverty-alleviation development, environmental protection as well as large events and rescue activities. It implemented a number of key projects and set up a fairly complete organizational system, yielding significant successes in serving the society, educating young people and promoting development. Implementation of the “one-to-one” long-term pairing plan: Such a plan envisaged CYL and CAYV organizations helping to link up young volunteers with the needy on a long-term and one-to-one basis. The pairs thus formed have become a constant form of basic work for young volunteers. By the end of 1999, over 2 million such pairs had been set up.

Address:NO.10,Qianmen Dongdajie,Beijing,100051,China Tel:(8610)67018132 Fax:(8610)67018131

Volunteer Work
HKYHA’s volunteer network is made up of individuals from all walks of society. People of different age groups, with different occupations and backgrounds engage in community service to realise their potentials and support the development of HKYHA. Major events Ngong Ping Charity Walk Ngong Ping Charity Walk is a large-scale fundraising outdoor experience organised by HKYHA to enhance public awareness of environmental protection and heritage conservation,as well as encourage youngsters’ participation in all-round development and cultural exchange. The annual event owes its success to the support and participation of volunteers.

Flag Day On Flag Days, volunteers are recruited to help HKYHA raise funds through selling flags. These events bring youngsters closer to society and inspire them to have an open mind. They join hands to contribute to the sustainable development of local youngsters as well as the conservation of nature. At the same time, HKYHA fulfils its mission, “Encourage youngsters to broaden their horizons, realise their potentials and care for nature, as well as promote

travelling and cultural exchange.” The funds raised on Flag Days are used to enhance hostel facilities, so as to provide improved hostelling experience to youngsters. YHA Volunteer


Founded in 1973, YHA Volunteer has developed into a systematic volunteer group with multiple talents. The group works closely with HKHYA to promote the Association’s mission and services. Meetings are held periodically to discuss seasonal activities and other relevant matters. In addition, YHA Volunteer has organised professional volunteer training programmes and established various working groups, such as Recreation Group, Map Study Group and Summer Outdoor Adventure Group, giving volunteers the opportunity to fulfil their potentials.

Meanwhile, YHA Volunteer periodically organises outdoor recreational activities in the youth hostels, such as expeditions and travel talks. In the 1990s, new elements were added to the group’s activity portfolio: night squid fishing trips were organised for the first time and a piglet barbeque was hosted in Bradbury Hall (Chek Keng). Entering the new millennium, YHA Volunteer introduced more innovative activities like making the renowned Beggar’s Chicken dish in the hostels and releasing Chinese sky lanterns at Mid Autumn Festival.


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