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高中英语单句改错 A 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. I was too tiring to walk any further. Please let me have the paper if you will have done with it. I lent him the book I bought the day before. He suggested me that I go to see the manager. Carelessness in driving may be cost you your life. The time will come when my words come true. How dare you to say such words to my face. The ship hardly left the port when the storm came. This is the classroom for us to study. B 21. As weather is fine, let us take a long walk. 22. As I had worked more than half hour, I was a little tired. 23. She is such honest girl that she cannot tell lies. 24. My mother is less older than you think she is. 25. He speaks English better than anyone in his class. 26. I don’t agree the people who say women should stay at home. 27. She was carrying a long and green umbrella. 28. This coat costed me twenty dollars. 29. When themoon shined upon the river, the scene was very beautiful. 30. They said they would spent their spare time in reading novels. wall. 31. When winter comes, the leaves will fell. 32. The sun had already rosen when we got up. 33. The ruler has been lain on the table. 34. The thief wanted to get in and stole something. 35. Neither of the books are difficult to read. 36. Enough have been said about it. 37. Between the trees stand a stranger. 38. If you are kind to others, others must be kind to you. 39. Do you need work so late? 40. The teacher with many students have gone to the exhibition.

10. After we seated at the table, she suddenly felt a pain in her stomach. 11. When you enter into the classroom, you will find many paintings on the 12. We have no one to depend. 13. He felt the plan be wrong. 14. Turn to the right, you will find the post office. 15. He has no money to buy it. 16. It is certain he will come. 17. She was here can be proved. 18. I found strange that she has not come yet. 19. We all considered it a pity you could not come with us. 20. Can’t you stay little longer?


C 41. He thinks he needs not do it in a hurry. 42. They played until both of them tired. 43. The new desk which I put my books was bought last week. 44. This piece of fish smelled badly. 45. The boy’s face is like his father. 46. Old John is an one-eyed man. 47. I asked for nothing but be given such a book. 48. The book was belonged to the baby. 49. The man is known by everybody. 50. He was warmly welcome by his friends. 51. I like English better than my brother likes. 52. A house built of brick lasts longer than that built of wood. 53. Mrs Johnson gave her friends, Mary and I, a tea party. 54. The biology is an interesting subject. 55. She gets up early everyday. 56. He had no sooner arrived when he fell ill. 57. His friend had become a lawyer, who he wanted to be. 58. He spoke too rapidly that we could not clearly understand him. 59. Each of us should do our duty. 60. The mistakes made by the Chinese students of English are different from that made by the Japanese students.

D 61. Do you fond of hunting? 62. Knowledge is more important than anything. 63. Who of them is your father? 64. I hope that you soon get well again. 65. The girl is a bit too tall at her age. 66. Here is so big a stone that no one can move. 67. He returned home in the afternoon of his birthday. 68. She likes to watch the television. 69. He went to Japan in this spring. 70. We drink soup with a spoon. 71. She has made a rapid progress in English. 72. Please open your book on page ten. 73. We are going to have an examination of mathematics. 74. She is a good cooker. 75. Europeans eat with a knife and fork. 76. He left home last year and I haven’t seen him from then. 77. We expect to go to America some times next year. 78. The girl dressed in white. 79. He was wounded by a stone. 80. It was yesterday when he broke the window.


E 81. The concert begins from eight o’clock. 82. ---Is this seat empty? ---No, you may take it.

F 101.She slept well because all the windows open. 102.My uncle lives on 105 Beijing Road. 103.There were many people want to go there. 104.This straw hat doesn’t fit for me. 105.All of children can be naughty sometimes. 106.I was caught by the rain last night. 107.George is the kind of person whom people like to make friends. 108.He had little to eat and a house to live in. 109.I have paid the book. 110.She waited since the early morning, but he didn’t come. 111.Why not to take a holiday? 112.Will you be at the party on next Tuesday? 113.Sometimes it is difficult to live a honest life. 114.The manager was absent at the meeting. 115.Come to this way, please, boys and girls. 116.It would be a pleasant to see you again. 117.I met my friend at the tailor. 118.Reading newspaper is good for your study of modern English. 119.Last Sunday we went to school to play football. 120.It was thought to be her.

83. There was a big rain last night. 84. He told me about where he had met my brother. 85. I like the weather of Beijing. 86. He just finished his breakfast. 87. This is the bus to the zoo. 88. He didn’t talk loudly and clearly. 89. He rose his hand before asking the question. 90. I went to Japan that year, and next year to America. 91. He entered from the front door. 92. It will make you good to have some outdoor exercise. 93. Nobody of them would understand the foreigner. 94. These are the people whom they say are fools. 95. I have only a pen, not two. 96. The policeman caught the man by his arm. 97. You shouldn’t write anything on a holiday book. 98. Then I lay down again with the quilt covered my head. 99. Would you be so kind to step this way? 100.100.When my sister phoned me, I could not hear clearly what she was speaking.


G 121.This watch is too expensive; show me cheaper one. 122.I want a watch, but have no money to buy it with. 123.The voice of a woman is sweeter than one of a man. 124.This is true that he has failed. 125.This is a same knife that I lost. 126.My friend, whom I thought would pass the examination, has failed. 127.She loves money more than everything else. 128.To make money is one thing, to spend it is the other. 129.How do you call this flower in English? 130.We will welcome whomever visits our country. 131.No one knows what one’s fate will be. 132.This is the same man whom we saw in the train. 133.She likes English better than I like. 134.One must never forget his friends. 135.You looked differently after his return from Europe. 136.The number of the students is very little. 137.Didn’t I send any postcards last month? I feel certain I did. 138.He does remember his happy younger days. 139.You must work hard to make up for the losing time. 140.Many bright young man fails in life because he does not know the value of time.

H 141.Why are you in such great hurry? 142.As weather is fine, let us take a long walk. 143.World War II was brought to end at last. 144.He finished his work very sooner than usual. 145.The sun sets more slowly in summer than in winter. 146.---Do you mind posting the letter for me? ---Yes, certainly not. 147.These tools have been left laying in the rain. 148.I have gone to the station to see a friend of mine off. 149.When you leave this room, please lock the door and bring the key with you. 150.They gradually became to enjoy their English lessons. 151.Suddenly I remembered that I had forgotten the ticket at home. 152.He was laughed by everybody present. 153.He is so famous that he is known by everybody. 154.Just across the street stands big buildings. 155.All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. 156.---Is your father at home? ---No, he went to Shanghai on business.

157.I have come here once or twice before. 158.He suggested me that we should go for an outing. 159.I am sorry to have you waited so long. 160.However loud I spoke, I could not make myself hear.


I 161.He insisted on I paying for it. 162.It will not be long when you and I meet again. 163.It was Sunday that I rang him up. 164.The world will be a better place to live in twenty years. 165.Don’t talk when your mouth full. 166.He takes it granted that anyone can do it. 167.He is sure to come here till six o’clock. 168.I have been ill for last Tuesday. 169.She takes great pride of her beauty. 170.Is there any key of success? 171.They met an European yesterday, didn’t they? 172.Have you married? 173.The price of the car is very expensive. 174.When speaking, you must make yourself understand. 175.What subject are you interested? 176.Surprised hear the voice, the man turned. 177.This is what I am used. 178.He built a telescope which he could study the skies. 179.If you really like the T-shirt, not to buy it? 180.The big family has a small house to live.

J 181.Being a hot day, we all went swimming. 182.The story is very worth listening to. 183.The thief has caught climbing over the garden wall. 184.Don’t forget your dictionary at home. 185.This is the very child looked by her. 186.One of the first books printed in English was hunting with birds. 187.The ice isn’t thick enough for us to skate. 188.He was the first student coming to school yesterday. 189.If you want to be understood, you should speak of slowly and clearly to the listeners. 190.No matter whenever you call, you will find him at his desk. 191.This is the house that he is used to live in. 192.I need one more stamp before my collection completes. 193.A day I met a foreign while walking along the street. 194.He made such much progress that he was praised by the teacher. 195.Some singers and dancers will have on performances in order to collect money for the Hope Project. 196.That hears a good idea, don’t you think so? 197.The parents are looking after their ill son. 198.I’d like going to the Nanhaizi Milu Park. 199.He was punished because what he had done. 200.I received an invitation but I didn’t receive it.


K 201.We called at Mr. Smith yesterday. 202.The novel is very worth reading. 203.Oh! You have grown up so that I hardly knew you. 204.What good time we had last night! 205.Mathilde had been married with a clerk with little money for over ten years. 206.How much does the set of books spend you? 207.The reason is why I am deeply touched by his story. 208.Why not just wearing a flower instead? 209.Those boy students are going to call on woman scientists tomorrow? 210.To my surprising, he didn’t feel surprised at his failure. 211.She pretended sleeping when I entered. 212.Ms. King cut her hair, bought some men’s clothes, used a man’s name and finally getting a job in Mr. Pattis’s company. 213.I don’t want to see the boy his father now is in prison. 214.It’s sure that there is nothing that a woman can’t do. 215.The room, its windows face south, is our classroom. 216.So as to get a job, Ms. King had to lie to the company. 217.It’s stupid for you to say so. 218.He replied with a loud smile, ―It was Tom who gave me that book.‖ 219.I remembered the whole thing as if it was happened just yesterday. 220.---Would you like some more tea? ---Yes, but just little.

L 221.I can hardly imagine Peter sail across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. 222.He found some old people be seated at the back of the classroom. 223.Peter Brown has nothing to talk at the meeting. 224.The party the students had been looking forward to being held yesterday evening at last. 225.Jack was disappointed that most of the guests had left when he had arrived at the party. 226.---Will they arrive tomorrow? ---I hope.

227.We hoped each other the best luck in the examination. 228.There is a police car in the front of our neighbour’s house. 229.The order came that the medical team should serve for the front without delay. 230.Many people weren’t sure they were hungry or not. 231.On Saturday afternoon, Mrs Green went to the market, buying bananas and visited her cousin. 232.Don’t make up any excuse of your being late. 233.That he said at the meeting astonished everybody present. 234.I don’t know when she will go back to home. 235.The teacher asked me to repeat the sentence again. 236.Be sure to get there before the sun will set down. 237.A boy as he is, he knows a lot of things. 238.I suggested him that he go to see a doctor. 239.China is larger than any other country in Africa. 240.Please give me a book to be read.


M 241.I agree you on that point. 242.Work hard, you will be successful. 243.How can you do such thing without permission. 244.Do you like to play the ping-pong or football? 245.Is anyone here? Yes. 246.Happy Teachers’ Day, Miss Zhao! Here are some flowers for you, with our best wish. 247.---Don’t forget to turn off the light. ---I don’t.

N 261.It’s fine these days. Let’s go out for a drive the next Sunday. 262.It’s high time you will leave for Shanghai. 263.The rest trees are left to grow even tall. 264.The powder is made from fishes, blood and bones. 265.Put the little plants in the shade so that the sun doesn’t burn them. 266.There are many woman teachers in this school. 267.Yesterday I met an old friend of my father. 268.This pair of shoes is too big for me. Please show me another one. 269.The number of the students in our school are 1,500. 270.The old is taken good care of in this city. 271.I don’t like white wine and I like red wine. 272.Not only the earth but also the other planets moves round the sun. 273.I’ve forgotten my book at home, so I have to share yours. 274.It is pity that he miss such a good lecture. 275.How long have you come back home? 276.What kind of a animal is it? 277.The weather here doesn’t agree to me. 278.I’d like seeing your father as soon as possible. 279.The meat has to be washed before cooked. 280.Without asked we won’t go to the party ourselves.

248.Who was the first to pass the finished line? 249.Will you please to say it again more slowly? 250.I shouted at the driver, but he didn’t hear me. 251.I think you’d better not to tell him about it. 252.With the medicine box under the arm, Miss Gao hurried off to look after the man. 253.If you work hard, you will be successful on time. 254.For centuries there was no Olympic Games. 255.The First Olympic Games in modern time took place in 1896. 256.When she saw that Abraham liked reading, she did all she could help him. 257.Fighting broke out between the North states and Southern states. 258.Today, Abraham Lincoln was considered as one of the greatest of all American presidents. 259.No all the parts of the car will be made in the factory. 260.The cars will be supplied to people all from the country.


O 281.Great changes have been taken place in our hometown since 1978. 282.―You should come here five minutes ago,‖ the teacher said angrily. 283.The headmaster spoke loudly so as to hear clearly in the meeting hall. 284.I wish I wasn’t busy yesterday, I could have helped you with the problem. 285.The dog of his bit my son in the leg. 286.Our teacher is a honorable teacher. 287.German is a European country. 288.Of the three questions the first one is the more difficult. 289.Our city has the most beautiful park. 290.Having not received his letter, I wrote him again. 291.I’m going to have my eyes test tomorrow afternoon. 292.Leading by the Party, we have made a great deal of progress. 293.The book laid on the table is Tom’s. 294.The price of the coat is too expensive. 295. Nobody wanted to attend the meeting , did he? 296.. My watch is old and it needs repaired. 297.. There is something wrong with your TV, isn’t it? 298.. Since the road is wet, it must rain last night. 299. Do you mind me to open the window? 300. What a fine weather it is!

P 301. As usually my father got up early and went out for a walk. 302.Only in this way we can learn English well. 303.Don’t burn the fallen leafs here, please. 304. A police is searching the room for some lost paper. 305.Perhaps bamboo is more remarkable than any other plants. 306.This tree is about thirty meter high. 307.Marx and Engles were both Germen. 308. A lot of child’ books sell well these days. 309. The little girl prefers doing her lesson to watching TV. 310. Each of boys has a nice pencil-box. 311.Who are playing table-tennis now? 312.There is a ―X‖ in the word ―text‖. 313.They are all school boys from different part of the country. 314.We all know that Australia keeps a lot of sheeps. 315. Now people get a lot of informations from TV. 316.He has broken the law and has been put in the prison. 317.Boys and girls, don’t lose hearts. Do better next time. 318.Where there is will, there is a way. 319. Your clothes are dirty. You should change it now. 320. What he says sounds reasonable, doesn’t he?


Q 321.Can you cook the meal for ourselves, Luck and Mary? 322.At the beginning of the basketball match, the team were not sure of himself. 323.He is so simple he will believe in anything you tell him. 324.It’s very important that we should think over before doing anything. 325.My mother has been laid in bed for three days because of her serious heart disease. 326. By the last year, our hometown had been liberated for about 30 years. 327. The man doesn’t know to find out when the starts. 328. It is said that medicines were bad needed in some of the poor areas. 329.We listened, but no sound reached raining. 330.It was until midnight that it stopped raining. 331.The number of people invited was fifty, but a number of them was absent for different reasons. 332.Another a new school is now being built in my city. 333.The introduction is always in front of a book. 334.Losing in thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him. 335. Man’s knowledge of space has been developed rapidly. 336.Uncle John has just come, but I didn’t know he was coming this morning. 337.The place was so noisy you could hardly make yourself heard. 338.The enemy had no choice but lay down their arms and surrender. 339.After living in Paris for years he returned to the small town when he grew up as a child. 340.In some parts of the world, tea is serving with milk and sugar.

R 341.---How long has this bookshop been in business? 342.Mike, you can sit at each end of the boat. 343.The man’s words satisfied with the judge. 344.---Are you hungry? ---Yes, not a bit. I didn’t have breakfast today. 345.Let’s go, shall you? 346.Comrade Lao Li looks on the school like his home. 347.Here ―you‖ are used as a pronoun. 348.This kind of new car will be show next month. ---In 1972.


A 1. tiring—tired 2. will 去掉 3. bought—had bought 4. me—to me 5. be 去掉 6. come true—will come true 7. you to say—you say 8. hardly—had hardly 9. study—study in 10. we—we were 11. into 去掉 12. depend—depend on 13. be—to be 14. you—and you 15. it—it with 16. he—that he 17. She—That she 18. found—found it 19. could—should 20. little—a little B weather—the weather 2. half—half an 3. such—such an 4.older—old 5. anyone—anyone else 6. agree—agree with 7. and 去掉 8. costed—cost 9. shined—shone 10. spent—spend 11.fell-fall 12. rosen—risen 13.lain—laid 14. stole—steal 15. are—is 16. have—has 17. stand—stands 18. must—will 19. work—to work 20. have—has C needs—need 2. tired—were tired 3. which—on/in which 4. badly—bad 5. father—father’s 6. an—a 7. be—to be 8. was 去掉 9. by—to 10. welcome—welcomed likes—does 12. that—one 13. I—me 14. The 去掉 15. everyday—every day 16. when—than 17. who—which 18. too—so 19. our—his 20. that—those D 1. Do—Are 2. anything—anything else 3. Who—Which 4. you—you will 5. at—for 6. move—move it 7. in—on 8. the 去掉 9. in 去掉 10, drink—eat a 去掉 12. on—at 13. of—in 14. cooker—cook 15. a 去掉 16. from—since 17. times—time 18. dressed—was dressed 19. by—with 20. when—that E 1. from—at 2. empty—taken 3. big—heavy 4. about 去掉 5. weather—climate 6. just—has just 7. to—for 8. and—or 9. rose—raised 10. next—the next from—by 12. make—do 13. Nobody—None 14. whom—who 15. a—one 16. his—the 17. on—in 18. covered—covering 19. to—as to 20. speaking--saying F

1. because –with 2. on—at 3. want—who want 4. for 去掉 5. of 去掉 6. by—in 7. friends—friends with 8. and—but 9. paid—paid for 10. waited—had waited 11. to 去掉 12. on 去掉 13. a—an 14. at—from 15. to 去掉 16. pleasant—pleasure 17. tailor—tailor’s 18. newspaper—newspapers 19. to school—to the school 20. her—she G—me a 2. it—one—that 4. This –It 5. a—the 6. whom—who 7. everything—anything 8 the other—another 9. How—What 10. whomever—whoever 11. one’s –his 12. whom—that 13. like—do 14. his—one’s 15. differently—different 16. little—small 17. any—some 18. younger—young 19. losing—lost 20. many—many a H such—such a 2. weather—the weather 3. to—to an 4. very—much 5. more slowly—later 6. Yes—No 7. laying—lying 8. gone—been 9. bring—take 10.became—came forgotten—left 12. laughed—laughed at 13. by—to 14. stands—stand 15. make—makes 16. went—has gone 17. come—been 18. me—to me 19. waited—waiting 20.hear—heard I 1. I—my 2. when—before 3. Sunday—on Sunday 4. live—live in 5. when—with 6. it—it for 7. till-by 8. for—since 9. of—in 10. of—to 11. an 去掉 12. Have—Are 13. expensive—high 14. understand—understood 15. interested—interested in 16. hear—to hear 17. used—used to 18. which—through which 19. not 去掉 20. live—live in J 1. Being—It being 2. very—well 3. has—was 4. forget—leave 5. looked—seen 6. with 去掉 7. skate –skate on 8. coming—to come 9. of 去掉 10. whenever—when is 去掉 12. completes—is complete 13. A—One 14. such—so 15. have—put 16. hears—sounds 17. ill—sick 18. going—to go 19. because—because of 20. receive—accept K at—on 2. very—well 3. knew—recognize 4. good—a good 5. with—to 6. spend—cost 7. why—that 8. wearing—wear 9. woman—women 10.

surprising—surprise 11. sleeping—to be sleeping 12. getting—got 14. sure—certain 15. its—whose 16. So as—In order 17. for—of 18. smile—voice 19. was 去掉 20. little—a little L sail—sailing 2. be 去掉 3. talk—say 4. being—was 5. had 去掉 6. hope—hope so 7. hoped—wished 8. the 去掉 9. for 去掉 10 sure—sure whether 11. buying—bought 12. of—for 13. That—What 14. to 去掉 15. again 去掉 16. will set—sets 17. A 去掉 18. him—to him 19. other 去掉 20. be 去掉 M you—with you 2. you—and you 3. such—such a 4. the 去掉 5. anyone—everyone 6. wish—wishes 7. don’t—won’t 8. finished—finishing 9/. to 去掉 10. at—to 11. to 去掉 12. the—her 13. on—in 14.was—were 15. time—times 16. help—to help 17. North—Northern 18. all—all the 19. No—Not 20. from—over N the 去掉 2. will leave—left 3. tall-taller 4. fishes—fish 5. doesn’t—won’t 6. woman—women 7. father—father’s 8. one—pair 9. are—is 10. is—are 11. and—but 12. moves—move 13. forgtten—left 14. pity—a pity 15. come—been 16. a 去掉 17. with—to 18. seeing—to see 19. cooked—being cooked 20. asked—being asked O been 去掉 2. come—have come 3. hear—be 4. wasn’t—weren’t5. The—That 6. a—an 7. German—Germany 8. more—most 9. the—a 10. Having not—Not having test—tested 12. Leading—Led 13. laid—lying 14. expe3nsive—high 15. he—they 16. repaired—repairing 17. it—there 18. rain—have rained 19. to open—opening 20. a 去掉 P usually—usual 2. we can—can we 3. leafs—leaves 4. police—policeman 5. plants—plant 6. meter—meters 7. Germen—Germans 8. child’s—children’s 9. lesson—lessons 10. of—of the 11. are—is 12. a—an 13. part—parts 14. sheeps—sheep 15. informations—information

13. his—whose

16. in the prison—in prison 17. hearts—heart 18. is—is a 19. it—them 20. he—it Q 1.ourselves—yourselves 2. himself—themselves 3. he—he that 4. over—hard 5. laid—lying 6. the 去掉 7. know—know how 8. bad—badly 9. to 去掉 10. until—not until 11. was—were 12. a 去掉 13. in—in the 14. Losing—Lost 15. developed—developing 16. this—until this 17. you—that you 18. lay—to lie 19. when—where 20. hers—theirs R 1. serving—served 2. In—Since 3. each—either 4. with 去掉 5. bit—little 6. you—we 7. like—as 8. are—is 9. show—on show




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