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2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:选修6 unit5

选修 6
Unit 5 The power of nature 能力演练

一、语法填空 Storms 1 produced at least 13 tornadoes sweptalong New Mexico,s border with Texas on Friday, 2 (destroy)homes and other buildings and injuring at least 16 people,several critically serious,authorities said.The 3 (bad)damage was reported in the towns of Logan and Clovis,which are about 80 miles apart,police said.The tornadoes damaged several 4 (new)built buildings,toppled power

lines 5 sparked fires that were later put out in Clovis,police Lt.James Schoeffel said.Thirteen people from 6 area were hospitalized at the

Plains Regional Medical Center.Five were in bad condition 7 head trauma(外伤,损伤),said Liz Crouch,the center,s chief operating officer.In Logan,three people 8 (take)to a hospital, 9 others were treated at a local clinic.One of them was a visitor,saying that he wouldn,t have been there if he 10 (watch)the weather forecast the day before.? 二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? A young man told his father he wanted a car before graduation.?

On the morning of his graduation day his father called him into his own study and told him how 1 he was to have such a fine son.He handed his son a beautiful gift box. 2 but slightly disappointed,the young man 3 the box and found a lovely book. 4 father and said, “? 5 ,he raised his voice at his

all your money you give me a book?” rushed and

out of the house,? 6 the book in the study.? He did not contact (联系) father for a whole year his 7 one day he saw

in the street an old man who looked like his father.He 8 he had to go back home and see his father.? When he arrived at his father ? s house,he was told that his father had been in hospital for a week.The moment he was about to 9 the

hospital,he saw on the desk the 10 new book,just as he had left it one 11 ago.He opened it and began to 12 the pages.Suddenly, a car key 13 from an envelope taped behind the book.It had a tag (标签) with the 14 of his graduation and the 15 1.A.encouraged C.proud 2.A.Nervous C.Careful 3.A.packed C.picked up 4.A.Angrily PAID IN FULL.?

B.comfortable ? D.moved ? B.Serious ? D.Curious ? B.opened ? D.put aside ? B.Eagerly ?

C.Calmly 5.A.At C.With 6.A.tearing C.forgetting 7.A.until C.before 8.A.learned C.recognized 9.A.get to C.turn to 10.A.much C.hardly 11.A.year C.week 12.A.clean C.turn 13.A.lost C.appeared 14.A.picture 15.A.words

D.Anxiously ? B.From ? D.To ? B.putting ? D.leaving ? ? D.unless ? B.realized ? D.admitted ? for ? D.leave for ? B.still ? D.quite ? B.month ? ? ? D.count ? B.came ? D.dropped ? ? D.sign ? B.information ?

C.messages 三、阅读理解

D.card ?

专题训练(六 专题训练 六) ◆方法点拨

记叙文的阅读(2) 记叙文的阅读

新闻报道也属于记叙文范畴。在读新闻报道时,必须弄清楚新闻事件 的时间、 地点、 人物、 及其结果, 因为对新闻报道设置阅读理解题时, 往往细节题占多数,能回答这些问题,就掌握了新闻的主要内容,也 就能做好新闻题材的阅读理解题。? ◆活学活用 阅读下列短文,按要求完成读写任务。? Singapore,Tues.Eight people—three of them women—died after being trapped in an attic(顶楼)when fire gutted(损坏)their two storey Terrance house yesterday.? In the tragedy,about thirty-six people were sleeping in the building when the fire,started by a short circuit,broke out.Most of them managed to rush out in time.? One of the first to leave the building was Miss Poh,nineteen,a factory ? worker,who was awakened from her sleep by shouts of “Fire!” shortly after 3∶10 am She said,“I shouted to the other tenants to get out.By this time,the first floor was inflamed and I could hear people crying and

screaming.Someone brought a ladder and placed it against the wall,but it

only went up as far as the first floor.There was no hope for those trapped in the attic.” One who did escape from the attic told reporters that he could only save himself by going through the ventilation(通风)opening. Chin Meng,twenty,a fitter,wept as he recalled how he had to leave his parents behind.He said,“When I tried to return for my parents,I was driven back by the thick smoke and the heat.”? Shortly after the blaze was spotted,three fire engines raced to the Steve and by 4 a.m.had the fire under control.? The MP for the area visited the scene and said,“The landlord was wrong to rent out rooms irresponsibly.He has not given due thought to the safety of his tenants.”? Ⅰ.根据所读短文,写一篇 30 词左右的摘要。? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Ⅱ.根据所读短文,选出最佳选项。? 1.___________ males were killed in the fire.? A.Eight C.Three B.Five ? D.Thirty-six ?

2.The fire started ___________.? A.after Miss Poh awoke from her sleep ? about 3 am ? the daytime ? D.quite some time after 3∶10 am ? 3.The fire brigade took ___________ to get the fire under control.? A.about an hour C.ten minutes B.three hours ? D.four hours ?

4.The MP for the area ___________ the landlord.? A.criticized C.questioned B.praised ? D.laughed at ?

5.In the fourth paragraph,the word “recalled” means ___________.? A.told C.thought of the past B.told again ? D.said ?

一、? 1.解析: 关系代词 which/that 引导定语从句。? 答案:that/which 2.解析:现在分词作结果状语,和后面的 injuring 并列。? 答案:destroying 3.解析:这里要用最高级。? 答案:worst 4.解析:修饰后面的动词 built,用副词形式 newly。?

答案:newly 5.解析:and 连接 damaged,toppled 和 sparked。? 答案:and 6.the ? 7.with ? 8.解析:被送往医院,用被动语态。? 答案:were taken 9.解析:表示对比;翻译成“而” 。? 答案:while 10.解析:虚拟语气,和过去的事实相反的从句使用过去完成时。? 答案:had watched 二、? 1.解析:父亲告诉他,有他这样优秀的儿子他感到多么的自豪。 encouraged 受鼓励的;comfortable 舒服的;proud 自豪的, 得意的;moved 感动的。? 答案:C 2.解析:看到父亲只是送给他一个礼盒,他既好奇又有几分失望。 curious 好奇的,符合语境。? 答案:D 3.解析:年轻人打开礼盒,发现一本漂亮的书。pack 包,裹;pick up 捡起,拾起;put aside 放在一边。? 答案:B 4.解析:由后文他提高嗓门对父亲说: “用你全部的钱就给我买一本

书?”可知他说话时很气愤。angrily 气愤地; eagerly 急切地, 渴望地;calmly 平静地;anxiously 焦急地。? 答案:A 5.解析:with all your money 用你所有的钱,with 用,其他介词没有这 个意思。? 答案:C 6.解析:他说完这些话就冲出了房间,把那本书留在书房里。leave 留下;forget 忘记,遗忘,不符合语境。? 答案:D 7.解析:他有整整一年没有和父亲联系了,直到有一天在大街上看到 一位很像他父亲的老头。until 直到……为止,符合句意。? 答案:A 8.解析:他意识到他必须回家看望父亲。learn 学会,获悉;realize 意识到;recognize 认出,识别; admit 承认。只有 B 项符合句意。? 答案:B 9.解析:当他正要去医院时……他得知父亲已经住院一周了,所以要 去医院看望父亲。get to 到达;search for 寻找,搜查;turn to 转向;leave for 动身去。? 答案:D 10.解析:由后半句 just as he had left it one year ago 可知这本书依然

崭新。? 答案:B 11.解析:据上一段 He did not contact his father for a whole year 可知 这本书和一年前一样新。? 答案:A 12.解析:他打开书,开始翻动书页。? 答案:C 13.解析:一把车钥匙突然从粘在书后面的一个信封里掉了出来。 drop 落下,符合句意。? 答案:D 14.解析:标签上写有他的毕业日期。? 答案:C 15.解析:还写有“款已付清”几个字。? 答案:A 三、? Ⅰ.? A fire destroyed a two ? storeyed building in Terrance,Singapore at about 3 a.m.on Monday,causing eight deaths.It was so fierce a fire that it took three fire engines almost an hour to have the fire under control.? Ⅱ. 1.解析:这是一细节题。从第一句可知答案。?

答案:B 2.解析:从 shortly after 3∶10 am 可知火灾发生时间大约是凌晨三点。 答案:B 3.解析:火灾三点发生,by 4 am had the fire under control 告诉我们答 案为 A。? 答案:A 4.解析:文章最后一段表明议员批评房东不负责任,不考虑住户的安 全。? 答案:A 5.解析:recalled 意为“回忆” 。? 答案:C


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