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完形填空(江苏卷) For a long time Gabriel didn’t want to be involved in music at all. In his first years of high school, Gabriel would look pityingly at music students, 36 across the campus with their heavy instrument cases. 37 at school for practice hours 38 anyone else had to be there. He swore to himself to 39 music, as he hated getting to school extra early. __40___, one day, in the music class that was __41__of his school’s standard curriculum, he was playing idly (随意地) on the piano and found it ____42___to pick out tunes. With a sinking feeling, he realized that he actually __43__doing it. He tried to hide his __44__pleasure from the music teacher, who had __45__over to listen. He might not have done this particularly well, __46__the teacher told Gabriel that he had a good ___47__ and suggested that Gabriel go into the music store-room to see if any of the instruments there __48__ him. There he decided to give the cello (大提琴) a __49__. When he began practicing, he took it very __50__. But he quickly found that he loved playing this instrument, and was __51__to practicing it so that within a couple of months he was playing reasonably well. This __52__, of course, that he arrived at school early in the morning, __53__ his heavy instrument case across the campus to the __54__ looks of the non-musicians he had left __55__. 36.A. travelling B. marching C. pacing D. struggling 37. A. rising up B. coming up C. driving up D. turning up 38. A. before B. after C. until D. since 39. A. betray B. accept C. avoid D. appreciate 40. A. Therefore B. However C. Thus D. Moreover 41. A. part B. nature C. basis D. spirit 42. A. complicated B. safe C. confusing D. easy 43. A. missed B. disliked C. enjoyed D. denied 44. A. transparent B. obvious C. false D. similar 45. A. run B. jogged C. jumped D. wandered 46. A. because B. but C. though D. so 47. A. ear B. taste C. heart D. voice 48. A. occurred to B. took to C. appealed to D. held to 49. A. change B. chance C. mission D. function 50. A. seriously B. proudly C. casually D. naturally 51. A. committed B. used C. limited D. admitted 52. A. proved B. showed C. stressed D. meant 53. A. pushing B. dragging C. lifting D. rushing 54. A. admiring B. pitying C. annoying D. teasing 55. A. over B. aside C. behind D. out 完形填空(全国二) In 1973, I was teaching elementary school.Each day, 27 kids 41 “The Thinking Laboratory.”That was the 42 students voted for after deciding that “Room 104” was too 43 . Freddy was an average 44 ,but not an average person. He had the rare balance of fun and compassion (同情) .He would 45 the loudest over fun and be the saddest over anyone’s 46 . Before the school year 47 ,I gave the kids a special 48 , T-shirts with the words “Verbs Are Your 49 ” on them. I had advised the kids that while verbs (动词) may seem dull ,most of the 50 things they do throughout their lives will be verbs. Through the years, I’d run into former students who would provide 51 on old classmates. I learned that Freddy did several jobs after his 52 from high school and remained the same 53 person I met forty years before .Once, while working overnight at a store, he let a homeless man 54 in his truck . Another time , he 55 a friend money to buy a house . Just last year, I was 56 a workshop when someone knocked at the classroom door. A woman 57 the interruption and handed me an envelope. I stopped teaching and 58 it up. Inside were the “Verbs” shirt and a 59 from Freddy’s mother. “Freddy passed away on Thanksgiving. He wanted you to have this.” I told the story to the class. As sad as it was, I couldn’t help smiling . Although Freddy was taken from us,we all 60 something from Freddy. 41. A. built B. entered C. decorated D. ran 42. A. name B. rule C. brand D. plan

43. A. small B. dark C. strange D. dull 44. A. scholar B. student C. citizen D. worker 45. A. speak B. sing C. question D. laugh 46. A. misfortune B. disbelief C. dishonesty D. mistake 47. A. changed B. approached C. returned D. ended 48.A.lesson D.message 49. A.friends B.Awards C.Masters D.Tasks 50. A.simple B.unique C. fun D.clever 51. A.assessments B. comments C.instructions D.updates 52. A.graduation B. retirement C.separation D.resignation 53. A.daring B.modest C.caring 54. A.wait B.sleep 55. A.paid B.charged C.lent D.owed 56. A.observing B.preparing C. designing D.conducting 57. A.regretted B.avoided C.excused D.ignored 58. A.opened B.packed C.gave D.held 59. A.picture B.bill C.note D.diary 60. A.chose B.took C.expected D.borrowed 完形填空(浙江) Alia Baker is a librarian in Iraq. Her library used to be a 36 place for all who loved books and liked to share knowledge. They 37 various matters all over the world. When the war was near, Alia was 38 that the fires of war would destroy the books, which are more 39 to her than mountain of gold. The books are in every language — new books, ancient books, 40 a book on the history of Iraq that is seven hundred years old. She had asked the government for 41 to move the books to a 42 place, but they refused. So Alia took matters into her own hands. 43 , she brought books home every night, 44 her car late after work. Her friends came to 45 her when the war broke out. Anis who owned a restaurant 46 to hide some books. All through the 47 , Alia, Anis, his brothers and neighbours took the books from the library, 48 them over the seven-foot wall and 49 them in the restaurant. The books stayed hidden as the war 50 . Then nine days laters, a fire burned the 51 to the ground. One day, the bombing stopped and the 52 left. But the war was not over yet. Alia knew that if the books were to be safe, they must be 53 again while the city was 54 . So she hired a truck to bring all the books to the houses of friends in the suburbs(郊区). Now Alia waited for the war to end and 55 peace and a new library. 36. A. meeting B. working C. personal D. religious 37. A. raised B. handled C. reported D. discussed 38. A. worried B. angry C. doubtful D. curious 39. A. practical B. precious C. reliable D. expensive 40. A. then B. still C. even D. rather 41. A. permission B. confirmation C. explanation D. information 42. A. large B. public C. distant D. safe 43. A. Fortunately B. Surprisingly C. Seriously D. Secretly 44. A. starting B. parking C. filling D. testing 45. A. stop B. help C. warn D. rescue 46. A. intended B. pretended C. happened D. agreed 47. A. war B. night C. building D. way 48. A. put B. opened C. passed D. threw 49. A. hid B. exchanged C.burnt D. distributed 50. A. approached B. erupted C. continued D. ended 51. A. restaurant B. library C. city D. wall 52. A. neighbours B. soldiers C. friends D. customers 53. A. sold B. read C. saved D. moved 54. A. occupied B. bombed C. quiet D. busy 55. A. dreamed of B. believed in C. cared about D. looked for

完形填空(天津卷) At my heaviest I weighed 370 pounds. I had a very poor relationship with food: I used it to 16 bad feelings, to make myself feel better, and to celebrate. Worried about my health, I tried many different kinds of 17 but nothing worked. I came to believe that I could do nothing about my 18 . When I was 50, my weight problem began to affect me 19 . I didn’t want to live the rest of my life with this 20 weight any more. That year, I 21 a seminar where we were asked to create a project that would touch the world. A seminar leader shared her 22 story —she had not only 125 pounds, but also raised $25,000 for homeless children. 23 by her story, I created the As We Heal(痊愈), the World Heals 24 . My goal was to lose 150 pounds in one year and raise $50,000 25 a movement founded 30 years ago to end hunger. This combination of healing myself and healing the world 26 me as the perfect solution. zxx.k 27 I began my own personal weight program, I was filled with the fear that I would 28 the same difficulties that beat me before. While the 29 hung over my head, there were also signs that I was headed down the right 30 . I sent letters to everyone I knew, telling them about my project. It worked perfectly. Donations began 31 in from hundreds of people. Of course, I also took some practical steps to lose weight. I consulted with a physician (内科医生) , I hired a fitness coach, and I began to eat small and 32 meals. My fund-raising focus also gave me new motivation to exercise 33 . A year later, I 34 my goal: I lost 150 pounds and raised $50,000! I feel that I’ve been given a second life to devote to something that is 35 and enormous.

16.A.add 17.A. diets 18.A. height 19.A. temporarily 20.A.ideal 21.A. attended 22.A. folk 23.A. Surprised 24.A. project 25.A. in search of 26.A.scared 27.A. As 28.A. get over 29.A.excitment 30.A.row 31.A. breaking 32.A. heavy 33.A. regularly 34.A. set 35.A. stressful

B. mix B. drinks B. ability B. recently B. extra B. organized B. success B. Amused B. business need of B. considered B.Until B. run into B. joy B. hall B. flooding B. full B. limitlessly B. reached B. painful

C. kill D. share C. fruits D. dishes C. wisdom D. weight C. seriously D. secretly C. normal D. low C. recommended D. mentioned C. adventure D. science C. Influenced D. Disturbed C. system D. custom C. in place of D. in support of C. confused D. struck C.If D. Unless C. look for D. put aside C. anger D. fear C. path D. street C. jumping D. stepping C. expense D. healthy C. suddenly D. randomly C. missed D. dropped C. meaningful D. peaceful

完形填空(全国一) While high school does not generally encourage students to explore new aspects of life,college sets the stage for that exploration. I myself went through this 41 process and found something that has changed my 42 at college for the better:I discovered ASL-American Sign Language(美式手语). I never felt an urge to 43 any sign language before.My entire family is hearing,and so are all my friends.The44languages were enough in all my interactions(交往).Little did I know that I would discover my 45 for ASL. The 46 began during my first week at college. I watched as the ASL Club 47 their translation of a song. Both the hand movements and the very 48 of communicating without speaking 49 me. What I saw was completely unlike anything I had experienced in the 50.This newness just left me 51more. After that, feeling the need to 52 further, I decided to drop in on one of ASL club`s meetings. I onlylearned how to 53 the alphabet that day. Yet instead of being discouraged by my 54progress,I was excited. I then made it a point to 55 those meetings and learn all I could. The following term, I 56 an ASL class. The professor was deaf and any talking was 57. I soon realized that the silence

was not unpleasant.58, if there had been any talking, it would have 59 us to learn less. Now, I appreciate the silence and the 60 way of communication it opens. 41. A. searching B. planning C. natural D. formal 42. A. progress B. experience C. major D. opinion 43. A. choose B. read C. learn D. create 44. A. official B. foreign C. body D. spoken 45. A. love B. concern C. goal D. request 46. A. meeting B. trip C. story D. task 47. A. recorded B. performed C. recited D. discussed 48. A. idea B. amount C. dream D. reason 49. A. disturbed B. supported C. embarrassed D. attracted 50. A. end B. past C. course D. distance 51. A. showing B. acting C. saying D. wanting 52. A. exercise B. explore C. express D. explain 53. A. print B. write C. sign D. count 54. A. slow B. steady C. normal D. obvious 55. A. chair B. sponsor C. attend D. organize 56. A. missed B. passed C. gave up D. registered for 57. A. prohibited B. welcomed C. ignored D. repeated

58.A.Lastly 59.A.required 60.A.easy

B.Thus B.caused B.popular

C.Instead C.allowed C.quick

D.However D.expected

完形填空(北京卷) Hannah Taylor is a schoolgirl from Manitoba, Canada. One day, when she was five years old, she was walking with her mother in downtown Winnipeg. They saw a man 36 out of a garbage can. She asked her mother why he did that and her mother said that the man was homeless and hungry. Hannah was very 37 .She couldn't understand why some people had to live their lives without shelter or enough food. Hannah started to think about how she could 38 ,but,of course, there is not a lot one five-year-old can do to solve(解决)the problem of homelessness. Later ,when Hannah attended school, she saw another homeless person. It was a woman, 39 an old shopping trolley (购物车)which was piled with 40 . It seemed that everything the woman owned was in them. This made Hannah very sad, and even more 41 to do something. She had been talking to her mother about the lives of homeless people 42 they first saw the homeless man. Her mother told her that if she did something to change the problem that made her sad, she wouldn’ t 43 as bad. Hannah began to speak out about the homelessness in Manitoba and then in other provinces. She hoped to 44 her message of hope and awareness. She started the Ladybug Foudation ,an organization aiming at getting rid of homelessness. She began to 45 “Big Bosses” lunches, where she would try to persuade local business leaders to 46 to the cause. She also organized a fundraising(募捐)drive in “Ladybug Jars” to collect everyone`s spare change during “Make Change” month. More recently, the foundation began another 47 called National Red Scarf Day—a day when people donate $20 and wear red scarves in support of Canada`s 48 and homeless. There is an emergency shelter in Winnipeg called “Hannah`s Place”, something that Hannah is very 49 of. Hannah`s Place is divided into several areas, providing shelter for people when it is so cold that 50 outdoors can mean death. In the more than five years since Hannah began her activities, she has received a lot of 51 .For example, she received the 2007 BRICK Award recognizing the 52 of young people to change the world. But 53 all this, Hannah still has the 54 life of a Winnipeg schoolgirl, except that she pays regular visits to homeless people. Hannah is one of many examples of young people who are making a 55 in the world. You can,too! 36. A. jumping B. eating C. crying D. waving 37. A. annoyed B. nervous C. ashamed D. upset 38. A. behave B. manage C. help D. work 39. A. pushing B. carrying C. buying D. holding 40. A. goods B. bottles C. foods D. bags 41. A. excited B. determined C. energetic D. grateful 42. A. since B. unless C. although D. as

43. A. sound 44. A. exchange 45. A. sell 46. A. contribute 47. A. campaign 48. A. elderly 49. A. aware 50 A. going 51. A. praises 52. A. needs 53. A. for 54. A. healthy 55. A. choice 完形填空(全国)

B. get B. leave B. deliver B. lead B. trip B. hungry B. afraid B. sleeping B. invitations B. interests B. through B. public B. profit

C. feel C. keep C. host C. apply C. procedure C. lonely C. proud C. traveling C. replies C. dreams C. besides C. normal C. judgement

D. look D. spread D. pack D. agree D. trial D. sick D. sure D. playing D. appointments D. efforts D. along D. tough D. difference

A Toronto man is offering a free round-the-world air to the right woman. But __41_ apply. You must be n amed Elizabeth Gallahgher and have a Candian ___42___ .
Jordan Axani, 28, said he and his then girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher, booked heavily discounted round-the-world air tickets in May, but their 43 ended and he did not want her ticket to 44 . The ticket had a strict no-transfer (不可转让) 45 , but since passport information was not required when 46 , any Canadian Elizabeth Gallagher can 47 it. “I just want to see the ticket go to good use and for someone to 48 a lot of joy,” said Axani. He posted his 49 on a social networking website, and received thousands of e-mails, including thirty from actual Elizabeth Gallagbers with the 50 passports, “More 51 , there are hundreds of Canadians who are interested in 52 their name to Elizabeth Gallagher,” Axani said. “It was absolutely out of 53 , thousands of e-mails, people around the world 54 their stories of travel.” Axani wrote in his post that he is not 55 anything in return and that the woman who uses the 56 ticket can choose to either travel with him or 57 the ticket and travel on her own. The 58 is scheduled to start on December 21 in New York City and continue on to Milan, Prague, Paris, Bangkok and New Delhi before 59 in Toronto on January 8. He said the 60 woman will be announced on the website and the trip will be shared online. 41.A.benefits B.deposits C.retrictions D.examinations 42.A.orgin B.passport C.accent D.firend B.marriage C.dream D.relationship 44.A.go to waste B.come to mind C. go no sale D.come into effect 45.A.policy B.order C.parment D.schedule 46.A.applying C.checking D.bargaining 47.A.use B.borrow C.choose 48.A.sacrifice C.experience D.provide 49.A.answer B.advice C.offer D.comment 50.A.same B.right D.real 51. A. interesting B. annoying C. satisfying D. convincing 52. A. writing B. giving C. lending D. changing 53. A. touch B. question C. date D. control 54. A. admiring B. advertising C. sharing D. doubting 55. A. leaving B. looking for C. losing D. dealing with 56. A. leaving B. looking for C. losing D. dealing with 57. A. return B. take C. reserve D. hide 58. A. interview B. program C. trip D. meeting 59. A. ending B. calling C. repeating D. staying 60.A.honored B. lovely C. intelligent D. lucky



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