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高考攻略 黄冈第二轮复习新思维(四)短文改错

黄冈第二轮复习新思维( 高考攻略 黄冈第二轮复习新思维(四) 英语第二轮
Ex. 1 Dear Sue, Well, I am here in the Beijing! I'm staying at a 1. very comfortable hotel the same like ours in Britain and 2. enjoy Chinese food, though I miss my English breakfast. It has been very kind and helpful for everyone to help me everywhere. Yesterday I visited the Summer 5. Palace where the Emperors were used to go in the 6. summers. Today I'm off to see the Great Wall,it is one 7. of the wonders m the world. In a word, all are very 8. interesting, so I do wish you could go to visit China. Hope everyone home is well. Dan 9. 10. . . . . . . 3. 4. . . . .


Ex. 2
There is a small island in the Pacific Ocean, that 1. is near 8 miles long and 8 miles wide. It was once 2. called "The Pleasant Island" but now it's national name 3. was Nauru, "the happy little nation" in English. 4. Nauru was once owned the Germans in history. Later, the Australians ruled the island people. In World War Ⅱ , the Japan took Nauru away from the 5. 6. 7. . . . . . . .

Australians. Now Nauru do not belong to Germany, 8.
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Australia and Japan. On January 31, the island Nauru became new nation and had a new name. 9. 10. . .

Ex. 3
Bill and Harry met at school the first time 1. at the beginning of term. Bill said firstly, "Hello, 2. I'm Bill. What's your name, please?""My name is 3. Harry," other answered. Bill continued to ask which 4. school he had been the last year. Harry answered, 5. "Centre School""Really? So is my good friend Bob 6. White. Do you know him?" Harry answered glad, 7. "Surely, We were in the same class then. " Bill took a 8. look at his watch and say," Well, it's getting late. I 9. must be leaving now. Nice to have met with you. " 10. . . . . . . . . . .

Ex. 4
Dear Jim, I'd like to tell you something more about our school sports meet. It was holding on Oct. 6, which was a fine day. There were over 1,000 students and tea.chers 3. attend it. Wang Lin, a student from my class won the 4. 100-metre race. He finish the race in 12..6 seconds 5. and broke in the school record. The sports meet 6. was really success. That was because we were all trying to do my best. Although I was not one of the winner,
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1. 2.

. . . . . . . . .

7. 8. 9.

I was proud of that we had done. Looking forward to receiving your letter. Yours, Li Ping

10. 11.

. .

Ex. 5
Dear Abby, How are you? Today I've got a wonderful news to tell you. I have offered a scholarship at a university in Australia for my further education. One hundred and twenty students took exam for it, but only a few was chosen and I was one of them. However, my parents are not happy about it. They are strong against me going them They say it is too far away that they will not see me for a whole year and they are afraid of I will feel lonely. They can't imagine a girl so young live alone They advise me to study in the capital instead. Then I'II be able to continue living with them How can I persuade them to accept the fact I have grown up? Best wishes. Jane

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

. . . . . . . . . .

Ex. 6
Last week I went to a movie, whichwas very touched. It was a sad movie about a mother and her sons. When the child was a littie boy, his mother was very poor that she had to send him to a rich family who had no child. The boy received a very good education and twenty years later he became doctor. In his hospital, he had a patient,who was an old lady. He did care too much about her, 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
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. .

. . .

for she could hardly afford for the medical care . One evening, the lady died quietly of a serious illness but on her bed the doctor found a letter, in it he discovered the truth and felt the love of a great mother. He had wanted to call her mother, but it was too late. Everybody in the theatre was moved to tears.

7. 8. 9. 10.

. . . .

答案 Ex.1
1.the 去掉. 表示地点的专有名词前一般不用冠词. 2.Like→as.the same as 是固定搭配. 3.enjoy→enjoying.连词 and 后面的动作要与前面 staying 这个现在分词表达一致. 4.for→of.kind and helpful 后的不定式复合结构要用 of do sth.表示. 5.√ 6.wore. used to do sth.才是"过去常常干某事"的 意思. 7.∧it→and 或 it→which.逗号前是主句,逗号后只能是从句了. 8.are→is.aU 指代事物是单数,指代人是复数. 9.go→come.在中国写信,只能是"来中国"了. 10.∧home→ home 是"在家"之意.作"回家" 讲,home 才是副词.

Ex.2 .
1.that→which.非限定性定语从句的关系代词指代事物只能用 which. 2.near→nearly.修饰数量词要用副词.'s→its.这里需要的是定语,而不是主谓语. 4.was→is.应用现在时态与 now 的时间一致. 5.owned∧→by.被动动作的执行者用 by 引出. 6.√ 7.the 去掉或 Japan→Japanese.要么用 Japan(日本),要么用 the Japanese(日本人)作主语.→does.主语是单数.谓语也要用单数. 9.and→or.否定句中的连词要用 or 表示并列. 10.became∧→a.a new nation 是.一个新国家"之意.

Ex 3 ∧the→for.the first time 作状语,前面要加 for. 2.firstly→first.firstly→般用于列举之中,与 secondly,thirdly 等连用. 3.√ 4.∧other→the.两个人中的另一个用 the other,表特指.
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5.been∧→at.使 which school 作 at 的宾语;the last year 是名词短语作状语.→was.本句是在讲去年的事. 7.glad→gladly.修饰动词 said 要用副词. 8.Surely→Sure.作为答语,sure 才是 certainly 之意. 9.say→said.and 后的动作要与前面的动词 took 表达一致. 10.with 去掉."见到"之意用 meet 一词就够了;meet with 是"偶然碰上"之意.

Ex.4 .
1.more 去掉.more 是"再,又"的意思,根据短文内容.more 多余. 2.holding→held.本句是被动句,被动句由"be+过去分词"构成. 3.√ 4. attend→attending. attending it 是现在分词短语作后置定语, 相当于定语从句 who attended it. s.finish→finished.这里是讲运动会的事情,要用过去时. 去掉.break the record 意思是"打破纪录",break 在这里是及物动词. 7. success→a. A success 在这里是可数名词, 意思是"成功的人或事". 又如: experiment The turned out a Success.(这项实验终于成功了.)→our.物主代词与句子的主语不一致. 9.winner→winners."one of+复数名词"表示"……之一". 10.that→what.that 引导着名词性从句时本身无意义,只起连接词作用,在从句中不作 成分;what 引导名词性从句时本身有意义,并在从句中作一定的成分.

Ex.5 .
1. 去掉. a news 作"消息"讲时是不可数名词, 前面不用冠词 a. "一条消息"是 a piece of news. 2.Aoffered→been.本句的谓语动词要用被动形式.现在完成时的被动形式为"have+been+ 过去分词". 3.exam→exams.exams 是可数名词,这里要用其复数形式. 4.第一个 was→were.这里 a few 后省略了复数名词 students,谓语动词要用复数形式. 5.strong-m-strongly.strong 是形容词,不能修饰动词.这里要用副词,strongly 修饰句子的 谓语 are against. 6.too→…that 是一个固定句型,意思是"如此 ……以致于……". 7.of 去掉.be afraid of 后要接名词或代词,不能接从句.be afraid 后接从句. 8.1ive→living.imagine 表示"想像,设想",后面要接动名词作宾语.又如:Can you imagine him cooking the dinner?(你能想像他做饭的情形吗?) 9.√ 10.fact∧→that.本句中 l have grown up 是名词 fact 的同位语从句,要用 that 引导,that 不 能省略.

Ex.6 .
1.touched→touching.touched 是过去分词,表示被动的意义,这里句子的主语 which 指 a movie,要用现在分词 touching 作表语,表示主动的意义,意思是"令人感动的". 2.sons→son.根据文章第 3 句中的 the child 及全文,son 要用单数. 3.very→…that 是一个固定句型,意思是"如此……以致于……".
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4.√ 5.became∧→a.根据句子的意思"20 年后这个男孩成了医生",doctor 前要用不定冠词 a. 6.did→didn't 或在 did∧→not.通读全文可知,这位医生没有很好地照顾老太太. 7.第二个 for 去掉.afford 是及物动词,意思是"负担得起",后面直接带宾语. 8.but→and.这里两个分句之间是并列关系而不是转折关系. 9. it→which. 后半句是一个"介词+关系代词 which" 引导的非限制性定语从句, 修饰 a letter. it 不能引导定语从句. 10.had 去掉.这里讲述的是过去的一件事情,要用过去时.

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