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【新步步高】(江苏专用)2016版高考英语二轮复习 第二部分 语法 专题三 动词与动词短语

考点 1 熟词生义现象


1.It is said that body language ________ 55 per cent of a first impression while what you say just 7 per cent.(2015·福建,25) A.lies in C.consists of B.accounts for D.goes with

2.Peter will ________ his post as the head of the travel agency at the end of next month.(2015·陕西,25) A.take up C.add up B.put up D.break up

3.Shakespeare’s writing is still popular today.It has really ________ the test of time.(2014·安徽,34) A.failed C.taken B.stood D.conducted

4.Try not to cough more than you can________since it may cause problems to your lungs.(2013·新课标全国Ⅰ,23) A.check C.stop B.allow

5.We were all agreed that the cottage would________a perfect holiday home for the family.(2012·江西,30) A.make C.take 考点归纳 熟词生义现象在高考中屡屡出现, 有时会给考生带来不小的困难。 应对的措施是在日常的学 习备考中对于常见的词汇除了掌握其基本意义外,对于其不太常用的义项也要作适当的了 解;其次要对一些具有“熟词生义”的词汇作强化记忆处理,以便在应考时做到胸有成竹。 如下列单词的“熟词生义”: ache 渴望;address 在??上写地址;alone 只有;appreciate 意识到;blue 忧伤的;bear B.turn D.have


显示;count 有价值;cover 够??用; develop 逐渐形成;draw 推断出; date 约会;escape 被忘掉;fail 使失望;衰竭;foreign 不熟悉的;fresh 无经验的;ground 理由;hold 持 续; 有效; invite 招致; late 已故的; might 力量; observe 遵守; 庆祝; push 督促; promise 预示;part 分手;放弃;read 写着;relate 讲述;say 假设;subject 易遭受??的;walk 遛等。 考点 2 关注形近词和形近短语

1.Tom had to________ the invitation to the party last weekend because he was too busy.(2015·天津,10) A.turn in C.turn over B.turn down D.turn to

2.Body language can ________ a lot about your mood,so standing with your arms folded can send out a signal that you are being defensive.(2015·浙江,7) A.take away C.put away 3 . Studies have shown B.throw away D.give away that the right and left ear ________ sound

differently.(2015·浙江,5) A.produce C.process B.pronounce

4.Legend has it that the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival is to ________ the soul of Qu Yuan.(2014·江苏,33) A.remember C.recover B.remind D.recall

5.Seeing the big crowd coming towards him,he started to run down the hill,but ________ and went down on his hands and knees in the melting snow.(2014·湖北, 23) A.slipped C.signaled B.skied D.sank

6.While intelligent people can often________the complex,a fool is more likely to complicate the simple.(2013·湖北,23) A.sacrifice B.substitute

C.simplify 考点归纳


1.对于英语中一些形近词,考生常常混淆其意义,所以在复习过程中要予以强化记忆,重 点突破。如以字母 a?开头的词:approach,apply,appeal,appoint,appear,approve; adopt, adapt, adore, adjust; aboard, abroad; absorb, absolute, abuse, abrupt; access, accent,accept,accuse,account;attach,attack,attend,attain,attract 等;像 短语动词:attain to,attend to,attach to,adapt to,adjust to,apply to,appeal to 等。 2.动词短语的考查通常有两种形式: (1)同一个动词+不同的介词或副词,如 set 短语,get 短语,come 短语,turn 短语,break 短语等; (2)不同的动词+加同一个介词或副词,如 come up,make up,turn up,bring up 等,所 以平时要牢记某些固定短语在语境中的用法。 考点 3 语境词义辨析

1 . If you come to visit China , you will________a culture of amazing depth and variety.(2015·安徽,22) A.develop C.substitute B.create D.experience

2.The university started some new language programs to ________ the country’s Silk Road Economic Belt.(2015·江苏,27) A.apply to C.appeal to B.cater for D.hunt for

3.The whole team ________ Cristiano Ronaldo,and he seldom lets them down.(2015·江 苏,29) A.wait on C.count on B.focus on on

4.The team are working hard to ________ the problem so that they can find the best solution.(2015·湖北,23) A.face C.raise B.prevent D.analyze

5.If you have any doubts about your health,you’d better________ your doctor at once.(2015·天津,11) A.convince C.avoid 解题方法 语境词义辨析的关键是要理解句意以及上下文语境, 其次要注意以下两点: 一是要注意该动 词是及物动词还是不及物动词, 是持续性动词还是终止性动词; 二是要注意一些特殊的动词, 如连系动词等。这样就能做到有的放矢。对于动词短语来说,平时一定要注意积累,这样在 具体的语境中才能够灵活地使用。 (1)Some people eat with their eyes.They prefer to order what ________ nice. A.looks C.feels 答案 A 解析 与上句中的 eat with their eyes 相对,后句应该为点看起来很好吃的东西。故正确 答案为 A。 (2)Sam ________ some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working on it. A.brought up C.picked up 答案 C 解析 句意为:山姆只是凭借看别人操作电脑就学到了一些电脑知识。pick up(偶尔)学会, 捡起,顺车接送,整理,重新开始,获得;bring up 抚养,提出,呕吐;look up 向上看, (形势)好转,改善,查阅;set up 建立,设置,造成,产生。 提醒:完成作业 强化练(三) B.looked up D.set up B.smells D.tastes B.consult D.affect


二轮专题强化练 强化练(三) 动词与动词短语

(建议用时:25 分钟) [题组 1] 1.—Is there any hope of saving his life? —His injuries are extremely serious but he’s expected to ________.(2015·无锡 一模,26) A.pull in C.pull up B.pull out D.pull through

2.By applying the theory to the problem,we can brush away the details and ________ simple patterns.(2015·南通、连云港二模,27) A.release B.reject C.reveal D.replace 3.It might have ________ your notice,but I am very busy at the moment.(2015·南 京、盐城二模,27) A.quit B.neglected C.escaped D.denied

4.The frozen waterfall has attracted floods of tourists to ________ the natural beauty.(2015·南京、盐城二模,29) A.cherish B.admire C.observe 5.Speaking in an inspection of Yunnan Province,Xi Jinping said the authorities must ________ poverty removal efforts to support the building of a rich and successful county.(2015·苏锡常镇一模,29) A.anticipate C.appreciate B.allocate D.accelerate

6. It would actually be more cruel to ________ young people of the chance to experience another lifestyle.(2015·扬州一模,29) A.deprive B.cheat C.suspect D.accuse 7.They eat only plant foods,and take care to ________ animal products from other areas of their lives.(2015·南京、盐城一模,25)

A.contain B.maintain C.exclude D.include 8.—The online shopkeeper has apologized for his bad behavior. —OK.If you’re still not satisfied,you can ________ compensation.(2014·苏锡常 镇一模,28) A.claim B.afford C.sacrifice D.dismiss

9.Getting all your teammates ________ in a game is the key to victory. A.trapped B.settled C.stuck D.involved 10.Restaurants in every corner of Tianjin not only provide job opportunities but ________ lots of taxes. A.result in C.bring up B.result from D.bring in

11.Shortly after the earthquake,many people hurried to the hospital to ________ their blood. A.donate B.share D.promote

12.—It ________ to plant trees and grass on the hillside. —Yes.They help stop soil from being washed away. A.makes sense C.makes a living B.makes money D.makes a mistake

13.Hard work and lack of sleep has ________ her beauty and youth in recent years. A.worn out C.made out B.tried out D.sent out

14.Leslie Cheung’s movies have influenced many people and these classic films ________ his different performing styles at different times. A.entertain C.convince B.represent

15.She tried hard to keep calm in face of the students,but the sweat on her forehead ________ her ________. A.shut;off C.showed;out B.turned;down D.gave;away

16.—It’s Mary’s own fault if she feels ________ at the party. —She makes no effort to be friendly to people. A.cut out C.stood out B.left out D.made out

17.It’s surprising that your brother ________ Russian so quickly—he hasn’t lived there very long. A.picked up C.put up B.looked up D.made up

18.—Not getting that job was a big let?down. —Don’t worry.Something better will ________. A.fall behind C.go by B.take on D.come along

19.The Internet users have been warned to ________ any messages that ask you to send cash or personal information,no matter how formal they are. A.abandon C.decline B.reject D.withdraw

20.The whole world is ________ the Ebola outbreak in West Africa,which has killed 2,630 out of 5,357 cases and claimed as a threat to national security well beyond the outbreak zones. A.looking forward to C.drawing attention to B.keeping an eye on D.casting doubt on [题组 2] 1.—Do you know the story of Niulang and Zhinv? —Of course.Their love story was ________ as an example for hundreds of years in China.(2015·南京、盐城二模,30) A.taken up C.picked up B.kept up D.held up

2.Though the college entrance exam is drawing near,study shouldn’t take up all of your time.It’s important to ________ some time for relaxation and hobbies as well.(2015·苏锡常镇一模,27)

A.put away C.lay down

B.set aside D.take off

3.It’s obvious that getting these historic sites recognized by the world is helpful for preserving and repairing them , as it ________ their importance and value.(2015·泰州二模,23) C.stresses B.symbolizes D.abolishes

4.You are not ________ to unemployment benefit if you have never worked.(2015·南 京、盐城一模,33) A.accustomed C.entitled B.resigned D.submitted

5.I prefer a table that can be ________ when not used so that it may save a lot of space.(2015·南通、连云港二模,23) A.cleared up C.fixed up B.folded up D.taken up

6.I did enjoy the training on a very small island,for it ________ me plenty of time for reflection.(2014·苏北四市一模,32) A.accelerated C.affected B.afforded D.allocated

7.—What do you think of the story in today’s newspaper? —We shouldn’t ________ the trouble of helping others only because what we do may invite trouble. A.knock off C.keep off B.take off D.break off

8.We do not need to wait in line for hours for a ticket this year because we can use the website or hotline to ________ tickets and then pick them up at railway stations or ticket agencies. A.release C.reserve B.relieve

9.She wanted to ask if he had news of Williams,but words ________ in her throat.

A.burst C.broke

B.stuck D.settled

10.—Grandpa,please continue that story you were telling yesterday. —OK,Vivian,but where did I ________? A.leave off C.lay off B.go off D.take off

11.Chinese President Xi Jinping appeared all the Sochi Olympic opening ceremony, ________ China’s strong support for the Olympics and Russia’s efforts to host the Olympic Games. A.signing C.sponsoring B.symbolizing D.signaling

12.After climbing the hills in the natural park for hours,my legs ________ under me and I failed to keep pace with others. A.gave out C.gave in B.gave up D.gave away

13.—You look upset.What’s wrong with you? —I had my proposal ________ again. A.turned over C.turned on B.turned down D.turned off

14.Though the project was well designed,it ________ because people were unwilling to cooperate. A.turned up C.broke down B.took on D.carried on

15.How to ________ social wealth reasonably has become a key issue when it comes to narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor in most societies. A.distribute C.accommodate B.associate D.contribute

16.When arranging our work,we should ________ unforeseen circumstances. A.answer for C.account for B.allow for D.head for

17.—I can’t quite ________ what it is the photograph of. —Oh,it is our new boat. A.come out C.turn out B.pick out D.make out

18.—Jenny was ________ to hospital with a soaring temperature this morning. —Really?I’ll go to see her this evening. A.admitted C.distributed B.submitted D.sentenced

19.When I pick up a new book in English,the first few chapters are usually hard to ________,as I have to get accustomed to the way the author uses the language. A.lay out C.respond to B.touch on D.get through

20.The old town is so attractive,the character of which is well ________. A.preserved C.decorated B.simplified D.qualified


学生用书答案精析 专题三 动词与动词短语 考点 1 1.B [考查动词短语辨析。句意为:据说肢体语言占第一印象的 55%,而你说的话只占 7%。 lie in 在于;account for(数量上、比例上)占;consist of 由??组成(或构成);go with 与??相配(或协调、和谐)。] 2.A [考查动词短语辨析。句意为:彼得将于下个月底就任旅行社负责人的职位。take up 开始从事;put up 张贴,举起,建造;add up 增加,合计;break up 打碎,解散,结束, 分手。] 3.B [考查动词辨析。句意为:莎士比亚的作品现在依然流行,它真的已经经受住了时间

的考验。由句意可知选 B。] 4.D [考查动词辨析。句意为:尽量不要咳嗽除非忍不住,因为那样会给你的肺带来问题。 can help 忍得住。check 核查;allow 允许;stop 停止。] 5.A [考查动词辨析。通过句意可知 cottage 会“成为”这家人很完美的度假之屋。故答 案为 A 项。B 项搭配应为 turn...into...,意为“将??转变为??”;C、D 两项不符合 句意。] 考点 2 1.B [考查动词短语辨析。句意为:因为太忙,上周末汤姆不得不拒绝了聚会的邀请。turn

down 拒绝,符合语境。turn in 上交;turn over (使)翻转,调转;turn to (使)转向,求 助于。] 2.D [考查动词短语辨析。句意为:身势语能够清楚地泄露出你的情绪,因此双臂交叉站

着则表示你正在防御。give away 泄露,符合语境。take away 拿开,拿走;throw away 扔 掉;put away 收起来,放好,储存。] 3.C [考查动词辨析。句意为:研究表明左右耳处理声音的方式不同。process 加工,处

理,符合语境。produce 生产,制作,创作;pronounce 发音;download 下载。] 4.D [考查动词辨析。 句意为:传说端午节的起源是为了召回屈原的灵魂。remember 记

住;remind 提醒;recover 康复,使恢复;recall 召回。] 5.A [考查动词辨析。句意为:看见一大群人朝他过来,他开始往山下跑,但是他滑倒了,

手和膝盖磕在渐融的雪地上。slip 滑倒,符合句意。ski 滑雪;signal 发信号,示意;sink 下降,沉没。] 6.C [考查动词辨析。句意为:聪明的人总是会把复杂的问题简单化,而愚蠢的人更有可

能把简单的问题复杂化。 sacrifice 牺牲, 把??奉献给; substitute 代替, 替换; simplify 简化,使简易;survive 幸存,比??活得长。故选 C 项。] 考点 3 1.D [考查动词辨析。句意为:如果你来访问中国,你将体验到具有惊人的深度和多样性

的文化。develop 开发;create 创造;substitute 替代;experience 经历,体验。] 2.B [考查动词短语辨析。句意为:大学开始开设一些新的语言项目,以迎合国家的“丝

绸之路经济带”。apply to 适用于,申请;cater for 迎合,满足所需;appeal to 呼吁, 上诉;hunt for 搜寻。] 3.C [考查动词短语辨析。句意为:整个球队依靠 Cristiano Ronaldo,而他很少让他们

失望。wait on 服侍,焦急地等待;focus on 集中于,关注;count on 依靠,指望;call on 拜访,号召,呼吁。] 4.D [考查动词辨析。句意为:这个团队正在努力________这个问题,以便他们能找到最

好的解决方法。根据题干中的 find the best solution 可知,在找到最好的解决方法之前 应该是先努力“分析(analyze)”问题。face 面对;prevent 阻止;raise 提高。] 5.B [考查动词辨析。句意为:如果你对自己的健康状况有所怀疑的话,你最好马上咨询

医生。consult 请教,咨询,找(医生)诊治,符合语境。convince 使相信,使明白;avoid 避免;affect 影响。]


二轮专题强化练答案精析 强化练(三) 动词与动词短语 [题组 1] 1.D [句意为:——还有希望救活他吗?——他伤得特别重,但是有望恢复。pull in (车 辆)进站停靠;pull out (车辆)驶出;pull up 停车,停止。pull through (大病后)康复, 痊愈,符合题意,故选 D 项。] 2.C [句意为:通过把这个理论应用于这个问题,我们能够去除细节,使简单的模式显现

出来。release 释放,发布;reject 拒绝,排斥;replace 代替。reveal 显示,揭示,符合 题意,故选 C 项。] 3.C [句意为:你可能没有注意到,但是我这会儿很忙。quit 停止,戒掉;neglect 忽视;

deny 否认,拒绝承认。escape 被忘掉,被忽视,escape sb.’s attention/notice 未被某 人注意到,被某人忽视,符合题意,故选 C 项。] 4.B [句意为:结冰的瀑布吸引了大量的游客来欣赏这处自然美景。cherish 珍爱,爱护; observe 观察, 遵守; discover 发现, 与 the natural beauty 搭配都不符合本题语境。 admire 钦佩,欣赏,admire the natural beauty 欣赏这处自然美景,符合题意,故选 B 项。] 5.D [句意为:习近平在视察云南时的讲话中说,当地部门必须加大消除贫困的努力,为

建设一个富强而成功的国家做贡献。anticipate 预料,预期;allocate 分配;appreciate 欣赏,感激。accelerate 加快,(使)加速,accelerate poverty removal efforts 加大消 除贫困的努力,符合题意,故选 D 项。] 6.A [句意为:剥夺年轻人去体验另一种生活方式的机会实际上是更加残酷的。cheat 欺

骗;suspect 怀疑;accuse 指责,控告。deprive 剥夺,deprive sb.of sth.剥夺某人的某 物,符合题意,故选 A 项。] 7.C [句意为:他们只吃植物性食物,也小心翼翼地排除他们生活中其他领域的动物产品。 contain 包含;maintain 维持;exclude 把??排除在外,不包括;include 包括。根据句 意可知 C 项符合题意。] 8.A [句意为:——网店的老板已经为他错误的行为道歉了。——好的,如果你还不满意, 你可以索要赔偿。afford 承担得起;sacrifice 牺牲;dismiss 解雇,解散。claim 索取, claim compensation 索取赔偿,符合题意。故选 A 项。]


[考查动词辨析。句意为:让你所有的队员都全心投入一场比赛是取胜的关键。 be

involved in 投入到??中,符合句意。] 10.D [考查动词短语。句意为:天津每个角落的饭店不仅提供工作的机会而且还赚得大量 的税收。result in 产生,导致;result from 源于;bring up 养大;bring in 赚得,挣, 引进。故选 D。] 11.A [考查动词辨析。句意为:地震后不久,很多人争先恐后到医院去献血。donate 捐

赠;share 分享;exchange 交换;promote 促销,提升。故选 A。] 12.A [考查动词短语。句意为:——在山坡上种树和草是有意义的。——是的,这样可以 防止水土流失。make sense 说得通,有道理,有意义;make money 赚钱;make a living 谋生;make a mistake 犯错误。故选 A。] 13.A [考查动词短语。句意为:最近几年的辛苦工作和缺少睡眠耗尽了她的美丽和青春年 华。wear out 用坏,穿破,筋疲力尽,耗尽;try out 尝试;make out 辨认出,理解;send out 发送,发出。故选 A。] 14.B [考查动词辨析。句意为:张国荣的电影影响了许多人,这些经典电影代表了他不同 时期的不同表演风格。entertain 招待,款待,使高兴;represent 代表;convince 使信服; support 支持。根据语境可知选 B。] 15.D [考查动词短语。句意为:她试图在学生们面前保持镇静,但她前额上的汗水出卖了 她。give away 泄露,出卖,符合语境,故选 D。] 16. B [考查动词短语。 句意为: ——如果玛丽感到在聚会上受到冷落, 那是她自己的责任。 ——她没有尽力对人们友好。be left out 被忽视,受冷落,符合句意。cut out 关掉,切 断;stand out 脱颖而出,突出;make out 理解,弄明白。] 17.A [考查动词短语。pick up 在此意为“偶然学会”,符合语境。look up 查找,向上 看;put up 举起,张贴;make up 组成。] 18.D [考查动词短语。句意为:——没有得到那份工作是一件很让我失望的事。——不要 担心。总会有好事发生的。fall behind 落后;take on 呈现,承担;go by 经过,走过; come along 出现,来到,发生。根据句意可知选 D。] 19.B [句意为:互联网用户已经被警告要拒绝任何索要现金或个人信息的消息,不管这些 消息有多正式。abandon 遗弃,丢弃;reject 拒绝;decline 谢绝,下降;withdraw 退出, 撤回。根据句意可知选 B 项。] 20.B [句意为:全世界都密切关注西非的埃博拉疫情的爆发,在 5,357 例感染者中已有

2,630 人死亡,而且它被看作是对远远超出爆发地区的整个国家安全的威胁。look forward to 渴望,期待;keep an eye on 密切注意,留心;draw attention to 引起注意;cast doubt on 使人对??产生怀疑。根据句意可知选 B 项。] [题组 2] 1.D [句意为:——你知道牛郎织女的故事吗?——当然。几百年来他们的爱情故事在中

国被当作榜样。take up 开始从事,占据;keep up 持续不变,居高不下;pick up 抬起, 拿起,(开车)接人。hold up 举出(例子),提出(作为榜样),be held up as an example 被举作例子,符合题意,故选 D 项。] 2.B [句意为:尽管高考越来越近了,但是学习不应该占据你所有的时间。留出一些时间

放松一下,并且留出时间给自己的爱好也是重要的。put away 收起来,放好;lay down 放 下;take off 脱下,起飞。set aside 留出,把??放到一边,set aside some time 留出 一些时间,符合语境,故选 B 项。] 3.C [句意为:很明显让那些历史遗址得到世界的认可对保护和修缮它们是有帮助的,因

为这强调了它们的重要性和价值。associate 联系;symbolize 象征;abolish 废除。stress 强调,stress one’s importance 强调??的重要性,符合题意,故选 C 项。] 4.C [句意为:如果你从来没有工作过的话,就没有资格享受失业救济金。accustom 使习 惯;resign 辞职;submit 屈服,投降。entitle 使符合资格,entitle sth.使某人 有??的资格或权利,符合语境,故选 C 项。] 5.B [句意为:我想要一个不用的时候能够被折叠起来的桌子,这样就能节省许多空间。

clear up 清理, 放晴; fold up 折叠; fix up 安装; take up 占用。 根据“save a lot of space” 可知选 B。] 6.B [句意为:我确实喜欢在一个非常小的岛上训练,因为它给了我很多反思的时间。

accelerate 加速;affect 影响;allocate 分配。afford 给予,提供,符合题意,故选 B 项。] 7.C [句意为:——你对今天报纸上的故事有什么看法?——我们不应该仅仅因为我们所

做的可能会带来麻烦就不去帮助他人。keep off 让开,回避,符合题意。knock off 停止, 中断;take off 起飞,脱下;break off 折断。] 8.C [句意为:今年我们没必要排队几小时去买票了,因为我们可以在网上或者热线订票, 然后去车站或者票务机构取票。reserve 预订,符合题意。release 释放,发行;relieve 缓解,减轻;review 复习,回顾。]



境可知,话应该是卡在喉咙口,因此选择 B 项,stick“卡住”,符合题意。burst 爆发, 突然发出;break 打破;settle 解决,定居。] 10.A [句意为:——爷爷,请继续你昨天给我讲的故事吧。——好的,维维安,但是我是 在什么地方停下来的?leave off 停止, 中断, 符合题意。 go off 离开, (电灯)熄灭; lay off 解雇,停止;take off 起飞。] 11.D [句意为:中国国家主席习近平出现在索契奥运会开幕式上,表明中国大力支持奥运 会和俄罗斯努力举办奥运会。sign 签名;symbolize 象征;sponsor 赞助;signal 标志,表 明,预示,发信号。] 12.A [考查动词短语。句意为: 在自然公园爬山几个小时后, 我的腿精疲力竭,迈不开步, 赶不上他人了。give out 精疲力竭,用完,耗尽;give up 放弃;give in 屈服;give away 泄露,赠送。由句意知答案 A 合适。] 13. B [考查动词短语。 句意为: ——你看起来很难过。 怎么了?——我的提议又被拒绝了。 turn over 翻过来;turn down 拒绝,声音调低;turn on 打开;turn off 关掉。故答案为 B 项。] 14. C [考查动词短语。 句意为: 尽管工程设计得很好, 但是因为人们不愿意合作而失败了。 turn up 出现;take on 呈现,承担;break down 失败,损坏;carry on 继续。由句意知选 C 项。] 15.A [考查动词辨析。句意为:当谈及缩小社会中的贫富差距时,如何合理分配社会财富 己经变成一个重要话题。distribute 分配,分发;associate 联系;accommodate 积累; contribute 贡献,有助于。由句意知选 A 项。] 16. B [考查动词短语。 句意为: 在安排我们工作的时候, 我们应该考虑到不能预见的情形。 answer for 为??负责;allow for 顾及,考虑到;account for 解释??的原因;head for 朝??去。] 17.D [考查动词短语。句意为:——我不是很明白这张照片上是什么。——哦,是我们的 新船。come out 出版;pick out 挑选出;turn out 结果是;make out 弄清楚。由句意可知 选 A 项。] 18. A [考查动词辨析。 句意为: ——珍妮因为今天早上高烧而被送进了医院。 ——真的吗? 今晚我要去看她。admit 接收;submit 提交;distribute 分配;sentence 判处。由句意可 知选 A 项。]

19.D [考查动词短语。句意为:当我拿起一本新的英文书时,最初的几章通常很难理解, 因为我必须习惯作者用的这种语言方式。get through 理解,完成,符合题意。] 20. A [考查动词辨析。 句意为: 这个古镇是如此吸引人, 它的特点被很好地保存。 preserve

保留,保存;simplify 简化;decorate 装饰;qualify 使??合格。故答案为 A 项。]




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