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2014届高考英语一轮复习方案 作业手册(21) Unit 1 Great scientists(含解析) 新人教版必修5


[必修 5

Unit 1 Great scientists]

(限时:35 分钟)

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.We all feel it is Jack as well as his wife that ________ for their son's bad performance at school. A.are to blame to be blamed C.are to be blamed to blame 2.The workers will go on strike if the demands they ________ are turned down. A.put aside B.put through C.put forward D.put away 3.[2012·辽宁卷] Rod loves ________ clocks. However, he never manages to put them together again. A.taking apart away C.making up D.turning off 4.Only after he had spent several nights working on the maths problem ________to wonder whether the problem was wrongly set. A.he began B.that he began C.he did begin D.did he begin 5.My brother is shy,so it is a great ________ for him to sing in front of the judges and audience. A.honour B.benefit C.characteristic D.challenge 6.Children ________ to difficult situations are better at handling those ________ tasks. A.exposing; challenging; challenged; challenging D.exposing; challenged 7.Since the ________ of the disease,90 patients have been confirmed to have the illness and another 35 suspected patients are still under examination. A.outbreak B.reaction C.analysis D.response 8.He must have been very unlucky________. be rejected have been rejected C.being rejected D.having been rejected 9.________ good service, the restaurant offers different kinds of traditional Shandong Cuisine. A.Far from B.Regardless of C.Instead of D.Apart from


10.—Do we have to wear our school uniforms tomorrow? —I think so. We ________ the coming?of?age ceremony in the afternoon. A.will be attending B.have attended C.attend D.attended 11.Don't stop ________ you meet with a word you don't understand while reading. the time B.each time the time D.sometimes 12.After talking with his father for about half an hour, he felt better and began to know how to ________this kind of situation. A.strengthen B.explore C.handle D.arrange 13.—What's the central idea of the passage,Bob? —Sorry,I can't make ________ of it. It's beyond my ability. A.judgement B.understanding C.idea D.sense 14.The man,suspected ________having stolen the jewels of the shop,was missing last night,although he was watched over by the police. A.of B.for C.about D.with 15.—Honey, I'd like to go to South Africa for the World Cup this weekend. —________You must help me with the decoration of the house. A.Forget it! B.That's great! C.Why? D.Go ahead. Ⅱ.完形填空 I wanted to be just like those big kids I saw wearing their medals and carrying their ribbons(绶带).So I__16__the cross?country team at my school. However,I was very slow in the team.In races,I would finish almost__17__.I'd always have to__18__in the longer races.The__19__races and at least 100 people competing in it made me really__20__. Every time I stopped, people would__21__me.But 10 I still couldn't push myself to keep going,even though I__22__watching them go by me.After every race,I'd go home and burst into tears. Then one of my friends joined the cross?country team,too.She never got tired and didn't get cramp(抽筋)in her legs.I just didn't understand how that was__23__! I'd been running much longer than she had,but she could run__24__while I had to suffer.She even came 8th in a big race with over 200 people in it! My__25__was lower than ever and I wanted to quit badly. I didn't,__26__.Even a whole month before a race,I'd get so nervous that I felt like I might give up.Still,I__27__to quit.I still had that__28__appearing in my mind and I hung on to it. Finally,I realized the reason why the bigger races made me so nervous was that I was always worried that I wasn't__29__for them.I started to practice at home almost every day.I__30__a plan that had me running almost three kilometers every day,which helped me build up a steady__31__. When the time came for the big race,all the practice really__32__.I stopped only once and my pace was much better.


I was__33__of myself for sticking with it even though it was really hard and I'd even wanted to quit.I showed myself that I was__34__enough to keep going.That was what made me feel good about myself and gave me confidence. The next time I'm faced with a tough__35__,I will know that I can take it up.None of this would ever have happened if I had quitted! 16.A.liked B.admired C.supported D.joined B.first C.last D.least 18.A.stop C.breathe D.suffer 19.A.exciting B.tiring C.interesting D.disturbing 20.A.nervous B.frightened C.sad D.angry B.encourage C.leave D.pass 22.A.missed B.hated C.avoided D.escaped 23.A.equal B.reasonable C.fair D.tolerable 24.A.quickly B.easily C.happily D.hopefully 25.A.strength B.demand C.goal D.confidence 26.A.yet B.either C.though D.still 27.A.refused B.decided C.failed D.wanted 28.A.lesson C.future D.picture 29.A.suitable C.ready D.well 30.A.took out B.mapped out C.figured out D.let out 31.A.pace B.race C.will D.level 32.A.set off B.paid off off D.took off 33.A.sure B.aware C.proud D.afraid 34.A.strong B.patient C.steady D.devoted 35.A.job C.competition D.challenge Ⅲ.阅读理解 A study now lends support to the idea that meal?time distractions(分散注意) can mask the clues that we really have eaten quite enough. Moreover, it finds, the caloric fallout of not paying attention to what we're eating doesn't necessarily end when a meal is over. Rose Cooper from England, and her colleagues gathered 22 men and an equal number of women for an experiment. Each person dined alone, continuously receiving nine small shares of food items. These ranged from cheese twists and potato chips to carrots, cherry tomatoes and sandwiches or sausage rolls.


Because the goal was to test the potential impacts of distraction on fullness, the researchers randomly assigned half of the participants to eat in front of a computer—and to gain as many wins as possible at the “card” game. Everyone else was told to focus on the sensory qualities of their meal. According to their instructions, the participants ate all of the food given to them. Yet people who played a computer game during lunch found their meal less filling than the mindful eaters had. Game players also swallow down twice as many cookies, almost an hour later, when they were allowed all the dessert they wanted( in the name of a taste test).The British scientists present their findings in the February edition of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The real question is why distracted eating should impact snacking.It appears, the scientists say, that memory plays some tricky role in how we register what we eat and the degree to which it satisfies. Interestingly, eight years ago, Britta Barkeling of Huddinge University in Stockholm and her colleagues reported somewhat related findings.Their 18 overweight subjects had no choice other than to get rid of everything but lunch, on one day—because they were blindfolded. Compared to a day when they could view what they were dining on, these people consumed only three quarters as many calories. Yet even hours afterward, they reported being no less full than on the day they had been able to see their plates. Of course dining in the dark isn't practical. And sometimes what we eat doesn't really invite our absolute attention. But there is certainly a growing mountain of data indicating that mindless eating is a waste of resources, a risk to our waistlines—and a costly threat to health. 36.Rose Cooper and her colleagues did the experiment in order to ________. that all the people enjoy snacks B.prove that playing computer games is harmful while dining C.find possible effects of distraction on fullness D.test the impacts of eating snacks on different people 37.Which is the most effective way to concentrate on your food when dining? A.Viewing your food. B.Blindfolding your eyes. C.Playing computer games. D.Eating by oneself. 38.The reason why distracted eating influences snacking may be that ________. eat less in that case are cheated by your memory have consumed more calories digest what you've eaten faster 39.We can conclude from the passage that ________. A.distracted eating may damage your health B.eating snacks will make you feel full C.Britta became famous because of the experiment D.playing is more important than what we eat


Ⅳ.短文填词 In Grade Eight I took physics. In one test I got only 36 percent of the answers 40.c________. I failed the next one, too. I started to think that maybe I 41.________ not good at it. However, I was 42.l________ enough to have a teacher 43.________ did not take my bad grades as a 44.________ (判断) of my abilities, but simply as an indication that I should study harder. He pulled me aside and 45.t________ me that he knew I could do better. He 46.p________ me to retake the test, and I pulled my grade to an A. This is 47.________ I discovered: just because a 48.________ (科目)is difficult to learn, it does not 49.m________ you are not good at it. 参考答案 课时作业(二十一) Ⅰ.1.D 句意:我们都感觉是杰克的妻子还有他自己应该对他们儿子在学校的恶劣行为 负责。 宾语从句是强调句, 强调主语, 根据主谓一致原则可知, 谓语动词应用单数。 to blame be 意为“应负责任” 。 2.C 考查动词短语辨析。句意:如果工人们提出的要求被拒绝的话,他们会继续罢工。 put forward 提出(主意、计划等),符合语意。put aside 把??放在一边;put through 接 通电话;put away 把??收起来,均不符合语意。 3.A 考查动词短语辨析。从 put them together 知道,Rod 喜欢拆钟表,而 take apart 就是“拆开”的意思。句意:Rod 喜欢拆钟表,然而他从未把钟表再安装起来。give away 分 发,捐赠,泄露;make up 弥补,占据;turn off 关闭。 4.D 考查倒装句。当“only+状语”放在句首时,主句要用部分倒装结构。 5.D 句意:我弟弟很腼腆,因此在评委和观众面前唱歌对他来说是一个很大的挑战。A 项“荣誉”;B 项“利益,好处”;C 项“特点,特征”;D 项“挑战”。 6.C 考查分词作定语的用法。expose?to 意思是“让??接触??” 。宾语 children 提前, 所以用过去分词作定语, 表被动; 第二空后的 tasks 是表示物的名词, 所以用 challenging 修饰,意思是“富有挑战性的”。 7.A 句意:自从这种疾病暴发以来,已有 90 人被确认有这种疾病,另外还有 35 位疑 似病人在身体检查当中。A 项“(战争、疾病、火灾等突然)暴发”;B 项“反应,回应”;C 项“分析”;D 项“回答,答复,反应,响应”。 8.B 考查非谓语动词。带感情色彩的形容词后面要用动词不定式,故排除 C 和 D 两项, 此外,must have been 是对过去发生事情的推测,也就是说 reject 早已发生,这里谈论的 是它的结果,所以用不定式的完成式。 9.D 考查介词短语。根据句意选 D。apart from“除了??之外”。far from 远非; regardless of 不管,不顾;instead of 代替。句意:除了优质服务之外,这家酒店还提供 各种各样的传统山东美食。 10.A 考查动词的时态和语态。根据原文的 tomorrow 和 in the afternoon 明显可以了 解动作发生在将来,所以排除 B、C 和 D 选项。 11.B 句意:在阅读的时候,不要一遇到不懂的词就停下来。each time 在此引导时间 状语从句。 12.C 考查动词辨析。strengthen 加强;explore 探索;arrange 安排。句意:和父 亲谈了大约半个小时后,他感觉好多了,并知道该怎样处理这种情况了。handle 处理,符合 句意。 13.D 考查名词辨析。句意:——Bob,这篇文章的中心思想是什么?——对不起,我


不明白(这篇文章)。这超出我的能力范围了。make sense of 明白,理解。 14.A 考查固定搭配。suspect 常用结构:suspect sb.of (doing)sth.怀疑某人(做) 某事。句意:虽然在警方的监视之下,这个被怀疑偷了商店里珠宝的男子昨晚却失踪了。 15.A 考查情景对话。句意:——亲爱的,这个周末我想去看南非世界杯。——算了吧! 你得帮我装修房子。Forget it! 算了吧;That's great!好极了;Why?为什么;Go ahead 去吧。 Ⅱ.作者羡慕大孩子戴着勋章和绶带的样子,于是她参加了学校的越野队。虽然很难,但 她坚持了下来,并通过努力锻炼取得了很大进步。文章告诉我们这样一个道理:遇到困难和 挑战时,要勇敢面对,不放弃。 16.D 作者也想像她见到的大孩子那样戴着勋章和绶带,所以她加入了学校的越野队。 第三段中的“Then one of my friends joined the cross?country team,too.”是线索提 示。 17.C 根据上文“I was very slow in the team.”可知,作者在比赛中几乎总是最后 一个完成,故选 C。 18.A 根据下文“Every time I stopped”可知,作者在长跑比赛中总是不得不停下来, 故选 A。 19.B 根据上文“作者在长跑比赛中总是不得不停下来”可知,这些比赛是很累人的, 再结合下文作者与她朋友的对比“She never got tired and didn't get cramp(抽筋)in her legs.”可知,应选 B。 20.A 这些令人疲惫的比赛以及至少一百人参加比赛的确使作者很紧张。故 A 项正确。 下文“Even a whole month before a race,I'd get so nervous that I felt like I might give up.”是线索提示。 21.D 每次作者停下来,就会有 10 个人超过她。 22.B 虽然作者讨厌看着他们超过自己,但她仍然无法使自己继续下去。 23.C 作者的朋友从不感到累,腿也不抽筋,且由该空下一句可知,作者无法理解为何 如此不公平。equal“相等的,平等的”;reasonable“合情理的”;fair“公平的”; tolerable“可容忍的”。故 C 项正确。 24.B 她跑得很轻松而作者却觉得那是一种折磨。解题时注意 while 表对比。 25.D 作者从未感到如此没有自信,想放弃。confidence“自信”,符合语境。 26.C 然而,作者没有放弃。though 用作副词时,表示“然而”,常用在句末。 27.A 比赛前一个月作者都紧张得想放弃。然而作者拒绝了放弃。 28.D 此处指戴着勋章和绶带的大孩子的那个画面仍然在作者的脑海里。 29.C 最终作者意识到,自己面对大赛紧张的原因是她总是担心自己没有准备好。be ready for“准备好(做某事)”。 30. take out“取出”; out“仔细策划, B map 计划”; figure out“理解”; out“发 let 出,下课,散场”。此处指“制订计划”,故选 B。 31.A 作者每天锻炼以帮助自己逐渐形成稳定的步伐。根据下文“I stopped only once and my pace was much better.”可知,应选 A。 32.B 根据下文“I stopped only once and my pace was much better.”可知,作者 所有的锻炼奏效了。set off“出发”;pay off“奏效,取得成功”;get off“离开”;take off“起飞,脱下”。故 B 项正确。 33. 虽然真的很难, C 作者甚至曾想放弃, 但她坚持下来了, 她为自己感到自豪。 proud be of“为??感到自豪”。 34.A 作者通过坚持不懈的努力取得了很大进步,向自己表明自己足够坚强,能够继续


下去。strong“坚强的;强大的”,符合语境。 35. 下次作者面临艰难的挑战的时候, D 她将会知道自己能应对它。 challenge“挑战”, 符合语境。 Ⅲ.有研究表明,吃饭时分散注意力会导致吃得更多,从而影响身心健康。那事实是不是 这样呢?让我们从文章中寻找答案。 36. 推理判断题。 C 从第三段中的 “Because the goal was to test the potential impacts of distraction on fullness ?”可知,实验的目的在于找出注意力的分散对饮食饱胀感的 影响,所以选 C 项。 37.B 推理判断题。从文章倒数第二段的内容可知,吃饭集中精力的最好的方法是罩住 眼睛,选 B 项。 38.B 细节理解题。从文章倒数第三段的内容可知,吃零食时分散注意力会对吃零食产 生影响的原因是:你会被你印象中自己吃了多少东西欺骗,故选 B 项。 39.A 细节理解题。根据文章最后一句可知,吃饭时分散注意力最终会影响人们的健康, 所以选 A 项。 Ⅳ.40.correct 41.was 42.lucky 43.who/that 44.judgement/judgment 45.told 46.persuaded/permitted 47.what 48.subject 49.mean



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