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高考英语单句改错大全 1. Everyone of us is working hard in the factory. 2. I have caught a bad cold for a week and I can’t get rid of it. 3. This is the steel plant where we visited last week. 4. Following the road and you will find the store. 5. This is all what Dr. Smith said at the meeting. 6. He promised to come and see us after the supper. 7. John had been here to see you, but he left five minutes ago. 8. My mother is busy preparing for supper. 9. I’ve heard him but I never know him. 10. We got on the school bus and which took us straight to the People’s Park. 11. From what I have seen and heard, I must say Chinese people are living happily. 12. Everyone agreed to his suggestion which we should hold a meeting to talk about the problem. 13. Oliver Twist, the hero of the story, he was an orphan. 14. Why don’t you ask anybody else to help you? 15. The pen is missing, for we cannot find it everywhere. 16. Sorry, I have a such book. 17. The two languages are not at all the same in neither spelling or grammar. 18. Most people can quick get help from a doctor when ill. 19. He told me that how important it is to learn English. 20. Can’t you remember tell me that the other day? 21. She asked me if I had found out my new pen. 22. He had changed so much that I could hardly know him. 23. I learnt of from Joan that Mary had fallen ill. 24. I didn’t hear you. Please repeat the sentence again., 25. Would you please speak something about your family? 26. We must study hard in order to serve for th



英语高中单句改错专项练习 - 1 高考英语单句短文改错专项练习 一. 单句改错.


高中英语短文改错练习 3页 2下载券 高中英语改错专练之单句... 3页 1下载券 高中英语单句、单选改错... 97页 1下载券 2016高考英语短文改错一... 4页...


高考英语单句改错专练 - 通过纠错,来纠正自己学得比较浅的知识,还可以找到自己根

高三英语复习 单句短文改错专项练习.doc

高三英语复习 单句短文改错专项练习 - 高考英语单句短文改错专项练习 假如英语课


高考英语单句改错分类专练学生_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载|举报文档高考英语单句改错分类专练学生_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育...


2018高考英语改错专项练习改错精要以及单句改错专项 - 单句改错专项 by


高考英语短文改错常考点专项练习单句改错演练 - 高考英语短文改错常考点专项练习单句改错演练 一、短文改错解读 【考纲解读】 1、短文改错题主要测试考生发现、...


高考英语单句短文改错专项练习100句 - 高考英语单句短文改错专项练习 100 句一.单句改错.(下列句子各有一处错误,请改正) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9...


高一英语单句改错分类练习参考答案一、冠词:命题特点及改正方法:英语中冠词只有三...高一英语 单句改错 5页 免费 高一英语短文改错专项练... 4页 1下载券 ...


这也是历年高考的常考点,其错误表现形式主要有三种: 多词、少词和搭配错误。...高一英语单句改错专项练... 5页 5下载券 高一英语单句改错填空专... 2...


高中英语单句改错200道练习题 - 高中英语单句改错精选 200 道练习题 At


四年级句子训练 修改病句专项练习 (用修改符号) 1、 妈妈带我去参加蝴蝶展览。...2010高考英语单句短文改... 8页 1下载券 2018高考英语改错专项练... 暂无...


英语单句改错专练500题及答案_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。英语单句改错专练 500 题 1 . Everyone of us is working hard in the factory. 2 . I ...

高考英语短文改错 单句分类训练.doc

高考英语短文改错 单句分类训练 - 单句分类训练名词 高考英语短文改错 单句分类训练名词 一、考点规律分析 短文改错的名词考点主要涉及名词的单复数,即在该用复数的...


高中英语单句改错 11页 免费 高中英语单句改错专练(改... 16页 免费 高中...高考英语短文改错高考真... 7页 5下载券 高中英语单句改错100道原... 暂无...


高中英语单句改错专项练习 短文改错题目要求: 假如英语课上老师要求同学们交换修改


高中英语单句改错100道原创练习题(无答案) - 高中英语单句改错 100 道原创练习题 Attention:单句改错改错时改“错” ,而不是把句中的表达法改成另外的表达形式...


高考英语短文改错高考真题单句分类训练_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高考英语短文改错高考真题单句分类训练 名词一、考点规律分析 短文改错的名词考点主要涉及名词的单复数,...


高考单句改错专练 - 考号 姓名 单句改错专练(一)———-介词错误 1. We


高考英语单句短文改错专项练习100句_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高考英语单句短文...2010高考英语单句短文改... 8页 免费 高考英语短文改错专项练... 13页 免费...

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