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2005 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛 (NEPCS) 初赛 初一年级组试题 听力部分 (共四大题,计 30 分) I. 辨音 (Words) (共 5 小题,计 5 分) 选出与你所听到的单词含有相同元音音素的选项。每个单词只读一遍。(答案涂在 答题纸上) 1. A. light 2. A. great 3. A. purse 4. A. grandma 5. A. raincoat B. fruit B. sing B. parent B. football B. licence C. many C. glad C. house C. afternoon C. animal D. want D. sheep D. also D. pioneer D. husband

II. 句子理解 (Sentences) (共 5 小题,计 5 分) 选出能够最恰当回答所听句子的选项。每个句子只读一遍。(答案涂在答题纸上) 6. A. He is very well. C. He likes me very much. 7. A. It’s 6. C. It’s 91. 8. A. You are welcome. C. Thank you. 9. A. It’s big. C. Yes, it is. 10. A. They are in the sky. C. They are for you. B. He is 70 years old. D. He is at home now. B. It’s 20. D. It’s 19. B. Sorry. I don’t know. D. Don’t go with me. B. The hat is very nice. D. No, it isn’t. B. Only four. D. I know they are yours.

III. 对话理解 (Dialogues) (共 10 小题,计 10 分) A) 听五组对话, 选择最佳选项回答问题。每组对话读两遍。(答案涂在答题纸上) 11. Which class is Jean in? A. Class 3. A. Red. A. A piano. 14. Where is the eraser? A. In the pencil case. C. Under the cap. 15. How much is the pen? A. $5. 上) B. $1. C. $9. D. $3. B) 听一组对话,选择正确的选项补全下面的表格。对话读两遍。(答案涂在答题纸 B. On the box. D. Behind the door. B. Class 6. B. Brown. B. A trumpet. C. Class 1. C. Black. C. A guitar. D. Class 5. D. White. D. A violin. 12. What colour is Tom’s shirt? 13. What does Mike have?

16. A. Drian 17. A. Jan. 10th 18. A. 13 19. A. Japan 20. A. The Music Club

B. Drien B. Aug. 26th B. 11 B. England B. The Art Club

C. Brean C. Nov. 5th C. 12 C. America C. The Chess Club

D. Brian D. Oct. 15th D. 15 D. Canada D. The English Club

IV. 短文理解 (Passages) (共 10 小题,计 10 分) A) 根据你所听到的短文内容, 选择最佳答案回答下列问题。短文读两遍。(答案 涂在答题纸上) 21. Where does Gina study? A. No. 8 Middle School. C. No. 18 Middle School. 22. What’s Gina’s favourite room? A. The bedroom. A. A big door. C. A white chair. B. The sitting room. C. The classroom. B. A small table. D. A cupboard. D. The dining room. 23. What’s next to the bed? B. No. 9 Middle School. D. No. 6 Middle School.

24. What is NOT in the bedroom?

25. What colour is the wall of the room? A. Green. B. Orange. C. Blue. D. White. B) 听短文,选择最佳答案回答下列问题。短文读两遍。(答案涂在答题纸上) 26. Which picture is the photo of Bob?

27. What’s Bob’s father? A. An English teacher. B. A football star.

C. A policeman. 28. What is Bob good at? A. Playing football and volleyball. C. Playing basketball and volleyball. 29. What’s Bob’s favourite food?

D. A basketball star. B. Playing basketball and football. D. Playing basketball and table tennis.

30. When does Bob often go to school? A. At 5:20. B. At 6:00. C. At 6:20. D. At 5:00.

笔试部分 (共七大题,计 120 分) I. 选择填空 (Vocabulary and structure) (共 20 小题,计 20 分) A) 英语基础知识。(答案涂在答题纸上) 31. 一个单词中有几个 _________, 就有几个音节。 少数辅音如 _________ 也可同其前 面的辅音构成一个音节。 A. 元音字母; /m/ A. X; B B. 元音音素; /l/ B. X; E C. 音素; /n/ C. S; E D. 字母; /p/ D. E; X 32. 医院做胸透时用的是 _________ 光透视, 而字母 _________ 经常出现在视力表中。 33. EMS,UFO 和 IT 都是缩略词, 它们分别代表 _________, _________ 和 _________。 A. 国际长途直拨;世界贸易组织;身份证 B. 邮政速递公司;不明飞行物;信息技术 C. 国际奥委会;联合国教科文组织;智商 D. 工商管理硕士;美国联邦调查局;联合国 34. Big Ben 和 Statue of Liberty 分别在 _________ 和 _________。 A. 德国;法国 B. 意大利;荷兰 C. 英国;美国 D. 加拿大; 奥地利 35. 书写上没有错误又合乎英语表达习惯的句子是 _________。 A. can you give me your address? C. This’s Peter’s wife she is in the jeep. D. There are some tomatoes, cakes, carrots and bread in the kitchen. B) 选出下列各题的最佳答案。(答案涂在答题纸上) 36. There is _________ “s” and _________ “u” in _________ word “bus”. A. a; an; a A. watches; knives A. good; twenty-two C. nice; twenty two B. an; an; a B. watchs; knives C. an; a; the C. watch; knife D. a; a; the D. watches; knifes 37. Where’re my shoes? I can see only two _________ and three _________ on the floor. 38. Lisa is a _________ girl. She is _________ years old this year. B. fine; twenty and two D. well; 22 B. 《Snow White》 is an interesting story.

39. Bill is a student of No. 6 Middle School. _________ are _________ in this school.

A. Tom and you; too C. Tom and you; all — The yellow one. A. Which; or A. Brad; cousin A. much; very; much C. very; /; very much A. in; in; of B. of; on; on B. What; and

B. You and Tom; also D. You and Tom; either

40. — _________ one do you like? The yellow one _________ the white one? C. What colour; but D. Whose; also D. Brad’s; cousins’

41. These socks are _________, but the coats are his two _________. B. Brad’s; cousins’s C. Brad; cousins B. very much; very; / D. very; very; much C. of; on; of D. of; of; in 42. This dictionary is _________ nice. I _________ like it _________.

43. There is a picture _________ my family _________ the wall _________ my room. 44. — Do you have _________ eggs? — Sorry, I don’t have _________, but I have _________ hamburgers. A. any; any; some A. goes to; they B. some; some; some C. any; some; some D. any; any; any B. going to; them C. go and; they D. go to; them 45. Let’s _________ clean the room with _________. C) 情景对话。(答案涂在答题纸上)

46. A. Where’s Sandra now? C. Shanghai is very far. 47. — _________ — They are $60. A. How much is it? C. What’re their numbers? 48. — Hello!458-6777. — Hello! _________ — Yes, please hold on. A. May I speak to Jack? C. What can I do for you? 49. — Is this your ruler? — Yes, it is. — _________ — Thank you. A. It’s black. 50. — I have a brother. B. I have one, too. C. Here you are. D. Sorry. B. Jack isn’t in. D. What’s your name? B. How old are they? D. How much are they? B. Where’re your grandparents? D. Welcome to Shanghai.

— Who does he look like? — _________ A. He is short. C. He looks like my mother. 61—70 小题每题 2 分) A B. He likes my father. D. He is ten.

II. 阅读理解 (Reading comprehension) (共 20 小题,计 30 分; 51—60 小题每题 1 分,

Saleswoman: Can I help you? Jim: Oh, yes. How much is this T-shirt? Saleswoman: It’s only $29.50. Jim: Really? Is it on sale? Saleswoman: Yes. It’s usually $45.00. But only at the weekends, everything is at a very good price. Jim: OK. I’ll take two T-shirts for my twin sons. Saleswoman: What colour do they like? Jim: Blue. Saleswoman: Oh, I’m so sorry. We haven’t any blue ones left. How about the green ones? Jim: All right. Here’s the money. Saleswoman: Thanks. Here’s your change (零钱). 根据对话及图片内容,选择正确答案。(答案涂在答题纸上) 51. Two sweaters are _________ on Monday. A. $28.00 A. 减价销售 A. in a shop A. blue sweaters B. $45.00 B. 正常营业 B. at home B. green T-shirts C. $90.00 C. 非卖品 C. in a school C. white jeans D. $56.00 D. 高价回收 D. in a hospital D. yellow skirts 52. The meaning of the phrase “on sale” is _________. 53. They are talking _________. 54. At last (最后) Jim buys two _________ for his sons.

55. If Mary buys three _________ on Saturday here, they will cost (使……花费) her $60.00. A. sweaters B. T-shirts B C. skirts D. jeans

根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。(答案涂在答题纸上) 56. Who’s the writer of Hospital or Cinema? A. David. B. Maha. C. Marcie. B. The Long Night. D. Hospital or Cinema. C. A nurse. C. America. D. A film star. D. France. D. Tina. 57. Which book is about a difficult journey (旅行)? A. David’s second book. C. Marcie’s first book. A. A teacher. A. England. B. A doctor. B. Australia.

58. What does Tina want to be in the future (将来)? 59. Where is Marcie Jacome from? 60. Which of the following sentences is RIGHT? A. Maha works in a big hospital. B. Marcie Jacome is a school teacher. C. Tina is a student in London. D. David has to drive all night to take a baby to a big city.


根据海报内容,回答下列问题。(答案写在答题纸上) 61. On what day will the match be? 62. Ben is a middle school student. He wants to watch the match. How much will he pay (付 钱) for the ticket? 63. Kitty’s father wants to watch the match. Which bus can he take to the football field? D

根据两个频道的电视节目单,回答下列问题。(答案写在答题纸上) 64.Mrs Wang loves music programmes (节目), but she doesn’t know English. Which programme can she watch? 65.Peter likes the sea world. He gets home at 10:00 p.m. Can he watch the programme about it? 66.What time is the programme about buying things? E My favourite holiday is Christmas. There are many things to do on this holiday. I do them every year. One thing I do is sending Christmas cards. Each year I send about fifty cards to

my friends and my family. I also decorate (装饰) a Christmas tree every year. I decorate it with glass balls, silver icicles (银丝), and a big star on top. Another thing I have is watching Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol on TV. The story makes me think of the spirit (精神) of Christmas: caring for others and sharing with them. And of course, I also give presents to my family. I put the presents under the tree. Then we open them on Christmas morning. 请根据短文内容,回答下列问题。(答案写在答题纸上) 67. Where do I put the big star? 68. What’s the spirit of Christmas? 69. When do we open the presents? 70. How many things does the writer do on Christmas? III. 完形填空 (Cloze) (共 20 小题,计 20 分) A) 从方框内选择适当的单词完成短文,每词使用一次。其中有 5 个单词为多余选 项。(答案写在答题纸上) right, window, in, with, so, are, three, can’t, know, her, wrong, two, be, don’t, take Sue has a cat. She likes playing (71)_________ it at home. But she’s seven now and her father tells her to go to school. The teacher does not let her (72)_________ the cat into the classroom. She has to leave it at home, (73)_________ she isn’t happy. She doesn’t want to go to school and listen to (74)_________ teacher. Now Class Three (75)_________ studying math. Mr Green sees that Sue is looking out of the (76)_________. He asks Sue, “What’s two and two, Sue?” Sue stands up, but she (77)_________ answer. “If your mother gives you two pencils,” Mr Green says, “and I give you (78)_________, how many pencils do you have?” “Five, Mr Green.” “You’re (79)_________,” Mr Green says. “You have four.” “I (80)_________ think so,” Sue says. “I already(已经)have one in my pencil case!” B) 用所给动词的适当形式填空。每空一词。(答案写在答题纸上)

IV. 句式转换 (Sentence pattern transformation) (共 10 小题,计 10 分) 按要求转换下列句型。每空一词。(答案写在答题纸上) 91. These boys often play in their playhouses. (变为单数句) _________ _________ often _________ in _________ _________. 92. There is a piece of bread on the table.(用 a cup of tea 改为选择疑问句) _________ there a piece of bread _________ a cup of tea on the table? 93. Jim gets up at six in the morning. (改为一般疑问句) _________ Jim _________ _________ at six in the morning? 94. Jenny does her homework at 7 o’clock. (改为否定句) Jenny _________ _________ her homework at 7 o’clock. 95. His aunt’s fax number is 3796145. (对划线部分提问) _________ _________ aunt’s fax number? 96. You must look after these children. (改为祈使句) _________ _________ these children, please. 97. Peter is in Class Four. Sam is in Class Four, too. (改为同义句) Peter and Sam are_________ _________ _________ _________. 98. I can see many boats on the river. (对划线部分提问) _________ _________ you see many boats? 99. Put on the red coat, Sally. (改为否定句) _________ _________ on the red coat, Sally. 100. My hair is long, black. (改为同义句) _________ _________ long black hair. V. 翻译 (Translation) (共 10 小题,计 10 分) A) 根据上下文内容将划线句子翻译成汉语。(答案写在答题纸上)

Tim is seven years old, and his sister is five. (101) One day, their mother wants to go shopping, so she asks their aunt to come to look after them. (102) The two children play for a long time. At four o’clock in the afternoon, his aunt gives Tim an apple and a knife. She says to him, “Now here’s a knife, Tim. Cut this apple into two pieces. (103) And then please give one piece to your sister, but remember (记住) to do it like a gentleman (绅士).” “Like a gentleman?” Tim asks. “How does a gentleman do it?” (104)“He always gives the big piece to another person.” his aunt answers. “Oh, I see.” Then he gives his sister the apple and says to her, (105) “Please cut it into two pieces like a gentleman, Mary.” B) 根据提示把下列句子译成英语。(答案写在答题纸上) 106. 在两座小山之间有许多树。(between) 107. 我不知道这个女孩的名字。(don’t know) 108. 图二中的那个男孩是谁?(Picture Two) 109. 让我帮你找找你的女儿吧!(look for) 110. 你喜欢打棒球还是玩电子游戏?(like) VI. 智力测试 (IQ) (共 5 小题,计 5 分) 按要求完成下列各题。(答案写在答题纸上) 111. Jack finds a good job. He is over the moon about it. Read the sentence and guess the meaning of “over the moon”.

(You may answer it in English or Chinese.)

112. The word SEASON is written in code NOSE?

(代码) as 135146.What’s the code of word

113. Look at the picture!Each of the Strickland brothers has a sister. Altogether, how many

kids are there in the family?


Fill in the crossword so that all the missing words (acts, flag, food, oats) are included (包括). You have been given one letter from a word as a clue (线索).

115. Each cube is a view of the same cube (每个方块为同一个方块的五个不同角度的图 示). What are the two missing numbers?

VII. 写作 (Writing) (共 2 小题,计 25 分; A 部分 10 分, B 部分 15 分) A John and Robert are talking about a photo of Robert’s sister. Please write a dialogue between John and Robert according to the diagram (表格). (答案写在答题纸上) 要求: 1. 要将表中的内容全部体现在对话中; 2. 条理清楚,意思连贯,语句通顺,标点正确,书写清晰、规范; 3. 不得少于 50 词。

B 请根据文章开头,并结合图片内容发挥自己的想象, 续写后面的内容,使其成为一 篇完整的小短文。(答案写在答题纸上)

要求:1. 与文章开头衔接自然,条理清楚,意思连贯,语句通顺,标点正确, 书写 清 晰、规范; 2. 续写部分的文字不得少于 70 词。 One day, Liu Qiang goes to school happily. Suddenly (突然) he sees a blue backpack on the road... (你可能会用到的词组:be worried about 对……担心)

2005 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS)初赛初一年级组试题参考答案

听力部分(共四大题,计 30 分)




6—10 DACAB

III. 对话理解(Dialogues)

A) 11—15 DBACA

B) 16—20 DDCBA

IV. 短文理解(Passages)

A) 21—25 AABDC B) 26—30 CABDC

笔试部分(共七大题,计 120 分)

I. 选择填空(Vocabulary and structure)

A) 31—35 BBBCD

B) 36—40 CAABA

41—45 DCCAD

46—50 BDACC

II. 阅读理解(Reading comprehension)

A) 51—55 CAABC B) 56—60 CBBCC

C) 61. Saturday.

62. £2.

63. Bus number 24. / No. 24 Bus.

D) 64. The Best Songs of the Week.

65. No, he can't.

66. At 7:30 p.m.

E) 67. On top of the Christmas tree.

68. Caring for others and sharing with them.

69. On Christmas morning.

70. Four.

III. 完形填空(Cloze)

A) 71. with 72. take 73. so 74. her 75. are 76. window 77. can't 78. two 79. wrong 80. don't

B) 81. studying 82. tell 83. has 84. aren't 85. come 86. is 87. helps 88. play 89. join

90. write

IV. 句式转换(Sentence pattern transformation)

91. This boy; plays; his playhouse 92. Is; or 93. Does; get up 94. doesn't do 95. What's his

96. Look after 97. in the same class / both in Class Four 98. Where can 99. Don't put

100. I have

V. 翻译(Translation)

A) 101. 一天, 他们的妈妈想去购物,所以就让他们的姑姑 / 姨妈来照顾他们。

102. 两个孩子玩了很长时间。

103. 然后给你妹妹一块儿,但要记住一定要做得像一个绅士。

104. 他总是把大块儿给别人。

105. 玛莉,请像一个绅士那样将这个苹果切成两块儿吧。

B) 106. There are a lot of / lots of / many / trees between the two hills.

107. I don't know the girl's name.

108. Who is the boy in Picture Two?

109. Let me help you look for your daughter.

110. Do you like playing baseball or computer games?

VI. 智力测试(IQ)

111. very happy (很高兴)

112. 6413 (根据代表 SEASON 中每个字母的数字得出)

113. 5. / Five.


115. (a) 5 (b) 3

VII. 写作(Writing)

A) One possible version:

John: What's this?

Robert: It's a photo of my sister, Ann.

John: Oh, she's very lovely. Is she ten now?

Robert: No, she is 12.

John: Is she in No. 7 Middle School?

Robert: Yes, she's in Class One, Grade One.

John: Does your sister like sports?

Robert: No, but she likes watching TV very much.

John: What's her favourite colour?

Robert: Guess!

John: Blue?

Robert: No, it's green.

John: Oh, I like green, too.

(62 words)

B) One possible version:

... “Whose backpack is it?” Liu Qiang thinks. Then he opens it. There are a lot of things in it. Some books, a set of keys, some money... Liu Qiang also finds a name card in it. “Oh, it's Li Jian's. I know him. We are in the same school.” Liu Qiang says to himself. He thinks that Li Jian must be worried about his backpack. So he runs to the school. At the school gate, he sees Li Jian and gives him the backpack. Li Jian thanks him a lot for his help. Then they go into the school happily.

(100 words)

一、 评分原则:

1. 本题总分为: A) 10 分; B)15 分。按四个档次给分。

2. 评分时,先根据文章的内容和语言初步确定其所属档次,然后以该档次的要求来衡量,确定或调整本档 次,最后给分。

3. A 部分作文词数少于 50 或多于 100 的, 从总分中减去2分; B 部分作文词数少于 70 的, 从总分中减去 2 分。

4. 如书写较差,以至影响交流,将分数降低一个档次。

二、 内容要点:

1. 包括图示所有内容,可适当增加情节,使内容连贯。

2. 故事发展的重要情节即内容要点。

三、 各档次的给分范围和要求:

第四档(很好):A) 9—10 分; B) 12—15 分

完全完成了试题规定的要求,覆盖所有内容要点,符合英语表达习惯,应用了较多的语法结构和词汇,没有语 法和词汇错误,具备较强的语言运用能力,完全达到了预期的写作目的。

第三档(好):A) 6—8 分; B) 9—11 分

完成了试题规定的要求,应用的语法结构和词汇能满足题目的要求,符合英语表达习惯,基本没有语法和词汇 错误,达到了预期的写作目的。

第二档(一般):A) 4—5 分; B) 5—8 分

未恰当完成试题规定的要求,漏掉内容要点,未描述清楚主要内容,写了一些无关内容,有语法和词汇错误, 影响了对写作内容的理解,信息未能清楚地传达给读者。

第一档(差):A) 1—3 分; B) 1—4 分

未完成试题规定的要求,明显遗漏主要内容,写了一些无关内容,语法结构单调,词汇有限,有较多语法和词 汇错误,影响对写作内容的理解,信息未能传达给读者。


未能传达给读者任何信息,没有内容或内容太少,无法评判,写的内容均与所要求内容无关或所写内容无法看 清。

四、 说明:



3.漏掉每个要点扣 1—2 分。

2005 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS)初赛初一年级组试题听力部分录音原文

Part I. Words

Choose the one that has the same vowel as the word you hear. Each word will be read only once.

1. kind 2. speak 3. show 4. food 5. goodbye

Part II. Sentences

Listen to the sentences. Then choose the right answer to each sentence. Each sentence will be read only once.

6. Where's your grandfather?

7. What's thirteen minus seven?

8. Your sharpener is very beautiful.

9. Is this hat small or big?

10. How many purple kites do you have?

Part III. Dialogues

A) You will hear five dialogues. Choose the best answer to each question according to the dialogue. Each dialogue will be read twice.

11. W: Which class are you in, Harry?

M: I'm in Class 5.

W: My sister Jean is in your class.

M: Really? Great!We're classmates now.

12. W: Is this black shirt yours, Tom?

M: No. I think it's Rick's.

W: Which one is yours?

M: The brown one is mine.

13. W: Do you have a piano, Jim?

M: Sorry, I don't. But I have a guitar.

W: Do you know who has a piano?

M: Mike, I think.

14. W: Where's my eraser? It isn't in my pencil case.

M: Is it on the box?

W: No, it isn't.

M: Oh, it's there. It's under your cap.

15. W: Can I help you?

M: Yes. I want to take a pen, a ruler and two pencils. How much are they?

W: They're nine dollars. The pen is five dollars. The ruler is one dollar. And the pencils are three dollars.

M: Here's the money.

W: Thank you.

B) Listen to the dialogue, and then choose the right answers to complete the form. The dialogue will be read twice.

The teacher is asking the new student some questions.

W: Welcome to No.1 Middle School.

M: Thank you.

W: What's your name?

M: Brian.

W: Can you spell it?

M: Yes, B-R-I-A-N, Brian.

W: OK, I got it. Are you from America?

M: No, I'm from England.

W: When's your birthday?

M: October the fifteenth.

W: I think you are eleven this year, right?

M: No, I'm twelve now.

W: Sorry. Well, there are four clubs in our school, the Art Club, the Music Club, the Chess Club and the English Club. Which one do you want to join?

M: I like singing, so I think I'll join the second one.

Part IV. Passages

A) You will hear a passage. Choose the best answer to each question. The passage will be read twice.

I'm Gina. I am a student in No. 8 Middle School. My favourite room is my bedroom. In the room there is a bed and next to the bed there is a small table with a small alarm clock on it. There is a big cupboard next to the door. I put my clothes in it. Near the window there is a big table with two white chairs. There are some flowers and a telephone on the table. Oh, look at the wall of the room, it is blue. It is my favourite colour. I like this room very much.

B) You will hear a passage. Choose the best answer to each question. The passage will be read twice.

I have a good friend. His name is Bob. This is a photo of him. He is sitting under a big tree with his lovely dog. Bob's

parents are both English teachers, and his English is very good. Bob likes sports very much. He is a basketball star in our school. He can also play football well. Bob likes bananas, pears and chips, but ice cream is his favourite food. So we often call him“Ice”. Bob and I often walk to school together at 6:20 in the morning.



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