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Unit 2 working the land基础测试题

Unit 2 working the land 基础测试题 姓名________ 班级__________ 得分______________ 一.单词拼写(每个 1 分,共 15 分) 1. He ________________(挣扎) to his feet and dragged slowly ahead. 2. The________________(令人不安的) news made him disturbed. 3. He is ________________(迷惑) about his future. 4. He________________(后悔) that he had missed the lecture by Professor Smith. 5. Water ________________(膨胀) when it freezes. 6. The minister(部长) refused to ________________(作出评论) on this accident. 7. Great changes have taken place in our school in the past two ________________(十年). 8. Over the past half century, using ________________( 化学的 )fertilizers has become very common in farming. 9. The ________________( 发 现 ) of new land made Columbus( 哥 伦 布 ) world-famous. 10. (饥饿) is the best sauce. 11. Her shoulders were badly (晒伤). 12. Anot her (超级) skyscraper is being built. 13. Manufacturing (产量) has increased by 8%. 14. Farmers produce millions of tons of g to feed the nation. 15. Would you mind writing a s of the passage? About 200 words are OK. 二、完成句子(每个空 1 分,共 30 分) 1. 袁隆平认为自己是个农民,因为他在田里耕作,进行科学研究。 Yuan Longping _________ himself ___ _______, for he works the land to do his research. 2. 多亏了他的研究,联合国在消除世界饥饿的战斗中有了更多的办法。 ______ ____his research, the UN has more tools in the battle to _____ the world _______hunger. 3. 袁博士很满意他的生活。 Dr Yuan is quite _______ ____ his life. 4. 他宁愿把时间花在自己的业余爱好上。 He _________much _________ keep time for his hobbles. 5. 在自己身上花钱或者享受舒适的生活对袁博士来说意义不大。 Spending money on himself or ______ ____ _______ _______ also means very little to him. 6. 事实上,他认为一个人有了太多钱,他的麻烦事只会更多,而不是更少。 Indeed, he believes that a person with too much money has more_______ _______ fewer troubles. 7. 食物中的化学成分会在人体中堆积。 These chemicals in the food supply ______ ___ in people's bodies over time. 8. 很多化学成分能导致癌症或其它疾病。 Many of these chemicals can______ ___ cancer or other illnesses. 9. 农民关心的是保持土壤肥沃并且免受病害。

They ________ ___keeping their soil rich and free of disease. 10.同时还可以让空气、土壤、水以及农作物不受化学物质的污染。 This also ______ the air, soil, water and crops _______ ____ chemicals. 11. 还有些有机耕作者喜欢在农作物之间种草,以防止水土流失。 。 。 Some organic farmers prefer planting grass between crops to ________wind or water __________ carrying away the soil… 12. 于是,他拿出好几百万元帮助其他人进行农业科学研究。 He_________ gives millions of yuan to ________others for their research in agriculture. 三、完成下列句子(20 分) 1. 1974 年,他成为世界上第一位种植高产水稻的农业先锋。 In 1974, he became the first agricultural pioneer in the world ____________________________________________________________. 他总是第一个来和最后一个离开的(学生) 。 He is always the first (student )________ ________ and the last ________ ________ 2. 这种特殊的稻种使得同样的田地多收获三分之一的产量。 This special strain of rice _________________________ produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields. 3. 他父亲说从不后悔送儿子出国留学。 His father says that he has never ______________________________________. 4. 另外,施过化肥的水果、蔬菜和其它食物通常生长得过快而营养不足。 In addition, fruit, vegetables and other food grown with chemical fertilizers usually______________________________________________________________. 5. 由于这些发现,一些农民和消费者开始转向有机耕作。 __________________________, some farmers and many customers are beginning to turn to organic farming. 6. 这些不同的有机耕作的方法有着同样的目标:种植好粮食,避免损害环境或 者人们的健康。 These many different organic farming methods have the same goal: to grow good food and ____________________________________. 7. 这一粮食产量的增加意味着中国仅仅 7%的耕地养活了世界 22%的人口。 These increased harvests mean that_________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________. 8. 梦想是不花本钱的。 Just dreaming for things, however,_________________________. 9. 用他的杂交水稻种子,农民种出的粮食比以前多了一倍。 Using his hybrid rice, farmers are producing harvests_________________________. 10. 袁博士种植的是被称为“超级杂交水稻的”的稻种。 Dr Yuan Longping grows________________________________________________. 四、容完成下面语法填空,注意单词拼写和词语用法(10 分) I’m 1 only daughter of my parents. So they are worried 2 everything I do. For example, 3 I ride my bike, my parents won’t let me 4 (ride) by myself. They are afraid I might fall off my bike and hurt 5 . They are taking great trouble to support the bike, with my mother even 6 (carry) a first-aid box.

I’m not free to ride and I often say 7 (angry), “Why not let me ride alone?” Now, most families have one child. Parents want to do everything for their children. This does no good 8 them. Too much love from parents may prevent children from 9 (be) independent. In my opinion, parents should let their children do 10 they should do alone.

五、单项选择。(共 35 分) 1. The officers narrowly escaped ___________in the hot battle. A. have killed B. to kill C. to be killed D. being killed 2.___________ the letter, he went out to post it. A. Writing B. Being writing C. Having written D. Written 3. Don't you remember ___________ ? A. seeing the man before B. to see the man before C. saw the man before D. to have seen the man before 4. People couldn't help ___________ the foolish emperor in the procession. A. laugh at B. to laugh at C. laughing at D. laughing on 5. We're looking forward ___________ the photo exhibition. A. to visiting B. to visit C. to having visited D. visiting 6. No one can avoid ____ by advertisements. A. to be influenced B. being influenced C. influencing D. having influenced 7. This sentence needs ___________ . A. a improvement B. improve C. improving D. improved 8. We regret _____ that the film was not worth______. A. to say; to see B. to say; seeing C. saying; to see D. saying; to seeing 9. The next morning she found the man ___________ in bed, dead. A. lying B. lie C. lay D. laying 10. I can’t stand with Jane in the same office. She is always talking while . A. working; works B. to work; work C. working; working D. to work; to work 11. The children talked so loudly at dinner table that I had to struggle______. A. to be heard B. to have heard C. hearing D. being heard 12. The experts advise _______ our army _______ modern weapons. A. to equip; with B. equipping; with C. to equip; for D. equipping; for 13. How about two of us ___________ a walk down the garden? A. to take B. take C. taking D. to be taking 14. ---I must apologize for ___________ahead of time. ---That's all right. A. letting you not know B. not letting you know C. letting you know not D. letting not you know 15. ---You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting. ---Well, now I regret ___________ that. A. to do B. to be doing C. to have done D. having done 16. Would you ___________ me your identification card, sir? A. mind to show B. mind showing C. trouble to show D. trouble showing

17. He suggested ___________ on Saturday. A. to have a meeting B. having a meeting C. a meeting to have D. that having a meeting 18. It is no good ___________ to come now. He is busy. A. if you ask him B. to ask him C. asking him D. that you ask him 19. Although he was punctual himself, the professor was quite used ___________ late for his lecture. A. to have students B. for students to be C. for students' being D. to students' being 20. He dressed himself quickly and ___________ his schoolbag, went to school. A. carried B. to carry C. carrying D. carries 21. Doctor Lin devoted all her life to Chinese women and children. A. help B. helping C. helps D. helped 22. ___________ ill worried my parents greatly. A. I fell B. Me falling C. My falling D. I falling 23. . The ole man said he had never dreamed of a millionaire. A. be B. to be C. being D. is 24. Our town has dozens of factories, ___________several saw mills. A. included B. are including C. are included D. including 25. On their way home the couple found the necklace ________. A. miss B. missing C. missed D. to miss 26. Though the professor tried his best to explain the difficult question, the students still looked _____. A. confusing B. being confused C. to confuse D. confused 27. ________in a famous university is what most students wish for. A To educate B Educated C Being educated D Educating 28. It's no use______ with him. You might as well ______ with a stone wall. A. arguing, argue B. to argue, arguing C. arguing, arguing D. to argue, argue 29. You didn't hear us come back last night. That's good. We tried ______ noisy. A. to not be B. not to be C. being not D. not being 30. Though he failed, he tried _______ it again and again. A. to do B. doing C. do D. done. 31. Excuse me for _____ in without ______. A. coming, asking B. coming, being asked C. to come, asking D. to come, being asked 32. "I usually go there by train." "Why not ______ by boat for a change?" A. to try going B. trying to go C. to try and go D. try going 33. I was too excited ______ . A. speak B. to speak C. not to speak D. speaking 34. Mrs Smith warned her daughter ____ after drinking. A. never to drive B. to never drive C. never driving D. never drive. 35. The old man's ______ pity on the snake led to his own death. A. take B. taking C. being taken D. have

I. 单词拼写 1. struggled 2. disturbing 3. puzzled/confused 4. regretted 6. comment 7. decades 8. chemical 9. discovery 10. Hunger 11. sunburnt 12. super 13. output 14. grain 15. summary

5. expands

2.完成句子 1. considers a farmer 2. Thanks to rid of 3. satisfied with 4. would rather 5. leading a comfortable life 6. rather than 7. build up 8. lead to 9. focus on 10. keeps free from 11. prevent from 12. therefore equip 3. 完成句子 1. to grow rice that has a high output;to come, to leave 2. makes it possible to 3. sending his son to study abroad 4. grow too fast to be full of much nutrition 5. With these discoveries 6. avoid damaging the environment or people's health. 7. 22% of the world's people are fed from just 7% of the farmland in China. 8. costs nothing 9. twice as large as before 10. what is called super hybrid rice 4. 填空 1. the 2. about 3. when 4. ride 5. myself being 10. what

6. carrying

7. angrily


5.单选 1-5 DCACA 6-10 BCBAC 11-15 ABCBD 16-20 BBCDA 21-25 BCCDB 26-30 DCABB 31-35 BDBAB


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