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? They
主语 谓语

Object Clause

know the teacher. know that the teacher is a

? They man .

主语 谓语 宾语从句 宾语 A sentence serving as object is called Object Clause.

Read the following sentences and try to underline the object clauses.

1. We wonder how we shall do . 2. I don’t know it can be fake. 3. I worry about whether he can pass the exam. 4.Pay attention to what the doctor said.

及物动词或介词的后面 宾语从句多位于___________________

1. 宾语从句的引导词
that whether/ if what, who, whom, which, whose when, where, how, why

陈述句:He is a student. 他说他是个学生。


一般疑问句:Is he a student? 我问他是否是个学生。

特殊疑问句: Who is he?

“He is a student.” that he is a student. He says _________________ 结论1:陈述句作宾语,引导词用 that ,无 词义,可以省略
Practice:句型转换 He lives in Beijing I guess…… I guess(that)he Iives in Beijing.

“Is he a student?”
whether/if he is a student. I ask him _________________ ________ (陈述句语序) 结论2:一般疑问句作宾语,引导词用 不作 whether 或if ,有词义表 “是否”, 句子成分。
Practice: Does Jack come from Japan? Do you know…? Do you know whether/if Jack comes from Japan.

“Who is he?” who he is. I don’t know _____________ (陈述句语序)
结论3:特殊疑问句作宾语,引导词 作 句子成分。 用 原疑问词 ,该词
Practice Where does he I don’t know…

come from?

I don’t know where he comes from.




一般疑问句 特殊疑问句

宾语从句的基本结构: 。 主语+及物动词/介词+引导词+ 陈述句

? He don’t understand what you said. 意思: “什么” 成分: 宾语 . ? I am eager to know how you study English. 意思: “怎样” 成分: 状语 . 引导词的选择还要根据引导词的 意思和在从句中是否做成分,做什么成分.

? ? ? ?

填空练习: 1) Will you tell me how I can keep healthy. 2) He asked whose book it was. 3) I think (that) it is unnecessary for me to speak louder. ? 4) His mother is satisfied with what he has done. ? 5) I want to knowwho/ whom she is looking after. ? 6) I don’t know if/ whether you are right.

2. 宾语从句的时态
? I hear a new restaurant will be opened in the city next month. ? Could you tell me where they are having a picnic ? I don’t know you want to take part in the competition.
结论4:主句是一般现在时, 宾语从句的时态 根据具体情况而定 。

? I heard a new restaurant would be opened in the city next month. ? I didn’t know you wanted to take part in the competition. ? She told us she had borrowed the book from the library.

结论5:主句是一般过去时,宾语从句要 用与其相应的过去的某种时态 。

?The teacher said that the sun travels around the earth .

结论 6 :当从句是客观真理,定义,公理, 定理时用一般现在时。



1. When will he go to the library?

?His brother asks when he will go to the library .

?His brother asks when will he go to the library .
2. What does he want to buy ?

? I don’t know what he wants to buy . ? I don’t know what does he want to buy .
3. Who are we going to meet ?

? Can you tell me who we are going to meet ? ? Can you tell me who are we going to meet ?

4. Does he know French ?

? We want to know if/whether he knows French . ? We want to know if/whether does he know French.
5. Will they go to Canada in summer ?

? They’ re not sure if /whether they will go to
Canada in summer .

? They’ re not sure if /whether will they go to
Canada in summer .

1. Did the students have a picnic last Sunday ? Do you know ?

Do you know if/whether the students had a picnic last Sunday ?

2. Mr. Smith have been in China for about three years . Jim told Lin Tao . Jim told Lin Tao (that) Mr Smith had been in China for about three years .

3. Which book should I read first ?
Please tell me .

Please tell me which book I should read first .
4. Light travels faster than sound . Our teacher told us in yesterday’s class .

Our teacher told us (that) light travels faster than sound in yesterday’s class .

? We are talking about whether we admit students into our club. ? He was interested in whatever he saw there. He is pleased that he has passed a tough test.

1. 一般情况下介词后只能用wh-类连接词引导 的宾语从句 I am surprised at what he said.

2.介词后如果接that从句,要先加上it,再加that从句,即 “介词+it+that..."结构 You may depend on it that they will support you.

3. 介词except, but, besides及in后可接that 从句

I know nothing about him except that he lives here.

4.常接宾语从句的形容词有sure, certain, glad, pleased, happy, afraid, surprised, satisfied, sorry等 I’m afraid he won't attend our wedding.

1. 在think, believe, suppose,expect等动词后的宾语从句, 如果主语为第一人称,有时从句的谓语动词尽管是否定 意思,却不用否定形式,而将think等主句的谓语动词变 为否定形式,这种情形叫作否定转移 I don't think you are right.

在think, believe, suppose, guess等及物动词及I'm afraid 等表达后面,可用so(肯定句)或not(否定句)代替 一个宾语从句,该宾语从句通常是上文提到的一件事
---Are we late? ---I'm afraid so. ---Do you think he will come? ---No, I think not/ I don't think so.

I don't think/ believe/ suppose/ expect so这种结构不能用 于动词guess和hope,只能用I hope/ guess not


1.could / would是委婉语气,而不是过去式, 因此宾语从句的时态根据实际情况用不同 时态。
?Could you please tell me where we show our tickets ?

?Could you tell us which gate we have to go to ?
?Would you like to know when he will come back ?

2. 如果主句的谓语动词是ask时,连词不可能 是 that ;如果主句的谓语动词是 say 时,连 词用that ?She says (that) she will leave a message on his desk . ?He said (that) he was going to take care of the child . ?He asks if I like playing the piano . ?You may ask the man over there how you can get to the bus station .

3. 如果从句中含有or或or not时,只能

?Could you tell me whether that’s a fast
train or not ?

?Do you know whether he is right or not ?
?I don’t care whether he’ll stay here or not .

4. 连词 if 和 when 在不同从句中的区别:
Do you know if ______back next week ? If he ______ C back , please let me know . A. he comes , will come B. will he come , comes C. he will come , comes D. he will come , will come

come (come) . I can’t I don’t know when he will _________ wait here any more . When he _______ comes (come) , would you please ask him to call me ?

5. 连词+宾语从句

连词+to do

?I don’t know what I shall do next .
I don’t know what to do next .

?She didn’t decide which one she would choose .
She didn’t decide which one to choose .

?Please tell me whom you’ll give the letter to .
Please tell me whom to give the letter to .

6. It 常可以放在动词think, find, consider,

believe, feel, make等后作形式宾语:it 不
仅可以作形式主语, 还可以作形式宾语而 真正的宾语-that从句则放在句尾 We heard it that she would get married next month.

? if引导宾语从句时可以有否定式,而 whehter从句则没有 ? I don't care if he doesn't come.

宾语从句中的连接词that在以下几种情况 下不能省略: ①当that 从句与另一名词性从句并列作 宾语时, 第二个that不能省; Everyone knew what happened and that she was worried.

?用it做形式宾语的宾语从句。 I think it necessary that you should read English aloud.

? 3. except后接的宾语从句不能省去that His article is very good except that there are only a few sentences.

? 1.引导宾语从句前置时,用whether不用if Whether the will join in the Winter Camp I don't care.

? 2.作动词discuss的宾语时 We are now discussing whether we should group these three companies.

3. 其后接动词不定式时 Can you tell me whether to go or to stay?

1. The young man asked _____ D it's summer or winter. A. either B. that C. weather D. whether

A they did it . 2. We don't know ______ A. how B. who C. what D. which B Jim can come back on 3. The teacher asks us ____ time . A. that B. if C. when D. what time
C we will have a sports 4. Does anybody know ______ meeting this weekend or not . A. which B. where C. whether D. that

5. I wonder _______ B he is crying now .

A. that

B. why

C. how

D. when

6. Have you found out ______ A we can do on Hainan Island ? A. what B. how C. if D. whether 7. Lily said _______ B she had finished her composition . A. if B. that C. when D. where 8. I don’t know ______ D he still lives here . A. where B. what C. when D. whether

D ? 1. Could you show me ________ A. how can I get to the station B. where is the station C. how I could get to the station D. how I can reach the station 2. Please tell me _______. C A. what does he like B. what he does like C. what he likes D. what he like 3. My sister told him ________ B . A. what day was it B. when the train arrived C. who was she waiting D. where did you live

4. Could you tell me where we _______ D next week . A. would go B. to go C. had to go D. will go 5. Could you tell me how much ________to fly to D Hainan ? it cost B.does it cost cost costs B 6. The small children don't know ______. A.what is their stockings in B.what is in their stockings C.where is their stockings in D.what in their stockings

D . 7. Someone is ringing the doorbell . Go and see _______
A. who is he C. who is it B. who he is D. who it is

B ? 8. Could you tell me how long __________
A. you have bought the watch B. you have kept this science book C. have you been away from China D. have you been a member of Greener China

C tomorrow , he _______ fishing . 9. He says that if it _______
A. will rain , won't go C. rains , won't go B. rained , wasn't go D. rain , will go

have worked (work) 1. Could you tell me if they _____________ in the factory so far . 2. Did your parents tell you that the sun _______ rises (rise) in east ? say (say) just now ? 3. ----- What ______ did he _____ couldn’t hear (not can hear) him . I ____________ said (say) that he ________ planted (plant) ----- He _______ trees with his parents yesterday . to leave (leave) 4. Can you tell me when ________ tomorrow?

5. Did he say that their parents __________ would come (come) here tomorrow .

6. He told me two weeks _______(be) enough. was
7. The teacher told us that the sun ______(be) is bigger than the moon . will tell / have told (tell) you what 8. I think I _______________ _______ to do (do) next . Don't just stay here!

9. A: What are you standing here for ? B: I’m waiting here to ask Mr. Johnson if he will give (give) us a talk on American ________ history . If he _______ has (have) no time , I’ll ask Mr. Smith instead . 10. A: Do you know when Mr Green will ________ come (come) to see us next month ? B: Don't worry . I _______ will tell (tell) you when he comes (come) here . really _______

1. The message you intend to convey through words may be the exact opposite of _____ others actually understand. (上海2011) A. why B. that C. which D. what

2. We haven’t discussed yet ______ we are going to place our new furniture. (2010课标全国卷) A. that B. which C. what D. where
3. Before the sales start, I make a list of ______ my kids will need for the coming season. (山东2010) A. why B. what C. how D. which

4. Cindy shut the door heavily and burst into tears. No one in the office knew ______ she was so angry. (湖南2010) A. where B. whether C. that D. why

5. How much one enjoys himself travelling depends largely on ______ he goes with, whether his friends or relatives. (四川2010) A. what B. who C. how D. why



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