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Science fiction about robot

play with people

What can robots do ? do homework


do housework

more intelligent


walk and dance

look for people
do unpleasant jobs

What is a robot?
A robot is a machine designed to do jobs that are usually performed by humans. Robots are programmed and controlled by a computer. Today there are different kinds of robot, including industrial robots, household robots, and entertainment robots. Robots also often appear as characters in stories.

Do you think it is possible for a robot to:
? think for itself? ? have feelings? ? have its own needs and desires? ? look and feel like a human being?

Read a short story about a robot. It was
originally written by the science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, and published in 1951. Here the story has been retold by another writer.

Background information: ?A retelling of an Isaac Asimov’s story called Satisfaction Guaranteed. ?About a human-like robot.

?Asimov’s first law for robots: A robot must not injure human beings or allow them to be injured. ?The robot, cause the main character to have some very confusing feelings.

Characters in the story: Larry Belmont ---- employed in a company that makes robots Claire ---- Larry’s wife, a housewife Tony ---- the robot

Gladys Claffern ---- a woman that Claire envies

Read through the passage and then answer the following questions: 1.What is the text mainly about? 2.What did the robot called Tony look like?

3.Why did Larry put Tony into his family?

1. What is the text mainly about? It is mainly about how a robot used for housework was tested out in a family. 2. What did the robot called Tony look like? He looked like a tall and handsome man, speaking in a deep voice, with smooth black hair and his facial expression unchanged. 3.Why did Larry put Tony into his family? Because he wanted to test out how a robot used for housework in a family.

Choose the best answer:
1. Why did Claire feel alarmed at the sight of Tony? A. Because he was a robot. B. Because she didn't like him. C. Because he was more like a being than a machine. D. Because he never changed his facial expressions.

2. The robot Tony helped Claire to realize her dreams by______. A. making her home elegant B. giving her a new haircut and changing the make-up she wore C. giving her advice on her dresses D. all the above 3. As a result, the experiment shows_______. A. Claire and Tony fell in love with each other

B. Tony had to be rebuilt
C. Tony was angry with his designer D. Both A and B

4. All the following statements are true except _______. A. Tony tried to please Claire B. Claire tried to displease Tony

C. Tony managed to protect Claire
D. Gladys admired Claire for her Tony 5. We can infer from the passage that_____.

A. Claire liked Tony but feared him
B. Claire cried because Tony made her angry C. Claire forgot Tony as soon as Tony left her D. Tony had no feelings as human being.

How did Claire feel? alarmed What happened?
tall and She saw Tony was ___ black handsome His hair was ______ ________. and _______and his voice was smooth _______. deep Tony asked whether she needed help dressing. fingernails and the By his _________ warmth his skin. softness and ________of ________

embarrassed amazed

______________ happy, surprised, shy Tony caught her in time, held her
firmly in his arms .

How did Claire What happened? feel? Tony folded his arms around surprise _____________ her, bending his face close to hers and declared that he didn’t want to leave her and that he felt more than just the desire to please her. She was envied by those happy women. __________ She remembered Tony was sad just a machine. ___________

1. Claire's feelings toward Tony changed as the
story developed. Read the story, then fill in the occasions when Claire had these feelings.

Occasion 1. Before he

Claire …


Claire …

Disliked him 5. Helped her

Called him a with the sales dear Felt his warmth

2. When he Was alarmed 6.When she fell off a ladder and arrived caught by Tony

3. When he

offered to help her that she had never dress seen anyone so handsome as Tony 4.When he Admired him 8. offered to help She remembered her improve Tony was just a her house and machine herself

When she heard Felt 7. Felt being Gladys whispering embarrassed to another woman envied

Cried all night

2. Read the story again and answer the questions:

1. Why did Tony open the curtains? He wanted Claire’s guests to see him and Claire together so that she would be envied by the women guests. 2. What did Tony do to prevent Claire from being harmed? He had prevented Claire from harming herself by making her feel good about herself. He helped her make her and her home elegant so that she would not feel like a failure.

3. Why should Tony be rebuilt? Because the company (designers) felt that they could not have women falling in love with a robot. 4. How would you feel if you had a robot

like Tony in your house?
Let me try!

1. Revise the reading story and find out important words and phrases. 2. 英语学习辅导报 (能力提高版)第一版面




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