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2003 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS)初三组样题及参考答案

听力部分(共四大题,计 30 分) (略) 笔试部分(共八大题,计 120 分) I.选择填空(Multiple-choice):(共 20 小题,计 20 分)从 A、B、C、D 四项中选出各题的最 选择填空 佳答案。 1.Lucy told me that she could remember what I said. “Remember”in this sentence means .

A.think about B.take back C.keep in mind D.write down 2.It is said that Mr Brown takes the chair at every meeting.The Chinese for“takes the chair”in the sentence is .

A.带椅子 B.主持会议 C.让座位 D.就座 3.The news good.Where did you hear ?;it B.are;them;them D.are;it 4.We have to stop books from the library because the time is going to be up. borrow B.borrowing lend D.lending 5.The cars are made B.of C.from 6.There's nothing in the dining-room, there B.isn't there anything D.isn't anybody 7.In the exam,the you are, mistakes you'll make. ? Changchun.

A.careful;little B.more careful;less C.careful;few D.more careful;the fewer

8.He doesn't know when he

to Australia next year.

A.goes B.will go C.has gone D.had gone 9.Chinese by the largest number of people in the world.

A.speak speaking spoken D.speaks 10. Everyone in the village could make shoes A.himself;none B.oneself;one C.themselves;they D.themselves;none 11.—Must we bring all the food with us? —No,you .You bring some of it. , but didn't wear their own shoes.

A.may not;will B.mustn't;can C.won't;need D.needn't;may 12.There's “h”in word“hour”and hour has sixty minutes.

A.the;the;an B.a;an;an;the;an 13.Jenny;an;a got to the park gate when the bell rang that day.But she was late.

A.often B.almost C.always D.never 14. either you or I afraid of dogs?

A.Are B.Is C.Do D.Have 15.Zhao Wei is one of film stars in China.

A.much popular B.more popular C.most popular D.the most popular 16.It's really nice A.of;help B.for;help C.of;to help D.for;to help you me to work it out.

17.Please take away the big stone on the road, A.and B.then D.or 18.—Well, ?

there may be an accident.

—I have a headache,Doctor. do you do B.what's the matter with you are you feeling like D.what kind of illness do you have 19.In the classroom,someone asks you“Do you mind my smoking here?”If you don't mind, you should say“ ”to him.

A.No,of course not.B.Yes,sit down please. C.No,you can't take it.D.Yes,smoke please. 20.— ?

—It's cloudy. —Do you like this kind of weather? —No,I don't. A.What's the weather like today B.Do you think it might rain today C.Do you like rainy days D.What's the temperature II.阅读理解 II.阅读理解(Reading comprehension): (共 30 小题,计 30 分) 阅读下列短文或图表,然后完成文后各题。 (21— 30 小题为选择题,每题只有一个最佳答案;31—50 小题为非选择题,请回答问题或完成填空题。) (A)


Choose the best answers.
21.What is the author's purpose of this writing? A.Tell somebody something. B.Wait for somebody. C.Receive somebody as a guest. D.None of these. 22.What information can you find on pages 27-39? A.Teams in Europe. B.Teams in the US. C.Rules of the Game. D.Equipment. 23.The History of Basketball can be found on pages A.224-266B.98-112 C.172-182D.1-26 24.What pages will give you information about basketball teams in Europe? A.211-223.B.114-171. C.184-208.D.None of these. .

25.What information can be found on pages 184-208? A.Teams in Europe.B.Rules of the Game. C.Teams in the US.D.None of these. (B) There are many kinds of animals that live in the forest,such as mice,rabbits,squirrels, owls(猫头鹰)and hawks.Animals in the forest depend on one another for food. Many small forest animals,such as mice,eat green plants for food,and then they,themselves, are eaten by larger animals.This is called a food chain. A food chain begins with the sun.The green plants in the forest use the sun's energy(能 源)to make food for themselves.This process,or action,is called photosynthesis(光合作用). Forest plants produce flowers and seeds that are eaten by mice and other animals.The mice get their energy from the plants,and the mice become food for a larger animal,such as the hunting hawk.So,the energy from the sun passes from the plants to the mice to the hawk.A break in any link of this food chain means that some animals may not have enough food to live.

Choose the best answers.
26.Photosynthesis takes place when A.larger animals eat small animals plants use the sun's energy to make food C.forest animals eat the food made by green plants D.the food chain is broken 27.What is the first link in a food chain? A.The sun.B.The earth. C.Green plants.D.Forest animals. 28.Animals sometimes cannot find enough food because's cloudy B.there is very little food in a forest . .

C.photosynthesis stops D.there is a break in the food chain 29.What does the food chain show about living things? A.They depend upon each other. B.Small animals eat as much as large animals. C.Plants with flowers are the most important. D.Plants are more than animals. 30.Which of the living things below fills the missing link in this food chain? A.rabbits B.mice plants D.owls (C)

305: SYDENHAM to RALLWAY SQUARE am am am am am am am am am
SYDENHAM STATON INTERNATONAL TERMINAL ANSETT TERMINAL QANTAS TERMINAL REDFERN RALLWAY SQUARE 6.49 7.19 7.49 8.19 8.49 9.19. 9.55 10.25 10.55 6.39 7.09 7.39 8.09 8.39 9.09 9.45 10.15 10.45 DOMESTIC 6.24 6.54 7.24 7.54 8.24 8.54 9.25 9.55 10.25 DOMESTIC 6.23 6.53 7.23 7.53 8.23 8.53 9.24 9.54 10.24 6.05 6.14 6.35 7.05 7.35 6.44 7.14 7.44 8.35 8.14 ---9.45 10.15 8.44 9.15

Look at the bus timetable and complete the sentences.
31.The timetable is for bus number 32.The bus goes from .

to Railway Square. .

33.The first bus leaves Sydenham at 6.05am.It gets to Redfern at

34.I want to go from Redfern to Railway Square.I want to arrive at Railway Square by 9o'clock.When does the bus leave? . .

35. long does the bus take to get from Sydenham Station to Redfern in the morning? How

(D) George Washington was born on February 22,1732 in Virginia.His parents were Augustine and Mary Washington.George grewup on a farm in Virginia.George did notgo to school.His father taught him at home.George's favorite subject was maths.George learned to be a surveyor (测量员)of land when he grew up.He joined the army and was a leader during the American Revolution. He later became the first President of the United States. George Washington is called the“Father of the USAt. Americans celebrate his birthday on Prssp; 37.What subject did George like to study best?

38.Where was George Washington born?

39.When is Washington's birthday celebrated?

40.What did George learn to be?


The Windy City's Food Festival
Every year the city of Chicago has an outdoor food festival.It's called Taste of Chicago.For eight days youcan't drive a car on Columbus Drive or Congress Drive. These two big streets in downtown Chicago are closed for the festival.But you can walk,eat,and listen to music.The festival is open in the morning,afternoon,and evening.About 375,000 people go there every day. There is food from over eighty different Chicago restaurants at the festival.For example, you can eat quesadillas—a kind of round,flat bread(or tortilla)filled with meat or vegetables and cheese—in a Mexican restaurant.Then you can have tempura—shrimp and vegetables in flour and fried in oil—in a Japanese restaurant.You can also have shish kebabs—pieces of meat and vegetables cooked over a fire on skewers(long, thin pieces ofwood or metal)—in a Turkish restaurant.Of course,there is a lot of American food,too—hamburgers, hot dogs,and fried chicken.

How much do people usually eat?Here are some interesting numbers:55,000hot dogs,460, 000 slices of pizza,50,000 slices of cake,102,000 Chinese egg rolls, and 27,000kilos of French fries.

Answer the questions.
41.Where are Columbus Drive and Congress Drive?

42.How many people go to the festival every day?

43.In which restaurant can we eat quesadillas?

44.What are skewers?

45.How many Chinese egg rolls do the people usually eat?

(F) People like to think about whatthe future is going to be.But did you know that some people predict the future as a job?Futurists are scientists who study and predictthe future.They can guess what is going to happen in the future from the information they know now.In this way, futurists can help people and businesses get ready for the future.

What do futurists say about the future?They think there are going to be big changes in people's everyday lives—and soon!For example,cars are going to drive us to places without a driver.We're going to tell the car where we want to go, and the car is going to get us there! Some futurists think we're going to talk to people on small video telephones that we can wear like a watch.They say we're not going to use as much paper as we do today,and we're not going to need money at all—we're going to use special cards for everything we buy! Some futurists predict that scientists are going to be able to make changes to the weather, that botanists are going to make new kinds of plants so there is more food for more people, and that there are going to be new ways to cook food quickly. Of course,even scientists don't really know what the future is going to be.They can only guess.But we can be sure of one thing:the future is going to be very different, and futurists can help us get ready.

Complete the sentences.
46.Futurists are .They try to guess what will happen in the future. .

47.Futurists say we'll go to places in cars without a 48.People can wear video telephones like a .

49.If you're going to buy something,you'll use cards instead of 50.Scientists will be able to the weather in the future.

III.完形填空 III.完形填空(Cloze):(共 15 小题,计 15 分) A)从下面 10 个词语中选出 7 个,并用其适当形式填入文章空白处。 key,headmaster,again,manager,post office, say,safe,speak,come,money When you have a post office box,the postman does notbring letters toyou,you have togo tothe 51 and getyour letters and parcels(包裹)from your box.The box is locked,and you 52 . have the key,so the letters are quite One day Mr Black,the got an answer.It 54 53

ofaschool,wrote to the post office for his school.He soon

,“We will give you a post box in one month.” 55 and said,“Why haven'twe

Two months later,Mr Black wrote to the post office got a post box yet?”

Five months later,there was still no news.Mr Black was so angry that he went to the office and asked why he had had no reply.The postman said,“We have written two letters to you and told you to get the didn't 57 56 to your post box back,but you .”“Where are the letters?”“We sent them to your post box.”

B)根据首字母提示,填出空内所缺单词。 I love living in Venice,it's full of history.I like i small city. think it's got a p I especially in the summer,and there's not enoug h (58)because it's quite a

(59) about 200, people, there are lots of tourists, of 000 but (60)for them all.Of course,there are (61)

no cars or lorries,but there are water buses on the main canals all day and all n are very e (63)and everything comes from the mainland,so the p

and it's not far to walk anywhere in the city.But you n(62)lots of money to live here.Houses (64)of everyday (65) super- market items are rather high.And apart from cinemas and theatres,there's not m to do in the evenings.But I still like it here. IV.句式转换 IV.句式转换(Sentence pattern transformation):(共 10 小题,计 10 分) A)按要求转换下列句型,每空限填一词。 66.The English problem is too difficult for him to work out.(改为复合句) The English problem is difficult he can't work it out.

67.The surfers both won first prize in the city surfing competition.(改为否定句) the surfers won first prize in the city surfing competition. 68.I think the fastest way to travel is by plane.(改为特殊疑问句) do you think the fastest way to travel?

69.Mrs Zhang showed us a picture of the feathered dinosaur.(改为被动语态) We a picture of the feathered dinosaur by Mrs Zhang.

70.They had a wonderful time during last Spring Festival.(改为感叹句) a wonderful time they during last Spring Festival!

B)根据上句完成下句,使两句表达的意思基本相同,每空一词。 71.Willy didn't bring out the new coat until the boss made a phone call to Lily. Willy didn't bring out the new coat the boss made a phone call to Lily.

72.If we don't move that bag,there may be an accident. Move that bag, there won't be an accident.

73.The concert began at six o'clock.George arrived there at six,too. George arrived at the concert hall .

74.Bob had no teacher,but he learned Chinese well at his young age. Bob Chinese when he was young.

75.There's nobody but a passenger in the bus. There's one passenger in the bus.

V.动词填空(Fill in the blanks with verbs):(共 10 小题,计 10 分) 动词填空 A)用所给动词的正确形式填空。 76.He found the word 77.I'll write to you after I 78.He enough. 79.Harris began 80.Robert (work)when he saw the boss (not finish) (come). (make) (write)wrong as soon as he turned to the page. (arrive)there. (do)the exercises again as he didn't do them carefully

(do)his lessons until his father returned home.

B)从所给的 7 个动词中选用 5 个,并运用其正确形式完成短文。 do,happen,be,break into,make,have,live People (81) in Britain since the Stone Age. And people from Europe (82) the

country from time to time.In about 400BC the Celts conquered Britain.Then around 55 BC the Romans invaded Britain. They stayed until 410AD.After that Vikings from Northern Europe invaded Britain. Since then many things (83) in Britain and there (84) many changes. Since 1801 England,Scotland,Wales,and Northern Ireland have been called the United Kingdom(or UK for short).The UKis the 73rd largest country in the world.It contains four different countries. They are Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. England (85) Mount Snowdon. VI.翻译 VI.翻译(Translation):(共 10 小题,计 10 分) the largest number of people.Some famous tourist attractions in the UK are Big Ben,Edinburgh Castle and

将下列句子译成英语,提示词语已给出。 86.西湖是个非常美丽的地方,但这五年间我只去过一次。(be)


88.下个月我一放寒假就飞到通化去参加英语冬令营。(as soon as;winter camp)



B)把下面短文中的划线部分译成汉语。 (91)Thomas Edison was perhaps the greatest inventor the world has ever known.Without his invention, people may not have had lights,films and other things.(92)But this clever man had very little schooling. Edison began to make a talking machine in 1877.(93)At first he used paper with holes to make a sound.He worked for months on this idea.At last he found how to record a person's voice.(94)But the first machine was very simple and the voice was only one type and not clear.Then he spent another long time on it.He changed some parts and he added some new ones to the talking machine.This time the voice could be played and the voice was also very clear.(95)After the Second World War others used his method to record music and songs.Then came the tape recorder.It is much easier to record the voice.How great Edison was. VII.智力测试 VII.智力测试(Intelligence test):(共 5 小题,计 5 分) 96.0.25,0.25,0.5,1.5,?, What number comes next in the sequence above?

97.A doctor gives you three pills telling you to take one every half hour.How many minutes would the pills last?

98.The day before the day before yesterday is three days after Saturday.What day is today?

99.Please find the odd one out:

100.Ifyou throwa white stone into the Red Sea,what will it become

VIII.写作 VIII.写作(Writing):(共 2 题,每题 10 分,计 20 分) A)根据下面提示写一则对话,不得少于 10 句话,不包括已给出的首句和尾句。 Linda,Barbara's daughter,wants to go to Shades disco tonight.She's not going to be back until one o'clock because the disco starts at nine thirty.Barbara thinks this is too late and that two hours at the disco is enough.But Linda says there are few buses at that time.Her mother tells her there'll be no problems if she leaves the disco at 11.30.Linda asks for a front door key,but Barbara says no.She will wait up for her. Linda:Excuse me,Barbara,can I ask you something? Linda Barbara: Barbara: Linda: Linda: Barbara: Barbara: Linda: Linda:

Barbara: Barbara: Linda: Linda: Barbara: Barbara: Linda: Linda: Barbara: Barbara: Linda: Linda: Barbara:No,I'll wait up for you. Barbara B)Write a short introduction about the United States in about 80 words according to the following. Land Area: 9,372,576 Capital: Washington DC Area divisions: 50 states People Population: 266,578,000 Languages: English 6% of the population speak Spanish as a first language Education & Health Life epectancy(估计寿命): 75 Government Type: federal republic (联邦共和国) Legislature(立法): national congress(国会) 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS) (NEPCS)初三组样题参考答案 2003 年全国中学生英语能力竞赛(NEPCS)初三组样题参考答案 笔试部分

I.1—5CBABD 6—10ADBCC 11—15DCBAD 16—20CDBAA II. 21—25ACDBC 26—30BADAC 31. 32. 305 Sydenham 33. 39am 34. 39am 35. 6. 8. 34minutes 36. Because he was the first President of the USA.37. Maths. Virginia. In February. Asurveyor.41. 38. 39. 40. They are in downtown Chicago.42.About 375,000. 43.In a Mexican restaurant.44.They're long, thin pieces of wood or metal.45.102,000.46.scientists 47.driver 50.change office 53.headmaster 54.said 55.again 56.key 57.come 59.population 61.night 62.need 63.expensive 64.price 65.much,that 67.Neither of 68.What,is 69.were shown(showed)70.What,had 71.before 72.and 73.on(in)time 74.taught himself 75.only V.76.written 77.arrive 78.was made,to do 79.working /to work,coming 80.didn't finish doing 81.have lived 82.broke into 83.have happened 84.have been 85.has VI.86.The West Lake is a very beautiful place, but I've been there only once in five years. 87.He knows Mary has moved away,but he keeps writing to her. 88.I'll fly to Tonghua for the winter camp as soon as the winter holidays begin next month. 89.My father suddenly became ill,and Ihad to send for a doctor. 90.I don't think it is easy to finish such a difficult job in a week. 91.托马斯·爱迪生也许是世界范围内最伟大的科学家。 92.但是这个聪明的人几乎没有上过学。 93.起初他用带孔的纸弄出声音。 94.但是最早的机器很简单,只有一种类型的声音并且不清楚。 95.二战后,别人用了他的方法来录制音乐和歌曲。 VII. 100.Wet. VIII.参考样文: A)Linda Linda:Excuse me,Barbara,can I ask you something? Linda Barbara:Yes,what is it? Barbara

Linda:Well,some of us are going to Shades discotonight.Is it all right if I stay out Linda a little later? Barbara:How much later? Barbara Linda: Linda:Until one o'clock maybe. Barbara Barbara:One o'clock!No,that's far too late! ara Linda: Linda:But it doesn't start until nine thirty. Barbara:Well,I think two hours is enough.No later than midnight,please. Barbara Linda: Linda:OK,I'll try not to be late,but you know how few buses there are at that time. Barbara Barbara:Well,if you leave the disco at 11.30,you shouldn't have any problems. rbara Linda:Could I have a front door key,please? Linda Barbara:No,I'll wait up for you. Barbara B)The United States of Americais in the north partof America.It has an area of 9,372, 576square kilometers.Its capital is Washington DC.It has 50 states.Ithas a population of 266, 578,000. Its native language is English,with 6%of the population speaking Spanish as a first language.Mostofits people live until around 75 years old.Its government is something like federal republic.The lawis made by the national congress




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