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Beer Festival in Germany 德国啤酒节 PPT_图文

Beer Festival in Germany

? The origin ? How to celebrate

The original "Oktoberfest" occurred in Munich, on October 12, 1810. For the public commemoration of their marriage that took place five days before, Crown Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, namesake of the Theresienwiese festival grounds, organized a great horse race.

1810年的十月,为了庆祝巴伐利亚的路德维 格王子和萨克森国的希尔斯公主的婚礼而 举行了这个盛大庆典。为期五天的庆典里, 人们举行赛马活动,赛马活动结束后,人 们痛饮啤酒以示庆贺,这个庆典沿袭下来 后,就成为今天的啤酒节。自那以后,十 月啤酒节就作为巴伐利亚的一个传统的民 间节日保留下来。此后民众持续这种热烈 的情绪,年复一年地举办该项活动。


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The German will drink regards as “the ? required course” daily, each kind of tavern, the liquor room, the small inn will then resemble the space the star.Only population 1,000,000 Munich has more than 3000 every day full house alehouses.Each steps into the tavern a human at least all and half litre beer to be eaten with rice or bread (most receives welcome is nearly “Plzen” beer), but people most Chang Dian is a litre.Therefore “a litre” in Munich and the entire Bavaria may say is “the measuring unit”, the locality is also in vogue a proverb “to have controls one day to drink a litre, healthy match deity”.When the people also dine only then drinks, is nearly drinks anytime and anywhere.German each place nearly all has “the beer park”, as soon as so long as the sun beams with joy, the people swarm to the beer park, enjoys heartily the nature.

德国人将喝酒视为每天的“必 修课”,各种酒馆、酒屋、小 客栈便多似天上的星星。仅人 口100万的慕尼黑就有3000多个 每天都座无虚席的啤酒馆。几 乎每个踏进酒馆的人至少都点 半升啤酒佐餐(最受欢迎的是 “比尔森”啤酒),但人们最常 点的还是一升。所以“一升” 在慕尼黑及整个巴伐利亚可说 是个“计量单位”,当地还盛 行一谚语“有节制地一天喝一 升,健康赛神仙”。人们也不 只是进餐时才喝酒,几乎是随 时随地喝。德国各地几乎都有 “啤酒公园”,只要太阳一露 脸,人们就蜂拥至啤酒公园, 尽情享受一下大自然。

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? Its popularity increases and more and more people come from around the world to visit the festival every year.

? Munich always is the recognition “the beer all”, the autumn can hold in every year the world the scale biggest beer festival - - in October celebration.Comes from the world each place tourist to stream in, rushes Munich, one “the Bavaria beer”, and experiences the German people to joyfully celebrate by oneself the holiday liveliness and the joy.Actually, each from 1517, Germany 7 years can hold “dance of early the cooper” in Munich.This plants flowers the type dance is performs together by 18 people, they wave the barrel hoop unceasingly, and makes into them the royal crown, terminated spread at black death the age, these coopers are the first batch through the happy dance.

? 慕尼黑一向是公认的“啤 酒之都”,每年秋季都会 举行世界上规模最大的啤 酒节——十月庆典。来自 世界各地的观光客纷至沓 来,涌向慕尼黑,一品 “巴伐利亚啤酒”,并亲 身体验德国人民欢庆节日 的热闹和喜悦。其实,早 从公元1517年起,德国每 隔7年就会在慕尼黑举行 一场“桶匠之舞”。这种 花式舞蹈是由18人共同演 出,他们不断舞动桶箍, 并把它们弄成王冠,在黑 死病终止蔓延的年代,这 些桶匠就是第一批通过欢 乐的舞蹈。

? Up to now,Beer Festival in Germany has been 200 years.People there make it one day more to celebrate its 200 birthday.

here's a video frequency about the festival:

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