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1. When Linda was a child, her mother always let her have ______ bed. A. the breakfast in B. the breakfast in the C. breakfast in D. breakfast in the 2. Beyond ______ stars the astronaut saw nothing but ______ space. A. the, 不填 B. 不填,the 不填, C. 不填,不填 不填, D. the, the 3. Alexander Graham Bell invented ________ telephone in 1876. A. 不填 B. a C. the D. one 4. After watching ____ TV, she played _____ violin for an hour. A. 不填,不填 不填, B. the, the C. the, 不填 D. 不填,the 不填, 5. Many people are still in ____ habit of writing silly things in ____ public places. A. the, the B. 不填,不填 不填, C. the, 不填 D. 不填,the 不填, 6. Paper money was in ____ use in China when Marco Polo visited the country in ____ thirteenth century. A. the, 不填 B. the, the C. 不填, 不填, the D. 不填, 不填, 不填 7. Have you seen ______ pen? I left it here this morning. Is it ____ black one? I think I saw it somewhere. A. a, the B. the, the C. the, a D. a, a 8. She is _____ newcomer to ____ chemistry but she has already made some important discoveries. A. the, the B. the, 不填 C. a, 不填 D. a, the 9. Many people agree that ___ knowledge of English is a must in ____ international trade today. A. a, 不填 B. the, an C. the, the D. 不填,the 不填, 10.Mrs ,Taylor has ___8-year-old daughter who has _____gift for painting –she has won two national prizes. A.a, a B. an ,the C. an ,a D. the,an 11. The train is running fifty miles ______. A. an hour B. one hour C. the hour D. a hour 12. ___ earth we live on is bigger than___ moon. A. The, a B. The, the C. An, a D. An, the 13. — What’s the matter with you ? —I caught ___ bad cold and had to stay in ___bed. A. a, / B. a, the C. a, a D . the, the 14. —Do you know ___ lady in blue? —Yes. She is a teacher of a university. A. the B. a C. an D. / 15. —Where’s ___ nearest supermarket? —It’s over there, just around the corner. A. a B. an C. the D./ 16. The young man will work in ___ school as a maths teacher. A. the B. a C. an D. /

17. He speaks a little Russian,but his native language is______ A. an Chinese B.a Chinese C. the Chinese D. Chinese 18. The investigators found that more should be done for ______ in India. A. those poor B. a poor C. poor D. the poor 19.Little Lucy liked to play ______, but he was not fond of playing ______. A.the football,the piano,piano C.the football,piano D. football,the piano 20. She is so ill that his father has to send for ______doctor. A. one B. a C. the r D. some 21. What _____ exciting football match! Our team beat Tom’s team at last. A. a B. an C. the D. / 22. In the United States, Father’s Day falls on _____ third Sunday in _____ June. A. the,不填 B. the, a C. 不填 the D. a, 不填 不填, , 23. I have two dogs. ______ black one is two years old and ______ yellow one is three years old. A. A, a B. The, a C. The, the D. A. the 24. ______ new bridge has been built over ______ Huangpu River. A. The, a B. A, / C. A, the D. An, an 25. -What color is ______ orange? -It’s _____ orange. A. an, an B. an, the C. an, / D. /, an 26. If you go by ______train ,you can have quite a comfortable journey ,but make sure you get _____fast one. A. /, / B./, a C. the, a D./,/ 27. I can’t remember when exactly the Robinsons left _____city ,I only remember it was ______ Monday.。 。 A.the , the B. a ,the C. a, a D. the, a 28. .If you grow up in ______large family ,you are more likely to develop _____ability to get on well with ______others . A. /,an the B. a, the ,/ C. the ,an ,the D. a, the ,the 29.Afetr dinner he gave Mr. Richardson ________ride to ________Capital Airport. A .the, a B. a the C. /, a D. /, the 30. I knew ______John Lennon ,but not ____famous one. A. /,a B. a ,the C. /,the D. the, a 31. When you come here for your holiday next time, don’t go to _____hotel ; I can find you ______bed in my flat. A. the ,a B. the,/ C. a ,the D. a,/ 32. Tom owns ______larger collection of ______books than any other student in our class. A.the ,/ B. a,/ C. a ,the D. /, the 33. .For a long time they walked without saying ___word .Jim was the first to break _____silence.

A. the, a B. a ,the C. a ,/ D. the,/ 34.When you finish reading the book ,you will have ______better understanding of ______life., A. a, the B. the .a C. /,the D.a,/ 35. I earn 10 dollars ____hour as ____supermarket cashier on Saturday. A.a, an B. the ,a C. an ,a D . an ,the

KEYS: 1. C 2. A。太空中的星体或世界上独一无二的东西前应加定冠词。Space 。太空中的星体或世界上独一无二的东西前应加定冠词。 宇宙空间”解时 作“宇宙空间 解时,也是抽象名词,通常不加冠词 宇宙空间 解时,也是抽象名词, 3. C。作 invent 宾语的名词只能用 宾语的名词只能用“the+单数可数名词 ,表示发明的某类东 单数可数名词”, 。 单数可数名词 西。 4. D。watch TV 是习惯搭配,不必用冠词。表示乐器的名词前应用定冠词。 是习惯搭配,不必用冠词。表示乐器的名词前应用定冠词。 。 5. C。in the habit of 是习惯用语,正如 in the morning, on the other hand 一 是习惯用语, 。 其中的定冠词不可或缺。 是复数名词短语,表示泛指概念, 样,其中的定冠词不可或缺。Public places 是复数名词短语,表示泛指概念,其 前面不必用定冠词。 前面不必用定冠词。 6. C。be in use 是习语,在这习语中没有任何冠词。 Thirteenth 是序数词, 是习语,在这习语中没有任何冠词。 是序数词, 。 在序数词前应用定冠词。 在序数词前应用定冠词。 7. D。问句和答语中的 pen 均非特指,而是泛指,故应用不定冠词。 均非特指,而是泛指,故应用不定冠词。 。 8. C。newcomer 是单数可数名词,泛指某类人中的一个,要用不定冠词。 是单数可数名词,泛指某类人中的一个,要用不定冠词。 。 是表示学科的抽象名词, 抽象名词或学科名称前不加任何冠词, 抽象名词或学科名称前不加任何冠词,chemistry 是表示学科的抽象名词,因此 前面不加 the。 。 9. A。虽然 knowledge 是不可数名词,但有 of English 修饰,故用不定冠词。 是不可数名词, 修饰,故用不定冠词。 。 Trade 是抽象名词,前面不应加 the。 抽象名词, 。 10. D 11. A 12. B 13. A 14. A。考查 the 表示特指的用法。根据题意知道是特指 穿蓝色衣服的那个 表示特指的用法。根据题意知道是特指“穿蓝色衣服的那个 。 夫人”。 夫人 。 15. C。考查 用在形容词的最高级前”的用法 题意为“最近的超市在哪 的用法。 。考查“the 用在形容词的最高级前 的用法。题意为 最近的超市在哪 里?” 16-20 ADDDB 21-25 BACCC - - 26. B. by train 乘火车, 在接交通工具类的同时, 乘火车, 在接交通工具类的同时, by 一般不接冠词, 一般不接冠词, by bike , 如 by ship ; 根据句意第二个空应该是泛指。 根据句意第二个空应该是泛指。 27.D 28B29.B30.B31.A32.B33.B 34. have a better understanding of ……对、、、有一种更好的理解。 、有一种更好的理解 对 、、 有一种更好的理解。 35.C



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