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【收尾精炼】2014届高考英语一轮复习训练:Unit 3 A taste of English humour(新人教版必修4)

Unit 3

A taste of English humour

1.He apologized to me for his________me to his party. A.delay inviting C.delay to invite B.delaying to invite D.delaying inviting

2. If you grow up in ________ large family, you are more likely to develop ________ ability to get on well with ________ others. A./;an;the C.the;an;the B.a;the;/ D.a;the;the

3.Not content________ her new car,________Selina now wants a bike for trips into the city center. A.with;/;but 4.—It looks heavy.Can I give you a hand? —________ A.No,thanks C.No,never mind B.Yes,my pleasure D.Yes,I do B.for;and D.about;so

5.As he works in a remote area,he visits his parents only________. A.occasionally C.practically B.anxiously D.urgently

6.—Why did she spend so much time searching shop after shop only for a blouse? —Oh,she was very ________ about her clothes. A.special B.particular C.especial D.unusual

7.The flowers ________ sweet in the botanic garden attract visitors to the beauty of nature smell B.smelling C.smelt be smelt

8. The couple tried every effort to________the judges, who tried their case, of their innocence, resulting in the contrary. A.prove B.convince C.charge D.confirm

9.He made a promise________ he would entertain us________ dinner the next day. A.that;with B.that;to C.which;with D.which;to

10. When I was a child, our family was so________ that we could have meat for dinner only at the Spring Festival.


B.badly off

C.well off


11.—How could you________ my sister so easily in the crowd? —Because she stood out in her red dress. A.pick up B.pick out C.take up D.take out

12.It ________ him a long time to fall asleep. A.spent B.took C.made D.cost

13.This year,the attraction enjoyed a great number of tourists________ up to 200,000. A.totalled B.totalling C.counting D.counted

14.________ by the heavy snowfalls,Chenzhou,a city in South China,was cut off from the outside,________ water and electricity shortage. A.Having struck;facing C.Struck;facing B.Having struck;faced D.Struck;faced

15.By the year she comes back to life,scientists probably________ a cure for this incurable disease. A.will be discovering C.will have discovered Ⅱ.阅读理解 British Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted on a television program that he has never sent flowers to his wife Cherie and that Hollywood beauty Grace Kelly was his dream lover. Blair,who allowed Channel 4 interviewer June Sarpong to shadow him for two days last month , made other personal revelations(被曝光的秘闻) when asked questions he rarely heard on the usual television political programs. During the interview for a program targeting 18to30yearolds,the prime minister admitted that he sometimes had to “wing it” when making public appearances and that he wanted to go out for a drink without being recognized. However,the most dramatic revelation was his reply to Sarpong’s question whether he still sends his wife flowers.“I’ve never sent her flowers.If I sent her flowers , she will get worried,”Blair said.But he added,“I am romantic.There are other ways of being romantic.” Blair needed a few moments to recall which posters he had on his bedroom wall as a youngster, and then revealed, “I’ll tell you...actually, when I was younger, I loved Grace Kelly.” Blair admitted he initially found it “odd” to be prime minister and to be rushed in motorcades from appointment to appointment,and worried that his lifestyle left him “a bit isolated” from ordinary people. B.are discovering D.have discovered

He admitted that he was constantly on the phone between public appearances,and rarely had time to prepare for his next event,telling Sarpong,“I wing it all the time.” Asked what he would do if he could be invisible for a day,Blair said he would “just walk down the street and go to the pub...just be absolutely normal”. 16.It seems that the author wants to tell us ________. A.Blair doesn’t like his wife so he has never sent her flowers B.such great people as Blair sometimes want to live as ordinary people C.Grace Kelly was once Blair’s girlfriend D.Blair was not satisfied with his life 17.What does the underlined word “shadow” in Paragraph 2 mean? A.Follow and interview. B.Shade. C.Stay with. D.Keep away from. 18.Which word can be used to describe Blair according to this passage? A.Serious. B.Easygoing. C.Kind. D.Dull.

19.What does the underlined sentence in Paragraph 7 mean? A.Blair didn’t take his public appearances seriously B.Blair didn’t know what to say before the public. C.Blair often had to do or talked about something without preparation. D.Blair wanted to get away from the public. 20.Which of the statements is TRUE? A.Blair doesn’t know what is romantic. B.Blair’s wife doesn’t like flowers. C.Blair’s wife will become worried if he sends her flowers. D.Blair thinks he is the same as ordinary people. Ⅲ.任务型读写 Some people have the ideas that nothing can be done about their poor reading ability.They feel hopeless about it.Can you learn to read better, or must you agree that nothing can be done about it? To be sure, people’s abilities are different.You cannot expect to do everything as well as certain other people do.If all the students in a class tried out for basketball, some would be very good players; others would be very poor; and many would be in between.But even the very poor players can become much better players if they are guided in the right way, and with plenty of practice.It is the same with reading.Some seem to enjoy reading and to read well without any special help.Others find reading a slow and tiring job.In between, there are all degrees of reading ability.

Many experiments have shown that just about every poor reader can improve his/her reading ability.Firstly, the poor readers were given tests of reading ability.Secondly, some of the causes of their poor reading were discovered, and then they were given special instruction and practice in reading.After a few months, another test of the same kind was given.In nearly all cases, these people had raised their reading scores. Different 21. ______ about reading ability Some people feel they can’t do 22.__________ about poor reading. You can read better by 23.________. Some people can play basketball well while others play 24.________ are different, but can be improved badly. People can improve when guided by proper coaches and 25.________ more. It is the same with reading. Test readers’ reading ability. 26.________ of the experiments Discover the 27.________ of poor reading. Teachers instruct these readers 28.________ 29.________ 1.D 2.B 15.C After a few months and in nearly all cases, these people show 30.________ ability. 8.B 9.B 10.B 11.B 12.B 13.B 14.C

3.A 4.A 5.A 6.B 7.B

16.B 17.A 18.B 19.C 20.C

21.ideas/opinions 22.anything ? 23.learning 24.Abilities ? 25.practicing 26.Steps ? 27.causes 28.specially ? 29.Conclusion/Result ? 30.improved


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