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【金版新学案】2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业47 Module 5 The Conquest of the Universe 外研版选修8


选修 8

Module 5

The Conquest of the Universe
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2013·盐城二模)—I’m not good at basketball ,you know. —________.We are play ing for fun.Just try and you’ll see you can do it. A.Come on C.Take your time 2 . Many people agree B.All right D.It all depends that________knowledge of English is a must

in________international trade today. A.a;/ C.a;an B.the;the


3.(2013·山东临沂模拟)Recent years have________the rapid development of the Internet and its influence on society and people. A.watched C.witnessed B.observed D.realized

4.The report________rewarding the child for good behavior,and many experts approved of this opinion. A.admitted C.advocated 5.—They are quiet,aren’t they? —Yes.They are accustomed________at meals. talk talking not talk not talking B.accepted D.acknowledged

6. (2013·江西八校联考)When you decide to start a family, make a/an________to you them.You don’t turn your back on the people who love you. A.contribution C.devotion B.commitment D.effort

7.—Are you charging me________lying? —But your actions aren’t consistent________your words. A.with;with C.for;with B.for;of D.of;of

8.(2013·石家庄质检)________his having been warned,he insisted on investing all his money on stocks. A.Because of B.In spite of

C.Instead of

D.In case of

9.Nowadays more people realize the importance of health and________health is wealth has been accepted by most of us. C.that B.whether D.what

10.________,he couldn’t solve the problem.So he turned to his friend for advice. A.Try as he might C.He might as try B.As he might try D.Might he as try

11.You are________he is.You both have made some spelling mistakes in your homework. careful as more careful than B.more care ful than D.not more careful than

12.It is ten years sin ce we parted in Yan’an.Little________how much I’ve changed. A.does he know C.he does know B.he knows D.knows he

13.It never occurred to me________David was the right person in the right place. A.who C.that B.what D.whether

14.(2013·江苏省苏中三市调研)________that she is interested in children,I am sure teaching is the right job for her. A.To consider C.Considered B.Considering D.To be considered

15.(2013·沈阳六校 3 月诊断)—Hurry up!There’s a bus coming! —Why run?There will be________one in two or three minutes. A.another C.the other Ⅱ.完形填空[建议用时 15′] (2013·宁夏银川一中第四次考试) After 22 years of marriage,I have discovered the secret to keep love alive in my relationship with my wife,Peggy.I started dating another woman. One day Peggy said to me,“Life is too__1__,and you need to spend time with the people you love.You probably won’t believe me,but I know you love her and I think that if you spend more time with her,it will make us__2__.”

B.other D.any other

The “other” woman my wife was encouraging me to__3__is my mother,a 72?year?old widow who has lived alone since my father__4__20 years ago.Right after his death, I__5__2,500 miles away to California and started my own life and career.When I moved back near my hometown six years ago,I promised myself that I would spend more time with my mom.But with the__6__of my job and three kids,I never got around to seeing her much__7__family get?togethers and holidays. Mom was__8__and suspicious when I called and suggested the two of us go out to dinner and a movie. We didn’t go anywhere __9__ , just a neighboring place where we could talk.__10__her eyes now see only large shapes and shadows,I had to read the menu for her. “I used to be the__11__when you were little,” she said. “Then it is time for you to relax and let me__12__the favor,” I said. We had a nice talk__13__dinner,just catching up on each other’s lives.We talked for so long that we__14__the movie. “__15__was your date?my wife asked when I got home that evening.” “Nice...nicer than I thought it would be,” I said. Mom and I get out for__16__a couple of times a month.Sometimes we take in a movie, but__17__we talk.Through the talks,I know what it was like for her to work in a factory during the Second World War.I know how she met my father there,and know how they__18__the difficult times.I can’t get enough of these stories.They are__19__to me,a part of my history. Peggy was right.Dating another woman has__20__my marriage. 1.A.easy C.short 2.A.closer C.happier 4.A.passed out C.passed down 5.A.went C.moved 6.A.pressure C.demand B.difficult D.hard B.longer D.easier B.please D.consult B.passed by D.passed away B.drove D.removed B.development D.loss

7.A.beyond C.during 8.A.excited C.delighted 9.A.ordinary C.plain 10. A.Since C.If 11.A.worker C.reader 12.A.award C.turn 13.A.over C.on 14.A.forgot C.missed 15.A.What C.Where C.walk 17.A.finally C.mostly 18.A.went through C.looked through 19.A.friendly C.loyal 20.A.ruined C.helped Ⅲ.阅读理解

B.with D.on B.annoyed D.surprised B.fancy D.common B.Until D.Unless B.waitress D.owner B.return D.answer B.with D.across B.refused D.abandoned B.Who D.How D.dinner B.merely D.especially through D.saw through B.kind D.important B.damaged D.affected

(2013·安徽皖北协作区高三联考) Many of us still tend to think that emotions can affect reasonablethought, and sometimes land us in trouble.But in recent years psychologists have taken quite a different view.Keith Oatley,Professor of Psychology at Glasgow University,is involved in the research which shows the fundamental importance of emotions. He believes we_are_very_ambivalent_about_them: think of our emotions as being we

unreasonable,but we also consider them as essential to being human.For example, Mr Spock,a character in the television series Star Trek,is super?intelligent and he has no emotions at all.However,he is never made captain of the spaceship.Maybe, this is because Mr Spock is not the kind of person you can share your feelings with—a person who shows his emotions. As Professor Oatley points out,our emotions have very important functions, for example,fear.If we cross the road and a car approaches,we usually stop moving or step back.We stop what we are doing,check what we have done and pay very careful attention to the environment.The emotion of fea r makes us take this small series of actions which,on average,help preserve our safety. On the other hand,if things are going well and small problems come up,we find we can solve them with the resources we have to hand.As a consequence,we tend to feel happy and usually continue doing the job. Anger is an emotion that tends to occur when someone is preventing doing something.Then this small “kit” of reactions enables us to us from prepare

ourselves to be quite aggressive to that person,or to try harder,and so on. Professor Oatley believes emotions generally occur at these important moments in actions.With fear and anger our emotions make us decide to start doing something else,while with happiness they “suggest” we continue what we are already doing. 1.What’s Keith Oatley’s opinion about emotions? A.They affect reasonable thought. B.They get us into trouble. C.They are helpful to us. D.They are reasonable. 2.What does the underlined part “we are very ambivalent about them” in Paragraph 2 mean? A.We have contradictory feelings towards emotions. B.We have similar ideas of emotions. C.We are quite clear about emotions. D.We can do nothing about emotions. 3.Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage? A.Fear helps us to be careful about our surroundings. B.Happiness inspires us to continue what we are doing. C.Anger may urge us to make greater efforts. D.Anger tends to do us more harm than good.

4.It can be inferred from the passage that________. A.we must control our emotions in daily life B.emotions play a more important part than we realize C.positive emotions such as love and joy are good for us D.negative emotions make us continue what we are doing Ⅳ.短文改错 (2013·河南五市联考) I was working in a beer company,helped the pr esident do something important.At the same time,my mother was in the final stages of the cancer.I worked during the day and drive 40 miles home to be with her every night.It was tired,but it was that I want to do.I didn’t want bother the president with my trouble,yet I felt someone at the company needed to know about it.So I told a friend and asked him not to share the information with someone.However,the president called me into his office one day.He faced me from across her large desk,looked at me and said,“Alice, I hear your mother is very ill.” I was caught by a surprise and burst into tears.He just gentle said a sentence I will never forget:“Whatever you need.”

详解答案 课时作业(四十七) Ⅰ.单项填空 1.解析: 考查交际用语。句意为:——你知道的,我不擅长篮球。——来吧。我们 打球只是为了娱乐。 试一试你会发现你可以的。 Come on 是表示劝说、 鼓励的用语, 意为“来 吧”,符合句意。 答案: A 2.解析: a knowledge of...了解??,排除 B 和 D;trade 贸易,是不可数名词, 排除 C。 答案: A 3.解析: 考查 witness,sp/time witness=see great changes 目睹、经历巨变; watch 观看,注视;observe 观察,注意到;realize 意识到,实现。 答案: C 4.解析: 考查词义辨析。admit 承认;accept 接受;advocate 提倡;acknowledge 承认,告知。句意为:报告提倡对孩子的善举给予报酬,不少专家对此表示同意。根据语境 可知选 C。 答案: C 5.解析: 本题考查固定搭配。be accustomed to“习惯于”为固定短语。其中的 to

为介词,后接名词,相当于名词的词或短语,动名词。句意为:——他们很安静,不是吗? ——是的,他们习惯于在吃饭的时候不说话。 答案: D 6.解析: 句意为:当你决定建立一个家庭的时候,你就对他们有了一份承诺/委托, 你不能不理会爱你的人。 commitment 委托, 承诺; contribution 贡献; devotion 奉献; effort 努力。句中的 turn one’s back on 意为:不理睬。 答案: B 7.解析: 考查固定短语。charge sb.with sth.意为“指责某人做某事”;be

consistent with 意为“与??一致”,故可知答案。 答案: A 8.解析: 考查介词短语辨析。句意为:尽管曾被警告,他仍坚持投资所有的钱于股 票上。because of 意为“因为,由于”;in spite of 意为“尽管,虽然”;instead of 意为“代替”;in case of 意为“以防”。 答案: B 9.解析: 考查名词性从句。分析句子成分可知,空前的 and 连接前后两个分句,后 一分句的主语是________health is wealth,是个从句,且不缺少任何成分,应用 that 引 导。 答案: C 10.解析: as 引导的让步状语从句要用倒装语序,即将作表语的名词或形容词、作 状语的副词或动词原形提到句首。句意为:尽管他努力了,但是他没有解决问题。所以,他 去找朋友寻求建议。 答案: A

11. 解析: no+比较级+than...表示“和??一样不??”; not+比较级+than... 表示“不如??”。句意为:你和他一样不仔细。你们俩的家庭作业都有拼写错误。 答案: C 12.解析: 否定词 little 位于句首时,句子要用部分倒装语序。句意为:延安一别, 已经有十年了。他几乎不知道我改变了多少 。 答案: A 13.解析: that 引导主语从句。句意为:我从来没有想到戴维那么合适。 答案: C 14.解析: 考查非谓语动词。现在分词短语 considering...作原因状语,其逻辑主 语与主句主语一致,表示的动作与主句谓语动词动作基本上同时发生。句意为:考虑到她喜 欢孩子,我可以肯定教书是最适合她的职业。 答案: B 15. 解析: 考查代词用法。 语意表示在两三分钟内还有“另外一”辆公共汽车, another

表示“又一,另一”,符合语意。句中的 one 指代的是 bus。 答案: A Ⅱ.完形填空 语篇解读: 22 年的婚姻之后,作者发现了维系夫妇二人良好关系的秘诀,那就是与 另外一个女人约会,这个女人不是别人,正是自己的母亲。 1.解析: 根据 1 空后面的内容可知,作者的妻子认为人生太“短暂”。 答案: C 2.解析: 此处与第一段中的 relationship 相呼应,意思是这样做能让我们之间的关 系“更加亲密”。 答案: A 3.解析: 根据第一段后半部分中的 dating 可知,作者的妻子鼓励作者与之“约会” 的对象是作者的母亲。 答案: A 4.解析: 根据 4 空前面的 widow 可知,作者的母亲是一位寡妇,由此可知她自从丈 夫在 20 年前“去世”后就一直独居。另外,5 空前面的 death 是线索提示。 答案: D 5.解析: 就在父亲去世后,作者“搬”到了 2 500 英里之外的加利福尼亚,开始了 自己的生活和事业。此外,下一句开头部分的内容也是线索提示。 答案: C 6.解析: 虽然作者自我承诺多花时间陪母亲,但是由于工作和三个孩子的“需要”, 除了家庭团聚和假期之外,作者从未能履行自己的诺言。 答案: C 7.解析: 参见上题解析。此处 beyond 表示“除??之外”。 答案: A 8.解析: 作者此前很少陪伴母亲,如今突然给母亲打电话并建议两人一同外出就餐 和看电影,她显然很“惊讶”。本句中的 suspicious 也是线索提示。 答案: D 9.解析: 作者和母亲并没有去任何“豪华的”地方,仅仅去了一个附近的可以说话 的地方。 答案: B 10.解析: “因为”她的视力不佳,作者不得不将菜单读给母亲听。 答案: A 11.解析: 此处与上一段中的 read 相呼应,意思是当作者小的时候,作者的母亲经 常是“读者”。 答案: C

12.解析: 如今作者的母亲年事已高,是作者“回报”恩惠的时候了。 答案: B 13.解析: 作者和母亲在晚饭期间交谈甚欢,此处 over 表示“在?? 期间”。 答案: A 14.解析: 作者和母亲交谈的时间很长,以至于“错过”了那部电影。 答案: C 15.解析: 根据下一段中的内容可知,作者的妻子询问的是这次约会“如何”。 答案: D 16.解析: 根据第 8 空后面的“go out to dinner”可知作者和母亲每个月都要出去 吃几次“晚饭”。 答案: D 17.解析: 上文提到作者和母亲长时间交谈,以至于错过了电影,由此可知,两人在 一起的时候“主要”是交谈。 答案: C 18.解析: 通过交谈,作者知道了母亲如何与父亲相识和他们如何“渡过”那些困难 时光。 答案: A 19.解析: 根据上下文内容可知,这些故事对作者而言很“重要”。 答案: D 20.解析: 根据第一段第一句的内容可知,与母亲约会对作者的婚姻有“帮助”。 答案: C Ⅲ.阅读理解 语篇解读: 相关研究表明,情感对人而言至关重要,不可或缺。 1. 解析: 细节理解题。 根据文章第一段最后一句中的“which shows the fundamental importance of emotions” 以 及 第 三 段 中 的 “our emotions have very important functions”可知,Oatley 认为情感对我们来说是有益的。 答案: C 2.解析: 句意理解题。根据第二段中的“we think of our emotions as being

unreasonable,but we also consider them as essential to being human”可知,我们 认为我们的情感毫无道理,但对于我们人类来说,它是必不可少的,这足以说明我们的矛盾 心理。 答案: A 3.解析: 细节理解题。本题可用排除法。根据第三段的内容可知 A 项正确;根据第 四段的最后一句可知 B 项正确;根据第五段的最后一句可知 C 项正确。 答案: D

4.解析: 推理判断题。根据文章最后一段的内容可推知,积极的情感和消极的情感 都发挥着比我们意识到的更重要的作用。 答案: B Ⅳ.短文改错 I was working in a beer company, helped the president do something important. At helping the same time,my mother was in the final stages of the—— cancer.I worked during the day and drive 40 drove miles home to be with her every night.It was tired,but it tiring

was that I want to do.I didn’t want ∧ bother the president with my trouble, what to yet I felt someone at the company needed to know about it.So I told a friend and asked him not to share the information with someone.However,the president called anyone me into his office one day.He faced me from across her large desk,looked at me his and said,“Alice,I hear your mother is very ill.” I was caught by a—— surprise and burst into tears.He just gentle said a sentence I will never forget:“Whatever gently you need.”



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