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高中英语语法强化训练(冠词) ( ) 1.______recent report stated that the number of Spanish speakers in the U.S .would be higher than the number of English speaker by_____ year 2090. A. A, the B. A, / C. The ,/ D. The, a

( ) 2.If you go by ______train ,you can have quite a comfortable journey ,but make sure you get _____fast one. A. /, / ( B./, a C. the, a D./,/

) 3. It is often said that ____teachers have _______very easy life. A /,/ B. /,a C. the,/ D. the, a

( ) 4.I can’t remember when exactly the Robinsons left _____city ,I only remember it was ______ Monday.。 A. the , the B. a ,the C. a, a D. the, a ( ) 5.If you grow up in ______large family ,you

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are more likely to develop _____ability to get on well with ______others . A. /,an the B. a, the ,/ C. the ,an ,the D. a, the ,the ( ) 6.Mrs ,Taylor has ___8-year-old daughter who has _____gift for painting –she national prizes. A. a, a ( B. an ,the C. an ,a D. th has won two

)7.Afetr dinner he gave Mr. Richardson ________ride to ________Capital Airport. A .the, a B. a the C. /, a D. /, the


)8.On May 5,2005,at ___World Table Tennis Championship ,Kong Ling hui and WangHao won the gold medal in men’s with ____score of 4:1. A. a ,a B. / the C. a ,/ D. the ,a ______John Lennon ,but not


)9.I knew

____famous one. A. /,a B. a ,the C. /,the D. the, a

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)10.The book tells ____life story of John Smith ,who left _______school and worked for a newspaper at the age of 16. A. the, the B. a , the C. the./ D. a,/

( )11.When you come here for your holiday next time, don’t go to _____hotel ; I can find you ______bed in my flat. A. the ,a ( B. the,/ C. a ,the D. a,/

)12.If you buy more than ten, they will knock20pence off________. A. a price B. price C. the price D. prices


)13.____on-going division between English –speaking Canadians and French-speaking Canadians is _______major concern of the country. A. The ,/ B. The ,a C. An ,the D. An,/

( )14.When he left _____college ,he got a job as ______reporter in a newspaper office .

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A. /, a (

B /, the C .a the D .the, the

)15The most important thing about cotton in history is ___part that it played in

____Industrial Revolution. A. /,/ B. the,/ C. the , the D. a ,the ( )16.While he was investigating ways t improve the telescope Newton made _______discovery which completely changed ____ man’s

understanding of color. A. a ,/ B. a ,the C. /, the D. the ,a

( )17.It is ___world of wonders, _____world where anything can happen. A. a. the B. a, a C. the, a D. /,/ ( )18.The Wilsons live in ______A-shaped house near the coast . It is _______17th century cottage. A. the, / B. an, the C. /, the D. an ,a

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)19.Tom owns ______larger collection of ______books than any other student in our class. A. the ,/ B. a,/ C. a ,the D. /, the

( )20.For a long time they walked without saying ___word .Jim was the first t break

_____silence. A. the, ( a B. a ,the C. a ,/ D. the,/

)21.There was ____time _____I hated t go to school. A. a ,that B. a ,when C. the ,that D. the ,when

( )22.When you finish reading the book ,you will have ______better understanding of ______life., A. a, ( the B. the .a earn C. /,the D.a,/ ____hours as



____supermarket cashier on Saturday. A. a, an B. the ,a C. an ,a D . an ,the

( )24The sign reads “in ease of___fire ,break the glass and push _____red button”

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A. /,a

B. /,the

C. the ,the D. a ,a

( )25.I don’t like talking on ______telephone ; I prefer writing ____letter. A. a, the B. the./ C. the ,the D. A ,/

( )26.Jumping out of ____airplane at ten thousand feet is quite _____exciting experience. A. /, the ( B. /, an C. an. an D. the, the

)27.One way to understand thousands of new words in gain _____good knowledge of basic word formation. A. / B the C. a D. one


)28.The cakes are delicious . He’d like have ______third one because _____second one is rather too small. A. a, a B. the .the C. a ,the D. the ,a

( )29.A bullet hit the solider and he was wounded in ____leg. A. a B .one C. the D. his

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)30.The warmth of _____sweater will of course be determined by the sort of ___wool used. A. the, the B. the ,/ 参考答案 C. /, the D. /,/


report 可数名词, a recent report 一份近 , 是泛指; 第二个空填 the 表特指示 2090

来的报告 年。

2.B. by train 乘火车,by 在接交通工具类的同时, 一般不接冠词,如 by bike , by ship ; 根据句意第二 个空应该是泛指。 3.B. teachers 此处用名词复数表泛指,指一切老 师; have a …… life 相当于 live /lead a……life 过一 种、、、 、、、样的生活 4.D. leave the city 个星期一,表泛指。 5.B. a large family 一个大家庭; the ability 此处表 泛指“与别人相处好的能力” others 其他人表泛 ; 指。 离开这座城市。a Monday 一

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6. have a gift for …有做、、 C. 、 的天赋, 相当于 have a talent for. 7.B. give sb. a ride 让某人搭车, 此处 ride 是可数名 词,表示“搭车” 。 8.D. the World Table Tennis Championship 是专有 名词,由普通名词构成的专有名词,一般前面 要加 the;with a score of ……比分是…… 9.B. a John Lennon 一个叫做 John Lennon 的人, 表泛指。 10. C leave school 毕业 11.A. go to the hotel 去旅店 ;a bed 此处表泛指, “一个地方” 12.C. the price 此处表特指, “原价” 。 13.B.此句的意思是:在讲英语的加拿大人和讲法 语的加拿大人之间的那种逐渐增长的分歧是 这个国家一个主要担心的问题。第一个空用 the 表特指;第二个空用 a 表泛指,泛指主要 是担心问题中的一个。

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14.A. leave college 大学毕业 15.C.the part 特指在工业革命避所起的作用;the Industrial Revolution 工业革命 16.A,make a discovery 有 了 一 个 发 现 ; man’s understanding of color 人类对于颜色的理解, 在物主代词, 名词所有格前, 一般不用加冠词, man 用单数形式,前面不加冠词,可以表示 “人类” 。 17B. a world of wonders 一个充满奇迹的世界; 第 二个空 a world 是前面的同位语,因此还依然 用 a 表泛指 18.D.第一个空填 an 表泛指类别。 “一个A字型的小 屋里”根据句意第二个句子应是对上文 an shaped house 起同位语的用,进一步解释说 明,所以还用 a 表泛指类别。 19.B. a large collection of … 一 个 较 大 的 收 集……books 用复数 此处表泛指。

20.B.saying a word ,此处 a word 指“一个字” ;the

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silence 表特指此时此刻的“沉默” 21.B. a time 表示一段时间, when 引导定语从句修 饰 a time. 22.D.have a better understanding of ……对、、、有 、、 一种更好的理解。 23.D. an hour 表示 “每小时”后一空中的 a 表示 ; “一 个” 24.B.句中 fire 为不可数名词,前面不用冠词,表示 类别;而 the red button 用于特指,区别于其他 的按纽。 25.B. on the telephone 为固定用法,而第二个空中 的 letters 表示类别; 26.C. airplane 为可数名词,an airplane 表示泛指, 而此处的 experience 表示“经历” ,为可数名词,an exciting experience 意为“一次刺激的经历” 27. C.当某些不可数抽象名词含义具体化,而被某些 修饰 词修饰时,前面 要加不定冠词。 如 a betty understanding of the passage , a good knowledge of

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English. 28.C.当序数词表示顺序时前面要回定冠词修饰;当 表示“又一;再一”时,前面用不定冠词修饰。 29.C 本题考查习惯用法, +the +身体的某个部位。 30.B.句意为“一种毛衣的保暖性取决于所用的羊毛 的种类” ,此处的 the sweater 不是表示特指,而是 表示种类;而第二个空中的 the sort of wool =the wool ,表示特指的某种。 结构为动词+sb+介词



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