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六年级英语上学期期末总复习(八) 一、听力 25% A. 听句子,选择与其内容相符的图片。10% 1.

A 1.____ __ 2.





2._______ 3.__________ 4.________ 5._______






1.____ __ 2._______ 3.__________ 4.________ 5._______ B. 选出与你所听到的内容不相符的选项。5% ( ) 1. Our teacher is washing the clothes. A B C ( ) 2. My grandpa enjoys farming. A B C ( ) 3. The old woman in the picture is Lucy’s aunt. A B C ( ) 4. Some of us like playing badminton. A B C ( ) 5. I don’t have breakfast at 7:00 in the morning. A B C C.听问题,选答语。5% ( ) 1. A. She can sing. B. She likes reading. C. No, she doesn’t. ( ( ( ( ) 2. A. I’d like a bike. B. Yes, I’d love to. ) 3. A. On Sep. 10th. ) 4. No, I can’t. ) 5. A. It’s warm. B. On Oct. 1st. B. Yes, I am. B. It’s hot. C. That’s OK. C. On Dec. 25th. C. No, I don’t. C. It’s cold.

D.听对话,判断下列句子的正误。(用 T 或 F 表示)5% ( ) 1. Tomorrow is Saturday. ( ( ( ( )2.Peter often goes and sees a film with my friends. )3.Kate usually has piano lessons on Saturdays. )4.Kate practices it at home. )5.We shouldn’t learn from Kate.

二、词汇 10% A.选词填空 5% A. for B. season C. Mary’s D. snows E. busy

( ( ( ( (

)1. Autumn is the third __________ of the year. It begins around September. )2. In winter, the weather is cold and it often __________. )3. The farmers are __________ harvesting. )4. Here are some cards )5. all of you.

birthday is on Oct. 20 th.

B.用所给词的适当形式填空:5% 1. He enjoys (listen) to the music. 2. --- Would you like OK. 3. Summer 4. Boys, write your 5. Summer is (come) after spring. (name) on the paper. (two) season of the year. (make) a snowman with me? ---

三、单项选择:20% ( )1.When autumn comes, the days get _____. A. longer and longer C. long and long ( B. shorter and shorter D. short and short

)2._____1st is the birthday of the Communist Party of China. A. June B.July C.August D.November

)3.Many children perform _____ Children’s Day. A.celebrating B. to celebrate C.celebrates D.celebrate

)4.Look! The students are _____ with their teachers. A.going camp C. go camping B. going camping D. going camp

)5.I’m going _____ a trip _____ my family. A. on, on B. on, with C. with, on D. with, with

)6.Welcome back _____. B. home C. to home D. to the home

)7.All of_____enjoy _____., watching B.we, watching C. us, to watch D. our,


) 8.Spring Festival is _____January _____ February. A. in, or, and C. on, or D. on, and

)9.There_____ a lot of pictures on the wall. A. be B. am C. is D. are

)10.The Easter holidays _____ a week long, A. is B. are C. be D. aren’t

)11.December is the_____ month of the year. A. twelve B. twelfth C.twelveth D. the twelfth


) 12.Here is _____invitation card for you. A. a B. an C. / D. the

( ( (

)13._____ beautiful season it is! A. How B.How a C. What a )14.__________you like Easter? D.What

A.Are B. Do C. Can D. Does )15.There isn’t _______water now. Would you like_______milk? A.some,some B any,some C some,any D any,any


)16.People eat turkeys on _____________. A Army Day B Easter C Thanksgiving Day D Christmas


)17.___________ the weather like in spring in our hometown? A How’s B What’s C What does D How does


)18.Happy New Year to you.---____________ A No,thanks. B.I hope so. C Thank you. D The same to you.


)19.Happy birthday to you. ______ A No,thanks B.I hope so C Thank you D The same to you


)20. A: Please come to my party. Here’s an invitation card for you. B: A. Welcome to my party. C. Thank you all the same. B. Don’t forget to come. D. Thank you very much.

四、看图完成句子:15% 1.

(15 个空,每空一词,一空 1 分)

1. Listen! The __________ is __________. I think he’s __________. 2. 2.What does he often do on Sundays?

He often goes and ________ ________ __________ on Sundays.

3. 3.Do you often help your mum to do the housework? Yes, I often __________ __________ __________. 4. 4 .How’s the __________ in summer? It’s very hot in summer. Sometimes there is __________ __________. 5. 5.When do you __________ __________?

At about7:00 in the morning.

6. 6 .Here’s a __________ __________ for you.


7 .Which is the fourth season? __________ is the fourth season.

五、补全对话:5% Lucy: 1 Jim: Yes, I do, but not very good at it. Lucy: Jim: Yes, I do. 2 3


Lucy: Can you play volleyball well? Jim: No, I can’t. But I like it very much. Lucy: 4

There is a volleyball match this afternoon. Jim: That’s great A. B. C. D. E. Let’s go to watch it together. I like it , too. I like all the ball games. Do you like swimming? Do you like playing basketball? 5







) 1.April is the fourth month of the year. Easter is in March or April. It is on a Sunday. For school children in America, the Easter holidays are a week long. During Easter, children get colourful Easter eggs.

( )2.February is the second month of the year. In China, Spring Festival is usually in January or February. Now people in China have a holiday. They go back home to celebrate the festival with their families ( )3.October is the tenth month of the year. China's National Day is on October 1st.Look,the children are celebrating National Day. ( )4.November is the eleventh month of the year. In America, Thanksgiving Day is on the 4th Thursday of November. In this picture, the family is celebrating Thanksgiving. ( )5.December is the twelfth and last month of the year.Christmas is on December 25th.Look!The children have presents from Santa Claus.
七、阅读理解:10% A. 课内阅读 5% Do you usually have lunch in school? Children in New Zealand bring their own lunch to school. They have small lunch boxes. Ben is in primary school in New Zealand. Let's look inside his lunch box. It is quite interesting. There is no hot food. Children in China have then lunch in school or at home .They usually have rice, vegetables, some pork or chicken in their school lunch. Children in England also have lunch in school. But some England Children bring their own lunch boxes to school. They often eat their lunch outside the classroom.

1.用 T, F 判断对错 ( ( ( )Children in England don’t have lunch at school. )Children in New Zealand have big lunch boxes. )Ben has a sandwich, a cereal bar, a cup of yogurt and popcorn.

2.首字母填空 Children in China have lunch in school or at h____. But some England Children often have their lunch o_______ the classrooms. 3.选择填空: ( )(1) Ben doesn’t have __________. A. a cup of tea ( B. an apple C. a cereal bar D. popcorn

)(2) Children in China have_________. A. ice cream B. milk C. cake D. rice



My name is Cathy. I often help my mother do the housework. Today is Sunday. My parents want to go to visit one of their friends in London. I stay at home by myself. I think I must do something for them, and they will be very happy when they come back. So I finish my homework first, then I begin to do the housework. I feed the dog and water the plants. By eleven o’clock I still need to make the bed and wash the clothes. There are also many other things to do. But I don’t worry, because I can finish all the things before five o’clock in the afternoon. ( )1. Does Cathy often help her mother do the housework? A. Yes. ( B. No. C. I don’t know. in London.

)2. Cathy’s parents want to see their friend on A. today B. Sunday C. Saturday

)3. First Cathy A. makes the bed

before doing housework. C. does her homework

B. finishes all the things

)4. How many things does Cathy do before eleven? A. Two B. Three C. Four

)5. She is a good girl at home, isn’t she? A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn’t. C. Sorry.

八、综合填空: 5% Today is Saturday. A lessons. Our teacher, M to the zoo with us. We get t How beautiful the z big lake in it. It’s s 5 7 1 2 4 of our classmates get to school early, but we have no Green also gets to school early. She is g at nine thirty. is! There are m 6 8 9 trees, flowers and a . Some of them are and oranges. We 3

now, it’s very hot. So the flowers are very beautiful.

There are lots of people there, too. We like to see m climbing up the trees. Some are having bananas, a have a good time. We go h 1. A 2. M 10 3. g

at three thirty in the afternoon. 4. t 5. z

6. m

7. s

8. m

9. a

10. h

九、书面表达:5% Key words: third, shorter, golden, busy, pick apples My favourite season My name is Peter .

一、听力 25% A. 听句子,选择与其内容相符的图片。10% 1. (D)I’d like a heart-shaped cake. (B)Here’s a new toy car for you. Please open the box and have a look. (C)The students make flowers and give them to their teachers to show their love. (A)Yang Ming likes collecting stamps. (E)I’ll get some ice cream for you. 2. (B )Miss Brown has breakfast at 6:30 in the morning. (D)After dinner my brother often plays the piano. (E) Lisa’s sister cleans the floor every day. (C)Look! She’s picking apples. (A)Uncle Wang is sweeping the snow. B. 选出与你所听到的内容不相符的选项。5% ( ) 1. Our teacher is washing the clothes. A B C ( ) 2. My grandpa enjoys farming. A B C ( ) 3. The old woman in the picture is Lucy’s aunt. A B C ( ) 4. Some of us like playing badminton. A B C ( ) 5. I don’t have breakfast at 7:00 in the morning. A B C C.听问题,选答语。5% ( ) 1.What’s your sister’s hobby? ( ) 2.Would you like to come to my birthday party? ( ) 3. When is China’s National Day? ( ) 4. Do you often run in the morning? ( ) 5. What’s the weather like in summer in Tianjin? D.听对话,判断下列句子的正误。(用 T 或 F 表示)5% Kate: Hi, Peter! Tomorrow is Saturday. What do you do on Saturdays? Peter: I often go and see a film with my parents. How about you? Kate: I usually have piano lessons. Peter: Is it difficult to play the piano? Kate: Yes. But Zhou Pei always help me. Peter: Does she play the piano on Saturday? Kate: Yes, she practices it at home. But sometimes she helps her mum to do the housework. Peter: Really? Kate: Sure. We should learn from her!



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