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高中英语必修二unit3 知识点+练习

必修 2 UNIT 3 1.common 形容词 a. 1. )普通的;常见的=general Smith is a very common last name in England. 在英国史密斯是很常见的姓。 2. )一般的,平常的 =average 3.) 共同的,共有的 [(+to)] Common interests bind us together. 共同的利益使我们结合在一起。 4. )公共的,公众的=public We must all work for the common good. 我们大家必须为公共的利益而工作。 commonly adv. 通常地;一般地 =generally have…in common (with) ( 和 …) 有 共 同 之 处 (a lot/much/plenty/a little/little) \ (something/everything/anything/ nothing) in common 共同;共有 in common with 和、 、 、一样 common knowledge 人所共知的事实 common sense 常识 辨析:common、 average、 ordinary 、usual common:指全体所共有,共同的特征,强调常见与普遍; ordinary :指种类普通,强调平淡、平庸、普遍的意义; average:指达到平均水平,不突出; usual : 指经常发生或意料中的事,既可指自然现象,也可指个人的习惯或做事的习惯。 2. provide 及物动词 vt. 1. )提供 sth. [(+for)] sb. = offer On Sundays his landlady provided dinner as well as breakfast. 星期天,他的女房东不但供给早餐,还供给晚餐。 2. )装备,供给[(+with)]= supply Somehow she managed to provide her children with food and clothing. 她总算设法使她的孩子有饭吃,有衣穿。 不及物动词 vi. 1. )抚养,赡养[(+for)] He tried to earn more money to provide for a large family. 他设法多挣钱以供养一个子女众多的家。 He has a large family to provide for. 他有一大家子人要养活。 2. )作准备;预防[(+for/against)] provided 连接词 conj. 以...为条件;假如 Provided (that) there is no opposition, we shall hold the meeting here. 假如无人反对,我们就在这里开会。 provide sb. with sth.=provide sth. for sb. 给人提供… 3.calculate vt. &vi. 1. )计算[+(that)] He calculated the costs very carefully. 他仔细计算开支。 2. )估计;预测;推测[+(that)] 3. )计划,打算;使适合(某种目的) [+to-v] His remark was calculated to hurt her. 他的话是故意要伤她的。 calculated 形容词 a. 预先计划的;可能的; 计算而得的;故意的 calculation n. calculator n.计算器 calculate on\upon 指望 We calculate on their cooperation. 我们指望着他们的合作。 4.create 及物动词 vt. 1. )创造;创作;设计 An artist should create beautiful things. 一个艺术家应该创造美丽的东西。 2. )创建;创设 3. )引起,产生 Tourism creates jobs. That would create a wrong impression. creative adj.有创造力的;启发想像力的 creature n. 生物;创造物 5. as a result 和 as a result of as a result 结果?(作状语)=consequently=in consequence *As a result, we stopped the discussion. *He slipped and broke his leg. As a result, he had to be away from school for a few months.

as a result of 由于?的结果(作状语) *He had to be away from school for a few months as a result of the broken leg. *As a result of the bad weather, a lot of accidents happened. 6.advantage 名词 n. 反义词:disadvantage 1. )有利条件,优点,优势[C] [(+over)] He had the advantage of a good education. 2. )利益,好处[C][U] =benefit What is the advantage of using nuclear power? take (full)advantage of (充分)利用=make (full)use of a. advantageous [,?dv?n'teid??s] 有利的;有助的;有益的 His decision is advantageous to us. advantageously adv. 7.analyze 及物动词 vt. 1. )分析 He analyzed the various factors. 2. )分解;解析 They analyzed the ore and found iron in it. analysis n. :[?'n?l?sis] 复数形式:analyses analytical adj.分析的 8.spoil 及物动词 vt. 1. )损坏;糟蹋;搞糟 The rain spoiled our picnic. 2. )宠坏,溺爱 They spoiled their child. spoiled adj.被宠坏的 9. 区别 in a way,in the way,on the/one’s way,by the way in a way 表示“在某中程度上,稍稍”。in the way 表示“阻碍”。 on the way 在途中。 by the way 表示“顺便说(问)”。 10. make up 1)弥补;补充(for) 2)化妆 3)构成 4)捏造;编制 Eg:It usually takes her one hour to make up every morning before she goes. Our association is made up of people from all walks of life.(各行各业的人) Don’t try to make up any excuse.不要瞎编了。 make an effort 努力做 make progress 取得进步 make a difference 有影响 make sense 有意义 11. .deal with =do with \handle 1).和…打交道 He deals fairly with all people. This person is difficult to deal with. 2).对付 I don’t know how to deal with these naughty boys. *I’ll deal with you when I get home from work. 3.)处理 *I have a lot of letters to deal with. *I don’t know how to deal with the problem. 4).和…做买卖/生意 *What shop do you deal with? *We have dealt with that firm for many years. 5).涉及,论述 *Botany deals with the study of plants. *This is a book which deals with finance. 12. consider A.认为 consider+宾语(to be)+宾补(n./adj.) *We consider him (to be) our devoted friend. *We considered his book (to be) a masterpiece. *Computer is considered (to be) the greatest invention in the 20th century. B.考虑 consider sth./doing sth./疑问词+to do *We are considering his plan. *We are considering moving to the countryside. *You have to consider what to do next. 13. solve 解决(problem, mystery, puzzle, difficulty, riddle) 找出解决问题的办法 *You must solve the problem first. *He helped me solve the math problem. *solve the riddle 猜谜 14.本单元必记词组、单词 watch over 看守;监视;照看 with the help of 在、 、 、的帮助下

go by 走过;走去;顺道拜访 \go on (时间、机会) follow the instructions of 根据、 、 、的指令 的逝去、过去 share 、 、 、with、 、 、和、 、 、分享、 、 、 as \with time goes by\on 随着时间的流逝\推移、 from then on 从那时起 after all 毕竟 come true 实现 单词: simple-mined 头脑简单的;笨的 technology 工艺;技术;科技 revolution 革命 universal 宇宙的;普遍的;通用的 artificial 人造的;假的 intelligence –intelligent 智力;聪明;智能 material 材料;原料 personally 亲自地;就本人而论 coach 教练 15.语法: 一 . 结构:现在完成时被动语态的结构就是 现在完成时态和被动语态结构的叠合, 即“ have + been + 动词过去分词” 。 二 . 用法:现在完成时被动语态结构常用于以下两种情况: ( 1 )主谓关系被动,而且谓语动作从过去一直延续到现在; ( 2 )主谓关系被动,而且谓语动作发生在过去,但已对现在造成影响或结果。 三 . 现在完成时主动句和被动句之间的转换:如果要将现在完成时的主动句转换成被动 句,则要把其宾语变为主语,谓语动词变为被动结构,主语变为由介词引导的状语或直接 将其省略;反之,如果要把被动句变为主动句,则恢复其原来的主语,谓语动词套用主动 结构。 一)单词拼写 1.We have a lot in c________, so we often have a lot to talk about. 2.Many of the students take their c_________ into the classroom to help them do some maths work, which is not p referred by the teachers. 3.Once he was considered to be s__________, for he couldn’t work out the simplest numbers. 4. Robots can also be called a________ i____________. 5. Everything has it's a_________ and d___________. 6. A good c_______ when facing difficulties is to stay calm. 7. P________, I d________ with you on your plan. 8. I need some m________ to make a dress. 9. Once he was the c_______ of our football team. 10.It's dangerous for a young lady w________ in the street late at night. 11. would you please find a m_______ to sweep the floor? It’s too dirty. 12.Use your b_______, and you will have a way. 二)选择填空 1. Though he had often made his little sister_____, today he was made _____ by his little sister. A. cry; to cry B. crying; crying. C. cry; cry D. to cry;cry 2. The surface of the table _____________. A. feels soft; B. feels softly; C. is felt soft; D. is felt softly. 3. __________ that Marie was able to set up new branches elsewhere. A. So successful her business was; B. So successful was her business. C. So her business was successful; D. So has her successful business. 4. As time__________, she became more and more anxious about her son’s safety. A. passing. B. going by. C. passed. D. goes by. 5. ----How many elephants have you seen? ----- ____________. A. No one. B. None. C. Not many ones. D. Not many. 6. _______ many old people, he likes this kind of dance. A. Instead of . B. In spite of. C. In common with . D. Instead.

7. There was _______ time ______ I hated to go to school. A. a; that; B. a; when. C. the; that. D. the; when. 8. Last summer I took a course on _______ poisonous gases. A. how to deal with B. what to deal with C. how to be deal with D. what to be deal with; 9. Three years _________ without our knowing it. A. went by; B. passes by; C. went on D. passed on; 10. Great changes__________ in the city, and a lot of factories ___________. A. have been taken place; have been set up; B. have taken place; have been set up; C. have taken place; have s et up; D. were taken place; were set up; 11 ----Why does Mary look so unhappy? -----She has________ by her classmates. A. laughed; B. laughed at C. been laughed; D. been laughed at 12. Both my brothers work at the power station that _______ in 1996. A. has set up; B. has been set up; C. was set up; D. is set up. 13. A library with five thorsand books _______ to the nation as a gift. A. has been offered B. has offered; C. are offered; D. have offered; 14. The poor man had no choice but __________ his wife the truth. A. to telling; B. tell; C. to tell; D. told; 15. -----I think he is taking an active part in social work. -----I agree with you ________. A. in a way; B. on the way; C. by the way; D. in the way; 16. I don’t like the way _________ you laughed at her. A. which B. that; C. in that; D. what; 17. I’d like to buy a house------modern, comfortable, and _______ in a quiet neighborhood. A. in all; B. above all; C. after all; D. at all; 18 I’ll never forget Mr Smith, _______ help we had made great progress. A. with his B. with whose C. his D. who; 19. You must not play near the house today; you’ll get _______ of the workers; A. in this way; B. in the way; C. on the way; D. by the way; 20. -----I’m afraid Mr. Wood can’ t see you until 4 o’clock;------Oh, ______ I won’t wait. A. no doubt; B. after all; that case; D. in this way; 21 The audience was ______ very young children. A. made of B made from; C. made in D made up of . 22. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is _________ I disagree. A. why; B. where; C. what; D. how; 三)请根据中文意思完成下列句子。 1. 在我看来,这食物不够。_____ ______ ________, the food is not enough. 2. 昨天他参加了智力考试。 Yesterday, he took an i________________ test. 3.他不知道该怎么对付他那顽皮的儿子。 He don’t know how to ______ ________ his naughty son. 4.你的胃痛并不令人惊奇,毕竟你吃得太多了。 It’s not surprising you’ve got stomachache. _____ ______ you have eaten too much. 5.他们彼此毫无共同点。 They have nothing in ________ with one another. 6.在我电脑的帮助下我可以及时完成的我工作。 ______ _____ ______ my computer, I could finish my job in time. 7.在某种程度上,你所说的有道理。___ ___ ____, what you said is reasonable.


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