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高中英语 Module 5 Newspapers and Magazines Section 3 Grammar课时作业 外研版必修2

Module 5

Newspapers and Magazines Grammar

Section Ⅲ

1.One Friday,we were packing to leave for a weekend away________my daughter heard cries for help. 答案: when 2.________he has grown up,you should not tell him what he should do. 答案: Now that 3.It’ll be many years________the situation improves. 答案: before 4 . The head of the company promised to deal with matters of this sort ________moment he returned to his office. 答案: the 5.Hardly had we left the house________it began to rain. 答案: when 6.I had to buy all these books________I didn’t know which one suits my son. 答案: as 7.He had no sooner finished his speech________the students started cheering. 答案: than 8.—Is Mr Smith in the office? —Yes,________he is in charge of the office,he must be there. 答案: since 9.The native told us that we should follow the main road______we reached the railway station. 答案: until/before 10.It was________she caught a bad cold that she didn’t go to school. 答案: because Ⅱ.选词填空 as,as soon as,because,before,now that,since,when,while 1.I’ll go on with the work______________I come back tomorrow. 答案: when 2.It will not be long________you become an excellent reporter. 答案: before


3.________you like the car so much,why not drive it back? 答案: Now that/Since 4.Tom picked up French________he was in France. 答案: while 5.He didn’t follow his father’s advice on working in his hometown________he had made his decision to go abroad. 答案: because 6.________it was a public holiday,all the shops were shut. 答案: As 7.We were watching an interesting TV program________suddenly the electricity went off. 答案: when 8 . Lucy was so pleased________her son won first place in the long jump competition. 答案: when 9.I will tell her the good news________she comes back tomorrow. 答案: as soon as/when 10.________we were studying abroad,we learned much about foreign culture and customs. 答案: While Ⅲ.完成句子 1.I’ll tell him the news__________________(我一到那里). 答案: as soon as/the moment I arrive there 2.________________(既然大家都在这里),let’s begin our meeting. 答案: Since everyone is here 3.__________________(这是因为) new industries often need a large amount of water when they are beginning. 答案: This is because 4 . You shall use my bike on condition that you give it back to me__________________________(我离开这里之前). 答案: before I leave here 5.I was reading__________________________(当他进来时). 答案: when he came in Ⅳ.阅读理解

A When choosing a laptop computer online,you should first consider what kind of laptop you need based on what you’ll be using it for. Frequent business travel If your laptop is always brought along as you travel for work,weight and size will likely be your major concern.The size of the screen is also important.Battery life needs to be above normal as well.Finally,reliability and performance (可靠 性和性能) are also important. Look for a laptop that has a 13?inch monitor and is around five to six pounds.Battery life should be around 3 to 4 hours.Dell and IBM are attractive sellers with strong reputations (信誉) among the business community. Home desktop replacement Home desktop replacement laptops are meant to do almost everything that a powerful desktop computer can do,which means these kinds of laptops are generally big and heavy.A large bright screen is important to watch movies , videos and pictures.Make sure there is plenty of RAM and hard drive memory.Battery life doesn’t matter as much since it will usually be plugged in. Look for laptops with bright 17?inch monitors,3 to 4 GB RAM.HP and Gateway have excellent selections of desktop replacements. Cheap laptop If the price is your main consideration , and you use it only for Internet browsing, email, light office applications (应用) and some light multimedia, you’ll find plenty of laptops from $500 to $600 that fit your needs. Where to buy Dell should be your first destination.The everyday low prices have made it one of the top computer companies in the world.Other online stores frequently have great deals.Newegg, and Amazon tend to be most well?known.For the more adventurous ones,try eBay or eCost.Remember to check the reviews and the reputations of the sellers. 语篇解读 随着网络的逐渐普及, 网上购物也变得越来越流行。 本文告诉了读者如何在 网上购买笔记本电脑,各种笔记本电脑的介绍,在购买的过程中需要注意的事项。 1 . When you buy a laptop computer , the first thing you should think about is________. A.price B.purpose



解析: 细节理解题。根据第一段第一句 When choosing a laptop computer online, you should first consider what kind of laptop you need based on what you’ll be using it for.可知网上购买笔记本电脑时首先考虑的因素应该是笔记本电脑的用途。 答案: B 2. If you often travel with your laptop for work, you should consider the following factors________. a.weight b.the size of the screen c.the battery life d.RAM e.the hard drive A.bcd C.bce B.cde

解析: 细节理解题。根据第二段内容可知 a,b,c 三项都是考虑的因素,而 d 是购买 时考虑的因素。 答案: D 3.Which of the following laptops are mentioned for home desktop replacement? A.Dell and IBM. C.HP and Gateway. B.Dell and HP. D.IBM and Gateway.

解析: 细节理解题。根据第五段第二句 HP and Gateway have excellent selections of desktop replacements.可知作者推荐的 Home deaktop replacement 两个品牌是 HP and Gateway,故选 C。 答案: C 4.Which of the following can be the best title for the passage? A.How to buy a laptop online B.Where to buy a laptop C.When to buy a cheap laptop D.Whether to buy a laptop online 解析: 主旨大意题。根据整篇文章内容,可知作者主要讲述了网上购买电脑的考虑因 素,以及一些著名的电脑品牌,还有一些知名的网店,所以概括文章的意思应是如何网上购 买笔记本电脑,故最佳标题应选 A。B,C 概括的太片面,D 文中没有涉及到。 答案: A B

L. A.Youth was created on Jan.13,1988.At 3: 30 that afternoon teacher Donna Myrow
got 15 teens together around her kitchen table.They discussed the idea of publishing a new newspaper written by teens.

L . A.Youth printed two issues ( 期) that first year, with 2,500 copies each
time.The response from teens , teachers and parents went beyond our wildest expectations.Copies sold faster than we could print them.Letters poured in from readers who told us how reading L.A.Youth had helped them solve personal problems and opened their eyes to new ideas. Then L.A.Youth grew and grew.In 1999,it began publishing six issues a year and started its website.By 2002,L.A.Youth had a readership of 350,000,making it the largest teen newspaper in the United States.L.A.Youth was distributed (分发) for free to teachers,youth programs and all libraries.The paper was also sent to students in China, France and Africa.None of that would have been possible of course

without the teen writers and photographers who produced the amazing work that touched millions of lives.What started with 15 students became a staff of nearly 100 active students by 2005. Our students displayed courage, humor and wisdom when writing their articles.The hard work of our teen writers always paid off in great stories and awards.From 2002 to 2005 eight L.A.Youth students were recognized at the Los Angeles Times High School Journalism Awards.And their great stories on our newspaper were reprinted in the

Los Angeles Times and The New York Times Up front Magazine among many others. L.A.Youth was a non-profit (非营利机构).Money came from donations.More than
5,000 groups and persons supported L.A.Youth.Sadly,hard financial times beginning around 2007 hurt us.We got fewer donations,and the country’s difficult financial situation took_a_toll_on L.A.Youth.In January 2013,L.A.Youth decided to close. While L.A.Youth may no longer be publishing new issues,our stories are still available online here today.You can use the search box to explore our stories. 语篇解读 本文是说明文。 文章主要介绍了美国著名青少年报纸 L.A.Youth。 遗憾的是, 该报因经济危机已被迫停刊。 5.Paragraph 3 is mainly about________. A.the creation of L.A.Youth B.the challenges of L.A.Youth C.the bright future of L.A.Youth D.the rapid development of L.A.Youth 解析: 段落大意题。根据第三段的时间 In 1999,By 2002 和 by 2005 可知,L.A.Youth 在创刊十几年后读者达到了 35 万,一跃成为美国最大的青少年报纸,作者队伍也从最初的 15 人扩大到 100 人。由此可知,本段主要介绍了 L.A.Youth 的飞速发展历程。

答案: D 6.What kind of feeling is expressed in Paragraph 4? A.Pride. C.Sadness. B.Pity. D.Worry.

解析: 推理判断题。第四段描写了 L.A.Youth 的青年作者获得的各种荣誉和认可。这 一段的 in great stories and awards 等词语表达了作者对他们的自豪感。 答案: A 7 . The underlined phrase “took a toll on” in Paragraph 5 probably means“________”. A.took control of B.had a very bad effect on C.relied heavily on D.played an important part in 解析: 词义猜测题。 由倒数第二段的“Sadly, hard financial times beginning around 2007 hurt us.We got fewer donations”以及“decided to close”可知,美国困难的经 济状况给 L.A.Youth 带来了非常不利的影响。 答案: B 8.We can learn from the text that L.A.Youth________. A.helped broaden teens’mind B.closed its website in 2013 as well C.made good money in its 25?year operation D.was handed out to worldwide students for free 解析: 细节理解题。根据第二段的“opened their eyes to new ideas”可知,

L.A.Youth 帮助青少年拓宽了视野。
答案: A



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