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2017届湖南省益阳市高三上学期9月调研考试 英语(图片版)










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益阳市2017 届高三9 月调研考试

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1-5 BABCC 6-10 ABBCC 11-15 CBCBA 16-20 CBBCA 21-23ACB 24-27 CDAB 28-31 CDAB 32-35 BCDC 36-40 FGCBD 41-45 CBADC 46-50 CBBDA 51-55 CDABC 56-60 ABDDB 61. beneficial 62. has shown 63. less 64. to reduce 65. breaths 66. apology 67. who/ that 68. a 69. accepting 70. from 短文改错
Last winter, I went skiing in Switzerland. One day, I was skiing down a mountain while I saw a girl when aged about 15 who had fallen. She was clearly hurt, crying and trying∧get up, and she couldn’t. So I flagged to but down someone to get the ski patrol and stayed with her, talking about her. It was getting extreme cold. About half with/ to extremely an hour late, the ski patrol showed up and took him down the mountain. I stayed with her because she was so later her scaring. She kept saying, “I think there might be something wrong.” I said, “I’ll make sure of that you get the care scared 去掉 you need.” Finally the ambulance come and took her to the nearest hospital. I was very happy that day because my came presence and assistance were significant to someone in need.

书面表达:参考范文 The city library is recruiting (招募) volunteers among high school students who are supposed to work on weekends. Those who take an interest are expected to be patient, enthusiastic and responsible high school students in our city. It is required that you should spend at least two hours every weekend working in the library. Tasks for a volunteer include sorting out books, helping readers to borrow or return books and doing some cleaning work. It is also your duty to remind readers to keep quiet in reading rooms and put books in place after reading. If you’d like to join us, you’d better fill in the application form online and email it to before next Saturday. The application form can be downloaded from the library website. We are looking forward to your participation.

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