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DIY Tour VS Group Tour

DIY Tour VS Group Tour A DIY Tour is a type of traveling in which you are the only one who decides everything. You can do whatever you want according to your personal wishes , including time choosing, destination selection, hotels you’d like to stay, transportation you want to take, or even the partners you’d like to have. DIY tour is becoming a fashion in the recent years. A Group Tour is another type of travelling which calls for the comprehensive arrangement of a travel agency. You first pay, then travel. All the factors you need to consider will have been considered by your travel agency. Your job is to “finish” your trip according to the scheduled route. You are supposed to have a tour escort, a local guide, a scenic-spot guide and maybe a national guide interpreter if it’s an outbound trip. The tour group may be a small one with 5 to 10 people and it may also be a larger one with 20

to 30 tourists. DIY Tour is different from Group Tour in many aspects. Both types have their unique superiorities and their own shortcomings as well. Below, I’d like to analyse the differences in the round. There is nothing better than a DIY tour for a person crazy for freedom. With your family, a couple of old friends, your lover or all alone, you start a wonderful relaxing journey. The most attracting thing of a DIY tour is that you can do whatever you’d like to do with nobody being your alarm around you all the time. You can adjust and readjust your travelling plan as long as you’re pleased to. Next, there are plenty of time you can dominate, so there’s no rush at all. Thus, you don’t’ have to be that tired or pitifully miss wonderful scenery. Most importantly, a DIY tour gives you a chance to escape from the daily affairs and spend time with people you love. You may get the chance and strengthen the relationship between you

and promote understanding between each other. What’s more, in a comparatively free environment, you can always discover something beyond your expectation which will be called the surprises during a tour. Unluckily, there are unpleasant things about a DIY tour, too. Dangers come along with adventures. If you’re not familiar with a place, you have to work on it and make sure your trip will be a safe one. It’s never a pleasant thing to get robbed or stolen during a journey. The other is that you may be cheated at any circumstance during a DIY trip. So I’d like to suggest that a DIY tour is more suitable for a “donkey friend” with some travelling experience. Similarly, group tour has its own advantages. First, more convenience exists in a group tour. You don’t need to worry about the arrangement of the trip at all. You successfully get away from looking up the map and rack

your brains on where to go next. At the same time, questions like where to eat, where to shop, where to rest will never appear to bother you. Second, it’s sometimes more money-saving, especially when it comes to buying the tickets. It’s a common sense that a group ticket is much cheaper than a single one. What’s more, if your tour group has rented a tour bus, then it will save you another amount of money. Third, you are likely to have lots of fun with your group. You may get to know new friends and enjoy yourself through harmonious talks with new friends. However, disadvantages do exist. The first thing unbearable is that your freedom no longer exists when you’re involved in a group tour. All your actions must be in accordance with the group. And, once the trip route is settled, it’s going to change for nobody even if you incidentally “discovered” a lovely place that you’ll die if you are not able to stay there for a longer time. And, you’ll be in a rush all

the time .Afterwards it comes another defect about group tour. Sometimes a bad group tour can be call “a group shopping” in my opinion. This factor is usually the key factor of whether people will choose the trip, for the purpose of the tourists is touring, not shopping. It will become more abominable if the guide lead the tourists to a shopping spot where they will be cheated but at the same time he or she will get high rate of payoff .Lastly, you will never get to know a place in depth when you are with a tour group. To sum up, this is not to say that you must choose one type and abandon the other one. What I want to stress is that you ought to select the tour type which suits you best. Whatever your choice is, preparation is essential .If group tour is your choice, then you’re supposed to compare the many travel agencies carefully and ultimately choose one provide the best service with a comparatively

reasonable expense. Additionally, it’s better if your travel agency is a concatenate one with good credit. Or maybe a DIY tour is appealing for you. Then the details about transportation, room and board and the affairs about travel route must all be checked out. Whatever, be sure to take the daily necessaries and essential medicine with you and remember to wear a pair of comfortable shoes! Winter holiday is near the corner. Let’s get start and enjoy ourselves in the wonderful sceneries! Wait, a DIY tour or a Group tour?

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