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过去分词作定语 [例句展示] 仔细观察下列句子中的过去分词的用法。 1. The recovered animals will be released soon. 2. We needed much more qualified workers. 3. Paper cuts used for religious purposes are often found in temples. 4. He is a teacher loved by his students. 5. The student dressed in white is my daughter. = The student who is dressed in white is my daughter. [自我归纳] 1. 过去分词作定语时,表示的动作在______之前发生,已经完成并具有_____意 义(见句 1) 。此时,作定语的过去分词一般是由_____动词变来的,因为只有此 类动词才有被动意义。 2. 单个的过去分词作定语一般放在被修饰的名词_____(见句 1、句 2) 。_____ 作定语要放在被修饰的名词后面,作后置定语,表示被动或完成,其作用相当于 一个______(见句 3、句 4、句 5) 。 [拓展] 1. 不及物动词的过去分词也可作定语,一般作前置定语,不表示被动意义,只 强调动作完成。如:fallen leaves 落叶;retired workers 退休工人;the risen sun 升 起的太阳。 2. 如果被修饰的词是由 every / some / any / no + thing / body / one 所构成的复合 代词或指示代词 those 或 these 等时,即使是单一的过去分词作定语,也要放在 被修饰词的后面。如: There is nothing changed here since I left this town. 3. 过去分词短语有时还可用作非限制性定语,相当于一个非限制性定语从句, 前后用逗号分开。如: Some of them, born and brought up in rural villages, had never seen a train. [辨析] 过去分词与动词-ing 形式作定语时的区别: 动词-ing 形式作定语时与所修饰的名词之间是主动关系,表示动作正在进行;而

过去分词作定语时,则表示被动或完成意义。如: Mr Smith, tired of the boring speech, started to read a novel. The prize of the game show is $30,000 and an all expenses paid vacation to China. 过去分词作表语 [例句展示] 仔细观察下列句子中的过去分词的用法。 1. The street is lined with small shops. 2. Tom was astonished to see his father. [自我归纳] 过去分词作表语时, 与谓语动词构成_____结构, 表示主语的性质、 特征和_____。 [辨析] 1. 过去分词作表语时与被动语态的区别:过去分词作表语,主要表示主语的状 态和特征,而被动语态则表示动作。如: The cup was broken by my little sister yesterday. The library is now closed. 2. 过去分词作表语与动词-ing 形式作表语的区别:过去分词作表语表示被动或 完成,动词-ing 形式作表语表示主动或进行。如: She was embarrassed because she didn’t know the answer. Today’s meeting was boring. 3. 有些动词如 interest, worry, surprise, frighten 等通常用其过去分词形式来说明人 的情况,用动词-ing 形式来说明物的情况。如: The book is interesting and I’m interested in it. [强化训练] 从 A、B、C、D 中选出最佳选项。 1. The murderer was brought in, with his hands ______ behind his back. A. being tied B. having tied C. to be tied D. tied

2. The Emperor’s New Clothes is an ______ text. All of us are ______ about it. A. exciting; exciting B. excited; excited C. excited; exciting D. exciting; excited 3. With ______ leaves ______ in the earth every year, the soil becomes richer and richer. A. falling; burying B. fallen; buried C. fallen; burying D. falling; buried

4. —I’m very ______ with the dish I cooked. It looks nice and smells delicious.

—Mm. It does have a ______ smell. A. pleasant; pleased B. pleased; pleased C. pleasant; pleasant 5. I have read plenty of books ______ by Lu Xun. A. written B. wrote C. writes D. writing D. pleased; pleasant

6. His nephew, ______ at sea when he was fifteen, had been his only relative. A. losing B. loses C. lost D. being lost

7. They had beef and ______ for supper. A. smoking fish B. fish smoking C. fish to smoke D. smoked fish

8. She asked if there was anything _______ for tonight. A. to plan B. planned C. that plans D. planning

过去分词作定语: [自我归纳] 1. 谓语动作;被动;及物 2. 之前;过去分词短语;定语从句 过去分词作表语: [自我归纳] 系表;状态 [强化训练] 1-4 DDBD 5-8 ACDB



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