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选修八 Unit3 Inventors and inventions reading_图文

Unit 3

Are these inventions Important inventions also indiscoveries? the 20th century

An invention is something that created by human beings. A discovery is finding out something already existing in nature but not yet known.


lead to are based on


What inventions can you think of?


The Problem of the Snakes

Skimming for general idea

Para 1 Para 2-3 Para 4-6 Para 7-8

Main idea of each part
Find the problem of the snakes. Do some research and think of a solution. Test the solution for several times. Apply for a patent.

A. Do some research and think organized of a solution. How is the information (组织)? B. Apply for a patent. C. TestThe the solution times. birth for ofseveral an invention D. Find the problem of the snakes.

Main idea
The text narrates about the the snakes and problem of __________ presents the _________ procedures of catching them and applying for a patent _______.

Part1: find the problem
Listen to the tape and answer the questions.

1.What was the problem? A family of snakes had made their home near the house. 2.Why the author felt very proud? The reason is that he can get
distinguish myself a chance to ________________
merciful by inventing some __________

things to catch snakes.

Part2:do some research & think of a solution
Listen to the tape and finish the following exercise. (para2,3)

Want to drive me away? No way!

T or F
1. The author could find productsdesigned to help him onlymany find powders __catch to killthe thesnakes. snakes. 2. The author researched the houses habits of the snakes. 3. The author decided on three possible approaches _ _ _ and used the third one at last.

What is the third approach?
The third approach is to _______ cooling the snakes so that they would become _______ sleepy and could be easily caught.

release them ___________ into the wild
(the next day)

Buy a bowl

freeze the bowl in a fridge
(24 hours later)

collect the snakes with _____ a net _______ remove the bucket and the bowl
(a night later)

place the bowl ________ over the ______________with icesnakes’ habitat cubes on the top

cover the bowl with _________ a bucket

Part4: apply for a patent
1. Which statement is true according to the text? A. One discovery can get a patent too. B. You can be a truly inventor even if you don't have a recognition. C. Your product must be different from everybody else's if you _ _ want to receive a patent. D. A patent will be published 17 months from the date you apply. 2. According to the text, which subject do you think can be given _ a patent? A. A new star discovered by a scientist. B. A new novel written by Yao Ming. C. A new kind of grass found in a mountain which can be used ____as a medicine. D. A new way to make dirty water clean.

paragraph Stages Find a problem Examples in this story The snake must be ________but not______
Look for ________ of removal; the habits of snakes Identify _______ possible approaches: choose______ Try_____ times to make it work efficently Fill in the form and filed patent application with the Paten Office

1 2 3 4,5 6

The birth of an invention

Do research

Think of a creative solution

Test the solution for several times Apply for a patent


paragraph Stages Find a 1 problem 2


Examples in this story The snake must be removed ________but harmed not_______ methods of Do research Look for ________ removal; the habits of snakes three Think of a Identify _______ creative possible approaches: one solution choose______.

4,5, 6

three times to make Test the Try_____ solution for it work effciently several times
Apply for a patent


Fill in the form and filed patent application with the Paten Office

What good qualities should an inventor have?
creative curious patient imaginative hard-working adventurous challengeable

Work with your group members to discuss the following question, and express your idea out.

If you were an inventor, what kind of thing do you wang to invent? why?

1.Read the passage again and

review the new words and

2. 发挥想象,连词成文。
call up, expectation, valid, seize, now and then, criterion, set about, distinguish, caution, convenient.

If you wish to succeed, you should use persistence as your good friend, experience as your reference, prudence as your brother and hope as your sentry. ---Thomas Alva Edison

如果你希望成功,当以恒心为良友,以 经验为参谋,以谨慎为兄弟,以希望为


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