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虹口区 2015--16 学年度第一学期初三质量调研 英语试卷

B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear 7. A) Basketball. B) Tennis. C) Skating. D) Swimming. 8. A) 9:00. B) 9:05. C) 9:25. D) 9:30. 9. A) In the classroom. B) In the pocket. C) In the reading room. D) On the playground. 10. A) Programs. B) Food. C) Bees. D) Languages. 11. A) Canada. B) Britain. C) Australia. D) New Zealand. 12. A) Because he was very upset. B) Because he didn't work hard. C) Because he was badly ill. D) Because he was very careless. 13. A) They're traveling by plane. B) The man has an easy job. C) The woman enjoys the trip. D) The man likes his job. 14. A) They'd better not go for a walk. B) Going for a walk is a great idea. C) It's not good going for a walk in the rain. D) They will go for a walk in half an hour. C. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false 15. Dick was seven and he was two years older than his sister Catherine. 16. Mrs Green took Catherine to the big city to buy some new beautiful clothes. 17. Dick's aunt Mrs Black took him into the kitchen to eat a nice cake together. 18. Dick's aunt gave him a small knife and asked him to cut the cake in half.

19. In fact, Dick's aunt meant to let his sister Catherine eat the bigger piece. 20. Dick took the cake to his sister because he really wanted to be a gentleman. D. Listen to the dialogue and complete the following sentences 21. Water is called liquid gold because it's _____ _____ and water resources are limited. 22. There's _____ _____ salty water in the sea, but we can neither drink nor take a shower with it. 23. Floods are powerful and harmful and they can cause _____ _____ in economy. 24. People who _____ _____ an earthquake or a flood may have nowhere to live. 25. People donate (捐赠)money, food, water and medicine to _____ _____ through the Red Cross

Part 2 Phonetics, Grammar and Vocabulary
II. Choose the best answer 26. Which of the following words is pronounced/sed/? A) seed B) sad C) said D) side 27. Nowadays many young people would rather go on _______ diet to lose weight. A) a B) the C) / D) an 28. We are very happy to learn that Mr Lee will teach_______ Maths this term. A) we B) our C) us D) ourselves 29. Hurry up, Christopher! The train is leaving _______ less than ten minutes. A) at B) in C) for D) of 30. I can't find many _______ about air pollution in our school library. A) books B) information C) report D) news 31. My family are going to have a party to celebrate my grandpa's_______ birthday. A) ninety B) nineties C) ninetieth D) ninetieths 32.Though I ordered several items of clothing online on Taobao four days ago, _______has arrived. A) none B) neither C) both , D) either 33. All the pins that our class teacher has collected really look_______ A) rarely B) gently C) beautifully D) lovely 34. I had invited everybody, _______ only three people came to my party. A) or B) but C) so D) for 35. As I have something to tell him, I will wait _______ he comes back. A) until B) as soon as C) when D) after 36. _______ nice day! Let's go for a picnic in the forest park together, shall we? A) What B) What a C) How D) How a 37. Don't talk to the elderly like that, John. We _______ respect and be kind to them. A) can B) may C) need D) should 38. This car is environment-friendly because its engine _______ by electricity. A) is driven B) are driven C) drive D) drives 39. -- Is your father at home? -- No. He _______ to Beijing on business. A) goes B) had gone C) went D) has gone 40.Minions(小黄人) _______ pretty popular since the film "Despicable Me" was shown. A) become B) will become C) have become D) are becoming 41. Our monitor has made up his mind _______ a basketball match after the final exam. A) organizing B) organize C) organized D) to organize 42. In order to act in the film "Black Swan", Natalie Portman practiced_______ for a long time. A) dance B) danced C) dancing D) to dance 43. -- _______ does this new camera belong to?--- Perhaps it's David's. A) What B) Who C) How D) Whose 44. --You'd better not stay up too late. It's not good for your health.-- _______ A) Thank you all the same. B) I'll take your advice. C) Of course not. D) It doesn't matter.

45. -- How do you like your trip to Australia, Jenny ? --_______ A) It's my pleasure. B) The same to you. C) Yes, I'd love to. D) It's wonderful. III. Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each word can only be used once A. theatres B. hardly C. collections D. more E. networks Every year, more than nine million people all over the world come to visit London. They go to the museums and 46 , they look at interesting old buildings or have a drink in a park. Two million visitors go to the Tower of London. One million 47 go to see St Paul's Cathedral or go to Oxford Street to look at shops. A quick and easy way to get to different places in the city is to take an underground train. The London underground is one of the best and most widely used transport 48 in the world with around 24 million journeys made each day. The trains run all day and most of the night. Buy your ticket before you get on the train. It's better not to make your journey between eight o'clock and ten o'clock in the morning, or four o'clock and six o'clock in the evening. The trains are so crowded that you can 49 move or find a place to sit. A. cancel B. simplest C. predict D. are called E. special London's famous red buses form a big part of getting around in London. Although the London underground is the fastest and for newcomers the 50 way of getting around London, the buses play their part and are an experience you should try at least once on your visit. Unlike the London underground, seated on the top deck of the bus, you get a great sightseeing experience of London as well. Some 51 visitors' buses take you to many of the interesting places in the city on one journey It takes about one and a half hours, but you can 52 your journey and get off (and on again) at the different places you want to visit. London taxis 53 "black cabs". Most of them are black, but some are not. You can stop one if it has a "For Hire" sign on it. The drivers are friendly and helpful. In a word, London is a big and beautiful city with lots to see and to do. IV. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms 54. Tom, could you please lend me your mobile phone? I've lost _______ . (I) 55. English textbooks and _______are on sale everywhere. (dictionary) 56. Rina explained to me that she took the job for_______reasons. (variety). 57. The average _______ of the boy students in our class is 1.67m. (high) 58. President Xi Jinping made a_______at the 2015 World Internet Conference. (speak) 59. The scientist desires to _______like Tu Youyou in the future. (success) 60. The rooms were awful and the food was even_______ in this hotel. (bad) 61. Going away to college has made my sister much more _______. (depend) V. Complete the following sentences as required 62. The girl does her homework at the weekend. (否定句) The girl _______ _______her homework at the weekend. 63. My parents and I go to the cinema once a month. (划线提问) _______ _______ do your parents and you go to the cinema? 64. Our English teacher likes black coffee better than green tea. (保持句意) Our English teacher______ black coffee______ green tea. 65. The speaker spoke loudly. All the audience could hear him. (合并一句) The speaker spoke loudly _______ _______ all the audience could hear him. 66. "Will you visit Mr. Read next week?" Tom asked Mary. (宾语从句) Tom asked Mary ______ she ______ visit Mr. Read the next week. 67. Our teacher warned us not to touch the chemicals in the lab. (被动语态) We _______ _______ not to touch the chemicals in the lab. 68. his car, Mr. Lee, on foot, instead of, often, goes to the office, driving (连词成句) _____________________________________________________________

Part 3 Reading and Writing VI. Reading comprehension A. Choose the best answer ABOUT INTERNET HOAXES MORE INFO CONTACT US

The Internet is full of false information. It is important for us all to avoid being fooled by such information. Here are three examples of Internet hoaxes. On his website, a man by the name of Tony has asked for gifts of money to save the life of a pretty little rabbit named Toby that he rescued from under his house. A cat must have attacked the rabbit, the man claimed, so he took it in. He gave Toby loving care and nursed him back to health. There is a very cruel point, however. If the greedy man doesn't receive enough money, he will eat poor little Toby. (Don't worry, though. Remember, it's just a hoax!) While the streets of New Orleans, the USA, were still flooded after a terrible hurricane(飓风), a frightening e-mail was sent around the Internet. It included a photograph of a large crocodile over five meters long. According to the message, it had been swimming around the flooded city eating people. It was later discovered that the photographs of the crocodile were of one that was caught in the Congo(刚果) years before. The following e-Mail hoax takes in many people. It claims that a large British company will pay you to send their e-mail to as many people as possible. For every person that you send the e-mail to, it promises you will receive $5.00; for every person that you send it to that sends it to someone else, you'll get $3.00; and for every third person that receives it, you will be paid $1.00. To make it even more believable, the sender says that at first he thought it was a hoax, but the company soon sent him $800.00. 69. The underlined word "hoaxes" means ______ A) games B) websites C) lies D) stories 70. Toby is the name of a ______ A) man B) rabbit C) website D) cat 71. The crocodile in the photograph actually lived in______ A) New Orleans B) the USA C) Britain D) the Congo 72. Some people believe that they can ______ if they send e-mails. A) become famous B) find friends C) make money D) keep promises 73. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? ______ A) The city of New Orleans was flooded because of the terrible hurricane. B) lf the man doesn't receive enough money, he will eat poor little Toby. C) The crocodile swam around the flooded city and ate several people. D) Someone received $800.00 from the company because of the e-mail. 74. The main idea of the passage is to______ A) teach how to create a professional website with attractive stories B) show that anyone can create good Internet hoaxes with some facts C) explain that, even though they seem false, Internet hoaxes might be true D) tell people to be careful of Internet hoaxes by giving some examples B. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage Although the first airplane did not fly until 1903, flying soon became the fastest method of transport. Today it is 75 people's favourite way of traveling long distances because it has a lot of advantages. The first airplanes were not big or powerful enough to carry more than a pilot, but during the First World War (1914-1918) larger aircraft with up to four engines were 76 to carry bombs(炸弹). After the war some of these were changed to carry a few passenger services. In 1919 the first regular passenger services were started between several cities in Europe.

Air transport was even then too 77 for most cargoes(货物), but mail began to be carried by air at an early stage. This was partly because letters are small and light, and partly because businessmen, especially, were prepared to pay more for their mail to be delivered by the fastest method. 78 , in the United States, where letters could take over a week to cross the country by train, airmail services were the first regular transport flights. The early passenger aircraft could carry only about 12 passengers, and only enough 79 for short journeys. For long distances, such as from Europe to the United states, filled with very light gas and able to float through the air, began to be used in the 1930s. By the end of the Second World War in 1945, much larger airplanes had been made. At the same time, military(军事的) airfields had been built all over the world, and long-distance routes had been set up. After the war, the introduction of the jet engine, which 80 much greater power, allowed even bigger and faster aircraft to be built. Today's wide-bodied airplanes can carry as many as 800 passengers. Modern air transport passenger services are quite convenient. Air transport has allowed more people to travel abroad than ever before. 75. A) quietly B) easily C) directly D) recently 76. A) recognized B) considered C) developed D) described 77. A) expensive B) ordinary C) traditional D) private 78. A) After all B) For example C) In addition D) On average .79. A) time B) money C) food D) fuel 80. A) produces B) attracts C) reuses D) spreads C. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words Beatlemania is a very strong feeling for the group, the Beatles. The Beatles were four young musicians from Liverpool, England. Their n 81 were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. These four men n 82 took music lessons. They taught themselves to play music. In 1957, John c 83 a group called the Quarrymen. At that time, he was only 16 years old. Then he met Paul. They began to write songs and sing together. Soon, George joined them. The group played in England, and then in Germany. In 1962, Ringo joined them. Then John, Paul, George and Ringo were the Beatles. The Beatles made their f 84 hit song in 1962. The song was "Love Me Do." In 1963, their song "Please Please Me" was a bigger hit. In all, they had twenty-nine hit songs. By 1963. the Beatles were very p 85 in England, and Beatlemania started. They had many fans. At concerts, their fans screamed very very loudly. The Beatles could not hear themselves sing. The next year, the Beatles went to the United States. The Americans loved them, too. People everywhere c 86 their clothes and their hair. This rock-and roll group was welcomed by people all over the world. The Beatles broke up in 1970. They wanted to play new music. All of the Beatles did interesting, new things. John wrote music with his wife. Paul started a new group with his wife. George and Ringo made their own r 87 and gave concerts. Sadly, John was shot dead in New York in 1980. He was forty years old. George became sick and died in 2001. We still hear Beatles songs on the radio today. Their music and songs will live in our hearts for ever. D. Answer the questions Once there Was a little girl named Mary Lennox and her two little friends, Dickon and Colin. Both of Mary's parents died when she was a little baby. She was sent to her uncle, Mr. Archilbald Craven, who had a son named Colin. Mary was once a selfish(自私的) girl. She cared for nobody else except herself and she was always alone. She started to know the word "friend" after she met Dickon, the gardener's son. The little boy was very kind to Mary. They went to the Secret Garden every day, planting and playing. Mary never expected that making the garden beautiful would bring such a wonderful feeling to her. She was so happy to be with Dickon that she almost forgot all the sad things around her. She came out of her small lonely world. After she met Colin, Mary finally found the very person to take care of. Colin, the sick boy who

couldn't even walk, had been in bed for about ten years. Before he met Mary, he was taken care of by the servants, but no one really cared how he was. He couldn't find any reason to live. So he cried and cried, thinking about death. But Mary came. Colin was completely attracted to Mary and to all those fresh thoughts and stories which came out of her mouth. Of course, the most exciting of all was the Secret Garden. The feeling of having someone share your secret is wonderful, especially for the children. Colin used to be too weak to change his life, but now he had Mary, Dickon and the Secret Garden. All these gave him courage. Finally, with the help of his two little friends, he managed to stand up for the first time. 88. Did Mary care for anybody else except herself at first? 89. Why was Mary sent to her uncle's ? 90. What did Mary and Dickon do in the Secret Garden? in it. 91. How was Colin before he met Mary? 92. Where did Colin's courage come from? 93. Who do you think changed the most in the story? Give your reason(s). VII. Writing 94. Write at least 60 words on the topic "My favourite way of communicating"以“我最喜爱的交流 方式”为题,写一篇不少于 60 个词的短文,标点符号不占格) ”: 陧示:书信、电话、手机、电子邮件、QQ、MSN、Wechat(微信)等是我们生活中常用的交流方 式。请结合自己的一个事例,就你最喜爱的交流方式,谈谈做法和体会。 (注意:短文中不得出现任何人名、校名及其它相关信息,否则不予评分。)

听力材料和参考答案 A. Listen and choose the right picture 1. Keeping a pet fish can bring a lot of fun. 2. The careful and patient driver has never broken traffic rules. 3. How amazing it is to see the new type of robots talk to each other! 4. With the help of the boy, the blind man went across the road safely. 5. Is Richard keen on travelling by bicycle during the summer holidays? 6. More and more students choose to go abroad to farther their study these years. B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear 7. M: I like basketball and tennis. What about you, Cathy? W: My favourite sport is swimming. Q: What sport does Cathy like best? 8. M: Oh, it's 9:05. I'm afraid I have to go now. W: Why are you in such a hurry? M: I'm going to see a cartoon film. It will begin in 25 minutes. Q: When will the film begin? 9. W: Oh, David. Have you found your key yet? M: Yes. I looked 'for it almost everywhere in the classroom and the reading room. At

last I found it on the way to the playground. It's in the pocket of my trousers. Q: Where did David find his key? 10. W: Did you watch the TV program about bees last night? M: Yes. It's amazing. Bees can tell others where the food is. W: Dancing is their language. They dance to communicate with each other. Q: What are they talking about? 11. M: Mary, have you decided which country to study in? I suggest you go to Australia or New Zealand. W: I prefer to go to Britain. But my parents want me to go to Canada. I have no choice. Q: Which country is Mary going to? 12. W. What's wrong, Terry? You look so upset. M: I didn't pass the exam though I studied very hard. W: How did it happen? M: I was so careless that I made a lot of mistakes. Q. Why didn't Terry pass the exam? 13. W: You seem to enjoy the trip. I guess you're used to travelling by train. M. You're right. My company has business in many cities. W. It's not an easy job. You have to travel a lot to find more customers. M: Yes, but I enjoy doing it. Q. What can we learn from the dialogue? 14. M: What about going for a walk? It stopped raining half an hour ago. W. But the road might still be wet. Q: What does the woman mean? C. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false Mr and Mrs Green had two little children: Dick and Catherine. Dick was seven years old, and his sister, Catherine, was only five. Mrs Green was a middle-aged woman who liked to dress up very much. One day, Mrs Green wanted to go to the shopping mall to buy some new beautiful clothes on her own. As her husband Mr Green was on business, she decided to take herchildren to their aunt's house to play. After their mother left, the children started to play in their aunt's yard. The children played for about half an hour, and then at half past four their aunt Mrs Black took Dick into the kitchen. She gave him a nice cake and a small knife and said to him with a smile, "Now here's a knife, Dick. Cut this cake in half and give one of the pieces to your sister, but remember to do it like a gentleman. ' "Like a gentleman? "Dick asked. "How do gentlemen do it?" "They always give the bigger piece to the other person. ' answered his aunt at once. "Oh," said Dick. He thought about this for a few seconds. Then he took the cake to his sister and said to her, "Cut this cake in half, Catherine." (217 words) D. Listen to the passage and complete the following sentences Lin: Grandpa, why is water called liquid gold? Grandpa: That's because it's very precious. Water resources are limited, you know. Lin: But there's plenty of water in the sea. Grandpa: That's salty water, we can neither drink it nor take a shower with it. Lin: I see. The book says water is sometimes dangerous. Does that mean floods? Grandpa: You're right. Floods are powerful and harmful. They can cause huge damage in economy. When there is a flood, people are killed, houses are washed away, crops are damaged and roads are destroyed. Lin: How terrible! What about earthquakes? Are they as harmful as floods? Grandpa: Yes. You can never imagine how harmful earthquakes are. The Tangshan

earthquake in 1976 even destroyed the whole town. Lin: Wow! What may happen to the people who suffer from an earthquake or a flood, then? Grandpa: They may have nowhere to live. But the Red Cross cares for them. And people all over the world donate money, food, water and medicine to the homeless through the Red Cross. Lin: I will donate some money to them, too. Grandpa: There's a good girl. : Part 1 I. A. 1--6 ECDAGB B. 7--14 DDBCADDA C. 15. T 16. F 17. F 18. T 19. T 20. F D. 21. very precious 22. plenty of 23. huge damage 24. suffer from 25. the homeless Part 2 II. 26. C 27. A 28. C 29. B 30. A 31. C 32. A 33. D 34. B 35. A 36. B 37. D 38. A 39. D 40. C 41. D 42. C 43. B 44. B 45. D III.. 46-49 ADEB 50--53 BEAD IV. 54. mine 55. dictionaries 56. various 57. height 58. speech 59. succeed 60. worse 61. independent , V. 62. doesn't do 63. How often 64. prefers, to 65. so that 66. if/whether, would 67. were warned 68. Mr. Lee often goes to the office on foot instead of driving his car. Part 3 VI. A. 69. C 70. B 71. D 72. C 73. A 74. D B. 75. B 76. C 77. A 78. B 79. D 80. A C. 81. names 82. never 83. created 84. first 85. popular 86. copied 87. records D. 88. No, she didn't. 89. Because her parents died (when she was a little baby)./Because of her parents' death. 90. They planted and played. 91. He was always sad/lonely and even thought of death./He couldn't even walk. / He was iii in bed./He was taken care of by the servants./No one really cared how he was./He cried and cried, thinking about death. (Any reasonable answer can be accepted. ) 92. (From) Mary, Dickon and the Secret Garden. 93. Any reasonable answer can be accepted.








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