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3.suit n.一套外衣;套装 v.适合;使适宜

Book 6 Unit 5

The power of nature

We had white protective suits that covered our whole body,helmets,big boots and special gloves.(P34) 我们都穿着白色的防护服遮住全身,戴上了头盔和特别的手套,还穿了一双大靴子。 Will it suit you if I come around at three? 我 3 点左右来,你觉得合适吗?(朗文) 归纳拓展: ①a suit of 一套/副 ②suit sb.(fine)(很)合某人的意;对某人(很)合适 ③使(某物)适合于?? ④be suited to/for 适合?? ⑤suitable adj.适当的;相配的 ⑥be suitable for sb./sth.适合于某人/某物 ⑦be suitable to do sth.适合做某事 辨析:match/fit/suit ①match 用作及物或不及物动词,表品质、颜色、设计等方面匹配,即表示“与??相配,和??一致” 。 ②fit 既可用作及物动词也可用作不及物动词,多指衣物等尺寸大、小“合适,合身” 。 ③suit 表示“适合”,强调衣服的颜色、式样、质地等适合某人,也指“合乎需要、口味、性格、条件和地位”等。 4.anxious adj.忧虑的;不安的 I was so anxious and couldn't move at first.(P38) 我非常担心,一开始吓得动弹不得。 归纳拓展: ①be anxious about/for sb./sth.对某人/某事感到忧虑 ②be anxious to_do sth.渴望做某事 ③be anxious (for sb.) to do sth.渴望(某人)做某事 ④anxiety n.忧虑;担心;渴望 ⑤with anxiety 焦虑地 ⑥anxiously adv.焦虑地;不安地 5. guarantee vt.保证;担保;使??免受损失或伤害;确保 n.保证;保证书 If you are lucky enough to visit the Lake of Heaven with your loved one,don't forget to drop a coin into the clear blue water to guarantee your love will be as deep and lasting as the lake itself.(P39)如果你 有幸和你的爱人一起游览天池,不要忘了向清澈、湛蓝的湖中投入一枚硬币来保证你们的爱情像湖水一样幽深而长久。 归纳拓展: ①guarantee sb.sth.保证某人某事 ②guarantee sb.against/from...保证某人免受?? ③guarantee to do sth.保证去做某事 ④guarantee sb.向某人担保/保证某事 ⑤be guaranteed to do sth.必定做某事 ⑥give sb.a guarantee that...向某人担保 ⑦(be)under guarantee 在保修期内 ⑧There is no guarantee of.../that...不能保证?? II Phrases 1.burn to the ground 全部焚毁 Unfortunately,we cannot move their homes out of the way,and many houses have been covered with lava or burned to the ground.(P34)遗憾的是,我们不可能把他们的家搬离岩浆流过的地方,因此,许多房屋被熔岩淹没, 或者焚烧殆尽。 归纳拓展: ① death 烧死 ②burn up 烧起来;旺起来;烧掉;烧毁 ③burn down 把??烧毁;烧成平地;火力减弱 ④burn off 烧掉某物;消耗掉 ⑤burn out 烧光;烧完 ⑥burn oneself out 精力耗尽 【温馨提醒】 burnt adj.灼伤的;烧坏的 burning adj.燃烧的;着火的

Learning aims: 1. To review the basic knowledge of this Unit 2. To use the words,phrases and sentence patterns more flexibly

I Words 1.appoint vt.任命;委派;约定;指定;安排 I was appointed as a volcanologist working for the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) twenty years ago.(P34) 二十年前我被任命为火山学家,为夏威夷火山观测站工作。 I've been appointed to run the overseas section. 我被指派经营海外部。(朗文) 归纳拓展: ①a suit of 一套/副 ②suit sb.(fine)(很)合某人的意;对某人(很)合适 ③使(某物)适合于?? ④be suited to/for 适合?? ⑤suitable adj.适当的;相配的 ⑥be suitable for sb./sth.适合于某人/某物 ⑦be suitable to do sth.适合做某事 ①appoint任命某人为?? ②appoint sb.to_do sth.委派某人做某事 ③appoint sth.(for sth.)(为某事)确定(日期、场所) ④appointment n.任命;约会 ⑤make an_appointment with sb.与某人约会 ⑥keep/break an appointment 守/违约 ⑦by appointment 按照约定 2.evaluate v.评估;评价;估计 Having collected and evaluated the information,I help other scientists to predict where lava from the volcano will flow next and how fast.(P34) 收集和评估了这些信息之后,我就帮助其他科学家一起预测下次火山熔岩将往何处去,流速是多少。 归纳拓展: ①evaluate sth./sb.评估、评价某事/某人 ②evaluate value/importance/quality 评估价值/重要性/质量 ③evaluation n.评估;评价

Man errs so long as he strives .人只要奋斗就会犯错误。——歌德












如:A burnt child dreads the fire. (谚语)一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳。 2.make one's way 前往;获得成功 It was not easy to walk in these suits,but we slowly made our way to the edge of the crater and looked down into the red,boiling centre.(P35) 穿着这些衣服走起路来实在不容易,但我们还是缓缓往火山口的边缘走 去,并且向下看到了红红的沸腾的中央。 归纳拓展: ①feel one's way 摸索着前进 ②fight/push one's way 推/挤着前进 ③wind one's way 蜿蜒前进 ④force one's way out/in 挤出去/进来 ⑤lose one's way 迷路 ⑥keep one's way 一直前进 ⑦make way for 给??让路 3.vary由??到??不等 The land varies in height from 700 metres above sea level to over 2,000 metres and is home to a great diversity of rare plants and animals.(P39)这里地面的高度从海拔 700 米到 2 000 米不等,是多种多样稀有动植物的生长地。 Teaching methods vary greatly from school to school. 各个学校的教学方法大不相同。(朗文) 归纳拓展:①vary in sth.(大小、形状等)不同/有别 ②vary with 随??变化/改变 ③vary between...and...从??到??转变 ④various adj.各种各样的;多姿多彩的 ⑤variety n.种种;多样化 ⑥a variety of 种种

5. They huddled together to _______________________(免受)the wind. (protect) 6. I kept complaining but nobody _________________(注意). (notice) 7. The room _______________________(装备)modern facilities, so it is convenient to contact with others. (equip) 8. He _____________________(委派)work for the United Nations. (appoint) 9. I had better hurry, for I _______________________(约定) him at 10:00a.m. (appointment) 10. They ______________________(做评估)the system and found it of great use. (evaluation)

探究点:重点句型与长难句 先把句子补充完整,再翻译成汉语。 1. Have you ever considered _____________________ a volcano , hurricane or earthquake? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ______________________special clothes from the observatory, we put them on before we went any closer _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________the fruit, the girl became pregnant and later gave birth to a handsome boy.

重点词汇 1. diagram 2. volcano 3. erupt 4. eruption 5. ash 6. hurricane 7. questionnaire 8. equipment 重点短语 1 与 相比 2 突然发生 3 全部焚毁 4 前往 完成句子 1. She has no place to live in because her house __________________(已经被全部焚毁)。(burn) 2. With the help of the telescope, you can see the ruins ________________(远处).(distance) 3. After admiring the beautiful view, she ____________________(前往)the next destination. (make) 4. We want each student ___________________(展示出他们的全部潜力). (show) 9. appoint 10. evaluate 11. wave 12. fountain 13. absolutely 14. suit 15. potential 16. actual

_________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________volcanoes now for many years , I am still amazed at their beauty as well as their potential to cause great damage . _________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________quite a few earthquakes in Hawaii already, I didn’t take much notice. _________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. I was about to go back to sleep ____________suddenly my bedroom became as bright as day . _________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. . It is said that the boy ,___________________ language and persuasion , is the father of the Manchu people . _________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. ____________erupts from a volcano and crashes back to earth, it causes less damage than you might imagine.


Man errs so long as he strives .人只要奋斗就会犯错误。——歌德



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