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新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 2 section 3(含答案)

Unit 2 Cloning Section Ⅲ Using Language

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.He can't________(抵抗??的诱惑)ice creams. 2.They bought that house at a ________(合理的)price. 3.He was glad for his________(获得)a prize. 4.The new aircraft has performed very well in its________(最初的)trials. 5.It's bird in full ________ (羽毛). 6.I ________ (只是) suggest you should do it again. 7.The great d______ to living near a main road is noise. 8.It's not necessarily a bad thing to________(崇拜)film stars itself. 9.Economists are working on the________(假设)of an interest rate cut. 10.Everyone must receive 9 years of________(义务的)education. 答 案 : 1.resist 7.disadvantage 8.adore Ⅱ.完成句子 1 . The experience in his childhood________poverty ________ ________ ________. 童年的经历使他对贫穷刻骨铭心。 2 . In ancient Egypt Pharaohs expected their future generations to________ ________ ________ ________ ________. 古代埃及的法老期望他们的后代使他们复活。 3.When he grows up he understands why it is necessary for him to visit his parents________ ________ ________ ________. 当他长大时,他明白了为什么他有必要不时地去看望父母。 4.We will buy the old house as long as it is________ ________ ________. 2.reasonable 9.assumption 3.obtaining 4.initial 5.feather 6.merely


只要那座旧房子状况良好,我们就买下它。 5.We tried to persuade him to go with us,but________ ________. 我们企图说服他跟我们一起,但是白费力气。 答案:1.struck;into his heart 3. from time to time Ⅲ.单项填空 1.It________her how quiet and gentle he was. C.strikes 答案:C B.hits D.knocks 句意:她突然意识到他是多么的文静、文雅。it strikes sb...“使某 2.bring them back to life 5. in vain good condition

人突然意识到”合题意。beat,hit,knock 均无使人意识到之意,故选 C 项。 2.When she reads a book, she has the habit of stopping________to take some notes. A.from time to time C.more or less 答案: A and there by one

句意: 当他读书的时候, 他养成了时不时停下来做笔记的习惯。 from

time to time“偶尔;不时”;here and there“到处”;more or less“或多或少”; one by one”一个接一个”。 3.She is overweight, but she can't________the temptation to eat more delicious food. A.forbid C.allow 答案:D B.attach D.resist 句意:她已经超重了,但是她抵制不住去吃更多美味食物的诱惑。

resist“抵制”合题意。forbid“禁止”,attach“吸引”,allow“允许”均不合题 意。 4.An idea suddenly came to my mind________I could help him in another way. A.that C.which 答案:A B.what D.where 考查同位语从句。句意:我突然有一个想法——我可以用另外一种

方式帮助他。that 引导的同位语从句用以解释 an idea 的内容,且从句中不缺成分, 为陈述语气,故选 that。 5.________by the noise,we had to finish our meeting early. A.To be disturbed C.Disturbing 答案:D 作状语。 6.Be________—you can't expect me to finish all this work in so little time. A.reasonable C.creative 答案:A B.confident D.grateful B.Being disturbed D.Disturbed



内完成所有的工作。reasonable 意为“讲道理的”,符合句意。confident“有信心 的”;creative“有创造力的”;grateful“感谢的,感激的”。 7.—I have tried very hard to find a solution to the problem, but________. —Why not consult with Frank? You see, two heads are better than one. return danger 答案:D order vain


力气。——为什么不和弗兰克商量一下呢?你知道的,三个臭皮匠胜过诸葛亮。in vain 意为“徒劳地”,符合句意。in return“作为回报”;in order“秩序井然,按 顺序”;in danger“在危险中”。 8.I'm sorry to have________you with so many questions on such an occasion. A.interrupted C.impressed 答案: D B.confused D.bothered

句意: 在这种场合问你这么多问题真是太麻烦你了。 bother 意为“烦

扰, 打扰”, 符合句意。 bother sb.with sth.“因某事打扰某人”。 interrupt“打断”; confuse“使困惑”;impress“给予某人深刻印象”。 9.My calculations were based on the________that house prices would remain steady. A.appreciation B.arrangement

C.assumption 答案: C


我的计算是建立在假设房价保持稳定的基础上的。 此处用 assumption

表示“假定”。appreciation“欣赏”;arrangement“安排”;ambition“志向,野 心”。 10.—I left my handbag on the train, but luckily someone gave it to a railway official. —How unbelievable to get it back! I mean, someone ________ it. A.will have stolen C.should have stolen B.might have stolen D.must have stolen

答案: B 从语境可知此处在谈论过去的可能性: 手提包当时有可能会被偷走, 因此用 might have done 表示“可能做了某事”。 Ⅳ.完形填空 Aunt Fannie was the blueberry jam woman. Of course she wasn't really my aunt, and out of fear, I never called her that to her face. As a young woman, my mother had worked in the __1__of a large Victorian farm house owned by Fannie Cratty and her twin brother, Farnsworth. During those years, my mother__2__ Aunt Fannie make the__3__blueberry jam ever tasted by anyone in Glenfield. She was__4__for her jam and for never__5__ the recipe (烹饪法) with another living soul. __6__my mother knew the recipe by__7__, as long as Aunt Fannie was alive,she__8__made the jam without Aunt Fannie in our kitchen to direct the process and preserve the__9__. Each August, when blueberry season would roll around, my mother would prepare me for Aunt Fannie's __10__.Whenever she was at the house, I didn't need to be reminded to__11__my thoughts and watch my tongue.__12__, the woman was old, wealthy, and serious. One year, after I had been__13__helpful with the jam process, Aunt Fannie gave me a quarter (a coin worth 25 cents) and then made me promise that I would never __14__it. “Hold onto this quarter,” she said. “Someday you will be __15__. I still have my very first you quarter,given to me by my grandfather.” It had worked for her.So, I put the quarter in a small box and__16__to become rich. I now have the blueberry cobbler jam recipe and the quarter from Aunt Fannie.

Neither have significantly contributed to my__17__, but I keep them as reminders to hold onto the__18__things in life. Money can make you feel rich for a white, but it is the relationships and the __19__of time spent with friends and family that truly leave you wealthy. And that is a__20__that anyone can build. C.dining room 答案:A B.corner D.sitting room

根据下文作者的母亲协助 Aunt Fannie 做蓝莓酱可知,她在一座庄

园的“厨房”里干活。 2.A.watched C.made 答案: D B.taught D.helped 根据上文可知,作者的母亲在 Aunt Fannie 家帮工,她要“帮

助”Aunt Fannie 做蓝莓酱。 3.A.most C.worst D.least

答案:B 由下文 Glenfield 的所有人都尝过她的蓝莓酱且她有独特的制作蓝 莓酱的方法可推知,Aunt Fannie 做的蓝莓酱在当地是最好的(best)。 4.A.reported C.known 答案: C B.praised D.punished

根据上下文可知, Aunt Fannie 做的蓝莓酱在当地赫赫有名。 be known

for..“以??闻名”。 5.A.making C.discussing 答案: D B.testing D.sharing

此处指 Aunt Fannie 从来不与人分享(share)制作蓝莓酱的方法。 Aunt

Fannie 对保护制作方法的重视在下一句中有所体现。 6.A.Event hough C.Now that 答案:A B.In case D.Only if

“尽管”作者的母亲知道制作蓝莓酱的方法,但没有 Aunt Fannie

在场,她从来不制作蓝莓酱。此处用 even though 引导让步状语从句。 7.A.note C.hand B.heart D.mouth

答案:B 此处说明作者的母亲已牢记制作蓝莓酱的方法。learn by heart 表示 “牢记”。 8.A.ever C.never 答案:C B.always D.still 此处强调作者的母亲对 Aunt Fannie 的忠诚。没有她在场,母亲永

远不会制作蓝莓酱,故用 never。 9.A.secret C.content 答案:A 密”。 10.A.return C.check 答案:D B.greeting D.visit 根据下文可知,当蓝莓成熟的季节到来时,母亲就准备迎接 Aunt B.quality D.freshness 联系上文可知,Aunt Fannie 很重视保护蓝莓酱制作方法这一“秘

Fannie 的到来,一同制作蓝莓酱。visit“拜访”。 11.A.spare C.calm B.guard

答案:B 根据文章第一段可知,作者对 Aunt Fannie 怀有畏惧心理,因此当 她在场时,作者不用提醒,便会十分小心自己的一言一行,故 guard 符合语境。由 下文的 serious 也可推知答案。 12.A.At last C.After all 答案: C B.Above all D.In general

作者解释了自己这么谨慎小心的原因: Aunt Fannie 有钱, 又很严厉。

after all“毕竟”,用于强调某种事实。 13.A.particularly C.hardly 答案:A B.possibly D.specially 根据下文 Aunt Fannie 给作者一枚硬币可知,作者帮助制作蓝莓酱

时表现很好。particularly“特别,尤其”。 C.sell 答案:D B.lend D.spend 根据下文 Aunt Fannie 说的话可知,她想让作者好好保留这枚硬币,

不要把它花掉,故选 spend。 15.A.famous C.pretty D.lucky

答案: B 根据下文可知, Aunt Fannie 认为自己祖父给的第一枚硬币让她后来 有了钱,所以她要作者保留这枚硬币,以后就也可以变得富有(rich)了。第 16 空后 的 to become rich 也是提示。 16.A.managed C.waited 答案: C 待”着发财。 17.A.worth C.content 答案:A B.loss D.regret 根据上下文可知,作者保留了 Aunt Fannie 的蓝莓酱制作方法和她 B.failed D.decided

作者也天真地认为, 保留这枚硬币就能发财, 因此此处说明作者“等

给的硬币,但两者都没有使作者的身价(worth)增加。 18.A.personal C.common 答案: D B.pleasant D.valuable

作者由以上两样东西感悟到, 要珍惜生活中有价值的(valuable)东西。 B.memories D.lack

19.A.amount C.moments

答案:B 作者意识到,金钱只能让你短暂地感觉到富有,但你跟亲人和朋友 的关系以及与他们待在一起的美好时光的“记忆”会真正让你富有。 C.fortune 答案:C B.friendship D.relation 联系上文可知,作者认为,跟金钱相比,与亲人和朋友的亲密关系

以及一起度过的美好时光的记忆是每个人都可以积聚的一种财富,故用 fortune。 Ⅴ.阅读理解 Tommy is trying to sit still in class. His face is grey and sweaty from trying not to keep moving his body. His fingers and feet are moving, his knees jumping. The other kids won't sit beside Tommy because he's too strange. One day Red Bird appeared suddenly while Tommy was eating breakfast. Red Bird

made a very loud sound and cracked his food all over the table. Tommy had no way of controlling his temper and understanding it. He cried when his mum told him to go to his room. Tommy was unhappy about this for a long time. He always sat alone, and the more he tried to ignore Red Bird, the worse he felt. His life was in a mess. Until one day, Tommy decided to talk to Red Bird without getting angry, being frightened, or shouting. “I know you're there, Red Bird. Even though I can't see you...” Just saying that made Yommy feel better but Red Bird grew slightly bigger and more visible. “Mum, why does Red Bird get bigger when I feel better?” said Tommy, frowning. His mum frowned too, and then she jumped up, ran towards the bookshelf and held a book. “There you go,Fommy!” she said. “Did you know that some birds puff

out (鼓起) their chests when they're frightened? They do it to make themselves look bigger! All bullies are scaredycats (胆小鬼). As soon as you stand up to them feeling sure about your own abilities, they will get frightened.” Hearing these, Tommy went quiet and silent. Tommy didn't want Red Bird to be frightened of him. He knew what it was like to be frightened. It didn't matter what Red Bird had done to him. Tommy wasn't going to do that to anyone. Later, Red Bird flew away, leaving one bright red feather. Now Tommy is happy and in school the other kids whisper, “Tommy's not strange anymore.” 1.What's the purpose of the author's writing the first paragraph? A.To list some of Tommy's unusual behaviors. B.To describe unfriendly atmosphere of Tommy's class. C.To indicate Tommy's state of being frightened. D.To show the importance of keeping the balance of nature. 答案:C 写作意图题。文章第一段的内容主要说的是汤米在课堂上所表现出

的状态,再结合下文内容可知,汤米是被红鸟吓成这样的,所以选 C 项。 2.What change did Red Bird cause to Tommy? A.Tommy lost interest in watching birds. B.Tommy got angry easily. C.Tommy did not have enough food for breakfast.

D.Tommy had a bad relationship with his mum. 答案:B 细节理解题。由第二段的第三句和第三段的第四句可知,自从红鸟 出现后,汤米变得容易生气了,由此可知选项 B 符合题意。 3.Finally Tommy said something to Red Bird to________. sympathy for it C.make an apology to it B.offer forgiveness to it thanks to it

答案:B 推理判断题。根据文章倒数第二段的内容可知,汤米不想红鸟害怕 他,他知道害怕是怎么一回事,他不介意红鸟之前给他做了什么,他不想那样对 待其他任何人,由此可推断出他当时是抱着宽恕之心和红鸟说话的,所以选 B 项。 4.What would be likely to happen to Tommy at last? A.He would make some more friends. B.He would drop out of school. C.He would help his mum do some housework. D.He would forget the past sufferings. 答案:A 推理判断题。根据文章最后一段的内容可知,汤米变得开心了,而

且学校的小孩们都低声说他不再奇怪了, 由此可推知他会有更多的朋友, 所以选 A 项。

选 做 题
Ⅰ.短文改错 此题要求改正短文中的错误。对标有题号的每一行做出判断:如无错误,在 答题卡相应的位置上画一个勾(√);如有错误(每行只有一个错误),则按下列情况 改正: 此行多一个词:把多余的词写在答题卡相应的位置,用斜线(\划掉。 此行缺一个词:在答题卡相应的位置上写出该加的词,并附带前(后)词。 此行错一个词:在答题卡相应的位置上写出该错词和改正后的词。 注意:原行没有错的不要改。 I'm very happy to write this letter to you because I had1.________ received admission notice to Beijing University yesterday.2.________

I'll study it—just which I have been dreaming about.3.________ Mr. Smith, I still remember the first date when you began to4.________ teach us three years before. We were quite shy and poor at5.________ listening and speaking. You patiently encourage us to6.________ practise as much as possibly. Your class was so lively that7.________ all of us were interested. Under your help I improved my English8.________ step by step; otherwise, in NMET I have got a satisfactory result.9.________ Mr. Smith, thank you very much indeed. How I miss you!10.________ 答案: 1. 去掉 had 5. before→ago 2. admission→the admission 3. which→what 7. possibly→possible 4. date→day

6.encourage→encouraged 10.√

8. Under→With

9. I ∧ →wouldn't Ⅱ.阅读表达

阅读下面短文并用英语回答问题,将答案写到最后相应的位置上(请注意问题 后的词数要求)。 [1] Why is physical education important for students? There are many

reasons. First of all, this subject helps them achieve the primary goal of physical education, which is physical fitness. As part of this, they can learn that it is highly important to include exercise and physical activities as part of their lifestyle. [2]Physical education helps children achieve a healthy lifestyle. Inside the classroom, teachers educate kids about highly relevant issues such as the importance of hygiene (卫生) and health. This subject will help them realize the importance of having strong bodies. Likewise,it will also teach them how to have a healthy and an active lifestyle. [3]Taking PE classes can help________of students. Being confident is very important to them as they grow and become responsible as well as competitive adults someday. This aspect ( 方面 ) of physical education is extremely important in the character development of students. Furthermore, it will teach them how to have a positive attitude. [4]Physical education can teach students a set of all important values. For example, it teaches students to fight like sportsmen and to cooperate with others to achieve one common goal as a team. [5]Physical education also helps students develop their motor skills. In this kind of

program, they are placed in situations where they can further develop and improve their reflexes (反应), concentration and body posture. By taking this class, they can realize their full potential as individuals and as part of a team. [6]Moreover, physical education is also a means of enjoyment for students. By engaging in sports and physical activities, they can spend some pleasant time away from their other usual academic subjects. By doing so, they can achieve healthy minds and bodies. 1.What's the text mainly about? (no more than 6 words) _________________________________________________________________ 2.What does the underlined word “it” (Paragraph 2) probably refer to? (no more than 3 words) _________________________________________________________________ 3.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 3 with proper words. (no more than 4 words) _________________________________________________________________ 4.Based on the text, list two values that students can learn in PE classes. (no more than 6 words) ① _____________________________________________________________________ ② _____________________________________________________________________ 5.How can a student keep healthy physically and mentally? (no more than 9 words) _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 答案:1.The importance of physical education./The benefits of physical education. 2.Physical education. the confidence 4.①Sportsmanship./The spirit of sports. ②Teamwork. 5.By engaging in sports and physical activities./ By taking part in sports and physical activities. Ⅲ.六选五

下面文章中有 5 处(第 1~5 题)需要添加小标题。请从以下选项(A、B、C、D、 E 和 F)中选出符合各段意思的小标题。选项中有一项是多余选项。 A.Study the levels of stress by comparison. B.Higher levels of stress cause more trouble. C.Milder stress does more harm than expected. D.A certain level of stress is efficient in working conditions. E.Always pay enough attention to mild stress. F.Modern social conditions may lead to stress. 1.________ Even relatively mild stress can lead to long term disability and an inability to work, reveals a large population based study published online in the Journal of It is well known that Epidemiology ( 流行病学 ) and Community Health.

mental health problems are associated with long term disability, but the impact of milder forms of psychological stress is likely to have been underestimated (低估), say the authors. 2.________ Between 2002 and 2007, the authors tracked the health of more than 17,000 working adults up to the age of 64, who had been randomly selected from the population of the Stockholm area. All participants completed a validated(经验证的) questionnaire at the start of the study to measure their mental health and stress levels, as well as other aspects of health and wellbeing. 3.________ During the monitoring period, 649 people started receiving disability benefit—203 for a mental health problem and the remainder for physical health problem. Higher levels of stress at the start of the study were associated with a significantly greater likelihood of subsequently being awarded long term disability benefits. But even those with mild stress were up to 70%, more likely to receive disability benefits, after taking account of other factors likely to influence the results, such as lifestyle and alcohol intake. One in four of these benefits awarded for a physical illness, such as high blood pressure; angina (心绞痛),and stroke(中风), and almost two thirds awarded for a mental illness, were likely to have been caused by stress. 4.________

The authors say that it is important to consider their findings in the context of modern working life, which places greater demands on employees, and social factors, such as fewer close personal relationships and supportive networks. 5.________ These factors lead them to ask, “Are the strains and demands of modern society

commonly exceeding (超出) human ability? And they conclude that while mild stress should not be overmedicalised, their findings suggest that it should be taken more

seriously than it is.” 答案:1-5 CABFE

Ⅳ.任务型读写 请认真阅读下面短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入最 恰当的单词。 注意:一个空格只填一个单词。 There are some very good things about open education. This way of teaching allows the students to develop their own interests in many subjects. Open education allows students to be responsible for their own education. Some students do badly in traditional classrooms. They will not have to worry about grades or rules. But many students will not do well in an open classroom. They will not make good use of open education. Because open education is so different from traditional education, these students may have a problem of getting used to making so many choices. For many students it is important to have some rules in the classroom. A few rules will help this kind of students. The last point about open education is that some traditional teachers do not like it. Many teachers do not believe in open education. Teachers who want to have all open classrooms may have many problems at their school. The writer thinks that open education is a good idea, but only in theory. In actual fact, it may not work very well in a real class or school. The writer believes that most students want some structure in their classes. They want and need to have some rules. In some cases, they must be made to study some subjects. Many students are pleased to find subjects they have to study interesting. They would not study those subjects if they did not have to. Title Definition 1.____________ Education Open education is a way of teaching which

allows students


learn what


are 2.________in without many rules. · Open education enables students to realize they are learning for 3.________,not for Advantages others. · Some students who don't do well in traditional classrooms will not have to be 4.________about grades or rules. · Many students can't prove themselves as good in open classrooms as in traditional classrooms. 5.________ · There are so many choices for students to 6.________that they can't use open education properly. · Some teachers are not in 7.________of such a way of teaching. · Open education is just in 9.________,but The writer's 8.________to open education in a real class or school it is not so good. · Most students want and need to have some 10.________ 答 案 : 1.Open 5.Disadvantages 2.interested 3. themselves 4.worried/concerned 9.theory 10.rules

6.make 7.favor/support

8. attitudes/opinions

Ⅴ. 补全对话 根据对话情景和内容,从对话后所给的选项中选出能填入每一空白处的最佳 选项。选项中有两个为多余选项。 根据对话情景和内容,从对话后所给的选项中选出能填入每一空白处的最佳 选项。选项中有两个为多余选项。 Huanhuan: Have you ever experienced any earthquake? Yuanyuan: Yes. I experienced the earthquake on May 12th, 2008. Huanhuan:____1____ Yuanyuan: We were having an English class. Huanhuan:____2____

Yuanyuan: The desk were shaking and the floor was moving. Huanhuan:____3____ Yuanyuan: Not until someone shouted,“ Earthquake! ” Huanhuan:____4____ Yuanyuan: Of course. But our teacher asked us to keep calm and hide ourselves under our desks. Huanhuan:____5____ Yuanyuan: About two to three minutes. Then it stopped and we went out of the classroom one by one with the help of our teachers. No one was hurt in our school. Huanhuan: You were so lucky. A. Did you feel the earthquake? B. Did you feel quite frightened? C. How long did the earthquake last? D. What happened in your classroom? E. What were you doing at that time? F. What was your reaction to the earthquake? G. Did you realize that an earthquake happened? 答案:1~5 EDGBC


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新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 5 section 3(含答案)_高三英语_英语_...2 . How do you plan to ___ the development of these technologies? 3 ....

新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 4 section 3(含....doc

新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 4 section 3(含答案)_英语_高中教育_...D. They draw readers' attention and 答案: D 可知选 D。 2 . Why do ...

新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 3 section 1(含....doc

新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 3 section 1(含答案)_英语_高中教育_...(distinguish) 2.The result of the survey must be treated with ___.(cautious...

...高中英语(人教版)选修八同步作业:Unit 2 Section 3 ....doc

2018高中英语(人教版)选修八同步作业:Unit 2 Section 3 课后 Word版含答案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 2 Ⅰ.单句语法填空 Section Ⅲ 1.He is a ...

...高中英语(人教版)选修八同步作业:Unit 2 Section 3 ....doc

2018高中英语(人教版)选修八同步作业:Unit 2 Section 3 课末 Word版含答案 - Unit 2 Section Ⅲ Ⅰ.单词拼写 根据首字母或汉语提示写出下列各句中的单...

新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 1 section 2(含....doc

新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 1 section 2(含答案)_英语

...八(十二省区)强化练习:unit 4 section 3(含答案).doc

人教版英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:unit 4 section 3(含答案)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 4 Ⅰ.单词拼写 Section Ⅲ 1.The robber in arms wanted to ...

...八(十二省区)强化练习:unit 5 section 3(含答案).doc

人教版英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:unit 5 section 3(含答案)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 5 Ⅰ.单词拼写 Section Ⅲ 1.The ___ (放射性的) waste sh...

...学年高中英语选修八强化练习:Unit 2 Section 3].doc

【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语选修八强化练习:Unit 2 Section 3] - Unit 2 Cloning Section Ⅲ Using Language Ⅰ.单词拼写 ...

...英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:Unit 3 Section 2].doc

【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:Unit 3 Section 2] - Unit 3 Ⅰ.单句改错 Section Ⅱ 1.You should imp...

高二人教版英语选修八习题unit 4 section 3 word版含答案.doc

高二人教版英语选修八习题unit 4 section 3 word版含答案_英语_高中教育_教育...2.compromise 3.overlooked 4.referee 7.horrible 8.robbed 9.musical 3.fade...

人教版英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:unit 5 section 2....doc

人教版英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:unit 5 section 2(含答案)_英语_高中...3.贝拉受够了无趣的工作,决定再找一份新的。 Bella was ___ ___ ___ ...

...学年高中英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:Unit 3 Sect....doc

2015学年高中英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:Unit 3 Section 3]_高中教育_教育...答案: 1. called up 2. now and then 3. take up 4. Because of 5. ...

...英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:Unit 2 Section 1].doc

【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:Unit 2 Section 1] - Unit 2 Ⅰ.单词拼写 Section Ⅰ 1.You will need ...

...英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:Unit 2 Section 2].doc

【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:Unit 2 Section 2] - Unit 2 Ⅰ.根据汉语提示,完成句子 1.我们队赢了那场比赛的消息是真的。...

...学年高中英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:Unit 3 Sect....doc

【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:Unit 3 Section ...答案:1.did they return and then 3.Asked about 4.set about 5....

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