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Lesson Two Hiroshima_图文

Lesson Two: Hiroshima – the ―liveliest‖ City in Japan

Nuclear Bombs: Nuclear weapons are the most powerful and destructive explosives in existence. Modern nuclear weapons generally have 8 to 40 times more explosive power than the "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" bombs that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

The Boeing B-29 Superfortress was a long-range bomber used by the United States during World-War II (1939-1945) in bombing raids against Japan. B-29s were used to drop atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ending the war in August 1945

The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, on August 6, 1945, during World War II. The blast (explosion) destroyed 68 percent of the city, damaged another 24 percent, and an estimated 60,000 to 70,000 people were killed or reported missing.


About Hiroshima
? In 1593, a settlement. ? A modern transportation and industrial center. ? By the beginning of WWII, the 7th largest city in Japan. 350,000 population, A regional army headquarters, a major rail center and producer of war material. ? At 8:15 a.m. on August 6,1845, the first atomic bomb was exploded near the center of Hiroshima, destroying almost everything. ? 98% of the buildings were destroyed. 130000 people were killed.

Hiroshima after the atomic bomb

? There is a Peace Park memorizing the victims. There is also a special hospital treating people suffering from exposure to radiation.

位于广岛的二战原子弹纪念馆 (memorial)

The bomb

The A-Bomb Dome at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima photographed on 2003.08

Now an important producer of iron and steel motor vehicles, tractors, ships, machinery, sewing needles, paper, textiles and food products.

Language Points: Pa.1 I reached the city. Have a lump in my throat: a feeling of pressure by repressed emotion 哽咽欲泣 Soil: (abstract) 土地,土壤 cf. Earth (concrete)土地,泥土 Land( abstract and concrete) What?s the writer?

Pa.2 My first impression on the city.

Is this city different from other cities in my eyes?
Appear:has the implication as look, but it suggests a distorted impression produced by an optical illusion Eg. In Lu Xun?s eyes the cart-driver appeared to be taller. Cf. Look: implies that the opinion is based on a visual impression Eg. He looked to be excited when seeing his girlfriend. Seem: suggests a personal opinion based on evidence that satisfies the judgment. Eg. It seems you are attentive. (I think)

preoccupy: vt. to concentrate on, to be absorbed in, be engrossed in eg. The problem preoccupied me all the week. The seats have been preoccupied. He was preoccupied with some sad thoughts after the accident. n. preoccupation: concentration eg. 1)The preoccupation of those university graduates is to find a job. 2) He always takes his preoccupation with the educational cause.

2. elderly: a. passing middle age Eg. He was rather elderly with grey hair. cf. Old: being in a senior age Rub shoulders with: meet and mix with people Eg. When staying at school, the foreigners rubbed shoulders with Chinese people. 这是一个大人物与小人物为伍之地。-------This is a place where the great rub shoulders with the humble. be oblivious of ( to ): be forgetful, unmindful He is oblivious to the past. She was oblivious of our warnings. n. Oblivion : ? The story has passed into oblivion ? 许多女作家在历史上被人遗忘了。----Many women writers were in oblivion in the history.

3. bob: vt. move or act quickly or suddenly eg He smiled and bobbed his head. She bobbed a curtsy(屈膝礼). bob: n. 短发 eg. bobble: 上下跳动 4. ritual formula: ? ritual: n. of a rite 仪式 to go through a ritual 举行仪式 就职仪式--the ritual of an inauguration eg Do you know the ritual of Roman Catholic church? the ritual of law— 法律程序 ritual = rite funeral / marriage rites / rituals

formula (pl. formulas / formulae) 惯用语句 Eg. “Sincerity Yours” is a formula in letters. 配方,处方 a formula for making toothpaste v. formulate Pa.2 What?s my impression on the city? Pa.3-7 My experiences on the way to the destination. 5. pop: II. n II. vi. a sudden movement with a loud noise Eg. The bottle cork popped when you pulled it out. ? The balloon popped. ? Some unexpected difficulties popped up. ? The boy popped the balloon with a pin. ? popcorn --

6. rear: n. the back part of sth eg. the rear of the car the rear of a bookshelf 后座-- 后门--rear seat, rear door ? rear: vt. 1)抚养 He was reared by his aunt. 2) 竖起,抬起 rear a hand, rear a monument 7. lurch: n. v. roll or sway suddenly突然倾斜 Eg. The lurches of the truck were terrible. He walked with a lurch. ? The car lurched sideways. ? At 3 a.m. he lurched among the trees. ? (潜伏

8. martyr: revolutionary martyrs 革命烈士 martyry 烈士纪念馆, 忠烈祠 Pa. 4. Scanning: what was the matter when I took a taxi? 9. screech: n. high-pitched scream, piercing, harsh sound vi.尖叫 eg. She screeched at the boy. He screeched a protest. 10. heave: vt. 1) to utter a sigh or groan with effort or pain叹息 Eg. He heaved a groan of despair. 2) to raise 举起 eg. to heave an axe / one?s chest to heave on a rope 用力拉绳

11. sketch: v. n. 素描,短剧 eg. to make a sketch of a face He sketched the look of the thief. a sketch book / map / pad Cf. draw pa.7 Arresting: a. attracting, holding the attention, striking, noticeable Eg. An arresting sculpture 12. adrift: a. adv. Drifting or floating freely eg. The ship was adrift on the sea. 13. incessant: continuous 连续的,不停的 eg. the incessant noise from the worksite the incessant uprisings of the peasants the incessant warfare of Iraq 14. kimono and miniskirt: ( metonymy ) 换喻,转喻,借代

The pen is mightier than the sword. In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread. (Bible) ? mini-: small eg. minibus, minipark, minimum (maximum) Pa. 8-18 My interview with the mayor. 15. tread: ( trod, trodden) step on eg. He suddenly trod on my foot. Don’t tread on the flowerbed. to tread sth under one’s feet 踏板 tread board, tread plate down 16. tatami: a floor mat woven of rice straw for sitting

17. mat 席子 =matting a bamboo matting stunning: surprising Eg. We are stunning to the outcome. Cautious: careful to avoid danger and failure. Cf. Careful: to avoid error. 18. twinge: n. a sudden brief pain or feeling of remorse eg. a twinge of toothache / conscience / uneasiness Pa.8 Was I embarrassed? Why?

19. crush: vt. to smash eg. The box was crushed by the car. Don’t crush my new suit. (弄皱) As soon as the door opened, students crushed into the hall. 2) to overwhelm or oppress by failure 压迫 Eg. Her spirit had been crushed by failure. cf. clash 撞击声 crash 坠毁,破裂声

Site: an area of ground, small or large, set aside for a particular use Eg. A building site, a factory site 2) A place where some event has occurred.

Cf. spot: a specific place, either indoors or outdoors of limited extent Eg. That?s a site to have a picnic.
20. slay: kill (lit. slew, slain)

21. linger: (lit.)vi. 1) idle, saunter

2) continue to stay, live, or exist 逗留,苟延 eg. She lingered for a moment at the door. The boy lingered at the zoo. The old man lingered several weeks after his stroke. 22. inhibit: vt. hold back or keep from sth 抑制,约束 eg.His dignity inhibited him from asking such questions. His honesty inhibited his impulse to keep the purse. n. inhibition cf. inhabit: to live in eg. We inhabit Beijing now.

Pa.15-17 the mayor?s speech. —anticlimax, 突降法 understatement重事轻说;轻描淡写 23. agitate: vt. shake, perturb or excite 搅动,使激 动 eg. His speech agitated the crowd. (or) His speech gave rise to public agitation.

He is in an agitated state. He has an agitated look.

24. renown: n. fame or reputation eg. a man of high / great renown He achieved instant renown.--------他一举成名。 25. assent: vi. agree eg.He assented to my request. cf. assert 断言,肯定 asset 资产 26. sink in: (colloquial) to be understood eg. At last the news sank in. The warning failed to sink in, and he got into trouble as a consequence. Your warning didn?t sink in.

27. jolt: n. shock The terrorist attack gave all the people a jolt. II. Vt. To shock or surprise 激起,唤起 eg. He was jolted into thinking seriously about it. Reverie:n. daydream of agreeable things Eg。 He was lost in reverie that he did not hear the doorbell ring。 Pa. 18 Was I quite sensitive when listening to the mayor? Why? Heinous: (lit.) a. outrageously evil or wicked, abominable 极可恶的, 极可恨的 Eg. He committed a heinous crime. n. Heinousness

28. school: Eg。 the impressionist school 印象派 the abstract school 抽象派 30. gay: n. merry, homosexual eg。 gay laugh / dance / girl The dress is too gay for her age. a gay and wild life

From the sentence “Hiroshima-oysters? What about……heinous crime?” can you know the writer?s question in mind? / What question had I been thinking of in the interview? I wondered the impact of A-bomb on the city.

p.15-p.16 My talk with a Japanese. Scanning: Was the city greatly affected by the bombing?

II. My experiences in the hospital. Pa.27 Smell of:give out a smell of sth. Eg. The house smells of paint. 这个菜有大蒜味。-The dish smells of garlic. What did I know from the fisherman? Or else: 否则,要不然 他得付100美元,否则要坐牢的。---He must pay 100$ or else go to prison. Humiliate: vt. To lower the pride, dignity or self-respect of 使屈辱,丢脸 Eg. Japan was humiliated by defeat.

29. on the part of: representing ? There are some doubts on the part of the students. ? He expressed appreciation on the part of the company. Genetic damage: damage which can be passed to the following generations Intermezzo: anything that happens between two events Preoccupation: sth that takes up all one?s thoughts, absorption

gaze: vi. Look long and steadily, often with the indication of wonder, admiration, fascination, etc. Eg. The child gazed at the toys in the shop window. Cf. Stare: to gaze intently, esp. with wide-open eyes, as in amazement, admiration or fear Eg. He stared at the word trying to remember what it meant.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

A summary of the text: What the writing style? Narration Can you retell the writer’s trip in Hiroshima? His impression on the city; on the way to his destination; His interview with the mayor; His talk with an old man: it was affected by the bombing.

? In the hospital: ? His talk with a fisherman: people suffered a lot physically and spiritually. ? What is his feeling after his trip to Hiroshima? ? He realizes people there have suffered a lot physically and spiritually. ? How do you explain the title? On the surface, …. But in fact,…….

? Oral work discuss the sino-Japanese relations.

? A Composition: ( about 120 words) ? Nuclear Power ? The development of nuclear power in the world ? My point of view of the power ( Is it beneficial to people or destructive? Why is it a much disputed problem?) ? The conclusion


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