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Passage 1 Dear Anish, Here are the information about Manchester University.1.________ It is about 200 miles far away from London, and it 2.________ has a very big schoolyard. You can live in the school3.________ or near the school. They have all sorts of course.4.________ I'm sure you will find one you like it. I know you5.________ are particular interested in human rights. So I will 6.________ see that there is anything on their website(网址).7.________ I'll send my friend Charlie meet you at the airport8.________ when you arrived. You met him a few years ago, but he 9.________ has changed a lot since then. Both your aunt or I look10.________ forward to seeing you again. See you soon. Peter 答案与解析: 1.are→is information 是不可数名词,谓语动词应使用单数形式。 2.去掉 far far 通常不与表示具体距离的数词连用。 3.√ 4.course→courses 根据句中的 all sorts of 可知,这里要表示的是各种各样的课程,因 此应用复数形式。 5.去掉 it “(that) you like”是定语从句,修饰先行词 one。在从句中,关系代词 that 作 like 的宾语,所以 it 多余。 6.particular→particularly interested 是形容词,应使用副词修饰。 7.that→if/whether 信息。 根据上一句中的内容可知这里的意思是看网络上“是否”有相关 前加 to 此处是不定式表示目的。 9.arrived→arrive 如果主句是一般将来时,时间状语从句通常用一般现在时。

10.or→and 此处是“both...and...”结构,表示“两者都”。

Passage 2 I am a very active girl in my class. I have many hobby,1.________ such as writing stories, playing piano and singing English2.________

songs. My most favorite subject is English. I became3.________ interested in it when I was very young. My dream is 4.________ to study abroad. But now I need to improve my English5.________ and learn more about west culture as well. I will be6.________ able to improving the friendship between China and7.________ the rest of the world. I hoped my dream will come true.8.________ And I believe in nobody can change my mind. I will work9.________ harder and follow my heart, no matter how happens!10.________ 答案与解析: 1.hobby→hobbies many 后接复数名词,下文 such as 后列举的内容也是提示。 2.piano 前加 the 用定冠词 the。 play the piano 表示“弹钢琴”,是固定搭配。西洋乐器类名词前常

3.去掉 most favorite 本身就是“最喜爱的”,因此原句语义重复。 4.√ 5.But→So 前后逻辑上是因果而不是转折关系。 6.west→western 依据语境这里表示“西方文化”,应用形容词 western 作定语。 7.improving→improve be able to do sth.表示“能够做某事”。

8.hoped→hope 这里表示说话人现在的愿望,故应用一般现在时。 9.去掉 in 句。 I believe that..我相信??。believe in 表示“信任,信仰”,其后不能接从→what no matter what happens 无论发生什么,what 充当从句的主语。

Passage 3 When I was a child, my mom was pushed me to study hard,1.________ hoping I could get a chance to go to college. I experience2.________ pressure for the first time. I did that my mom expected3.________ because I didn't want to let her off. I was born to a poor4.________ peasant family, but I really knew life was not easy. All the5.________ things my mother did was the result of her hope that I could6.________ lead better life in the future. As the saying goes, “No pains7.________ no gains.”I was finally able to meet my mother expectations and8.________ have a chance to go to college. Thanks to my mother's push and the 9.________ pressure, I made it. Now, I no longer think pressure is a good thing.10.________ 答案与解析: 1.去掉第二个 was 此处不用被动语态,故 was 多余。


2.experience→experienced 此处应用一般过去时态,与全文时态保持一致。 3.that→what 这里用 what 引导宾语从句并在从句中作宾语,that 没有这种用法。→down 结合上下文可知此处意为“我不想让她失望”,故应用 let sb. down 表 示“让某人失望”。 5.but→and 或 so 此处应为顺承关系而非转折关系,故将 but 改为 and 或 so。 6.was→were 此处主语为 all the things,故应用 were。 7.better 前加 a lead a better life 表示“过一种更好的生活”。 8.mother→mother's 9.√ 10.good→bad 根据上文可知此处是指“我不再认为压力是一件坏事”,故应将 good 改为 bad。 此处表示“达到了妈妈的期望”,故应用其所有格形式。

Passage 4 Last Sunday I went to the Bird's Nest Stadium. At gate1.________ I happened to meet some young America tourists.I greeted2.________ to them in English and then we began to chat. From the chat3.________ I learned that they were college students traveling in Beijing4.________ but most of them were fond of Chinese culture. They were5.________ busy taking pictures and they seem to be much impressed by6.________ the changes which had been taken place in the past few years.7.________ After come out of the Stadium, we went to the Water Cubic(水立方)8.________ and had a good time there. We exchanged our email address so that9.________ we could write to each other later. They thanked us again and again.10.________ I was very glad to have the chance to practise my oral English. 答案与解析: 1.gate 前加 the 此处表示特指,指的是鸟巢体育馆的大门。 2.America→American 应该用形容词来修饰名词。 3.去掉第一个 to greet 是及物动词,可直接加宾语,不必加 to。 4.√ 5.but→and 来北京和喜欢中国文化为并列关系而非转折,应用 and 表示并列。 6.seem→seemed 般过去时。 7.去掉 been 根据事情发生的时间 last Sunday 和全文的时态可知,此处也应用一

take place 无被动语态。 介词 after 后要用动名词形式。


9.address→addresses 交换的是双方的邮箱地址,故此处应用复数形式。

3→me 是“我”帮助了他们,因此用 me。

Passage 5 Today is Sunday. We had not lessons. After breakfast1.________ I wanted to do with my homework when Li Lei rang me.2.________ He asked me to go to the cinema with he. I agreed, but3.________ I have to finish my homework first. About an hour later,4.________ we went out. In the way we saw Kate; she was mending5.________ her bike. She looked very worry.“Let us help you.” Li Lei6.________ and I all said. “All right.” And we stopped to help her.7.________ There was nothing much wrong with the bike, so it cost8.________ us only several minutes time to finish it. Kate was very 9.________ thankful. When we hurried to the cinema, the film had10.________ been on for ten minutes. But we felt happy. 答案与解析: 1.not→no “没有课”应是 have no lessons 或 don't have any lessons。 2.去掉 with do 是及物动词,直接跟名词作宾语。

3.he→him 介词后跟代词时要用宾格。 4.have→had 本文是叙述过去发生的事情。 5.In→On “在??途中”是 on the way。 6.worry→worried “她看上去很着急”,应该用形容词作表语。

7.all→both 因为只有我和李蕾两人。 8.cost→took “花费时间做什么”要用 It takes some time to do something。 9.去掉 time 有具体的时间名词 minutes,无须再用 time。 10.√

Passage 6 My father and I am taking a camping trip in July1.________ and August. We will travel for about two months but2.________ will tour the United States and parts of the Canada. We3.________ have decided to camp because it does not spend as much4.________ as vacationing in hotels, but we had to plan carefully. I5.________ think the car what we are going to drive is very small, so6.________ we decide to take only one small suitcase for both of them7.________ and as few camping things as possibly. We will take some8.________

medicine with us prevent insects from hurting us, and also9.________ some food for picnics. I'm sure that we will have fun.10.________ 答案与解析:→are 本句的主句是 my father and I,所以谓语动词用复数形式。 2.but→and 此处表示的是顺承关系,而不是转折关系。 3.删去第二个 the 一般情况下,表示国家的单个词语前不加冠词。 4.spend→cost 本句的主语不是人,而是 it,所以用 cost。 5.had→have 短文全篇叙述的都是现在和将来的情况。 6.what→that/which 或删去 what “that/which we are going to drive”是定语从句,修饰 先行词 the car,关系代词在从句中作宾语,可以省略。 7.them→us 根据文章的开头部分可知这里指的是作者本人和作者的父亲,因此应用 us。 8.possibly→possible possible 表示“尽可能??”。

9.prevent 前加 to 此处是不定式短语作目的状语。 10.√ Passage 7 Tom is a little boy, but he is only seven years old. One day he1.________ went to the cinema. It was the first time for him to do that. He2.________ bought a ticket and then went out. But after two or three minutes3.________ he came out and bought the second ticket and went in again. After a4.________ few minutes he comes out again and bought a third ticket. Two5.________ or three minutes later he came out and asked another ticket.6.________ Then the girl in the ticket office who asked him, “Why do you7.________ buy so many ticket? How many friends do you meet?” Tom8.________ answered,”No, I have not friends here. But a big boy always 9.________ stops me at the door and tear my ticket to pieces.”10.________ 答案与解析: 1.but 改为 and 依据语境,这里前后句之间是并列关系而不是转折关系。 2.√ 3.out 改为 in 依据语境,男孩买票走进电影院。 4.the 改为 a 下文 bought a third ticket 有暗示。序数词前用不定冠词,表示“再一, 又一”。 5.comes 改为 came 结合行文逻辑,这里应用一般过去时。男孩进去又出来了。

6.asked 后加 for ask for sth.表示“要求得到??”。 7.去掉 who 这里不是定语从句,假如是定语从句,原句缺少主句。

8.ticket 改为 tickets so many 后接复数名词。 9.not 改为 no not 是副词,不能修饰名词,应改为 no。

10.tear 改为 tears 这里 stop 和 tear 是并列谓语动词,要用第三人称单数的一般现在 时。

Passage 8 Last Saturday we had a party at home. Dad's friends come1.________ along with their families. Since Mom was not at home, Dad2.________ and I had to prepare everything, so it turned out such a miracle3.________ that they did make it! Everything went perfectly fine.4.________ A lot of kids who came that day. I had the most wonderful time5.________ with Steven. It was just amazed to find someone so much6.________ like me. We had a lot of things by common. The time seemed7.________ short to me, and I wished we could have had some more time8.________ to continue the conversation. Hopeful we're going on9.________ a trip together next summer, and also summer after next.10.________ 答案与解析: 1.come→came 2.√→but 前后语境为转折关系,应把 so 改为 but。 4.they→we 根据上文可知作者使用了第一人称,此处指作者和父亲俩人,因此应把 they 改为 we。 5.去掉 who 本句为简单句,去掉 who。 6.amazed→amazing 主语为 it,应用 amazing 作表语,表示“令人惊异的”。→in 固定短语 common 表示“有??相同之处”。 整篇文章为一般过去时,应把 come 改为 came。

8.去掉 had wish 后的宾语从句用虚拟语气,谓语应用情态动词+动词原形,因此把 had 去掉。 9.Hopeful→Hopefully 副词 hopefully 放在句首,表示“希望”副词作状语修饰整个 句子。 10.在 also 后加 the next summer 指明年夏天,the summer after next 指后年夏天。

Passage 9 We all know that healthy is very important to us. Both1.________ study and work depend by strong bodies. Doing sports2.________ and games helps us keep strong and healthy. If we do not3.________ take any exercise, we may feel tired but get sick easily.4.________

There's many different kinds of sports we can do them,5.________ such as playing ball games, running, walking and swim.6.________ However, now we have too much homework to do in7.________ every day. We hope that we'll be giving less homework8.________ and have more time take part in sports. We also hope9.________ that our school can hold a sports meeting every term. 10.________ 答案与解析: 1.healthy→health 这里是句子的主语,因此用名词形式。→on/upon depend on/upon 是固定搭配。→helps 这句话的主语是动名词短语 doing sports and games。动名词短语作主 语表示一件事时,谓语动词用第三人称单数形式。 4.but→and feel tired 和 get sick 是并列关系,不表示转折,因此将 but 改为 and。 5.去掉 them 这是一个定语从句,从句中作动词 do 的宾语的关系代词 that(或 which) 被省略了,因此 them 是多余的。 6.swim→swimming 7.去掉 in 应用动名词与前面的 running,walking 并列,故应用 swimming。

every day 可以单独作状语,前面不需要加介词。 这里是被动语态,因此用过去分词。→given

9.take 前加 to 此处考查的是 have time to do sth.的结构。 10.√

Passage 10 After I finished the school this year, I began to1.________ look for work. Now several month later, I still hadn't 2.________ found the job that I was interested. Last Sunday morning,3.________ I received a phone call from a man calling him Mr. Smith.4.________ He said to me on the phone, “I hear you do very well in your5.________ studies. I may provide a job for you.” I entered 6.________ his office with a beaten heart. How I hoped that I 7.________ will go through the jobhunting talk today and he would8.________ take me on as a lab assistant. But to my surprised, 9.________ what he said disappointing. He only needed a model.10.________ 答案与解析: 1.去掉 the finish school 是固定搭配,表示“毕业”。 2.month→months 3.interested 后加 in month 是可数名词,several 暗示应用复数形式。 be interested in 是固定搭配,表示“对??感兴趣”。

4.him→himself calling himself Mr. Smith 短语作定语,修饰 a man 表示“自称 Mr. Smith”的男子。→did 根据逻辑可知这里表示毕业前的情况,故用一般过去时。do well in“干得 好”。 6.√ 7.beaten→beating a beating heart“忐忑不安的心”。 8.will→would 这里应考虑主从句时态的呼应,故用过去将来时。 9.surprised→surprise to one's surprise 是固定搭配,表示“令某人惊讶的是”。 10.said 后加 was what he said 是主语从句,“他的话是令人失望的”。句子缺少系 动词。

Passage 11 Dear Yangmei, Happy New Year to you! I am fine. I am in northern 76 Thailand when the waves his. I’ve just finished spending 77 four days help in the disaster area. It was extremely 78 unpleasant and shocking. I was exciting to see several 79 Chinese volunteers(志愿者)in the beach, though. 80 They were very helpful and you should proud 81 of your countrymen. We were all busy with 82 helping the doctors recognize the dead bodies, that 83 wasn’t easy work, but your countrymen did it very good. 84 Tell everyone I miss them and wish them great 2005. 85 Yours Sam—was 77.√—helping 79.exciting—excited—on 81.should∧ be 82.with 83.that—which 84.good—well 85.them∧ a

Passage 12 People often have troubles getting used to a new culture . They 76. are usually very happy when they first arrive at a foreign country .77. Therefore , if they stay a long time , they may start to feel different 78. stages of culture shock . They can get lonely or sad because they 79. can't deal with the local people . How quick you get used to culture 80. differences may be depend on the way you learn . That’s a problem 81. if they can’t speak the language . On other hand , some can study 82. the situation and make good guesses about the culture . When he 83. finally began to understand some of the language and make some 84. New friends , they will gradually enjoy themselves and feel satisfying .85. 76. troubles —trouble 77. at—in 78. Therefore —However 79. 正确 80. quick—quickly 81. 去掉 be 82. On 后加 the 83. he—they 84. began—begin

85. satisfying —satisfied

Passage 13 I was taking a walk by the roadside after supper an 76. other day when a truck had passed me with speed .I 77. thought it was very dangerous of the driver to drive 78. so fast. When I came to a sharp bend ,I sudden saw 79. the truck lay on the roadside with its four wheels up. 80. I rushed up and found the driver sitting on the grass by 81. the road ,“Thanks God ,”I thought .“The driver was 82. lucky enough to alive .”I asked the driver how the 83. accident has happened .He told me with regret that his 84. truck which had been out of control at the sharp bend. 85. 76、an the 77.去掉 had 78.of for 79.sudden suddenly 80.lay lying 81.√ 82.Thanks Thank 后加 be 84.has had 85.去掉 which

Passage 14 Now, I’d like to say something about TV. Many families have TV sets and of course hardly everyone likes watch TV. TV has many advantages. For example, it could make people to know a lot of things in differently parts of the world and could help us to get more useful knowledge, know much about the world. So, TV also has some disadvantages, for example, it does harm to your health if you will watch it too long. What’s more, watching too much TV is a bad effect on one’s normal work and study, specially for young people’s eyes. In a word, everyone ought to watch TV under control. 81. hardly---almost 82. watch---watching 83. 去 掉 differently—different 85. much---more 86. So---However 87. 去掉 will 88. is---has 89. specially---especially 90. √

81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. to 84.

Passage 15 I had never interested in sports, unlike most of my classmates. After the school they would take part in either a basketball and a football game, while I stayed inside all by myself. After some times I came to realize that I had to change all this when I intended to get along well with

76.____________ 77.____________ 78.____________ 79.____________ 80.____________

others. So, one weekend, at the great surprise of all my classmates, I announced that I want to go to the football game with them. I thought by join my classmates in sports I would stop feeling lonely, and in the end I might even come to like sports very much as my classmates did.

81.____________ 82.____________ 83.____________ 84.____________ 85.____________

I had never ∧ interested in sports ,unlike most of my 76.been classmates. After the school they would take part in either 77.the_ a basketball and a football game, while I stayed inside all 78.or by myself. After some times, I came to realize that I had 79.time to change all this when I intended to get along well with 80.if others. So, one weekend, at the great surprise of all my classmates, I announced that I want to go to the football 82.wanted game with them. I thought by join my classmates in sports 83.joining I would stop feeling lonely, and in the end I might even 84.√ come to like sports very much as my classmates did. 85. as

Passage 16 Last month we bought our two-year-old daughter the little dog. There are not many children of her age in where we live, and we thought a dog would make her more lonely. We were right. They played together happily all day now. Our daughter smiles and laughs a lot of more than she used. In a way it is like having two children in the house. All of them are very untidy, and they cry when they don’t get what they want. The dog is easy to look after than my daughter. It always eats up all its food so we don’t have piles of dirty clothes to wash. 76. the → a 80. 去掉 of 84. √ Passage 17 Zhang Li, our monitor, works hard at his lesson and 76._________ he is always ready to help the others.We all like him. 77.__________ One day on his way to home, Zhang Li saw an accident. 78.__________ A girl fell her bike and her left leg got hurt.With tears 79.__________ in her eyes, she could do nothing but waited for help. 80.__________ Zhang Li ran over, taking out of his pocket a handkerchief 81.__________ and pressed it onto the bleeding point.In this way 82.__________ first aid was offering to the girl.“Take it easy,” said he. 83.__________ Then he sent her to a nearby hospital while comforted her. 84.__________

76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

77. 去掉 in 81. used 后加 to 85. so → and

78. more → less 82. All → Both

79. played → play 83. easy → easier

That was not long before the girl’s parents came to the hospital and they thanked him a lot. 76.lesson—lessons 78.去掉 to 80.waited—wait 82.正确 84.comforted—comforting Passage 18 I shall never forget going to school for the first time. I woke up very early and started to get dressing while my mother was cooking my lunch. I soon finished eating because I was so excited to eat much. I took the bus for the first time by myself in my life and I enjoyed travel to school that day. As the bus began getting near to the school when I wondered what my teacher would be like .When I reached the class, all the other child had already been there. Some of them went on writing ,but some of them stopped look at me. After the teacher showed me where to sit on ,I began doing my first exercises. It was a exciting day. 76.dressing—dressed—traveling 82.child—children 85.a—an Passage 19 77.去掉 the 79.在 fell 后加 off


81.taking—took 83.offering—offered 85.That—It

76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

77.lunch— breakfast—too 80.√ 81.去掉第一个 when 83.stopped∧look—to 84.去掉 on

Mrs. Flower, a wealthy woman, dead three weeks ago, 76. _______________ leave about $4 million in her will to her dead husband's77. _______________ daughter by his first marriage. A girl's name was 78. _______________ Clare Flower, went to live in Los Angeles in 1984. 79. _______________ Ever since then none of the family except his 80. _______________ parents had seen her. When Mrs. Flower buried, a 81. _______________ girl who she called herself Clare Flower turned up. 82. _______________ No one had a doubt, and Mrs. Flower's nephew, 83. _______________ Tom Goode, found something strange, so he asked 84. _______________ J.J. Coal, a famous detective, to look in the matter. 85. _______________ 76.dead→died 77.leave→leaving 78.A→The 79.went→who∧went 80.his→ her 81.buried→was∧buried 82.去掉 she 83.and→but 84.right→into Passage 20 A young woman working at a small pay in a New York office wanted some good copy(复制品)pearls . While Christmas


came and she was giving $25 by her boss , she decided to go to a store and spent all the money with a string of beads (小珠). A new clerk helped her pick out some nicelooking peals . She loved them so much that she often dressed them to work . One day , on the subway , the string broke but the pearl flew in every direction . The passengers helped her pick the beads and put them in her handkerchief so that she could take them to the shop next day to be restrung (重新串). At the jeweler she explained she had bought the string there a couple of months ago . 76 While 改成 When 77 giving 改成 given 79 对 80dressed 改成 wore 82 pearl 改成 pearls 83 the 前加 up 85 jeweler 改成 jeweler’s Passage21 78 with 改成 on 81 but 改成 and 84 next 前加 the

77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

Do you ever wish you were more optimistic, someone who always expected to be successful? Have someone around who always76.___________ worries about the worst isn’t really a lot of funs — we all know77.___________ someone who sees a single cloud in a sunny day and says, ‘It looks78.___________ like rain.’ But if you catch yourself thinking such things, it’s79.___________ important to do something against them. 80. ___________ You can change your view of the life, according to psychologists81.___________ It only takes little effort, and you will find more rewarding as a82.___________ result. Optimism, they say, is part about self-respect and confiden83. __________ and it’s a more positive way of looking at life. Optimists are more 84. __________ likely to start new projects and are generally prepared to take risks. 85.___________ 76.Have → Having。因为 Have someone around ?在句子中用作主语,应该使用动名 词形式,而不是动词原形。 77.funs → fun → on 79.√ 80.them → it 本题考察考生对于代词使用情况的把握。这个句子中 against 后面的宾 语应该是指代 thinking such things 这件事,而不是 such things. 81.去掉 the “对于生活的看法”的英语表达法为“view of life”, life 前不用定冠 词。 82.在 little 前面加 a 从整个句子的意义看, It takes?后面应该表达肯定的意义。 83.part → partly 84.and → but 85.在 prepared 的前面加 more。从语意的角度来看,本句前半部分意为“乐观的人更有 可能开始新的项目” ,这是与其它类型的人相比较而言的。后半部分的意义也同样应该如此, 即也应该与其它类型的人相比较而言,因此应在 prepared 前加上 more,使其变成形容词的比 较级。

Passage 22
Most families in China hoped their single children will 76._______ have a happy future, so they are very strict in their children. 77._______ So do teachers in schools! Many children are given so much 78._______ homework that they have hardly any spare time have sports. 79._______ The children are forbidden to do anything but to study. No 80._______ wonder so many children are tired of lessons. Some even 81._______ attack or kill his parents and teachers! I believe many people 82._______ already read this kind of news in newspapers or magazines. 83._______ Shouldn’t we draw lesson from the accidents? Now our 84._______ government is making out a plan to solve the education problems.85._______

Passage 23
Nowadays, almost every family has TV set, and almost 76._______ everyone likes watching TV. TV has become part of our lives. 77._______ TV has many advantages, for example, it informs us the 78._______ latest news which is happening in the world; it can open our 79._______ eyes, enlarge our knowledge and also help us to see more 80._______ about the worlD. But, it also has some disadvantages. People 81.______ waste too much time in watching TV and his normal life 82._______ and work are affecteD. To the children who they spend too 83._______ much time in watching TV, it can do harmful to their sight 84._______ and healthy. So we should control the time of watching TV. 85._______

Passage 24
A few months after returning the US from Germany, I took 76._______ part in a college course in French. Since I have learned 77._______ to say German well in Germany, I thought it might be 78._______ interested to begin studying another language. At the 79._______ first class, the teacher asked us to do a pronunciation 80._______ exercise in it he would say a word or two in French, and 81._______ each student would do their best to copy. When he got to 82._______ me, he kept having me to say more words, and I 83._______ finally asked him why. “I find it great fun,” she explained 84._______ it. “In 25 years of teaching at school, it’s the first time 85._______ I’ve heard an American speak French with a German accent.”

Passage 25
The Huaihe River has been serious polluted. Day and night 76._______ millions of tons of waste water is being poured down to it from 77._______ hundreds of factories. The waste water is harmful. At present 78._______ there is no fish in it. The river water cannot be drunk. People in 79._______ either bank have to dig wells to take drinking water. The Huaihe 80. _______ River is such dirty and poisonous that people don’t dare swim 81._______

? ?


in it. Something must be done to stopping the pollution. The 82._______ government and the people near the river must try to clear water 83._______ as soon as possible. Now special attention has paid to the 84._______ pollution by the government and more scientists. The pollution 85._______ will be prevented in the near future.? Passage 26 Dear Abby, How are you? Today I’ve got a wonderful news to tell you. 76._______ I have offered a scholarship at a university in Australia for my 77._______ further education. One hundred and twenty students took exam 78._______ for it, but only a few was chosen and I was one of them. However, 79._______ my parents are not happy about it. They are strong against me 80._______ going there. They say it is too far away that they will not see me 81._______ for a whole year and they are afraid of I will feel lonely. They 82._______ can’t imagine a girl so young live alone. They advise me to study 83._______ in the capital instead. Then I’ll be able to continue living with 84._______ them. How can I persuade them to accept the fact I have grown up? 85._______ Best wishes, Jane


Passage 27
A person’s age no longer tells you something about his social position, marriage or healthy. There’s no longer, a particular year which one goes to school or goes to work or gets married or start a family. The social clock that kept us on time and told us when go to school, get a job, or stop working isn’t as strong as it was used to be. It doesn’t surprise us to hear a 28-year-old university president or a 35-year-old grandmother, or 70-year-old man who has become a father for the first time. What we all know, public’s ideas are changing nowadays. 76. ________ 77. ________ 78. ________ 79. ________ 80. ________ 81. ________ 82. ________ 83. ________ 84. ________ 85. ________

Passage 28
It is difficult for parents to teach your children to be responsible 76.________ (有责任的) for housework, but with one of the followed suggestions, 77.________ you really can get your children help you at home. If you give your 78.________ children the impression which they can never do anything quite right, 79.________ then they will regard themselves unfit or unable persons. Unless they 80.________ believe they can succeed, they will never become totally independence. 81.________ Don’t always scold and give lots of praise instead. Talk about 82.________ what they’ve done right, but about what they haven’t done. If your 83.________ children complete a difficult task, reward (酬劳) him with a Sunday 84.________ trip or a ball game of Dad. 85.________

Passage 29
Before I went to senior middle school, some peoples told me. “A life of senior middle school is unforgettable.”

76._______ 77._______

While I first entered my senior middle school, everything 78._______ seemed unpleasant. Face all the strange things around me, 79._______ I often miss my old friends and classmates. I didn’t want 80._______ to talk others or make friends with others. Little by little, my 81._______ school record went from bad to worse, especially my 82._______ maths. I couldn’t even pass the exam. I lost the heart and 83._______ missed the happy times all day long. I told me, “I don’t 84._______ belong to it. I don’t like the life here.” 85._______ Passage 30 Tom and Dick are next door neighbour who work in the same office so they walked together to and from office. Some day as they were walking home together it sudden started to rain. Tom quickly opened his umbrella and said, “My wife surely has foresight (预见) . She said on this morning it would rain and told me to carry my umbrella with me.” Dick smiled and walked to him, said, “My wife has even great foresight. She told me not to carry an umbrella and as she knew you would certainly have with you.” 85.________ 76.________ 77.________ 78.________ 79.________ 80.________ 81.________ 82.________ 83.________ 84.________

Passage 31
Dear Sir or Madam, I see your advertisement in a student magazine and I’m interesting to know more about your diving courses. First of all, I should explain that although I can swim I’m not very confident in the water. But you mentioned your advertisement that your instructors are full qualified(称职), so I believe they’ll able to teach someone like me to dive. I have one week’s holiday in the three week of June and would like to know that if there’s a course running at that time. How much does a week’s course worth? Finally, if I decide to go ahead, are there any special equipment I need to buy or is everything provided by your company? I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours, Tom

76. ______ 77. ______ 78. ______ 79. ______ 80. ______ 81. ______ 82. ______ 83. ______ 84. ______ 85. ______

Passage 32
Dear Xiaohua, It is four days since Mother accepted the operation. 76._______ She is feeling much more better. The doctors told me 77._______

the operation was successful, but because her old age 78._______ she had to stay in hospital for other two weeks. The 79._______ doctors also say it was quite necessary for her to 80._______ do so. We expect to get a full report in two and three 81._______ days. Please tell the good news to the rest of family 82._______ as soon as possible. You needn’t to come here. I’m 83. _______ able to look after Mother by myself. You’d better 84. _______ send flowers to Mother. She will feel happily. 85. _______ Yours, Xiaohui

Passage 33
Football is most popular game in England: one has only 76._______ to go to one of the important match to see this. Rich and 77._______ poor, young and old, one can see them all there, shout and 78._______ cheering for one side or the other. One of the surprised 79._______ things about football in England to a stranger is the great 80._______ knowledge of the game which still the smallest boy seems 81._______ to have it. He can tell you the names of the players in most 82._______ of the important team, he has photographs of them and 83._______ know the results of large numbers of matches. He will tell 84. _______ you his opinion which is usual as valuable as that of the adults. 85._______

Passage 34
Climbing is my favourite sport. I am very food it, especially in later autumn. One day early in the morning, my friends and I put on our sports shoes and start off. After climbing for half an hour, we got at the top of the mountain. There we had a good view miles around. In the north, a big river crossed the city. There were many ships sail busily. A lot of beautiful trees were there, too. The sun started to go down, for it was time for us to go back. On the road back, we were laughing and talking all the time. We had a good time on that day. 76. _______ 77. _______ 78. _______ 79. _______ 80. _______ 81. _______ 82. _______ 83. _______ 84. _______ 85. _______

Passage 35
Before lunch Allen happened to see a man fished in 76.______ a ditch about five metre outside a bar. Allen stopped 77.______ curiously. All people passing over the man who was fishing 78.______ regarded him like a foolish man. Allen’s heart went out 79.______ of him. He said kindly to fish-catcher, “Hello, will 80.______ you please do me a favor and have a drink with me 81.______ in the bar?” The man gladly received his invitation. 82.______

After buying the man several cups soft-drinks, Allen asked, “You are fishing there, right? May I know how much fish you have caught this morning?” “You are the number 8,” said the man humorously.?

83.______ 84.______ 85.______

Passage 36
What should you do when your parents become angry? If 76.________ your parents got mad, try to have a conversation with them 77.________ about it. Remembering not to shout at them. They usually 78.________ will try to change, but they will take some time because 79._________ they get angry all their life, and that is all they know. You 80._________ might have to change for your method a couple of times. 81._________ Do any nice things for your parents that they don’t expect 82._________ —`like cooking, doing the dishes, washing clothes, or clean 83._________ the floors. If this doesn’t work, bring in friend that you 84._________ feel comfortable, and have him or her help you. 85._________

Passage 37
In Feb. 2nd 1979, China’s Vice-premier 76._______ Deng Xiaoping was at a visit to the U.S. 77._______ He was in the space flight center near to Houston 78._______ Texas. Sat in the pilot’s seat of a model of 79._______ a space shuttle(航天飞机),he was asked to touch a button 80._______ to make it landing on the earth from 81._______ a height of 95,000 feet, that he did. From 82._______ windows of the craft, he could see the earth 83._______ coming up to meet him as a returned space pilot 84._______ would see it. Millions of people in both China and the US watch this on TV with delight. 85._______ 以下是 Passage22—37 答案解析 1. 76. hoped→hope 77. in→with 78. do→are 79. have 前加 to 80. 去掉第二个 to 81. √ 82. his→their 83. already 前加 have 84. lesson 前加 a 85. making→carrying 2. 76. has 后加 a 77. lives→life 78. us 后加 of 79. which→that 80. √ 81. But→However 82. his→their 83. 去掉 they 84. harmful→harm 85. healthy→health 3. 76. returning 后加 to 77. have→had 78. say→speak 79. interested→interesting 80. √ 81. it→which 82. their→his 83. 去掉 to 84. she→he 85. 去掉 it 4. 76. serious→seriously 77. to→into 78. √ 79. in→on 80. take→get 81. such→so 82. stopping→stop 83. water 前加 the 84. paid 前加 been 85. 去掉 more

5. 76. 去掉 a 77. have 后加 been 78. exam→exams 79. was→were 80. strong→strongly 81. too→so 82. 去掉 of 83. live→living 84. √ 85. fact 后加 that 6. 76. something→anything 77. healthy→health 78. which→when 或 which 前加 in 79. start→starts 80. when 后加 to 81. 去掉 was 82. √ 83. 70-year-old 前加 a 84. What→As 85. public’s→public 7. 76.your→their 77.followed→following 78.children 后加 to 79.which→that 80.themselves 后加 as 81.independence→independent 82.√ 83.but 后加 not 84.him→them 85.of→with 8. 76. peoples→people 77. A→The 78. While→When 79. Face→Facing 80. miss→missed 81. talk 后加 to 或 with 82. record→records 83. 去掉第二个 the 84. me→myself 85. √ 9. 76. neighbour→neighbours 77. walked→walk 78. Some→One 79. sudden→suddenly 80. √ 81. 去掉 on 82. said→saying 83. great→greater 84. 去掉 and 85. have 后加 one 10. 76. see→ saw 77. interesting→ interested 78. √ 79. your 前加 in 80. full→ fully 81. able 前加 be 82. three→ third 83. 去掉 that 84. worth→ cost 85. are→ is 11. 76. accepted→received 77. 去掉 more 78. because 后加 of 79. other→another 80. say→said 81. and→or 82. family 前加 the 83. 去掉 to 84. √ 85. happily→happy 12. 后加 the 77.match→matches 78. shout→shouting 79.surprised→surprising 80. √ 81.still→even 82. 去掉 it→teams 84. know→knows 85.usual→usually 13. 76. fond 后加 of 77. later→late 78. start→started 79. at→to 80. In→To 81. √ 82. sail→sailing 83. for→so/and 84. road→way 85. 去掉 on 14. 76. fished→fishing 77. metre→metres 78. 去掉 over. 79. like→as 80. to 后加 the 81. √ 82. received→accepted 83. cups 后加 of 84. are→were 85. much→many 15. 76. √ 77. got→get 78. Remembering→Remember 79. they→it 80. life→lives 8l. 去掉 for 82. any→some 83. clean→cleaning 84. friend 前加 a 85. comfortable 后 加 with 16. 76.On 77.on 78.去掉 to 79。Sitting/Seated 80. ∨ 81. land 82. which 83. the 84. returning 85. watched




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