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【人教版】2014届高考英语一轮复习指导考点针对练:必修4 unit 3 A taste of English humour

必修 4 unit 3 A taste of English humour

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1.—Why was Jackson searching shop after shop for a sweater? —Oh, he was very______about his clothes. A.particu lar C.curious B.special D.unusual

解析:be particular about 对??挑剔/ 讲究。句意:——为什么 Jackson 逐个商店寻找 毛 衣?——哦,他对服装很讲究。 答案: A 2.(2013· 泰安模拟)Born into a family with three sisters, David was brought up to value the______of sharing. A.commitment C.competence B.responsibility D.sense
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解析:句意:由于出生在一个拥有三个姐妹的家庭中,David 养成了分享的意识。 答案:D

4.I was out of town at the time,so I don’t know exactly how it ______. A.was happening C.happens B.happened D.has happened

解析: 句意: 那时我出城了, 因此不十分了解那件事是怎么发生的。 后一句隐藏着 at the time“那时”的时间状语, 因此 C、 两项错, D “如何发生”不能用进行时态, 因此 A 项错。 答案:B 5.With the electricity ______,all the machines stopped. A.cut off C.was cut off B.cut down D .was cut down
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解析:the electricity 与 cut off 之间呈被动关系,所以用“with+sth.+done”的结构。


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6. those days, In large numbers of poor farmers moved to the northeast with their families as they thought they might be a little______there. A.well off C.good off B.better off off

解析:句意:那时候大量贫苦农民举家迁往东北,因为他们认为在那边他们的生活会有 所好转。a little 常常用来充当比较级的状语。 答案:B 7.We shouldn’t complain about being poor as many families are much______ . A.better off C.well off B.badly off D.worse off

解析:worse off“境况更差”。句意:我们不该抱怨贫穷,因为许多家庭境况更差。 答案:D 8.Dogs have a very good ______of smell and are often used to search for survivors in an earthquake. A.sense C.means B.view D.idea

10.At the beginning of the class,our teacher______us with a very______story. A.entertained;entertained C.entertaining;entertained B.entertain;entertained D.entertained;entert aining

解析: entertain sb.with sth.“用??使某人快乐, 使人有兴趣”; 第二空作定语修饰 story 因此用 entertaining“有趣的”。句意:开始上课时,老师讲了一个很有趣的故事令我们很愉 快。


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11.She opened the packet and emptied its______into saucepan. A.contents C.comments B.continents nvenience
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解析:contents 在此处作“内容”是可数名词。句意:她打开包把里面的东西倒进了蒸 锅里。 答案:A 12.Scientists are convinced ______ the positive effect of laughter ______ physical and mental health. A.of;at C.of;on B. by;in D.on;at

[交际用语] 14.—Lucy,you seem in high spirits.What happened? —______I’ve passed the exam. A.Guess what! C.So what? B.What for? D.Well done!

解析: 句意: ——露西, 你看起来很高兴。 什么事儿啊?——你猜猜看, 我考试过关了。 Guess what! 猜猜看! B 项用来问 目的; what?那又怎么样?表示不以为然; 而 So Well done! 做得不错!用来表扬对方。 答案:A 15.—(At the doctor’s)It’s nothing serious,doctor? —No.______. A.You’ll be all right soon
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B.You won’t be all right soon C.There’s some trouble with you D.It’s very serious 解析:句意:——(在诊所)医生,我的病不严重吧?——不严重。没多长时间你就会好 的。根据医生回答的 No.(不严重)可知 A 项为正确答案。 答案:A
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