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高中英语语法(时态语态篇)练习题精选 高中英语语法(时态语态篇)练习题精选 ( ) 1. – Where is the morning paper?– I ________ for you at once. A. get B. am getting C. to get B. Will there be C. had D. will get C. There can be D. There are D. would have C. doesn’t rain D. doesn’t fine ( ) 2. ________ a concert next Saturday? A. There will be A. have ( ) 3. If they come, we ________ a meeting. B. will have ( ) 4. If it ________ tomorrow, we’ll go roller-skating. A. isn’t rain the park. A. will fly; will go will go ( ) 6. There ________ a birthday party this Sunday. A. shall be A. are having A. lost B. will be C. shall going to be D. will going to be D. is going to have ( ) 7. They ________ an English evening next Sunday. B. are going to have B. lose C. will having the key to it. D. have lost from Iran. D. returning . D. that he would ( ) 8. Sorry, I can’t open the door, for I ( ) 9. — It’s good to see you again, Agnes. — This has been our first chance to visit since A. you return A. him coming come ( ) 11. — Bob must be very wealthy. — Yes, he A. has been earned ( B. had earned you C. earns more in one day than I do in a D. has earned week. )12. — Come on in, Peter, I want show you something. — Oh, how nice of you! I A. didn’t think, were going C. never think, are going ( A. has worked A. was traveling to bring me a gift. B. hadn’t thought, were going D. never thought, were going B. you returned C. you have returned B. will fly; goes C. is going to fly; will goes D. flies; B. won’t rain ( ) 5. Tomorrow he ________ a kite in the open air first, and then ______ boating in

C. had lost

( ) 10. — Did you expect Frank to come to the party? — No, but I had hoped B. him to come C. that he comes

) 13.I first met Lisa three years ago. She ___ at a radio shop at the time. B. was working C. had been working D. had worked B. traveled C. had been traveling D. was to travel

( ) 14. The reporter said that the UFO ___ east to west when he saw it.


) 15. “ What ' s the matter, Ali? You look sad. ” “ Oh, nothing much. As a matter of fact, I ___ of my friends back home. ” A. just thought B. have just been thinking C. was just thinking D. have just

thought ( ) 16. When Li Ming hurried home, he found that his mother ____already ____to hospital. A. has; been sent ( ____home. A has left; comes B had left; would come C had left; came D left; had come ( )18. Zhao Lan ______already ______in this school for two years. A. was ; studying ( ( ( A. will see A. hasn't lived A. will be kept before . A. hasn't flown ( forget it ! ---OK. I ______ . A. won't ( B. don't C. will D. do B. would leave about two hours before D. had left about two hours before B.have already had D. had already had B. had been teaching, since D. has been teaching, for )24. Mrs. Wu told me that her sister___________. A. left about two hours before C. has left about two hours ago ( A.are having C.have had ( A.was teaching, since C.would teach, for ( )27. math. B. didn't fly C. hadn't flown D. wasn't flying ) 23.---Mr Gorden asked me to remind you of the meeting this afternoon . Don’t B. will ; study C. has ; studied C. saw C. hadn't lived C. had kept D. see D. doesn't live D. had been kept D. are ; studying ) 19. Harry Potter is a very nice film .I_______ it twice. B. have seen B. didn't live B. will keep ) 20. The house belongs to my aunt but she _____ here any more . ) 21. Your job _______ open for your return . ---Thanks . B had; sent C has; sent D had; been sent )17. She _____her keys in the office so she had to wait until her husband

( ) 22.The young girl sitting next to me on the plane was very nervous . She ______

)25. When I reached home, my parents __________their supper.

)26. She __________in this school ________the past ten years.

--- I ______ so busily recently that I ______ no time to help you with your

--- That’s OK. I can manage it by myself. A. have been working; have C. am working; will have ( ( A. are writing B. will write B. have worked; had D. had been working; had had C. has written D. write

)28. Remember to send me a photo of us next time you ______ to me. )29 .--- I beg your pardon, but I didn’t quite catch you. --- Oh, I ______ myself. A. am talking to B. talked about C. have talked to D. was talking to


)30. Year.

I ______ ping-pong quite well, but I haven’t had time to play since the New C. played D. play

A. will play B. have played ( ( A. had worked B. has worked

)31. I first met Tom 10 years ago. He ______ in a radio factory at that time. C. was working D. has been working )32. --- What ______ when I phoned you? --- I ______ my work, and I wanted to go out. A. have you done; finished C. did you do; had just finished B. were you doing; have finished D. were you doing; had just finished D.were saving getting D. am preferring D. cooked

( ( ( ( (

)33. They won’t buy new clothes because they ______ money to buy a new house. A.gets A. prefer B.are saving B. preferred C.have saved C.has got C. had preferred )34. The traffic in our city is already good and it ______ even better. )35. I used to drink a lot of tea but these days I ______ coffee. )36. The vegetables didn’t taste very good. They ______ too long. B. were cooked C. have cooked )37. --- Remember the first time we met, Jim? --- Of course I do. You ______ in the library. A. were reading B. had read C. have read D. read

A. had been cooked


)38. I want to buy that kind of cloth because I ______ the cloth ______ well. A. have told; washes C. was told; washed B. have been told; washes D. have been told; is washed C. I had heard D. had I heard

( (

)39. Jim talked for about half an hour yesterday. Never ______ him talk so much. A. I heard B. did I hear )40. He ___ articles for our wall-newspaper these three years, and he ____ about forty articles. A. has been writing; has written B. has been writing; wrote

C. is writing; has been writing (

D. has written; has written

)41. When he was alive, the old scientist used to say that knowledge ______ from practice and he gained his experience by doing a lot of practical work. A. was coming B. had come C. comes D. would come


)42.--- How are you planning to travel to Shanghai? --- I ______ yet, but I ______ taking a train. A. didn’t decide; am considering C. haven’t decided; am considering B. haven’t decided; consider D. hadn’t decided; have considered


)43. --- Excuse me, sir. Would you do me a favour? --- Of course. What is it? --- I ______ if you could take me to the station. A. would wonder B. did wonder C. was wondering D. had wondered


)44. --- Got your driving license? --- No. I ______ too busy to have enough practice, so I didn’t take the driving test last week. I’m going to next week. A. was B. have been C. am D. had been


)45. With the development of science, more new technology ______ to the field of IT. B. is being introduced C. is introduced D. was introduced

A. has introduced ( --- It’s Jack.

)46. --- Who’s the man over there? --- Oh? ______ in Italy. A. I think he’s C. I thought he was B. I’ve thought he’s been D. I’d thought he’d been


)47. --- I dropped in at your house at about ten last night, but you weren’t in. --- I ______ regular exercises at the club. A. did B. was doing C. had done D. have been doing


)48. --- Each of the students, working hard at their lessons, ______ the book. --- So have I. A. is reading B. has read C. reading D. reads


)49. --- I’m sorry, but there’s no smoking on this flight. --- Oh, I ______ that. Sorry, I won’t again. A. don’t know B. didn’t know C. won’t know D. haven’t known


)50. I thought Jim would say something about his school report, but he ______ it. B. hadn’t mentioned C. didn’t mention D. hasn’t mentioned

A. doesn’t mention

答案:1-5 DBBCA 16-20 DCCBD 31-35 CDBDA 46-50 CBBBC

6-10 BBABD 21-25 AAADD 36-40 AABDA

11-15 CDBAC 26-30 DADDD 41-45 CCCDB

语境中的时态和语态具有灵活多变的特点,因此找出隐含于上下文中的时间信 息, 正确认定动作行为所发生的时间是解题的关键。 做动词时态和语态填空题时, 常常按以下几个步骤:(1)注意题干所提供的信息,如语境、情景以及说话人的 情感;(2)根据句中的时间状语以及一些副词判断时态;(3)考虑语态;(4)考虑时态的 一致性。另外,复习时,还要涉及到短暂性动词与延续性动词,这两个概念一定 要搞清。短暂性动词用于进行时态和完成时态都要受到限制。 1.(2002 全国高考题)—You haven’t said a word about my new coat,Brenda.Do you like it? —I’m sorry I ________ anything about it sooner.I certainly think it’s pretty on you. A.wasn’t saying B.don’t say C.won’t say D.didn’t say

2.(2002 全国高考题)I wonder why Jenny ________us recently.We should have heard from her by now. A.hasn’t written B.doesn’t write C.won’t write D.hadn’t written

3.(2003 北京春季高考题)—When will you come to see me,Dad? —I will go to see you when you ________ the training course. A.will have finished B.will finish C.are finishing D.finish

4.(2003 北京春季高考题)—How long ________ at this job? —Since 1990. A.were you employed C.had you been employed B.have you been employed D.will you be employed

5.(2003 上海春季高考题)By the end of last year,another new gymnasium ________ in Beijing. A.would be completed C.has been completed B.was being completed D.had been completed

6.(2002 北京高考题)The little girl ________her heart out because she ________ her toy bear and believed she wasn’t ever going to find it. A.had cried; lost B.cried; had lost C.has cried; has lost D.cries; has lost

7.(2002 北京高考题)—Excuse me,sir.Would you do me a favor? —Of course.What is it? —I ________ if you could tell me how to fill out this form. A.had wondered B.was wondering C.would wonder D.did wonder

8.(2002 上海高考题)He will have learned English for eight years by the time he ________ from the university next year. A.will graduate B.will have graduated C.graduates to graduate

9.(2002 上海高考题)I feel it is your husband who ________for the spoiled child. to blame going to blame to be blame D.should blame

10.He has been writing the composition the whole morning and he still ________. A.has been B.does C.has

11.If city noises ________ from increasing,people ________ shout to be heard even at the dinner table 20 years from now. A.are not kept; will have to not keep; will have to B.are not kept; have to not keep; have to

12.The price ________,but I doubt whether it will remain so. A.went down B.will go down C.has gone down D.was going down

13.—How long ________ each other before they ________ married? —For about a year. A.have they known; get they know; are going to get B.did they know; get D.had they known; got

14.You can’t move in right now.The house ________. A.has painted painted being painted painting

15.—Hey,look where you are going! —Oh,I’m terribly sorry.________. A.I’m not noticing B.I wasn’t noticing C.I haven’t noticed D.I don’t notice

16.The reporter said that the UFO ________ east to west when he saw it. A.was traveling B.traveled C.had been traveling D.was to travel

17.—Is this raincoat yours?

—No,mine ________ there behind the door. hanging B.has hang C.hangs D.hang

18.I turned around and saw everybody ________ at a man who ________ loudly in a foreign language. A.was staring; was shouting C.staring; shouting B.was staring; shouting D.stared; shouted

19.Henry remained silent for a moment.He ________. A.thought B.had thought C.was thinking D.was thought

20.We would like to go and thank him ourselves, we ________ out his address yet, but A.haven’t found B.hadn’t found C.didn’t find D.don’t find

21.Shirley ________ a book about China last year but I don’t know whether she has finished. A.has written B.wrote C.had written D.was writing

22.—Have you got your test result? —Not yet.The papers ________. A.are not correcting C.are still being corrected B.have not corrected D.have already been corrected

23.See the clouds! It ________ rain! A.will going to C.must D.certainly

24.Do I have to take this medicine? It ________ so terrible. A.tastes tasting tasted D.has tasted

25.Don’t take the magazine away.It ________ me. belonged to B.belongs to C.was belonged to belonging to

26.Is this the third time that you ________ late? A.have been C.was D.had been

27.—Do you know when Tom ________ from abroad? —Perhaps it will be a long time before he ________. A.will come; will come C.will come; comes B.comes; will come D.comes; comes

28.My uncle said that he would telephone but I ________ from him so far.

A.didn’t hear C.haven’t heard

B.hadn’t heard D.won’t hear

29.The telephone ________ four times in the last hour,and each time it ________ for my roommate. A.has rung; was B.has been ringing; is C.had rung; was D.rang; has been

30.A storm ________ by a calm. often being followed often followed B.was often followed

D.has often been followed

31.The pen I ________ I ________ is on my desk,right under my nose. A.think; lost B.thought; had lost C.think; had lost D.thought; lost

32.—We could have walked to the station.It was so near. —Yes,a taxi ________ at all necessary. A.wasn’t B.hadn’t been C.couldn’t be D.won’t be

33.A friend of mine returned to his house after a holiday only to find it ________. be broken B.had broken into C.was broken D.had been broken into

34.They believed that by using computers the production of their factory ________. A.will greatly increase C.would be increased greatly B.would greatly increase D.will have been greatly increased

35.His eyes shone brightly when he finally received the magazines he ________. A.had long been expected C.has long expected B.had long expected D.was long expected

36.—Do you like the new pen? —Yes,it ________ very well. written writing C.writes D.wrote

37.—Oh,it’s you? I didn’t recognize you. —I ________ my hair cut,and I ________ new glass. A.had; was wearing B.have had; am wearing C.had; wore D.have had; wear

38.As she ________ the newspaper,Granny ________ asleep.; was falling B.was reading; fell C.was reading; was falling; fell

39.However hard you ________,you will never succeed in pleasing her. A.try B.will try C.should try D.would try

40.—Can I help you,sir? —Yes,I bought this radio yesterday,but it ________. A.didn’t work B.won’t work C.can’t work D.doesn’t work

41.—How are you today? —Oh,I ________ as ill as I do now for a very long time. A.didn’t feel B.wasn’t feeling C.don’t feel D.haven’t felt

42.When Jack arrived he learned Mary ________ for about an hour. A.had gone B.had set off C.had left D.had been away

43.By this time tomorrow we ________ the machine. A.have repaired B.shall have repaired C.will repair D.would repair

44.I don’t think Jim saw me,he ________ into space. A.just stared B.was just staring C.has just stared D.had just stared

45.Helen ________ her key in the office so she had to wait until her husband ________ home. A.had left; came B.has left; comes C.left; had come D.had left; would come

46.—You have left the light on. —Oh,so I have.________ and turn it off. A.I’ll go B.I’ve gone C.I go D.I’m going

47.This is Ted’s photo.We miss him a lot.He ________ trying to save a child in earthquake. A.killed killed C.was killed D.was killing

48.The notice ________ “No smoking.” wrote B.reads C.writes read

49.Good care must ________ babies particularly while they are ill. A.take B.take of taken taken of

50.Shortly after we ________,a waiter came over to our table with a smile. A.seated B.were seated C.sat ourselves D.had seated

51.—You look pale,what troubled you? —I ________ my dead friend. thinking about C.had thought about B.was thinking about D.will think about

52.John and I ________ friends for eight years.We first got to know each other at a Christmas party.But we ________ each other a couple of times before that. A.had been;have seen C have been; had seen 53.Do make sure that you ________ a seat today! B.get C.should D.have get B.have been; have seen D.had been; had seen

54.We ________ at the house as we ________ of buying it. A.looked; were thinking C.were looking; thought B.were looking; were thinking D.looked; had thought

55.—I’m told that you are leaving for Beijing. —Who ________ so? A.said B.had said C.says D.has said

56.I ________ the room to be empty but found it occupied. A.had thought B.have thought C.didn’t think D.was thinking

57.Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is no easy task because technology ________ so rapidly. A.will have changed B.has changed changing D.will change

but 58.I ________ ping-pong quite well, I haven’t had time to play since the new year. A.will play B.have played C.played

59.Visitors ________ not to touch the exhibits. A.will request B.are requested C.are requesting D.request

60.They ________ a snowstorm on their way home. A.caught in B.had caught C.were caught D.were caught in

高考能力测试步步高英语基础训练 8 答案 基础训练 8 动词(三)动词时态和语态


6~10 BBCAD

11~15 ACDCB 16~20 AAACA 31~35 BADCC 51~55 BCBBC5 36~40 CBBAD 6~60 ACDBD

21~25 DCBAB 26~30 ACCAC 41~45 DDBBA 46~50 ACBDB 【解析】 1.用过去时表达没能早说之意。

2.用完成时表达到目前为止本应发生的动作。 3.主句将来时,状语从句用一般现在时表示将来。 4.本句用完成时当无疑问,值得注意的是后面的结构是系表结构表状态,不是被 动语态。 5.受 by the end of last year 的影响,本句是典型的过去完成时。 6.体会一下时间的先后就可明白,前一句是一般过去时,后一句是过去完成时。 7.空格所指的是说话前正在考虑的动作。 9.本句是强调句型,sb. is to blame 是“得怪谁”的意思。 10.填空处是现在进行时的省略。 14.现在进行时的被动语态。 16.强调看见时 the UFO 正在发生的动作。 22.答语为现在进行时的被动语态,指“试卷正在被批改”。 23.有征兆表明某事即将发生一般用 be going to 表达。 24.taste 为连系动词,因而没有被动语态。 25.belong to 没有被动语态。 30.全句意为“暴风雨过后是一片宁静”。 33.only to 引导的是一个结果状语,所填空处是典型的过去完成时的被动语态。 40.一般现在时陈述事实。 43.受 by this time tomorrow 这一时间状语的影响,本题所填是中学不太常见的将 来完成时。



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