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英语必修一知识点-M1 My First Day At Senior High

必修一知识点总结 Module 1 My First Day At Senior High
1. academic subjects 学业课、文化课,包括文科,理科。音体美不是 (1) subjects 文科如语文 art (Chinese) (English) (History) (Politics) ,英语 ,历史 政治 (2)science subjects 理科 2. favourite 最喜爱的,中意的。因为它本身含有“最”的意思,所以没有比较级和最 高级。这类形容词叫做“极限形容词” 。常见的还有 wonderful,excellent,senior 等。 This book is a great favourite of mine. 这本书是我最喜欢的。 3. be enthusiastic about 对??狂热 I'm enthusiastic about soccer. (about 后加名词,表明对某事很有热情) I'm enthusiastic about playing soccer(about 后也可以加动词 ing 形式,表明对做 什么很有热情) 4. be amazed to do sth. 做某事感到惊讶 We were amazed to hear that she passed the test without much difficulty be amazed by/at 因某事而感到惊讶 You will be amazed at the results you will be getting in such a short period of time. be amazed that that 是接从句的,意思是因为什么而感到惊讶

Don't be amazed that your computer can read your mind 5. follow instructions 按说明来操作 If you follow my instructions, you will succeed. 6. attitude to/towards sb./sth./doing 对??的态度 What attitude do you have to language learning? Describe your attitude to studying English. attitude/air/manner 的区别 ★ attitude 为普通用词,指对人或事物的看法和采取的行动,多有某种不很明确 或不便明说的感情色彩。 I don’t like her unhelpful attitude. 我不喜欢她的不合作态度。 ★ air 含义广泛。单数形式指某人脸上表现出的心理活动,或指言谈举止;复数形 式指某人故意做作而摆出的架子。 I hate the way she put on airs, 我不喜欢她那装腔作势的样子。 ★ manner 多指某人在某一场合的言谈举止等。 It is bad manners to talk with your mouth full. 嘴里塞满东西跟人说话是不礼貌的。 7. take/have/show a right/positive attitude to/towards 对??持正确的态度 with this method 指具体的方法 8. in this way 用这种方法 指抽象的方式、方法、手段 By this means 9. be bored with 厌烦、厌倦 = be tired of


be bored with + sth.

be tired of +doing sth./sb.

well-behaved (adj.) 表现好 behave well/badly 表现好/不好 behave oneself 表现良好 11. impress sb. with sth. 给??留下深刻印象 · impress sth on/upon sb 使某人牢记 · impress sth. on/in sth. 在…上/压/盖印 给??留下??印象 · be impressed by/with/at sth 对…印象深刻 · make/leave/create an impression on/upon sb. 12. give a brief/full description of ·give a description of 描述 13. encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事 ·encourage sb. to do sth.与 encourage sb. doing sth.区别 to do 鼓励某人去做某事(还没做),强调的是某一具体的行为或动作,且逻辑 主语一定是句中的主语. 如:she encourage me to learn drawing. doing 鼓励某人正在做的事(已经做了),表示比较抽象或一般的行为动作,逻辑 主语可以是也可以不是句中的主语 如:she encourage me learning drawing. 14. nothing like ① = be different frome 与??完全不同 It looks nothing like a horse. ② 比不上 The book is nothing like as difficult as I expected. ·something like 类似于 15. 替代词 that 的用法 that=the +n. 1) that 常用作指使代词,也可用作替代词。总是伴随着限定性的后置修饰语,分别 等于 the one 和 the ones。 例如: The houses of the rich are generally larger than those of the poor. 2) that 也可替代不可数名词,但是 the one 则不能。 例如: The resistance of a thicker wire is less than that of a thin one. 以上两例中的 that 都不能换成 the one。 3) that 作替代词,只能指物,不能指人。those 作替代词,既可指物,也可指人。 例如:The blonde girl I saw was older than the one you were dancing with. 该句中的 the one 不能换成 that。 4) that 用作替代词和它所替代的名词词组的中心词的“数”可以不一致。替代单数 名词时,只替代“the +单数名词”,不可替代“a+单数名词”。



例如: The song by Schubert is more tuneful than that by Britain.(that=the song。song 为可数名词。) 请注意,这里说的 that 只替代“the +单数名词”,不可替代“a+单数名词?,系 指 that 在句子中实际的作用,并非要求它在句子中所代表的前面出现的词组必须是 “the +单数名词?。 例如: In those days they lived a life worse than that of a beast of burden. 在该句中,前面出现的词组为 a life,但 that 替代的却是 the life。 5) that 作为替代词,它不能用于零关系分句(即没有关系代词的定语从句)之前。 例如: The problem confronting us today is not dissimilar from that which the nation confronted in the 1930s. 16. have fun 玩得开心 =have a good time 或 enjoy oneself have fun donging sth. 17. introduce sb. to sb. 向某人介绍 by oneself (1) 独自一人(= alone) (2) 独立地,单独地,自动地 18. for oneself (1) 亲自,独自,独立(做……)(2) 为了自己 of oneself (用作副词)意为“自发地,自动地,自然而然地” 例句:She used to sit by herself and read. She woke up of herself. He finished it by himself. 她从前常常独自坐着看书。 她自己醒来的。 他独立完成那件事。 你应该独立解决这个问题。

You should work out the problem for yourself.

She kept the biggest piece of pie for herself. 她把最大的一块馅饼给了自己。 19. in a plite/correct/proper way ? in the way 挡路;妨碍 ? In a way 在某种意义上 ? by the way 顺便 ? in this way 用这种方法 ? all the way 一直 ? by way of 经由 ? no way 决不 20. 倍数表达法 用英语表达"A 是 B 的 N 倍长(宽,高,大,重等)","A 比 B 长(宽,高,大, 重等)N 倍" 或"A 的长度(宽度,高度,大小,重量等)是 B 的 N 倍",可用下 列几种句型。 (1)"A + be + 倍数 + as + 计量形容词原级 + as + B". ( A is as long as B ) 原态表 达法 This tree is three times as tall as that one. 这棵树是那棵树的三倍高。



(2) "A + be + 倍数 + 计量形容词比较级 + than + B " (A is longer than B ) 比较级 表达法 The Yangtze River is almost twice longer than the Pearl River. 长江差不多比珠 江长两倍。 (3)"A + be + 倍数 + the + 计量名词 + of + B " ( A is twice the length of B ) The newly broadened square is four times the size of the previous one. 新扩建的广场是未扩建时的四倍大。 (4) "The + 计量名词 + of + A + be + 倍数 + that + of + B " (The size of A is twice that of B ) The size of the newly broadened square is four times that of the previous one. 新扩建的广场为以前的四倍大。 (5) 其它 I'm twice/ double his age. 我的年龄是他的两倍。 I've paid five times the usual price for the stamp. 我出了 5 倍于往常的价格买 这枚邮票。 21. look forward to (doing) sth. 期待、盼望 be/get used to doing 习惯于 pay attention to 注意 pay a visit to 参观、拜访 lead to 通向 导致 22. be fluent in Chinese/English 23. make great/a lot of progress 24. be similar to 与??相似 be similar with 是某人对什么很熟悉 ,是主动 后边只可以加人 be similar to 是某物为某人所熟知,与...相似 , 是被动,后边既可以加物主代词又 可以加人 be similar in 在某方面与……相似 25. 否定转移 在英语中,把宾语从句的否定转移到主句的否定,即主句的谓语动词用否定式,而 从句的谓语动词用肯定式,叫做否定转移将 I don’t think I’ll be bored. 1)能用否定转移的条件: ① 主语只限 I 和 we; ② 谓语动词应是 think, believe, suppose, imagine, expect,guess 等。 I don’t imagine the meeting will take more than an hour. 我想会议不会超过一 小时。 2)下列情况不用否定转移: ① 当主句的主语是第二、三人称时。 He thinks this problem is not difficult. 他认为这个问题并不难。


②当 think 后的宾语从句中含有 not 的固定词组 (如 can’t help, not at all, not only ? but also 等)时。 I think everybody can’t help laughing if they see it. 我想人人见到它都会禁不住 大笑。 ③当 think 后的宾语从句中含有 no, never, nothing, nobody.等否定词时。 I think noting is too difficult if you put your heart into it. 我认为只要你用心,没 有什么难事。 ④当 think 前有起强调作用的助动词(do 的适当形式)时。 I do think you shouldn’t go there. 我确实认为你不该去那里。 ⑤当 think 和另一动词构成并列谓语时。 I think and hope that I’m not disturbing you too much. 我认为,也希望没太打 扰你。 ⑥当 think 是一般过去式或过去进行式时。 I thought you hadn’t caught the bus. 我认为你并没赶上那辆公共汽车。 ⑦ 当 think 是完成式或完成进行式时。 I’ve often thought high life doesn’t agree with us. 我常常认为上流社会的生活并 不适合我们。 ⑧ 当 think 前面有副词修饰时。 You may be a clever man and good teacher, but I sometimes think you don’t see simplest thing that is taking place under your very nose. 你也许是个聪明人, 一个优秀的老师,不过我有时认为即使就在你眼皮底下发生的最简单的事情你也不见的 能看见。 26. Would/Do you mind(me/my/John/John’s doing) No,go ahead 不介意 of course not Not at all, please do I’m sorry, but 介意 I think you'd better not · Never mind 不要紧 at the start of 27. at the beginning of at the end of 28. by the end of 29. have the biggest smile 笑容满面 30. How are you doing? 情况怎么样?


How is it going How are you How are things 你好吗? How are you getting along/on How are things going on 31. So have I so + 助动词/情态动词/be+主语 表示前面所说的情况也适合第一个人 so + 主语+助动词/情态动词/be 表示某人的确如此 1)So + be / 情态动词/助动词 +主语。表示前面所述的情况也适用于后者。 You were at Junior High school last year, and so was my sister. He can speak French, and so can I. (= I can speak French too.) 2)neither/ nor +be/ 情态动词/助动词 +主语,表示某人也不… This film is not interesting, and neither is that one. He won't do it, and nor will I. 3)如果上文描述的是不止一种情况(两种或以上)时,表示前面所述的情况也适用 于后者时,我们通常使用以下句式:So it is with sb.或 It's the same with sb./sth. --- He's an honest worker and works hard. --- So it is with you. Marx made great progress in Russia and soon he could write articles in it. So it was the same with Engles. 4)“So + 主语+ be / 情态动词/助动词”,表示“某人/物的确如此” You say he is diligent; so he is.你说他很勤奋,他的确是这样的。 --- She can speak German. --- So she can. 32. Secondary school 中等学校,中学(在欧美指 9~12 年级) elementary school 指 1~8 年级 high school 高中 33. cover ① 覆盖、掩盖、遮盖 be covered with The book covers all the information you want. 这本书包含所有你想要的信息。 ② 占??(面积) cover an area of The exhibition covers an area of 10,000 aquare metres. 展览会展出面积为一万平方米。 ③ 行走、走过(一段路程) We covered 10 kilometres a day. 我们一天走了 10 公里。 ④ 看完(多少页书) ⑤ (新闻记者)报道采访 CCTV has sent several reporters to cover the event. 中国中央电视台已派了几名记者去报道此事。 ⑥ 包括/包含;涉及处理


⑦ (钱)足够付 34. jion in 加入进行中的行动 jion sb. in (doing/sth.) 与??一起做某事 take part in 指参加会议或群众性活动 join sb. 加入某人或某些人的行列 35. The Present Tense 1)表示习惯性的, 现在反复出现的动作或状态, 常与 always, often, usually, seldom, never, every day 等连用。 2)表示主语现在的特征、性格和说话时的感觉、状态等。 3) 表示客观事实、真理和科学事实。 4) 表示按规定计划要发生的将来的动作或时刻表(只限与 come, go, stay, start, leave,begin, return 等主要用来表示在时间上已确定或安排好的事情。 5) 一般现在时还可用在 if, unless, when, before,as soon as, although, no matter, when/where/who/what/ even if 等引导的时间或让步状语从句中表将来。 36. The Present continuous Tense 1) 表示说话时正在进行的动作。 2)表示现阶段??(说话时不一定正在进行) 3)表示反复出现或习惯性动作,往往会有赞美、厌恶、遗憾等情绪 4) 表示位置移动的动词常用进行时来表示, 37. –ing –ed · -ing 构成的形容词,都表示“令人??的”,强调某人或某事给他人的感觉; · -ed 构成的形容词,都表示本身具有的感觉或情况,并不强调对他人的影响。 这类形容词还有:surprised,surprising;tired,tiring;interested,interesting 等 His surprising success made us all surprised. 他意想不到的成功使我们惊讶不已。 Hearing the moving story, all the students were deeply moved. 听了这个感人的故事,所有的学生都被深深的感动了。 动词的 ing 形式和 ed 形式都可以用来做形容词。ing 形式是用来形容事物的,意为: 令人(感到)……,使人(感到)……。而 ed 形式是用来形容人的,意为:(人) (感到)……。 I was excited when I got the exciting news. 当我听到这个令人兴奋的消息,我很高兴/兴奋。 devide 整个切割 sth. be devided into 38. separate 个体挑选 separate A from B 39. write/put/set/note/get down 记下 40. play jokes on 开玩笑 make fun of 嘲笑


41. in group 分组 42. That’s to say 那就是说 In other words 换句话说 43. get noise 制造噪音 44. feel like doing 想要做 accept 接受 45. recieve 收到 a bit not at all 46. + not = a litter very much 47. What do you think of = How dou you find/like think poorly of 瞧不起 =look down upon think highly 尊敬 get it 做到了 48. make it 成功了



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