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【成才之路】2014-2015学年高中英语选修八强化练习:Unit 2 Section 1]

Unit 2 Cloning Section Ⅰ Warming up; Prereading,

Reading & Comprehending

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.You will need to________(获得) permission from the principal before you quit. 2.I could not find the________(准确的) word to express my feelings at that time. 3.________(总共) there were 12 scientists present at the international meeting. 4.It is unfair that the upper class should continue to________(积累) wealth. 5.The students voiced strong________(反对) to the new plan. 6.The discovery is a major b________in the treatment of cancer. 7.Look at the sign. Smoking is f________in this shopping mall. 8.This research centre will u________the project on climate change. 9.The policy to be adopted will have a huge i________on the business. 10.After a year's effort, Grace has finally a________her ideal weight. 答案:1.obtain 5. objections Ⅱ.句型转换 1.Mary and Lucy look exactly like each other. Mary and Lucy are________ ________appearance. 2.Most of the people in the company don't agree with her business plan. Most of the people in the company________ ________her business plan. 3.I will not allow you to go out on such a rainy day. I________ ________you to go out on such a rainy day. 4.He was discouraged when hearing the bad news. He was________ ________when hearing the bad news. 答案:1.identical in Ⅲ.单项填空 2.object to 3.will forbid 4.cast down 2.exact 3.Altogether 4.accumulate 7.forbidden 8.undertake 9.impact 10.attained


从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1.________by the bad weather,he stopped his trip. A.To cast down C.Cast down 答案: C B.Casting up D.Cast up

句意: 糟糕的天气让他很不愉快, (因此)他停止了旅行。 cast down“沮

丧,不愉快”,与主句主语 he 构成被动关系,因此选 C 项。 2 . If you go for a long ride in a friend's car , it's the custom to offer to________some of the expenses. for 答案:C off back 句意:如果你乘坐朋友的车走了很长的路,习惯性做法就是偿付一

部分费用。表“偿付”,只有 pay for 合题意。 3.Scientists made a great________in the treatment of cancer, stirring the hope of the patients. A.breakthrough C.promotion B. progress D. success

答案:A 句意:科学家们在癌症治疗方面取得了巨大突破,唤起了病人的希 望。 breakthrough“突破”; progress“进步”; promotion“晋升”; success“成功”。 4.________I accept that he is not perfect,I do actually like the person. A.While C.Before B.Since D.Unless

答案:A 本题考查连词的用法。句意:尽管我承认他不完美,我确定很喜欢 这个人。上下句之间是转折关系,只有 while 可以表示“尽管,虽然”。因此选 A 项。 5.No bread eaten by man is so sweet as________earned by his own labor. C.what B.that D.those

答案:B 句意:人们吃的面包,没有哪一个比得上靠自己的劳动赚得香甜。 本题考查代词的用法,此处是特指“靠自己的劳动赚得的”,因此用 that,相当于 the bread。

6 . The

young guy you recommend is



lazy and too

stubborn—________,he is far from a competitive candidate. A.however C.altogether 答案:C B.merely D.particularly


共,总而言之”;particularly“尤其”。句意:你推荐的这个年轻男子太自私、懒 惰、固执——总而言之,他远不是一个有竞争力的候选人。 7.We were astonished________the temple still in its original condition. A.finding C.find find be found

答案:B 句意:发现那座庙宇还是最初的样子时,我们非常震惊。astonished 为过去分词转化而来的形容词,表示心理活动,不定式短语 to find the temple...在 此作原因状语,we 与 find 为主谓关系。 8.The new stadium being built for the next Asian Games will be________the present one. three times big as B.three times as big as big as three times big three times as 答案:B 句意:在建的新体育馆是为下一届亚运会准备的,它将会是现有的 体育馆的三倍大。四个选项中仅 B 项符合“倍数+as+形容词/副词的原级+as+ 比较对象”这一倍数表达的基本结构,故选 B。 9.My father's main ________to buying this car is that it will cost too much, so we have to give it up and look for a cheaper one. A.objection C.attention B.access B.refusal

答案:A 句意:我父亲反对买这辆车的主要理由是这辆车太贵了。因此,我 们不得不放弃,准备买一辆便宜的。根据句意,这里表示“反对”,用 objection, 后常与介词 to 连用。 10.—I was hoping you were able to lend me the money.

—________ A.That's right! C.Never mind. B.You can forget that! D.You're welcome.

答案:B 考查交际用语。句意:——我希望你能借钱给我。——休想!根据 句意再结合选项可知,应选 B。表示“想都别想,休想”。 Ⅳ.完形填空 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D)中,选出可以 填入空白处的最佳选项。 I have had a love for music ever since I could remember.I've__1__loved singing. And I play the piano and the guitar.Growing up, I was really__2__, but once I got on stage I was the total opposite! I have Filipino, Chinese, Japanese ,

Malaysian and Spanish relatives. I feel this makes my music more__3__. To my pleasure, my parents__4__me a lot. They see how much I love music. I also love writing. My dad is a writer, and I__5__his example. I first started writing when I was 11. I wanted to do something that would__6__others. So, I wrote out a list of all the important lessons I'd__7__as a kid. I turned them into stories in my book. Boo is the main__8__of my first book. He is a dog, but I describe him as a__9__. He talks, goes to school, and has friends. Many kids__10__his stories and the“Hamster(仓鼠)Chase”story is the one they like best. In it, Boo raises a hamster,

but the hamster hears Boo__11__taking care of him, so he runs away. When my mom was__12__the story the first time, she said,“I got so emotional; I almost__13__! Is the hamster going to come back__14__?” I am working on a second__15__right now and hope kids will like it too. I love writing and seeing how something__16__ as just a small idea and then turns into something__17__. For example, I wrote a song named“Just Can't Let You Go”. It started out__18__I wanted to get a feeling of mine across. Then, my parents and I__19__the instruments and the melody and recorded it. Seeing all the things come together into something people could__20__, I was amazed and pleased. I love being both an author and a songwriter, because they are both great ways to express myself. 文章大意:本文介绍了作者对音乐、写作的热爱,并着重介绍了作者的第一

本书。 1.A.hardly C.probably B.always D.seldom

答案:B 逻辑推理题。从前面的 I have had a love for music ever since I could remember,可知作者一直都喜欢唱歌。 2.A.kind C.greedy B.shy

答案: B 逻辑推理题。 从后面的 but once I got on stage I was the total opposite! 可知此处应该是指作者平时性格比较害羞。 3.A.universal C.normal B.complicated D.traditional

答案: A 词语辨析题。 从前面的 I have Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian and Spanish relatives.I feel this makes my music...可知作者的音乐风格受多国亲戚的 影响,应该更具有广泛性。 4.A.persuade C.comfort D.challenge

答案:B 逻辑推理题。从前面的 To my pleasure 可知作者的父母应该是支持 作者的。 5.A.promise C.warn B.respect D.follow

答案:D 逻辑推理题。从前面的 My dad is a writer 及后面的 I first started writing when I was 11.可知作者效仿父亲, 从事写作。 follow one's example 效仿某人。 6.A.confuse C.benefit 答案: C B.attract D.defeat

逻辑推理题。 从后面的 So, I wrote out a list of all the important lessons

可知作者想要通过分享自己的教训来让他人受益。 7.A.collected C.designed B.learned D.created

答案:B 习语搭配题。作者想要告诉大家的是自己童年时得到的教训。learn

a lesson 学到、得到教训。 C.character 答案:C B.tool


Boo 的,他是书中的主要角色。 9.A.child C.reader B.stranger D.singer

答案:A 逻辑推理题。从后面的 He talks,goes to school,and has friends.可 知作者把 Boo 拟人化了,把它描述成一个小孩子。 10.A.believe 答案:C B.share D.imagine 词汇复现题。从后面的 and the“Hamster Chase”story is the one they

like best 可知读者们应该很喜欢这些故事。like 与 love 属同义词。 11.A.looking for C.complaining about 答案:C B.thinking about D.preparing for

逻辑推理题。仓鼠会跑掉是因为听到 Boo 说了一些不好的话,应该

是听到 Boo 抱怨关于照顾他的事。 12.A.writing C.selling B.showing D.reading

答案:D 逻辑推理题。此处应该是在描述作者的母亲第一次读这个故事时的 反应。 13.A.missed C.forgot B.cried D.failed

答案:B 逻辑推理题。从前面的 I got so emotional 可知作者的母亲被情节感 染,几乎都要哭了。 14.A.usually C.continually B.naturally D.finally

答案:D 词语辨析题。母亲询问仓鼠最后会不会回来。finally 最终,最后。 D.choice

答案:A 词汇复现题。上一段描述的是作者的第一本书,此处应该是作者在 写第二本书。 16.A.begins C.moves B.matters D.grows

答案:A 逻辑推理题。从后面的 and then turns into...可知作者喜欢看事情如 何从小想法开始,然后发展起来。 17.A.clearer C.bigger 答案:C B.longer D.simpler 词汇复现题。事物从一个小小的想法开始发展成大的规模。 bigger

与上文的 small 相对应。 18.A.before C.if B.because D.though

答案:B 逻辑推理题。I wanted to get a feeling of mine across 是创作这首歌的 原因。 19.A.changed C.ordered B.checked D.added

答案:D 逻辑推理题。这首歌一开始只是想表达一种情感,后来又加入了乐 器、旋律等。 20.A.consider C.describe B.find D.enjoy

答案:D 逻辑推理题。看到自己的作品能够被人们所欣赏,作者感觉非常快 乐。 Ⅴ.阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。

Scientists recently found

three animal species living two miles below the surface

of the Mediterranean Sea.They're multicellular (多细胞的) and look like tiny umbrellas with legs. But they are animals. The most exciting thing about these creatures, say the

scientists,is that they don't need oxygen to live. What biologists know about life so far is that only singlecelled organisms(有机体)can live in places that have no oxygen,and that multicellular organisms can visit these places, but not live there. These newly found creatures could change that_idea. They live in a part of the world called L'Atalante Basin.The basin is a supersalty lake that is at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea and about 120 miles west of the island of Crete. It may seem strange to think of a lake under a sea, but the water in the lake is so salty that it can't mix with the seawater above it. Ordinary seawater has oxygen in it—which allows animals like fish to live—but the supersalty waters of L'Atalante Basin don't have oxygen. Finding animals down there was so surprising that the scientists couldn't believe it. At first,“we thought they were dead,”Roberto Danovaro said. Roberto worked on the recent study and is a scientist at the Polytechnic University of Marche in Italy. To find out whether the animals could actually live in the basin—and to be sure the animals weren't dead, Roberto and his colleagues brought up more samples from the ocean floor. They placed the samples in small containers filled with nitrogen, which kept out oxygen. Studying the animals in the containers showed that the animals appeared to be alive. The researchers did more tests, and found that some of the animals had eggs, which suggests they were reproducing. These clues suggest the animals don't need oxygen, but scientists still have not observed how the animals live without oxygen. This means more studies are needed, but the scientists think they're on the right track. 1.What is the reason why there is no oxygen in L'Atalante Basin? A.It is covered by seawater. B.It is too cold in the basin. C.It is too deep in the ocean. D.There is too much salt in it. 答案:D 细节理解题。根据第三段的 but the supersalty waters of L'Atalante Basin don't have oxygen 确定 D 项正确。 2 .The scientists placed the samples in small containers filled with nitrogen to________. A.see whether there is oxygen in the containers

B.prove whether they can live without oxygen these creatures live longer D.test the function of nitrogen 答案:B 细节理解题。从第四段的 They placed the samples in small containers filled with nitrogen,which kept out be alive.可知,科学家让这种生物在 氮气中生活,而氮气是排除氧气的,以此来验证这种生物不需要氧气能否生存。 3.This passage is written in order to tell readers about________. important discovery in biology B.some new knowledge about ocean creatures C.the discovery of a new creature in the ocean D.the relationship between creatures and oxygen 答案:A 主旨大意题。第一段是主旨段,在这一段里作者表明了写作目的。 根据 The most exciting thing...don't need oxygen to live 可知,作者写这篇文章的目 的是报道生物学界的重大发现,故选 A 项。 4.We can most probably read this passage in a magazine on________. A.physics C.biology 答案:C B.geography D.astronomy




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