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2014届高三新人教版英语一轮总复习课件 2-2 The Olympic Games_图文


Unit 2 The Olympic Games







早读一刻 情感体验

London 2012: Olympic motto revealed as 100day countdown begins

The motto for the London Olympics has been revealed as “Inspire a generation” as events are held to mark the 100?day countdown to the opening ceremony. Announcing the motto, Lord Coe said: “It is everything we have been saying since we have started this extraordinary journey.” “It is the heartbeat, the very DNA of this organisation and a rallying cry for the athletes to come to the UK to perform at their very best and inspire the world.”


Olympic Committee (IOC)


Jacques Rogge said he was confident London would meet the expectations of the world. He said: “Around the world, the excitement is growing and expectations are high but I am confident that Britain and London will deliver a great sporting event and a warm welcome too.”

真题链接 体会考点

1 . [ 教 材 原 句 ]Only athletes...will be admitted as competitors.(U2P10) [真题呈现](2009· 全国Ⅱ,15)If you leave the club, you will not be________back in. A.received C.turned B.admitted D.moved

[考题巧解] 解析:admit“允许进入;接受”,此处意为“如果你离 开俱乐部,你就不会再被允许加入”。


2.[教材原句]Her father said that she must marry, so Atlanta made a bargain with him.(U2P14) [真题呈现](2008· 山东,34)I bought a dress for only 10 dollars in a sale; it was a real________. B.bargain

[考题巧解] 解析:exchange“交换,交易”;bargain“便宜货,廉 价商品”;trade“贸易”;business“业务”。


3.[教材原句]I will marry Atlanta—or die.(U2P14) [真题呈现](2012· 新课标,34)You have to move out of the way ________ the truck cannot get past you. A. so C. and B. or D. but

[考题巧解] 解析:本题考查连词的用法。句意:你需要离开这条车 道,否则卡车不能从你旁边过去。so意为“因此”; and表

示并列关系;but意为“但是”表示转折关系;or意为“否 则,要不然”, 符合语境,故B项正确。


稳扎稳打 网络构建

Ⅰ.单词速记 A.联想记忆 1.________ adj. 古代的;古老的→contemporary adj. 当代的;同时代的 2.________ n. 奖章;纪念章→model n. 模型;样式; 模范,典型;模特儿 3.volunteer n. 志愿者;志愿兵;adj. 志愿的;义务 的;v. 自愿→volunteer ________ sth. 自愿去做某事

4.admit vt. & vi. 容许;承认;接纳→admit ________ (doing) sth.承认 5.replace vt. 取代;代替→replace A ________ B用B代 替、替换A 6.charge →charge vt. & vi. 收费;控诉;n. 费用;主管



→charge sb. ________ (doing) sth. 指控;控告某人??罪 7.fine vt. 罚款→fine sb. ________ (doing) sth.因??罚 某人款

8.bargain vi. 讨价还价;讲条件;n. 便宜货→bargain ______ sb. ________ sth.和某人就某事讨价还价;讲条件 9.deserve vi. & vt. 应受(报答/惩罚);值得→deserve sth. 应得某物→deserve ________值得做;应当做

B.构词记忆 1.________ vi. 比赛;竞争→________ n. 竞争者

→________ n. 竞争;比赛 2.__________ adj. 魔术的;有魔力的→__________ n. 魔法;魔术 3.________ adj. 规则的;定期的;常规的

→__________ adv.→________ adj. 不规则的,无规律的;不 定期的

4.________ n. (pl. bases)基础;根据→________ n. 基 础;根基;vt. 以??为基础→________ adj. 基础的;基本 的 5.________ n. 运动员→________ adj. 健壮的;田径运 动的 6.________ n. 责任;职责→________ adj. 有责任的 7.________ adj. 快的;迅速的→________ adv. 8.________ adj. 物理的;身体的→__________ n. 医 师;内科医生

9.________ vt. & vi. 做广告;登广告→________(=ad) n. 广告 10.________ n. 光荣;荣誉→________ adj. 光荣的; 值得称道的 11.________ adj. 愚蠢的;傻的→________ vt. 愚弄; 欺骗;n.蠢人

答案:A.1.ancient 6.for;with done



5.with be

7.for 8.with;about/over/for 9.doing/to

B.1.compete;competitor;competition magic3.regular;regularly;irregular basic 5.athlete;athletic



6.responsibility;responsible 9.advertise;

7.swift;swiftly8.physical;physician advertisement 10.glory;glorious


Ⅱ.短语突破 1.take part ________... 参加??→________ in... 参 加?? 2.stand ________ 代表;象征→stand ________ 显 著;突出,醒目 3.________ well 也;又;还→as well ________

除??之外还有?? charge __________... 主管??;看管/掌

管??→in ________ charge of... 在??的掌管之下 ______ another 陆续地;一个接一个地→one ________ one 逐个地;逐一地 6.compete ______________... 与??比赛/竞争

→compete ________... 为??而竞争 a role/part ________... 在??中起作用;

在??中扮演角色 glory ________... 为??赢得荣誉

9.make a bargain ________... 与??达成协议/交易→a real/good/bad bargain 很便宜/不合算的物品 10.pick ________ 拾起;学会;中途搭人;恢复健

康;收听到;加速→pick ________ 挑选出;辨认出

答案;participate the 5.after;by




8.for 9.with


Ⅲ.句型总结 A.经典原句 1.... and both are held ________________ (每四年) on a regular basis. 2.No other countries could join in, ________________ (奴隶和妇女也不能参加)! 3.Women are ________________ (不但允许),

________________ (而且在??中发挥重要作用) gymnastics, athletics, team sports and...

4.________________ (这是一种巨大的责任) but also a great honour to be chosen. 5.There's ________________ among countries to host the Olympics ________________ (跟争夺奥运奖牌一样激 烈).

B.仿句自测 1.neither,nor在句首引导倒装句 仿写:我没看过这部电影,玛丽也没看过。 ______________________________________________ 2.not only... but (also)... 不仅??而且?? 仿写:我不但会游泳,而且会滑冰。 ______________________________________________


as...“和??(程度上)是一样的” 仿写:他对数学与英语同样感兴趣。 ______________________________________________

答案:A.1.every four years

2.nor could slaves or

women3.not only allowed;but play a very important role in 4.It's a great responsibility win Olympic medals B.1.I haven't seen the film,nor/neither has Mary. 2.I can not only swim but (also) skate. 3.He has as much interest in maths as in English. much competition;as to

Ⅳ. 教材设题 1.—________do you hold your games? —Every four years. A.How long C.How often B.How many D.How old


2.Does anyone want to________the Olympic Games? C.hook B.hold


3....both are held________on a regular basis. A.every four years B.every forth years C.each four years D.each forth years


条分缕析 整合讲练

1.compete vi. 比赛;竞争 ①(2012· 天津,阅读表达)As a longdistance swimmer, she would compete_against herself and the obstacles presented by distance, danger, cold, and exhaustion. 作为一名长途游泳选手,她要挑战自己,挑战距离、危 险、寒冷和疲劳。

②(2011· 江西,阅读表达)Many small clubs have suffered financial losses recently, as they cannot compete_with the large ones. 由于无法与大俱乐部相抗衡,近来许多小俱乐部经济上 遭受了较大损失。

[归纳拓展] (1)compete with/against...for... 为争取??而与??竞争、对抗 compete in 参加??比赛;竞争 compete to do sth. 竞争去做某事

(2)competition n. 比赛 competitive adj. 有竞争力的 competitor n. 比赛者;对手 Nobody can entirely keep away from this competitive world. 没有人能够完全远离这个竞争的社会。

[巧学助记] As the youngest competitor, I had to compete in the writing contest against 20 other top students for the annual writing award. I must be very competitive to be the winner. 作为最年轻的比赛者,我必须和另外20个顶尖的学生在 写作比赛中去竞争以争得这场年度的写作奖;要成为获胜 者,我必须有很强的竞争力。

[运用提升] 翻译句子 (1)一个人在社会生活中必须有一定的竞争力。 ______________________________________________ (2)他将在第二轮比赛中与老朋友对阵。 ______________________________________________ (3)没有一本书能抵得上这一本。 ______________________________________________

答案: (1)You have to be competitive in social life. (2)He is going to compete with/against his old friend in the second round. (3)There is no book that can compete with this.

2.admit vt. & vi. 容许;承认;接纳 ①(2011· 重庆,阅读理解E)Some of them refuse to admit the serious threat of human activities to the environment. 他们中的一些人拒不承认人类活动对环境的严重威胁。 ②She admitted_stealing/having_stolen the bicycle. 她承认偷了自行车。

③Our football team decided to admit him as one of the members. 我们的足球队决定吸收他为本队队员。 ④He is_admitted_to Shandong University. 他被山东大学录取了。

[归纳拓展] (1)admit+n./doing/having /(已经)做了某事 admit sb./sth. to be/as... 承认某人/某物是?? (2)admit sb. to/into... 允许某人进入??;准许某人加 入?? be admitted to/into... 被??录取;成为??的一员 done/thatclause 承认某事


[运用提升] 她承认打破了窗户。(一句多译) She ? ? admitted? ? ? the window. the window. the window.

答案:breaking;having broken;that she had broken

3.charge vt. & vi. 收费;控诉;充电 请根据以下例句,体会charge的含义:

n. 费用;主管

①How much will you charge_for the room?(要价;收 费) 这间屋子你将收费多少钱? ②(2011· 福建,阅读A)Any driver found drinking beyond the limit will be charged.(指控) 喝酒超过限度而开车的司机将面临指控。

③Please charge the battery first before using.(给??充 电) 在使用前请先给电池充电。 ④—Who is in_charge_of the company? —The company is in_the_charge_of Mary.(主管,掌管) ——谁负责这家公司? ——该公司由玛丽掌管。

[归纳拓展] (1)charge sb. for sth. 为某物向某人收取费用 charge sb. with sth. 控告某人某事 (2)take charge of sb./sth. 掌管、负责某人/某事 in charge of sb./sth. 控制、管理某人/某事 in the charge of sb. 受某人的管理 free of charge 免费的 He took_charge_of the farm after his father's death. 他父亲去世后他掌管了农场。

点拨:表示“控告某人某事”还可运用accuse sb. of sth. 结构。注意介词搭配的不同。 [巧学助记] Anyone who charges somebody for charging batteries will be charged. 因为充电而向某人收费的任何人都将被指控。

[运用提升] —Can I help you? —I'd like a room with a bath. How much do you________? A.offer C.charge B.afford D.spare


4.bargain vi. 讨价还价;讲条件

n. 便宜货

①In the market, dealers were bargaining_with growers over the price of coffee. 在市场上商人正和种植者就咖啡的价格进行商谈。 ②I had not bargained_for rain, and I got wet. 我没料到要下雨,所以淋湿了。

③It's a_real_bargain. 真便宜。 ④If you bargain_with them they might reduce the price. 你讲讲价,他们可能会把价钱降低。

[归纳拓展] (1)bargain with sb. for/over sth. 和某人就某事而讨价还 价 bargain for 预料到,料想到(多与否定词连用) (2)a good/bad bargain 买得(不)合算 make a bargain with sb. 和某人达成协议

[运用提升] —I bought this MP4 for only 300 yuan. —You really got a wonderful________. A.price B.bargain D.value


由上文的“for only 300 yuan”可知,这是一笔 good/wonderful

“划算”的交易。bargain“便宜货”;a bargain“买得合算”。

5.deserve vi. & vt. 应受(报答或惩罚);值得 ①You have been working so hard. You

deserve_a_good_rest. 你一直在拼命干活。你应该好好休息一下。 ②He deserves_to_be_punished for what he did. =He deserves_punishing for what he did. 他做了这样的事,应受到惩罚。

③(2012· 北京,阅读B)I felt that the punishment was not justified, and I believed I deserved a second chance. 我觉得这个惩罚是不公正的,所以我相信我应该还有一 次机会。

[归纳拓展] (1)deserve to do应该 deserve doing/to be done 应受;值得 (2)deserve consideration/attention 值得考虑/注意 点拨:deserve后接doing,主动式表被动意义,等于接 动词不定式的被动语态。有相同用法的动词还有:need, want, require等。

They deserve_to_be_rewarded for their excellent work. =They deserve_rewarding for their excellent work. 他们工作出色,应该得到嘉奖。

[运用提升] After five hours on your feet, you________a break. A.conserve C.observe B.deserve D.reserve



护”;deserve“值得;应受”;observe“观察;观测;庆 祝”;reserve“保守;保留”。句意:你们站了五个小时 了,该休息一下了。

6.take part in参加;参与(活动,比赛) In China, with more farmers taking_part_in the NRCMS, they are enjoying a healthier and happier life. 在中国,随着越来越多的农民参加新型农村合作医疗, 他们正过着更加健康和幸福的生活。

[归纳拓展] play/act a part in 在??起作用,在??扮演角色 for the most part 大多数情况;主要地 ①China is_playing_a_more_important_part_in the

international affairs. 中国正在国际事务中起着更重要的作用。

②The parents, for_the_most_part,_not schools, are the first teachers in educating young kids. They are models. 大多数情况下,父母,而非学校,在教育孩子方面是启 蒙老师。他们就是榜样。

辨析:take part in, join, join in, join sb. in doing sth., attend (1)take part in 指参加群众性的活动、会议等并在其中 发挥作用。take an active part in 积极参加。 (2)join 指加入党派、组织、团体,成为其中一员。 (3)join in 指参加一些大规模活动,如球赛、游戏、讨论 等。 (4)join sb. in doing sth. 指和某人一起做某事,join的宾 语可以是人,也可以是组织、团体。

(5)attend 多指参加大型的集会活动,如会议、婚礼、典 礼、报告、上学等,而且还有“照顾、照料”之意。 [运用提升] 用take part in, join, join in, join sb. in doing, attend填空 (1)________________social practice is becoming popular among students. (2)When did your father________the social club? (3)You may________us________playing badminton every morning.

(4)All the children________wishing me a happy birthday. (5)I had no mood to________class today.

答案:(1)Taking part in in(5)attend


(3)join; in


7.stand for 代表;象征;表示;主张;支持 The new symbol in the map may stand_for something we don't know quite well. 地图上这个新符号可能代表某种我们不熟悉的东西。

[归纳拓展] stand sth./doing sth. 忍受(做)某事 stand by 站在旁边;袖手旁观 stand out 突出;显眼;杰出 stand on one's own feet 自立;不依靠他人 ①I can't_stand_seeing young kids smoking. 我看见小孩吸烟就无法忍受。

②Children should learn to stand_on_their_own_feet rather than just depend on their parents. 孩子要学会自立而不是仅去依靠父母。 点拨:stand熟义:vt. 落于 生义:n. 架;台;摊位 ①On the top of the mountain stands an old temple. 山顶上有一座古庙。 站立;忍受;处于某种状态;坐

②The fruit stand in front of her house is the only source of her family income. 房前的水果摊是她家庭收入的唯一来源。

[运用提升] She has a very good figure, which makes her ________among the girls in her class. A. stand out C. bring out B. help out D. break out


考查动词短语辨析。句意:她有很好的身 out“突

材,这使她在班上的女孩中特别引人注目。stand 出,显眼,引人注目”;help


bring out“出版;产生;显现”;break out“爆发;突然发 生”。 out 解决;计算出;设计出,制订出;结果; 锻炼 请根据以下例句,体会work out的含义: ①Have you worked_out the answer?(计算出) 你算出了得数没有? ②I could not work_out where the music was coming from.(解决) 我弄不清音乐是从哪里传来的。

③Things have worked_out quite well for us.(结果) 事情的结果对我们很不错。 ④I've never been able to work her out.(了解;理解) 我从未能摸准她的秉性。 ⑤I work_out regularly to keep fit.(锻炼身体) 我经常做运动以保持健康。



turn out后则接名词或形容词。 [运用提升] (2011· 江西,35)You can't predict everything. Often things don't ________ as you expect. out out B.break out D.put out


本题考查动词短语辨析。句意:你不能预测 out“用


完,用光”;break out“爆发”;work out“产生结果,发 展”;put out“扑灭,出版”。

9.No other countries could join in, nor could slaves or women! 别的国家不能参加,奴隶和妇女也不能参加! “nor/neither+助动词/系动词/情态动词+主语”是一个 固定句型,往往用在一个否定句后,表示前面提到的情况也 适合于后者,意为“某人也不??”。 I don't want to go; nor_will_I. 我不想去,也不会去。

[归纳拓展] (1)so+助动词/be/情态动词+主语,“??也是如 此”,表示某人或某物也有前面说过的情况(肯定情况)。 If your brother can do it, so_can_I. 如果你弟弟能做这件事,我也能。 (2)so+主语+助动词/be/情态动词,“??的确如 此”,这是一个强调结构。 —He will go to England for his holiday tomorrow. 他明天要去英国度假。

—So_he_will. 的确如此。 (3) it is with...,“??也是”,表示比较复杂的情 况,如肯定、否定同时存在;be动词与实义动词同时存在; 现在、过去等时态同时存在等。 —Tom studies hard and is a good student. 汤姆学习努力,是个好学生。 —So_it_is_with_Jack. 杰克也是如此。

[运用提升] (1)Bill wasn't happy about the delay of the report by Jason, and________. A.I was neither C.I was either B.neither was I D.either was I



外一个人也不??”。句意:比尔对杰森晚交报告感到不 悦,我也不高兴杰森这么做。

(2)(2011· 全国Ⅱ,13)Jane won't join us for dinner tonight and________. A.neither won't Tom B.Tom won't either C.Tom will too will Tom



也不会。and前面为否定句,因此排除C、D两项;A项应为 neither will Tom。

10.There's as much competition among countries to host the Olympics as to win Olympic medals. 国与国之间争取奥运会举办权的竞争,就跟争夺奥运奖 牌一样激烈。 此句基本结构:as much+不可数名词+as...,意为

“和??(程度上)是一样的”。 (1)as much+不可数名词/a(an)+单数名词+as...


(2)as much+不可数名词+as... 和??一样多(much表数量) as many+复数名词+as... 和??一样多(many表示可数名词数量) (3)否定式:not so 与其说是??不如说是?? (4)表达倍数:X double) times as... as...(“两倍”用twice或

(5)as much as... 和??一样多(可表程度和不可数概念的数量) as many as... 和??一样多,多达(表示可数名词的数量) 它们同属同级比较句型的变式。 ①It is as_much your responsibility as mine. 这件事你和我一样都有责任。








as_much_an_art_as a science. 一般认为,教学既是一门艺术,也是一门科学。 ③He is not_so_much an actor as a TV host. 与其说他是演员,不如说他是电视节目主持人。 ④She spends twice_as_much money on clothing as I (do). 她花在衣服上的钱是我花的两倍。

[运用提升] (1)Last year John earned________his brother did, who has a better position in a bigger company. A.twice as many as C.twice as more as B.twice as much as D.twice much as



他哥哥的两倍,他在一家大公司有一个更好的职位。其中表 示收入多少,用as much as,两倍twice位于as much as之 前,故正确选项为B。

(2)用as long as, as much as, as far as, as good as填空 ①We will do________we can to help the people in need. ②________you are willing to help, the world will be a place full of love and care. ③________most readers are concerned, a good magazine can touch their mind and soul. ④The socalled used car is________brand new.

答案:①as much as good as

②As long as

③As far as



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高三新人教版英语一轮总复习课件 2-2 The Olympic Games_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高三新人教版英语一轮总复习课件 2-2 The Olympic Games ...

2014届高三新人教版英语一轮总复习课件 2-2 The Olympi....ppt

2014届高三新人教版英语一轮总复习课件 2-2 The Olympic Games【复习宝典】_高中教育_教育专区。必修二 Unit 2 The Olympic Games 话题诵读 3 基础回顾 考题...

...英语一轮复习课件(人教版必修2):2.2The Olympic Games_图文_....ppt

2014高考英语一轮复习课件(人教版必修2):2.2The Olympic Games_英语_高中教育_教育专区。 教材面面观 单词拓展 1.___n.志愿者;志愿兵 adj.志愿的;义务的 ...


高三英语一轮复习Unit2TheOlympicGames课件新人教版必修 - Unit 2 The Olympic Games -2Ⅰ.单词 积累 串记 Ⅱ.短语 联想 归纳 Ⅲ.句...


新课标2018高三英语一轮复习Unit2TheOlympicGames课件新人教版 - Unit 2 The Olympic Games 层级词汇自我掌控 分级记词汇 Ⅰ.重点单词 1...


高三英语一轮复习Unit2TheOlympicGames课件新人教版必修2(2)_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。新人教版英语课件,必修二课件 Unit 2 The Olympic Games -2Ⅰ....


高三英语一轮复习Unit2TheOlympicGames新人教版必修2 - Unit 2 The Olympic Games 层级词汇自我掌控 分级记词汇 Ⅰ.重点单词 1. 阅读单词...




2019届高三英语一轮复习Unit2TheOlympicGames课件新人教版必修2201803301111 - ?填准记牢 快速掌握 [阅读词汇]记一记 1.motto n. 格言 2...

2017届高考英语一轮总复习 Unit 2 The Olympic Games课....ppt

2017高考英语一轮总复习 Unit 2 The Olympic Games课件_英语_高中教育_教育专区。佳作晨读赏析基础自主...


2019届高三英语一轮复习基础必备Unit2TheOlympicGames课件新人教版必修2 - 高考总复习 Unit 2 The Olympic Games (1) 核心单...

2018届一轮复习 人教版必修2-Unit2The Olympic Games课....ppt

2018届一轮复习 人教版必修2-Unit2The Olympic Games课件(84张) - 高三总复习 英语 固根源. 知识梳理课时提升练切脉搏 . 核心 ...

2017年高考英语一轮复习 Unit 2 The Olympic Games课件....ppt

2017高考英语一轮复习 Unit 2 The Olympic Games课件_英语_高中教育_教育专区。 Ⅰ.核心单词→识记 ...

2014届高考英语一轮复习 Unit 2 The Olympic Games指导....ppt

2014届高考英语一轮复习 Unit 2 The Olympic Games指导课件 新人教版必修2_英语_高中教育_教育专区。教材复习篇必修二 Units 1~2 Unit 2 The Olympic Games Ⅰ...

...人教版必修2 Unit 2 The Olympic Games 课件_图文.ppt

2018届一轮复习 人教版必修2 Unit 2 The Olympic Games 课件_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 2 The Olympic Games 【话题词汇】 1. applaud 2. ...

...一轮复习讲义 Book 2 Unit 2 The Olympic Games.doc

2014届高三英语人教版一轮复习讲义 Book 2 Unit 2 The Olympic Games_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 2 The Olympic Games Ⅰ.语境填词 1.You have the ___(...


高考英语一轮复习Unit2TheOlympicGames课件新人教版必修2 - 必修2 Unit 2 Games The Olympic 1. What do...

2017年高考英语一轮复习 Unit 2 The Olympic Games课件....ppt

2017高考英语一轮复习 Unit 2 The Olympic Games课件 新人教版必修2_英语_高中教育_教育专区。必修2 Unit 2 Games The Olympic 1. What do the five rings...

...复习课件:(必修2)Unit 2 The Olympic Games_图文.ppt

(人教版)高考英语全程复习课件:(必修2)Unit 2 The Olympic Games_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高考英语复习ppt课件 必修二 Unit 2 The Olympic Games 说基础 SHUO ...


英语:一轮复习讲义课件Unit2The_Olympic_Games》(新人教版必修2) - Unit 2 The Olympic Games 基础落实 Ⅰ.高频单词思忆 1.I opene...

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