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阅读填空和阅读简答专题训练 1
【阅读填空】1 PART FOUR WRITING (45 marks) SECTION A (10 marks) Directions: Read the following passage. Fill in the numbered blanks by using the information for the passage. Write NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS for each answer. Having long been underrated( 低估 ) and ignored, the penny is one of America's most enduring failures. But a recent proposal to ban the penny by some US congress members seeks to put the coin to sleep — permanently. Representative Jim Kolbe from Arizona is the man who proposed the bill to stamp out penny. He says the coin has outlived its usefulness. With metal prices soaring, Kolbe says it costs 1.23 cents to produce a penny. Producing the coins will amount to a $20 million waste each year. It is not simply about the cost of production. Centuries of inflation have made the penny—first put into circulation in 1787—close to worthless. Many Americans don’t even view pennies as currency any more. They take them only reluctantly in change and then put them in jars or desk drawers at home. An estimated $10.5 billion in pennies, or $93.75 per household, sits idle in piggy banks and behind sofas. Anti-penny advocates argue that 1-cent coins cost US companies more than $300 million a year in lost productivity. This comes mostly from the time and effort spent counting and putting pennies into paper rolls for bank deposits. Jim Kolbe suggests that all cash transactions be rounded to the nearest nickel. For example, items that cost 11 or 12 cents would be rounded down to 10, 13- and 14-cent items would be rounded up to 15. P eople paying by credit or bank card, however, would likely continue to pay exact amounts. But plenty of Americans oppose the ban. Some say eliminating the penny would cause significant hardship to a wide range of people. US economist Raymond Lombra says that moving to the 5-cent nickel would cost consumers $ 3 billion over five years. The poor suffer more since they tend to buy with cash instead of credit cards. Penny supporters point out that the penny is the only coin carrying the image of America’s much respected president Abraham Lincoln. Some major charities are also alarmed by talk of a penny ban. They often base fund-raising campaigns on donations of pennies and other coins. One such campaign is called “Pennies for Patients”. They have raised more than $68 million through coin collections since 1994. A recent US Today poll found that 55 percent of adults want to keep the penny. They may not value pennies as currency like before, but they remain attached to them as an old, familiar friend. “The penny has been a necessary part of the American experience---whose childhood would be complete without penny candy and other small purchases?” read a post supporting the penny on a forum. It shapes US superstitions. “Find a penny, pick it up, and all day you will have good luck.” “A penny saved is a penny earned.” And little girls are sometimes called “as pretty as a penny”. Title: Ban 1 Or Not?

: They have long been underrated and ignored. Reasons for the ban: ● The coin has outlived its usefulness. ● 3 to produce coins are rising fast. ● Centuries of inflation have made the penny close to worthless. ● Large amount of 4 is wasted counting and putting pennies into paper rolls for bank deposits. 5 : ● All cash transactions are rounded to 6 . ● People paying by credit or bank card would continue to pay exact amounts. Reasons against the ban: ● Eliminating the penny would cause significant hardship to a wide range of people. ● Rounding to the 5-cent nickel would cost consumers $3 billion over five years. ● The penny is the only coin carrying the image of America’s much respected president___7 . ● 8 base fund-raising campaigns on donations of pennies and other coins. ● 55 percent of adults regard it as a necessary part of 9 . ● The penny shapes 10 . 【阅读填空】2 请认真阅读下列短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入 1 个最恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格只填 1 个单词。 Cheating is common in various kinds of exams in college. Students don’t feel shame to cheat in exams. They know that if caught cheating in an exam, the punishment will not be serious. This leads to frequent cheating in exams. At the University of Nevada, after students photographed test questions with their cell-phone cameras, transmitted them to classmates outside the exam room and got the answers back in text messages, the university put in place a new monitoring system. With their electronic tools, students these days find it easier to cheat. So college officials find themselves in a new game of cat and mouse, trying to gain an advantage over would-be cheats this exam season with a range of strategies—cutting off Internet access from laptops, or demanding the surrender of cellphones before tests. Mr. Dapremont said technology had made cheating easier, but added that plagiarism in writing papers was probably a bigger problem because students can easily lift other people’s writings off the Internet. Still, some students said they thought cheating these days was more a product of an attitude, not the tool at hand. Pressure to succeed sometimes clouds everything and makes people do things that they shouldn’t do. Students today feel more pressure to do well in order to graduate from school and secure a job. Whatever the reasons for cheating, college officials say the battle against it is wearing them


out. First, people who cheat in exams will lose interest in studying. Second, they believe studying isn’t meaningful. Even though they don’t do anything, they can still pass. Third, people who cheat in exams will influence others. Plenty of hard working people will see that their results are lower than people who cheat in exams. Thus, we must prevent cheating in exams. We reduce the opportunities for cheating in exams. The vast majority of Americans still believe that honesty is an important part of the American character. For that reason, there are numerous watchdog committees at all level of society. Although signs of dishonesty in school, business, and government seem much more numerous in recent years than in the past, could that be because we are getting better at revealing such dishonesty? Many educators feel that as students gain confidence in themselves and their abilities, they are less likely to cheat. Surprisingly, some efforts to prevent cheating may actually encourage cheating—a person may feel “ they don’t trust me anyway”, and be tempted to “ beat the system”. Distrust can be contagious. But, so can trust. Title : Cheating in exams in college Facts Means of cheating and plagiarism 3 for cheating ●Cheating in exams is common in college. ●Students don’t take cheating in exams as 1 behaviour. ●Use 2 . ●Surf the Internet. ●Cheats are not 4 seriously. ●The latest technology makes it 5 a job. 7 of cheating ●People will become 8 in studying. 9 . ●People will believe studying doesn’t make for students to cheat. 6 and ●Heavy pressure makes students want to do well so as to ensure

●People cheating in exams will influence others negatively. Solution ●Educators and students should 10 each other. 【阅读简答】1 Directions: Read the following passage. Answer the questions according to the information given in the passage. Money and jewels are not the only valuable things put in banks these days. Some mothers store their breast milk in banks. There’re ten breast banks across the US, where mothers can donate their extra milk to other women’s babies. Experts say breast milk is the best food for babies. The World Health Organization says it is the only food babies should get during the first 6 months. Breast milk is especially important for the premature (早产) babies. James Cameron, a famous doctor, says breast milk is almost like medicine. The fact is that there are so many different proteins and specialized sugars in it that the mom is able to make that help provide immunity(免疫力). It’s very important for the health of the newborn. Lucy Baur lives near Fort Wayne. She had more milk than her children needed. She wanted to

donate to the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank. But freezing and shipping milk can be costly. Then, a donor station opened near her home. Milk donations in the US work like this: Donors must be willing to provide almost three liters of breast milk. They freeze the milk and take it to the station. There, employees warm the milk and mix it with other mothers’ milk. Then, the milk is heated to kill bacteria. After that, the technicians test the milk to make sure it is safe and healthful. The milk is re-frozen and sent to the main milk bank. The milk bank transports the milk to hospitals to feed premature or sick babies. Donors are tested for diseases before any milk is accepted. They are not permitted to smoke tobacco, use illegal drugs or drink too much alcohol. 1. What’s the purpose of setting up breast milk banks? (No more than 11 words) (2 marks) 2. Why is the breast milk important for newborns? 3. What donors can not provide their breast milk? 4. What’s the main idea of the last paragraph? (No more than 12 words) (2 marks) (No more than 14 words) (3 marks) (No more than 9 words) (3 marks)

【阅读简答】2 阅读下面短文,并按照题目要求用英语回答问题. [1]When something goes wrong, it can be very satisfying to say, "Well, it’s so-and-so’s fault. "or "I know I’m late, but it’s not my fault; the car broke down. " It is probably not your fault, but once you form the habit of blaming somebody or something else for a bad situation, you are a loser. You have no power and could do nothing that helps change the situation. [2]However, you can have great power over what happens to you if you stop focusing on whom to blame and start focusing on how to improve the situation. This is the winner’s key to success. [3]Winners are great at overcoming problems. For example, if you were late because your car broke down, maybe you need to have your car examined more regularly. Or, you might start to carry along with you the useful phone numbers, so you could call for help when in need. [4]Actually, cases of this kind are common occurrence. If your colleague causes you problems on the job for lack of responsibility or ability, find ways of dealing with his irresponsibility or inability __________ simply blame the person. Ask to work with a different person, or don’t rely on this person. You should accept that the person is not reliable and find creative ways to work successfully regardless of how your colleague fails to do his job well. [5]This is what being a winner is all about ----- creatively using your skills and talents so that you are successful no matter what happens. Winners don’t have fewer problems in their lives; they have just as many difficult situation to face as anybody else. They are just better at seeing those problems as challenges and opportunities to develop their own talents. So, stop focusing on "whose fault it is. " Once you are confident about your power over bad situations, problems are just stepping stones for success. 1. What is the best title of the passage? (no more than 5 words) 2.How do you deal with a problem your colleague brings about? (no more than 10 words)

3. Please fill in the blank in the fourth paragraph with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence. (no more than 4 words) 4 .If you are a winner, what will you take problems as ? (no more than 15 words) 5. What does the underlined word “This” (Line 1, Paragraph 5) probably refer to? (no more than 15 words)


Key: 【阅读填空】1 1. Pennies 2. Problem with pennies/Problem/Fact/Situation 3. Prices of metal 4. time and effort 5. Solution suggested/Advice/Tip/Suggestion 6. the nearest nickel/the 5-cent nickel 7. Abraham Lincoln 8. Some major charities 9. the American experience 10.US superstitions 【阅读填空】2 1. shameful 2. cellphones 3. Reasons 4. punished 5. easier 6. graduation 7. Consequences/ Results 8. uninterested 9. sense 10. trust 【阅读简答】1 1. To help mothers donate milk to other babies. Or: That mothers can donate their extra milk to other babies. 2. Because it contains rich nutrients that they need. Or: Because proteins and specialized sugars in it can help provide immunity. Or: Because it contains protein and sugar to help provide immunity. 3. Those who smoke tobacco, use illegal drugs or drink too much alcohol. 4. How the milk donation works in the US. Or: The process of milk donations in the US. 【阅读简答】2 1. A Winner's Secret /The secret of winners / The Winner’s Key to Success 2. I will find a better way to handle the problem 3. rather than (instead of 不可接受:因为后面是动词原形结构) 4. I will take them as chances for self-development 5. creatively using your skills and talents so that you are successful no matter what happens




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