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used as

1.过去分词作定语 (Attribute)
(1) 在句中的位置 单个的过去分词作定语时,位于它所修饰 的名词或代词前面;
a broken heart the risen sun


a lost child


过去分词短语作定语时,位于它所 修饰的名词或代词后面。

people addicted to drugs
a novel written by Luxun

the advice given to the patient
an old man supported by his son

a school built for orphans

单个过去分词修饰 something,

everything, anything, nothing, somebody, nobody,those 等不定

Nothing reported ( in the newspaper) interested him.

过去分词和现在分词在做定语时的区别: 1.语态上 现在分词: 表示主动的动作 过去分词: 表示被动的动作 He is the man swimming in the river just now. He was reading a novel written by Charles Dickens.

2.时间上 现在分词: 表示正在进行

过去分词: 表示完成
the falling leaves the fallen leaves a changing world a changed world

boiling water
boiled water

the rising sun the risen sun

the developing country the developed country


过去分词和现在分词在做定语时的 区别:


? I know the people building the house there.(主动、进行)

? The house being built over there is a shop. (被动、正在建)
? The house built over there is a shop. (被动、已建好) ? The house to be built over there is designed by a famous architect (被动、将来)

His book ____________ published last year sells well. His book _____________ being published now will be on sale next year. to be published next year will be His book _____________ his best one. publishing his book is The press(出版社) ___________ famous in the city.

? 过去分词和V-ing形式作表语的区别:
? V-ing形式 表特征---含有“令人……”之

过去分词 表状态---含有“感到……”之意

比较: The film is interesting. I'm interested in English.
surprising ~surprised disappointing ~disappointed amazing ~ amazed relaxing ~ relaxed exciting ~excited tiring ~tired boring ~ bored pleasing ~pleased

confusing ~confused satisfying ~satisfied astonishing ~astonished inspiring ~ inspired amusing ~amused entertaining ~entertained depressing ~ depressed

Fill in the blank with proper words.
1. A. Nobody was interested in the story he told. B. The story he told was very interesting . ( interested, interesting ) 2. A. Everybody was excited to hear the news. B. The news is very exciting indeed. ( excited, exciting ) 3. A. The result of the test was rather disappointing. B. He was very disappointed at the result of the test. ( disappointed, disappointing ) 4. A. What he said was very amusing . B. I was very amused at the sight. ( amused, amusing )


1. look, sound, smell, taste, feel
2. become, get, turn, grow, fall, go, come

3. stay, keep, remain
4. seem, appear

5. turn out, prove (证明是,结果是)

Sum up
? 过去分词作定语和表语的区别:
? 定语 ? 表语 放在名词和代词的前面或后面 表示动作完成 或被动 放在be 动词或系动词的后面


1.A thief stole the goat that was tied to the tree. tied =A thief stole the goat ______ to the tree. 2. The girl who is dressed in red is Kelly’s long-lost friend. dressed in red = The girl _________________ is Kelly’s long-lost friend.

练习一. 句型转换

3. The castle, which was burnt down in the sixteenth century, was never rebuilt. burnt down in = The castle, ______________ ____________________________, the sixteenth century was never rebuilt. 4. Father beat the son who was lost in the online games. =Father beat the son ________ lost in the online games.

5. The project, which was designed by the Chinese engineers, was constructed in only 2 year.

designed by the = The project, _____________ ________________________, chinese engineers was constructed in only 2 year.

练习二 单句改错
1. They were all amusing at what he said. 2. He was very exciting to hear the news that their team had won. 3. The situation was a bit discouraged. 4. Two pages in this dictionary are missed. 5. Your mother is quite worrying about your stare of health.

练习三 单选
1.As is known to us all, traveling is A ______, but we often feel ______ when we are back from travels. A. interesting; tired B. interested; tiring C. interesting; tiring D. interested; tired

D news, we all felt ___. 2. Hearing the ____
A. encouraging, encouraging,
B. encouraged, encouraged

C. encouraged, encouraging
D. encouraging, encouraged B on the gold 3. From the dates ______ coin, it is confirmed that was made five hundred years ago. A. marking B. marked C. to be marked D. having been marked

B 4. The _______ look in her face suggested that she _______ it before.
A. surprising, wouldn’t know B. surprised, hadn’t known C. surprising, hadn’t known D. surprised, shouldn’t know

C 5. The first textbooks ______ for
A. having written

teaching English as a foreign language came out in the 16th century.

B. to be written
C. written

D. being written


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