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高三英语复习押 高三英语复习押轴题
1. It is believed that_____part of the animals can't stay alive in water at 1,500 meters below _____sea level. B. a; a C. the; the D.不填; the A. 不填; 不填 2. China is already very successful in space technology, ____we can see in the examples of ShenzhouV and Shenzhou VI . A.which B. this C. that D. as 3. All flights____because of the storm, they decided to take the train. A.having cancelled B. were cancelled C. have been cancelled D. having been cancelled 4. ----Why are you so upset? ----What Miss Yang said didn't ___ in the exam, so I did it quite poorly. A.count B. content C supply D. evalute 5. My English teacher offers free face-to-face lessons on weekends, mainly helping those___to work abroad next year. go B. going C. gone D. will go 6. The____crowds went wild when their ___football star scored a goal in the last minute. A.cheered, adored B. cheering, adored C. cheering, adoring D. cheered, adoring 7. A gown(律师服)____,Portia calmly came into the court with her maid, Nerissa, dressed herself as a lawyer's clerk. A. putting on B. dressed C. wearing D. going on 8. All of them thought it necessary that he ___the meeting. A.attend B. would have attend C. attended D. was to attend 9. Today's youths enjoy much freedom and some of them like living___. A.wildly and freely B. wild and free C. wildly and free D. wild and freely 10. Only___ the girl ___the old man, when he was hit by a passing car. A. did I see, helping B. have I seen , help C. I have seen, help D. I saw, helping 11. I don't believe you. It is not like her father, who is an honest man, ___any one in business. A. cheating B. cheats C. to cheat D. cheated 12. ---Are you still busy? ---Yes, I ___my work, and it won't take long. A. just finish B. am just finishing C. have just finished D. am just going to finish 13.He works in a company now, but he ___in a factory for 20years. A.has been working B. has worked C.had worked D.worked 14. A modern city has been set up in ____was a waste land ten years ago. A. what B. which C. that D. where 15. He had sent his business partner two thousand machines yesterday, half of ___ unqualified. A.them B. what C. which D. whom 16. In this country it is required that anyone who___recently come here _____ to pass the kind of test. A.has, has B. has, had C. have, have D. has, have 17. The thief broke in , trying to open the safe, but ______ .

A.. in no way B. in vain C. without effect D. at a loss 18.You ______ pay too much attention to your reading skill, as it is so important. A.cannot B. should C. must D. needn't 19. --- Did you have any difficulty catching yesterday's lecture? ---- No, the prefessor spoke very clearly to make his speech easy ___ . A.understood B. understand C. understanding D. to understand 20.An actor can not well play the role without life experiences ____ more than a dancer can make a difference without much practice. A.any B. no C. not D. much 21. --- It's time that I _____ on night duty, I must be off now ---- I'd rather you _____at home on such a family reunion night., stay B. was, stayed C. will be; to stay D. be; staying 22.--- What was wrong with the job? --- Well, the pay wasn't good, ___ other things. A.among B. in C. beside D. of 23. _______ , the result of the program is much better than I expected. A.Taken everything into consideration B. I take everything into consideration C. All things considering D. All things considered 24. My hometown is no longer the place _______ it was five years ago. A.which B. that C. where D. in which 25.I was ______ work last week, but I changed my mind. start B. to have started C. to be starting D. to have been starting 26._______ It is not very large, but it is quiet and beautiful . A. What do you think of your hometown ? B. How do you like your hometown ? C. What does your hometown look like ? D. What is your hometown like ? 27.All that it does is ________ the place of a house wife. A.takes B. taking C. take D. being taken 28. _______for the terrible accident, as the public thought, the mayor felt nervous and was at a loss what to do. A.Having blamed B. To blame C. Being to be blamed D. Being to blame 29. The shuttle and its crew spend two weeks in space, __ the International Space Sation. A.most of it aboard B. most of which aboard C. most of it at aboard D. most of which are aboard. 30.Mr. Smith is popular with us students, who had us ___ during his lectures. A.laugh B. laughed C. to laugh D. laughing 31. _______ shoppers are regular customer to the _______ clothing shop. A.Woman, woman B. Women, women C. Women, women's D. Women's, woman's 32. Anna was reading a piece of science fiction, completely ____ to the outside world. A.lost B. losing C. having been lost D. to be lost 33. --- Are you through with your homework? --- Well _____ . A. go ahead B. why not C. sort of D. that's OK 34. The 2008 Olympic stadium in Beijing, looking like a bird's nest made of ____ tree branches, is ____design that makes us think about _____ nature. A.the, the, the B./ , the, the C. /, a, / D. the, the, /

35. Every country had to take ___ to show that they were against the war or for the war. A.actions B. steps C. measures D. sides 36. At the party, I intended to have a chat with a friend, but unfortunately __________ couldn't spare me even on minute. B. one C. who D. they 37.Pleasant as they made it ______, we fell tired after the long journey. travel B. travel C. traveled D. traveling 38. I've just had my supper, so I can only ___ a cup of tea , but nothing else. with B do with C. feed with D. go with 39. ----Tom likes to be alone, reading. He doesn't quite going for team activities. ---- Yes. Reading is to Tom___football is to other boys. A.that B. which C. as if D. what 40. His bike ___ when he went shopping , he had to walk home. A.had been stolen B. was stolen C. stolen D. stole 41. -----Who do you think will be chosen to attend the conference? ---- ____ Jane. A.Not other than B. No less than C. Not more than D. None other than 42. What he said has ____ shown his attitude. well as B the same as C. as good as D. as soon as 43. ----What do you think of our fight against _____bird flu? ---- We are sure to win, for ____man always conquers ___nature. A, the, a ,the B. \, a ,the C. the, \, the D, \, \, \ 44. We students are often required to ____ our test papers after each test so that we can know ourselves better. A.break up B. break down C. tear up D. tear down 45. It is quite necessary to know what you feel like ___ better able to deal with him or her. be B.being C. is D. be 46. If he fails , it won't be ____ lack of effort. He is always working hard. A. through B. over C. with D. to 47. China will allow foreign banks to ___ Renminbi in some cities of our country. A. deal in B. deal with C. deal out D. deal at 48.When choosing a product, I sometimes try to figure out the meaning ____to its brand name. A. attaching B. having attached C. to attach D. attached 49. It's important for us to employ a word or a phrase according to the ____ in language studies. A.situation B. expression C. condition D. translation 50. At the meeting, they sat very ____and had a ____talk, but I didn't know what they were talking about. A.close,close B,closely,close C.close,closely D. closely closely 51. He told me that little about what they ____ he know the moment Li Leicame to question him this morning. A.did did B. did do C. would do D. could do

52. Birds of ____ flock together. A.a feather B. the feather C. feathers D. the feathers 53. David Brown, a successful lawyer, has a_____ car. A.large German grey B. large grey German C. grey large German D.German large grey 54.Anyway, the evening, ______ I will tell you more about later, I went abroad. A. when B. where C. what D. which 55.Huston Rockets failed eight times , which made the American basketball fans doubt whether Yao Ming can _____ their expectation. A. live up to B. meet with C. Put out D. make up for 56. So I was wrong, _____ I ? A. wasn't B. were C. weren't D. was 57.After writing an article, we must _____ several times. A. go over it B. go it over C. think over it D. turn over it 58.Is this factory ____ you used to work ? A. where B. that C. in which D. the one 59.---The manager ___me and told me they had no ____ for clerks but a secretary. --- Did you have a try ? A.accepted; jobs B.refused; posts C. received ; openings D. recognized; works 60.The teacher seldom let an opportunity to teach his students or to help them make up for the days of schooling they had missed ____. A. pass B. passing C. to pass D. being passed 61.Please think of the moon ____ female. A. as have B. as having C. on having D. on have 62.My daughter has grown ___ all her old clothes. A. over B. without C. away D. out of 63. By law , when one makes a large purchase, he should have ___ opportunity to change his mind . A. accurate B. adequate C. urgent D. excessive 64.“It looks as if he were drunk.” “So it does. _________.” A. He’d better give up drinking B. He shouldn’t have drunk so much C. Health is more important than drink D. I wonder why he is always doing so 65.—Do you know what people are saying about you? —Of course I know. But _____ is true, and I don’t care. A. nothing B. something C. everything D. none 66.Pain is now considered the fifth _____sign, as important as blood pressure, temperature , breathing rate and pulse in determining a person’s health. A. original B. vital C. unique D. vivid 67.The edition of Longman Dictionary is up to date. The words which _____ into English from the outside world ______ about 200 pages of the dictionary. A. were imported; occupy B. are imported; have occupied C. have been imported; occupy D. were imported; have occupied 68.There is only one who is capable of setting limits to your growth, and it _____ well

be you. A. may B. should Cwill D. must 69. With many major economic problems_______ to be addressed, there is no point _______ the growth rate of this year now. A. remaining predicting B. remaining ; to predict C.remained ; predicting D. remained ; to predict 70. That fellow’s attitude towards others is _______ annoy nearly everyone he meets. A. such as to B. so as to C. such as D. as to 71. The UN has warned that,_____ natural systems like forests and wetlands disappear , mankind is losing the services they provide such as protection from extreme weather. A. while B. once C. when D. as 72. If you can make what the teachers teach ______,you’ll make rapid progress. A. yours B. yourself C. you D. your 73. He got _____the fence sideways. A. over B. through C. cross D. out 74.We read newspapers every day _______of what is going on all over the world. keep informed B. keeping informed C. to keep ourselves informed D. informed 75. As a driver,the first ____needs remembering is taking care. A. thing B. that C. what D. / 76….How do you find Albert ? … He is ______about his clothes. A. thin and never thinks B. tall and never careful C. warm-hearted but special D. harworking but particular 77. They didn’t realize the use we _____the information. A. made from B. made into C. made in D.made of 78….Dick insisted he _______nothing wrong, and should not be critcized. Why ? … Because he couldn’t help ______a while lie. A. did, tell B. had done; but tell C. do;telling D. do; to tell 79. After 10 years of hard time, the young lady has turned movie star, _____she dreamed of becoming in her childhood. A. who B. which C. that D. what 80. “It looks as if he were drunk.” “So it does. _______ .” A . He’d better give up drinking B. He shouldn’t have drunk so much C. Health is more important than drink. D. I wonder why he is always doing so 81. After writing an article, we must _____several times. A. go over it B.go it over C. think over it D. turn over it 82. The girl sat there quite silent and still with her eyes _____on the wall. A . fixing B . fixed C. to be fixing D. to be fixed 83. Tina is a famous English teacher , _________in fact ,is known to all . A. this B. which C. what D. who 84. Hurry up ! They ______in five minutes.

A.are going to start B. are about to start C.were about begin D. are about to bigin 85. She ______us to be waiting for her there. A. suggested B. agreed C. hoped D. expected 86. Tom is now studying at a medical college. He is on the way _____a doctor. A .to becoming become C. becoming D. being 87. Just have a little patience, I’ll look _______the matter as soon as possible. A into B. up C. through D. in 88. Readers can _______quiet well without knowing the exat meaning of each word . A . get over B. get in C. get along D. get through 89. Do tell me the way you think of ______the problem as soon as possible . A . to solve B. solving C. solve C.being solved 90. It was the Athens 2004 Olympic Games _____Liu Xiang won a good medal in the man’s hurdle race. A . where B. when C. that D. then 91. It was at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games ______Liu Xiang won a gold medal in the man’s hurdle race. A . where B. that C. at which D . when 92. ….Where did you meet Tom ? … It was in the hotal ______he stayed last night. A . where B. that C. which D. what 93. It was in the hotal where he stayed last night _____I met . A .what B. where C. that D . which 94. How did the plan strike you ? It ____, so we can’t think too highly of it . A . all depends B. makes no sense C. is so practical D . is just so so 95. It is said that China has been a member of WHO since 11 December 2001. Well, it’s wonderful that the Chinese people _______have made so much progress these years . A. must B. can C. should D. may 96. Some of the equipment came from Canada. How about __________? A. answer B. the others C. the other D. the rest 97. …I’m sorry that I can’t go to your party tonight . … ____________ ? Haven’t we agreed on it ? A . What is it B. Why don’t you C. What do you think D. How is it 98. Everyone was on time for the meeting _______Chris, who’s usually ten minutes late for everything. A . but B.only C . even D. yet 99. There are a lot of problems today which are beyond any single person’s ability to solve, and they call for united _______________. A. efforts B. force C. energy D. operations 100. Is it Dave Williams _____runs a webside _____he encourages people to protect the environment ? B. that; which C. who; where D. that; as A.who; that

101. From their ___discussion, we could imagine what they were discussing was very________? A. excited; excited B. excited; exciting C. exciting; excited D. exciting; exciting 102. …Excuse me, are you going to buy ______? …Well, I need it for ______class but it’s too expensive. A. the ; a B. a; the C. a; / D. the ; the 103. I don’t believe you. It is not like her father, who is an honest man,_____any one in business. A. cheating B. cheats C. tocheat D. cheated 104. ______is it _____has made Tom _____ he is today. A. What; that ; that B. That; that; what C. What; what; that D.What; that;what 105. My mother went to the market just now and bought _______the oranges from Australia . A. Several dozens B. Several dozen C. Several dozens of D. Several dozen of 106. It is said that in Australia there is more land than the government knows______ . what to do with B. what to do it with C.what to do with it do what with it (02 全国) 107. If you feel tired and sick of fatty food,that is ,in my opinion,_____you have to go to the hospital for a physical examination. A. why B.when C. whether D. that 108._________ It is not very large , but it is quiet and beautiful. A .What do you think of your hometown ? B. How do you like your hometown ? C. What does your hometown look like ? D. What is your hometown like ? 109. “It’s no need___ there now” means the same as “There is no need ____there now ”. A. going ; to go B. to go; going C. going ; going D. to go ; to go 110. Not _______ that is faced can be changed , but nothing can be changed until ________is faced. A. anything; he B.anything; that C. everything; it D. everything; one 111. I’d appreciate ____if you would make room for my desk . A. that C. this D. you 112. ---Why didn’t you tell me what had happened to you ? ---________, but I was afraid that you would worry . A. I hoped so B. I would C. I’d like to D. I’d like to have 113. He _____comb jis hair at the table ,even though he knows I don’t like it . A. can B. must C. shall D. will 114. The villagers, _______had been damaged by the flood, were given help by the International Red Cross. A. all of their houses B. all their houses C.whose all houses D. all of whose houses 115.After the Arab states won their independence, much attention was paid to developing education,with girls as well as boys_______to go to school. A. been encouraged B. encouraged be encouraged encouraged 116. I can see the problem. But I hope to win and_____ .

Well put ._________ . do I; So shall I B. so I shall; So shall I C. so I shall; So do I do I ;so I do 117. Is the man _____you were seen on that evening your boyfriend? A. who B. whom C. to whom D. with whom 118. The teacher often leaves ____to his students to figure out how the problem can be solved. A. what B. that C. it D. there 119. She must have been very disappointed when you told her that she didn’t pass the exam. She was ________than disappointed. She burst into a cry. A. sadder B. more sad C. much sadder D. so sad 120. _______the help of experienced career instructors, this type of job hunting ___to be very efficient. A. With; has proved B.Under, has proved C. With; is proved D. Under; is proved 121. The police ______determined to bring back the missing boy when his family ____almost given up all hope. A. is; have B.are; have C. is; has D. are; has 122. He always dream of _______ a chance for him to go abroad for further study. A. there being B. there to be C. there is D. there be 123. ---How did you find your visit to the newly built art museum ? ---________ . A.With others’ help B. Oh, magnificient, indeed C. By taking a No. 7 bus myself 124. ---Do you feel like ______there or shall we take a bus ? ---I’d like to walk, but since there isn’t much time left, I’d rather we _____ a taxi. A. to walk; take B. walking; took C. to walk; took D. walking; take 125. It is _________that his English is _____perfect. A. certain; quite B. sure; very C. exact ; fairly D. right; rather 126. ______ anyone hpone, tell them that I am busy with my paper. A. would B. Shall C. Should D.Will 127. A bullet hit the soldier and he was wounded in ________leg. A. a B. one C. the D.his 128. Both sides have accused of breaking the contract ______.(上海春招 2006) A. another B. the other C. neither D. each 129. Before _____white , the door should be cleaned thoroughly . A. painting B. painted C. being painted D. having been painted 130. He was sung high prase ______he had done. A. for what B. for for what C. what D. for for all what 131. ______two exams to worry about, I have to work really hard this weakened. A. With B. Besides C. As for D. Because 132. It is three years _______he worked in the company. A . since B. before C. until D. that 133. ---What was the party like ?

---Wonderful. It is years _____I enjoyed myself so much. A . after B. before C. when D. since 134. You ought to have given them some advice. ________ . But who cared whst I said ? A. So ought you B. So I ought C .So did you D. So I did 135. It won’t be ____you get well. A. before long B. long C. long before D. before 136. She ________to say thank you. A. did B. did write C. write D. write did 137. We were all overjoyed at the news of China_____ another man-made satellite . A. to have launched B. to launch C. launched D. having launched 138. Did she appreciate _____ out her mistake ? A. you to point B. for you to point C. your pointing D.your pointed 139. The patient was warned ____oily food after the operation . A. to eat not B. eating not C. not to eat D. not eating 140. There are five pairs________, but I’m at a loss which to buy . A. to be chosen B. to choose from C. to choose D. for choosing 141. _____a reply, he decided to write again. A . Not receiving B. receiving not C. Not having received D.having not received 142. ---Did you go to see the play last night ? ---Unluckily , I couldn’t _____ it. But I am going to see it soon . A. do B. manage C. make D. take 143. Once decided nothing can _____me carrying out our plan . A. prevent B. keep C. protect D. prefer 144. It is _____-that he will attend this party A. certain B. sure C. uncertain D. surely 145. A computer does only what thinking people ______ . A. have it do B. have it done C. have done it D. having it done 146. I had no idea of the machine ________already. A. to test B. having been tested C. testing D. having tested 147. You were silly not ______your car. A. to lock B. to have locked C. locking D. having locked 148. I feel it is your husband who ________ for the spoiled child. A. is to blame B. is going to blame C. is to be blamed D. should blame 149. --- Does he know how to work out the problem ? --- Yes, he has ______ a good idea to solve it . A. caught up with B. kept up with C. come up with D. put up with 150. She is in a poor _______of health , which worries her mother much . A. position B. situation C. state D. conditioin 151. No matter where you live , you would find it difficult not _______, say , Charlie Chaplin’s early films. A . to laugh B. to laugh at C. laughing D. laughing at 152. ---Hi , Tracy , you looked tired .

---I am tired. I ______the living room all day. A. painted B. had painted C. have been painting D. have painted 153. ---Let’s see if the baseball game has started yet. ---Started ? It must be clear who ______by now . A. is winning B. wins C. has won D. would win 154. It is (has been) two years since he smoked . A. 他戒烟已有两年了。 B. 他抽烟有两年了。 D. 既然他戒烟就是两年了。 C. 因为他戒烟没觉得有两年了。 155. He is too careless and he _______keys . A . always lost B. always loses C. is always losing D. was always losing 156. He fell upon his ______, looked up to heaven and said loudly a fervent (真挚的) thanksgiving in which he spoke of his wife ,sick and helpless, and his children , without bread, ______this timely bounty (施舍) , from some unknown hand , would _____ from dying . A. back…which…suffer B. legs …what….prevent C. knees…whom…save D. hands…that…escape 157. ______his music , he often____folks tunes which are familiar ___the local people . A. For; adapts; to B. To; adjusts ; to C. By; adopts; to D. Of ; donates;to 158. After hearing the judgment pronounced, Saddam Hussein, former president of Iraq,sat in count for a few minutes , with his eyes ______on the ceiling . A . fixing B. fixed C. fix D. to fix 159. ---Can’t you feel I like you more than her, my dear? --- You mean more than ______love her or more than she loves _______? A . you, me B. she, you C. I , my D. I, you 160. It was three o’clock ______ we finished the work . A. that B. at which C. when D. since 161. Can you explain how it _______that you were an hour late ? A. came about B. came out C. took place D. occurred 162. ______ to give up smoking , he threw away his ______cigrettes. A. Determined; remained B. Determined; remaining C. Determining; remained D.Determining; remaining 163. --- What time is it now ? ---8:30, but my watch has _____two or three minutes. A. won B. got C. gained D. lost 164.To tell yoy the truth, I prefer a pair of comfortable _______pretty sports shoes. A. less than B. rather than C. other than D. more than 165.In 1925, they passed a law which ____people __the animals if they were a problem. A. allowed; to shoot at B. permitted; to shoot at C. allowed; to shoot C. permitted; shoot 166.---Have you heard of Wang Meng ? ---Yeah. She _______have done better. She won China’s first gold medal at Turin . A. should B. might C. needn’t D. couldn’t 167.Despite the bad weather, the general _______his troops at night.

A. advanced B. accelerated C. promoted D.absorbed 168.Engines are to machines _______hearts are to animals. (2006 山东,23) A. as B.that C. what D. which 169.---Where did you find your wallet ? ---It was on the desk of the reading room ______we read the magazings ___I found it. A. that…that B. where…where C.where…that C.that…where 170. _____Lucy wre not given timely treatment, she would suffer from a cough for the rest of her life schocked me terribly . A. That B. If C. That if D. If that 171. Haven’t I told you already that you ____have the answer tomorrow morning ? A . will B. shall C. must D. may 172. Was it eight o’clock____you got to the cinima yesterday evening ? A . that B. which C. until D. when 173. If you go roller skating regularly, you will be good at it. As the saying goes,____ . A. well begun is half done. B. better later than never. C. practice makes perfect. D. tomorrow is another day . 174.____ who is interested in going on the trip should sign here at the end of this lesson. A. No one else B. Anyone else C. Someone else D. Nobody else 175. He cares so little about his meals that _____will do so long as it fills this stomach. A. anything B. everything C. nothing D. something 176. I should prefer _____to be no discussion of my private affairs. A. it B. there C. that 177. We found _____difficult to understand. A. that he said B. which he said C. it’s D. what he said 178. Do you worship The Grassland and The Space Dreams, by Lames ? I should if ______of them were written lively . A. either B. each C. neither D.all 179. I prefer a flat in Inverness to ____in Perth, because I want to live near my Mom’s. A. one B. that C. it D. this 180. ---_____Mr. Black changed his mind to take part in the movement ? ---After he listened to the speech by Mr. Barton. A. When was that it B. When was it that C. When was that D. When was it 181. He never gives himself any rest; he’s always at _______ . A. those B. it C. himself D.that 182. The last train has gone. Come on , we’ll have to foot ________. A . them B. it C. you D.that 183. I intended to compare the notes with a friend, but unfortunately ____couldn’t spare me even one minute . (2004 重庆) A.they B. one C. who D. it 184.---He was nearly killed by a car once. ---When was __________ ? ---______ was in 2004_____he was in a middle school.

A. that; It; when B. that; It; that C. this; That; that D. this;It; when 185.Only when you _____yourself with all the facts before the interview that you are equal to the work can you get it. A . possess B. arm C. help D. devote 186.---Where did you find the wallet ? --- It was at the stadium _____I played football. A . that B. where C. which D .there 187. Today I will take up the story _____I left off yesterday. A . in which B . where C. from which D. which 188. The sports ground is wet , for it _____last night . A. must rain B. rained C. must have rained D. was raining 189. At the airport, the taxi_____to let us get off. A. pulled in B. pushed in C. hurried in D. dragged 190. We don’t keep winning games________ we keep playing well. A . because B. unless C. when D. while 191. There are still many people suffering a lot, and we are to do something to _______poverty. A .keep out B. wipe out C. give out D. run out 192. The man _____the book down and ___ down for a rest . A. laid, lay B. laid ,lied C. lay, laid D. lay ,lay 193. Tom ______of her couse of action, so he told her to go ahead. A. approved B. agreed C. accepted D. consented 194. He was well _____of the difficulties to be overcome and get _____of his own inability to overcome them . A . aware; aware B. aware; conscious C. conscious; conscious D.conscious; aware 195.When answering questions in an e-mail, it is important for you to remind the person you are writing ____the questions you are answering . A. about of do C. to of D. of to 196. You can find many people ______pay slightly higher prices for things that are ____ friendly to preserve the environment. A. willing to ; environmentally B. will to ; environmentally C. will to; environmental D. willing to ; environmental 197. It is obvious that we can use different _____-to the same problem . A. approaches B. ways C. mean D. method 198. I would appreciate _______ if you gave me some help . A. it B. that C. you D. to you 199. When it ______education, the majority of people believe that education is a lifetime study. A . happens to B. comes to C. ends up with D. is related to 200. Lack of courage _______them their freedom, and finally their lives . A. took B. cost C. took away D. destroyed 201. Of course,not everyone was _____the ban on smoking in public area though they knew that it was good for people’s health.

A. in favour of B. in praise C. against D. in honour 202. As we joined the big crowd I got ______from my friends . A . informed B. lost C.missed D. separated 203. Sometimes ______improperly will make one feel embarrassed. A. to be praised B. praising C. praised D. being praised 204. ______her seat , we sat around her ,asking her what had happened. A . Upon taking B. As soon as she took C. When taken D. When taking 205.In the early 1920s,thousands of people went to Australia to _____their fortune. A. seek B. take C. develop D. observe 206. I am sorry I missed _______Act One the play last night. It _____for half an hour by the time I got to _____ theatre. A . the; had been started; / B. / ; had been on; the C. the; was to start ; the D. / ; has been on ; / 207. I was tired of _______office work, so I decided to have a journey for pleasure. A. normal B. ordinary C. common D. routine 208. With this equipment we can enjoy very good pictures,but the sounds are not so satisfactory because the _____system needs improving. A. video B. visual C. audio D. invisible 209. The government _____him $ 10,000 for his heroic deeds in the rescue work . A. waarded B. rewarded C. give a reward to D. gave a price to 210. As is known to us all, a man is known by the _______he keep. I must say it seems that your son is deeply influenced by his friends. A. promise B. distance C. way D. company 211. The teacher requires ______is the last to leave the classroom ______the door. A. who;should lock B. whim; shall lock C.whomever; locks D.whomever;lock 212. The local ______guide explained everything about the places we visited in a clear and lively way. A . travel B. trip tour D. journey 213. ---Take down each phrase you come across in reading; and you will find them useful some day. ---Yeah, I see. _______ . A. Every little helps. B. Where there’s a will, there ‘s a way . C. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. D. It is never too late to learn. 214. The police officer insisted that the man __the matter and that we __him go at once. A. have nothing to do with ; let B. should have nothing to do with; should let C. did not have anything to do with ; must let D. had nothing to do with ; let 215. When put in a glass of water, the chopsticks look as if they __________. A. break B. have broken C.were broken D. had been broken 216.Given good weather , our ship _______Shanghai Monday evening. A. will reach B.would reach C. had reached D. should reach 217. The young man went on vacation in Beijing at his own _____last summer, visiting many places of interest .

A. price B. cost C. expense D. pay 218. The comments the expert made _______stock market were upsetting, _____him to be awake all night. A. concerning ;causing B. be concerned ;which caused C. concerned; cause D. to be concerning; caused 219. ---Mr Smith , you are fined for speeding,please sign here. --- Fined ? Speeding? _______ . A. Are you all right ? B. You can’t be serius! C.I’m a foreigner .D.It doesn’t matter. 220. ---It seems that you are so upset? ---There are so many troublesome problems_____ . A. remaining to settle B. remained settled C. remaining to be settled D. remained to be settled 221. I _____ in a foreign company for five years. Still , I don’t regret giving up the well-paid job . A. worked B. have worked C. was working D. had worked 222. In order not to be disturbed, the famous scientist spent the whole summer ____ in a lonely contry house. A. locking B. locked C. being locked D. to be locked 223. The pilot asked all the passagers on board to remain ______as the plane was making a landing . A. seat B. seating C. seated D. to be seating 224. __ happened to be a policeman nearby, so we rushed up to him and asked for help. A. There B. It C. What D. As 225. She loved her husband and _____herself with his needs. A . referred B. devoted C. regarded D. concerned 226. It is extremely hot outside. I have never experienced such a hot summer in my _____life. A. full B.entire C. complete D. total 227. The pretty young girl, _______ in a white dress, because the focus of attention immediately she turned up at the party. A . dressing B. dressed C. having dressed D. being dressed 228. “Can’t you read ?” Mary said ______ to the notice . A.angrily pointing B.and point angrily C.angrily pointed D.and angrily pointing 229. How about two of us _____a walk down the garden ? A. to take B. take C. taking D. to be taking 230. ---I must apologize for _____ahead of time. --- That’s all right . A. letting you know not B. not letting you know C. letting you not know D. letting not you know 231. _____is believed, _____too much fat contributes to heart disease or cause high blood pressure. A. It ; to eat B. It ; eating C. As; to eat D. As; eating

232. The old temple _____a shelter for refugees during the civil war is being repaired. A . used as B. was used as C. functioned as D.functions as 233 .The ______ moment will never be forgotten by Chinese _____Xu Haifeng won the first gold medal in the Olympic Games for China. A . historic ; that B. historic; when C. historical; that D. historial; when 234. Animals suffered at the hands of Man _____they were destroyed by people to make way for agricultural land to provide food for more people. (2008 江西) A. in which B. for which C. so that D. in that 235. The earthquake and the damage _____resulted in shocked me . A. that B. which C. was 236. Many students did very well in the exam,______admitted into Beijing University . A. three of which B. three of them C. three of whom D. and three of them 237. At the meeting they discussed three different_____to the study of mathematics. A. approaches B. means C. methods D.ways 238. The time is not far from ____information will be made known ______more workers will be brained for their jobs. A .until; which B. when; that C. before ,that D. as, which 239. ---“Dear Frank, when will our wedding be ? ” --- “Ah, when ? God knows .” He said ,and __away from her,walked rapidly away. A. turned B. turn C. turning D. to turn 240. ---______the woman with the baby come over ? We have a seat here . ---Thank you, sir . Actually I do have my seat here. But my baby likes to look out of the window. A . Would B. Shall C. must D. mayC 241. ---Are your parents satisfied with your performance at home ? ---_____but not exactly . They want me to do more homework. A. Kind of B. On the contrary C.on average D. By all means 242. The problem of global warming is becoming more and more serious,_____ some island scenic sports have disappeared under the sea. (2010 江苏自主命题模拟三) A. because of which B. for which C. why D. where 243. I had told them the reason , _____I didn’t attend the meeting. A. because of which B. for which C.why D.where 244. She’ll never forget her stay there _______she found her son who had gone missing two years before. A . that B. which C. where D.when 245. Just when we were ready to go away for the holidays, the baby ____ catch a fever . A. should B. must C. might D. would 246.The great use of a school education is ____ to teach you things ____teach you the art of learning. A. as much; as B. not so much as ; as to C. much as ; as D. much more ; an 247. --- Could I borrow that newspaper for a few moments? --- ____ . A. No way B. Yes. You could C. No chance D. By all means.

答案: 1. A 。考查冠词的用法,part of 为整体中的部分,其前不要加冠词,海平面为 2.D。考查关系代词的用法,as 代替了前边整个句子,引导非限制性定语从句。当 定语从句的动词为 think,see,expect,report,hope,know,tell,judge,do 等,通常用 as 引 导定语从句。 3.D 考查分词的独立主格结构形式。 4.A。 考查动词词义的区别。 A.count “起作用” B. content “满意” C supply “支 持” D. evalute“评估”。 5.A 。考查动词的形式用法。 6.B。考查非谓语动词的用法。做定语时,-ing 形式具有主动意义;-ed 形式具有 被动意义。 7. D。考查动词词性的用法。A,B,C 都是及物动词,应该用被动形式;D.going on 为不及物动词,可以用主动形式表达被动的意义。 考查虚拟语气的用法。 在"It is (was)+形容词 (或过去分词) +that……"结构中, 8.A。 主语从句的谓语用"should+原形动词"表虚拟语气 美国英语中省去 should, 9.B。考查形容词和副词的用法。 wild and freeom 做宾语 living 的补足语。 10 .D。考查倒装句的用法。only 修饰主语时,句子不倒装。 11.C . It is not like do ......为固定表达形式:“不像某人所为.....” 12.B。考查时态的用法。B. am just finishing ,动作性动词的现在进行时可以用来 表达将来时。 13.D。考查时态的用法。前句有 now,后句 but 表示转折,提示用一般过去时。 14.A。考查以 what 引导的名词性从句。 15. A 。考查分词的独立主格结构。 16 .D。it is required that 从句,考查虚拟语气的用法。在"It is (was)+形容词(或过 去分词)+that……"结构中,主语从句的谓语用"should+原形动词"表虚拟语气,美 国英语中省去 should。 17. B。考查短语的用法。B. in vain “徒劳无益”。 18.A。考查固定用法,cannot ...too....表示“再....也不为过”。 19.D。考查非谓语动词的用法。在形容词后,用动词的不定式。 20 .A。考查固定用法。no more than= not ...any more than...“和...一样不.....”。 21.B。 It's time that...和 would rather 后跟从句时,用虚拟语气。 22.A。考查固定搭配用法。among other things= among others 表示“主要是.....”。 23.D。考查分词的独立主格结构。 24.B。在定语从句中充当表语的关系代词,无论是指人还是指物,多用 that。 25.B。 考查不定式各种形式的用法。 不定式的完成形式“to have started ”表示的动作 在主要 谓语动词 “changed my mind ” 之前发生。 26.D。What do you think of ...? 和 How do you like .... ?表示“内在”的 What does .... look like ? 表示“外表”,What is ?表示“内在”和“外表”。 27.C。不定式充当表语。“前有 do 后无 to,前无 do 后加 to”,本题该用 to take 做 表语的 ,但因前边修饰主语的定语有“does”,故省去“to”。 28.D。考查固定词语及分词做状语的用法。be to blame“应负责”、“该受责备”,现 在分词做原因状语。 29. A。考查独立主格结构形式。“航天飞机的大部分机体停靠在国际空间站上”。 30 .D 。考查“have +宾语+ do / doing / done”的用法。“have +宾语+ do ”中的 have =

let / make 表示“让...干...”的意思; “have +宾语+ doing”中的 have =leave,表示“让... 一直干...”的意思;“have +宾语+ done”有两个含义:①让别人做...②遭受到.. 31.C。名词做定语的特殊用法。 32.A。考查非谓语动词作状语及固定词语的用法。be lost to “对...没有感觉”。 33.C。考查交际语的运用。 C. sort of“有点儿”。 34.C。考查冠词的用法。 35.D 。考查动词短语的意义。 take actions,“采取行动”;take steps ,“采取步 骤”;take measures ,“采取措施”;take sides, “选择立场”。 36.D。考查代词的用法。they,泛指 party 中的“人们”。 37.A。考查 it 的用法,指代从句,动名词或不定式。本句 it 指代 to travel 作形式 宾语,表示具体的一次动作; D. traveling 为动名词,表示“抽象”,“泛指”。 38.B。区别短语动词的意义。 B .do with ,作“处理”“忍受”之意。“我只能和杯茶 了”。 39.D。考查名词性从句的用法。“A” is to“ B” what “C” is to “D”,A 对 B 就像 C 对 于 D 一样。 40.C。 考查固定短语的用法。 None other than =No other than 表示“除了... 一个) D. ( 都没有”。 41.D。考查短语的用法。D. None other than= no other than,表示“只有”,“除了... 外没有”。 类似短语的比较。 well as , 意思是“也, 还”, 其后跟句子; B the same 42.C。 as, 错误, 常用 the same +名词+as; as good as 表示“实际上, C. 等于”; D. as soon as“一...就....”,表示“时间” 考查冠词的用法。 bird flu, “禽流感”这里是指的病毒, 不可数; man, 指“人 43.D。 类”,无冠词; nature,“自然”不可数,也不加冠词。 B. break down , 44.B。考查短语的区别。 A.break up ,“拆毁,分解,分散 ” “ 毁坏,分解,分析 ” C. tear up ,“ 撕下,拆毁” D. tear down ,“撕碎,连 根拔掉” 。 。 正 常 的 语 序 应 该 是 : “ feel 45.A 。 考 查 句 子 结 构 like what to be better ... ” 。 46.A。考查兼类词语的用法。A. through = because of 47.D。区别短语动词的意义。 A. deal in “经营,交易 ”,其后跟“商品”; B. deal with“对付,处理,论述” 后跟“人或事物”; C. deal out “分发”; D. deal at“以... 比率交换”其后跟“货币”等词。 48.D。考查非谓语动词的用法。在这里放在名词 the meaning 之后,应该是定语, 所以用 D。 be attached to 具有“附属于,粘贴在...”之意。 49. A。考查名词词义的用法。A. situation “语境”。 50 .A。考查形容词和副词的用法。有些副词带-ly 与不带-ly 意义不一样。不带-ly 是本意,带-ly 的副词 具有抽象的用法。如:high——高 ,highly——高度地; deep——深, deeply——深刻地。close 既可做形容词“近的,密切的,守密的”, 又可作副词“接近,附近”。第一个空,坐地近,为副词,本意;第二个空修饰名词 应为形容词。 51.A。考查倒装句的形式。little 在宾语从句里是个宾语,因放置在宾语从句首, 所以要倒装。 52.A。考查谚语的形式。“物以类聚”。

53.B。考查多个形容词作定语的排列顺序。为了做好这种题目,记住一个顺口溜: 限定描绘大长高,形状年龄和新老,颜色国籍出材料,依次顺序往后靠。 54.D。考查定语从句中关系词的选择。关系代词和关系副词好似难以区分和选择, 这主要看从句中的谓语动词是不是及物动词,带不带宾语???是及物动词的而又不 带宾语的,通常用关系代词。否则,是不及物动词的或及物动词带宾语的,要用 关系副词。 55.A 。考查短语动词的意义。A. live up to 意思为“不辜负(期望)”。 56.D。考查一些特殊用法。oh, so 为语气词时,句中后边的附加疑问句常用肯定 形式。 57.A。考查短语动词的用法。 短语动词是由“动词+介词 / 副词 ”构成的。分为两类: ⒈及物动词+副词 在这个结构中,注意:①所带的宾语为名词时,可以为:及物动词+宾语 (名 也可以为及物动词+副词+宾语 (代词) 。 如: 把书捡起来。 Pick the 词) +副词, book up . = Pick up the book .②所带的宾语为代词时,只能用“及物动词+宾语 (代 词)+副词 ”的形式。例如:把它捡起来。Pick it up .不可用 Pick up it . ⒉不及物动词+介词 在这个结构中,其后的宾语不管是名词还是代词,一律放置后边。如:保护好 你们的书本。Look after your books . 照顾好他们。Look after them . 因此,对于短语动词,关键是要把握住动词后边的是介词还是副词。如何辨别 他们?方法如下:去掉它,动词词义不变的,是副词,词义改变了,为介词。如: ①Write down the words.②Look down (upon) them. ①去掉 down 后,Write 词义没有改变,所以 down 为副词. ②去掉 down 后,Look (upon) 词义就不是“小看,瞧不起”了, 因此 down 为介词. 58. A 。考查名词性从句。where 引导的名词性从句表示地点 ,做表语。 59. C。考查动词词语的辨析。因受回答语“Did you have a try ?”的限制,所以答案 C。 60 .A 。 考 查 句 子 的 分 析 。 本 句 的 主 要 结 构 为 : The teacher seldom let an opportunity pass . to teach his students or to help them make up for the days of schooling they had missed 作 opportunity 的定语。 61.B。考查词语的灵活运用。think ... as...把...认作为....,as 为介词,后跟名词。本 句译为:“请把月亮认为具有女性划”。 62.D。考查词义的搭配。 D. out of 词义很多,此处表示“超越...范围,在...范围之 外”。 63. B。考查词意的辨析。 B. adequate 意为“充分的”,“足够的”。 64.此题最佳答案为 D,但 A、B、C 均有可能误选,主要是受题中 drunk 一词的 影响。 做此题的要害是要抓住 It looks as if he were drunk 中的要害词 were, 因为它 表明此句的谓语为虚拟语气,也就是说,“他喝醉了”不是事实,只是他的言行似乎 是喝醉了,所以此题的最佳答案是 D。另外注重,句中的 so it does 表示强调,意 为“他看上去的确像是喝醉了”。类似用法:“The building looks beautiful.” “Yes, so it does.” “这房子看上去很美。”“是的,看上去的确很美。”此句中的 so it does 也表 强调。 65. 表示没有上文中提到的人或物, none. 本题 none 指代 none of what people are 用 saying about me.

66.vital 极其重要的;充满活力的。此句意思为:现在,疼被认为是第五生命特 征,在决定一个人健康方面同血压、体温、呼吸率和脉搏一样重要。 67.import 一动作从过去一直延续到现在,故用现在完成时;occupy 占…空间, 表示事物目前所处的状态,应用一般现在时。 68. may well 强调可能性大,译为“很可能”;must “一定,肯定”,用词武断,不符 合现实。 69. remain to be done 有待于,remain 系动词,做谓语用主动态;作非谓语,做其 他成分,用现在分词 remaining; There is no point in doing sth 做某事没有意义。 1) 2) such+n. as to do 3) 70. 不定式作结果状语有三种表达: so+adj./adv as to do such as to do ,句义为:那老家伙对别人态度如此恶劣,几乎见谁会恼怒谁。 71. 引导时间状语从句,表示“随着”用 as. 72.A. yours, 指你的知识。 make 的意思是“让……成为”, 很容易选择 C 。 73.B. 74.C. 75.B . 当先行词是序数词时,关系代词要用 that 。 76.D. be particular about 对… 很挑剔 77.D. make use of ,固定用法,意思为“利用”。 78.B. insist 为“坚持做了某事” ,不用虚拟语气; can’t help but dosth.=have to do sth. 固定用法“只能做…” 79.B. 先行词 movie star 为职业,不属于人,故选 B.which 80.D. 此题答案为 D,但 A,B,C 均有可能选择,主要是受题中 drunk 一词的影响, 做此题的要害是要抓住 It looks as if he were drunk 中的要害词 were ,因为它 表明此句的谓语为虚拟语气,也就是说,“他喝醉了”不是事实,只是他的言 行似乎是醉了,所以此题的最佳答案是 D. 另外注意,句中的 so it does 表示强调,意为他看上去的确像是喝醉了。类似 做法: “The building looks beautiful.” “Yes,so it does.”“”这房子看上去很美。 “是 的,看上去的确很美。”此句中的 so it does.也表示强调 。 81.A. 考察短语动词的用法。go over 为“不及物动词+介词”构成,意思为“看一遍, 过一遍”,由于 over 在此为介词,其宾语只能放置其后。 82. B. fix one’s eyes on …. 固定用法“把眼盯在….上”。 83. B. 同 79.先行词 English teacher 为职业,不属于人,故选 B.which,不能选 who. 84.A. “be about to do sth” 表示动作迅速的意思。 故不妥。 85.D. hope,agree,suggest, approval 等后边不能用不定式做其宾语的补足语。 86.A. on the way to 是个固定用法,to 是个介词,后跟名词或动名词,意思是“在 去…的途中;正要….;正打算…”。但 expect “想,期待”可以后跟不定式做 宾语补足语。 87.A. look into 调查, look up 向上看,拜访,查找; look through 仔细检查,穿 过看,调查; look in 往里看,短暂访问 88.C.考查短语的用法。 89.A.看似在 think of 之后改用动词—ing,其实所填内容为 the way 的定语。 90.A. 这不是一个强调句,可以理解为 where 引导的定语从句,修饰名词短语 the Athens 2004 Olympic . 91.B.此句是一个强调句, 被强调成分是地点状语 at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. 所以用 that .

92. A.此句是一个定语从句,先行词为 hotel. 93. C.这是一个强调句。此句是一个强调句 94. C. can’t… too…再…也不为过 95. C. should have done 为本应该….; 竟然…. 96. the rest 其余的,用来修饰不可数名词。
97. D. 意思是“怎么回事?” 98. C. everyone 作主语时,表示“无一例外”,所以不能与 but 连用,但 but 可与 nothing,all , anything, nobody 等不定代词连用。整个句子的意思是“大家都按时到会了,甚至连科 雷斯通通常做事要迟到十分钟,也到了 。” 99. A. 100. C . 101. B . 102. D .因为“it”说明了同一事物, 故上边的词为特指, the;class 为班级, 用 是一个具体的名词, 为说话者心目中的事物,用 the . 103.A.虽然 It is (just) like sb. To do sth. . 为固定结构,表示“正是象。。的行为”,但期中加入 。 了“Who is an honest man ”, 说明了不是为固定结构,因此可以看作伴随状语“cheating”。 104.D. 主句为强调句“What is it that…”make sb what he is 为一结构,表示“让某人成为…..” 105.D. dozen 前有具体的数词或 many , several 时, 后不加复数也不用 of ; 但是有人称代词, 指示代词或表示“其中的”时,后应有个 of 。如:several dozen students 。score 一般与 of 连用: 2 dosen eggs → 2 score of eggs ; 2 dozen of us (the students)

106.C. do with,在此意为“利用”,“使用”。 “疑问词+不定式”结构。“疑问词+不定式”结构作 know 的宾语。例如:He gave me this strange object for my birthday and I don’t know what to do with it. 他把 这个怪东西作为生日礼物送给我,我不知道怎样使用它。 The play was terrible; half the actors didn’t know what to do with their hands. 戏 演的糟透了,半数演员都不知道该把手放在哪里。 107. B. when 从句,你该去医院检查一下身体的时候了。 108. D. A .What do you think of …? B. How do you like … ?表示“内在的” C. What does your hometown look like ? “外表” D. What is … like ? 既表示“内在的”有表示“外表”。 109. A. 区别使用: It’s no need…doing 与 There is no need …to do . 110.C. not…but…是一个固定结构。 此文的意思是“不是面对的一切都能改变, 而是 直到面对它时才能改变(没有面对时就不可能改变)。” 111. B. 112. D. 113. D. 114. D. 因先行词是 the villagers, 所以后边充当定语的关系代词为 whose. all of 表 示“全部的”。 115. A. 116. C。句中的“see” 为“理解”意思; Well put , 说得好 。 117. D。那天晚上见到与你在一起的那个男人是你的男朋友吗? 118. C。 119. B。more…than….与其说…倒不如。。。 120. A。job hunting training ,上岗培训 。with the help of =with one’s help 在…帮助

下,固定用法; prove 在此为 vi,做系动词用, 不可用被动语态。 121. B。集合名词 police, family, enemy, class 等既可作单数又可作复数 。 122. A。of 后加-ing 形式。本题考查了谓语及非谓语动词的用法。 123. B。How do you find …? 意思有俩个:1. 你是怎么找到…?(表示“方式”) 2.你觉得…怎么样?(性质,状态) 124. B . would rather 后跟动词原形,后跟从句要用虚拟语气。 125. A . 126. C.条件状语从句为虚拟语气。If anyone should photo, if 省略掉了。 127. C. 128. B .accause sb. of sth. 控告某人某事;此处空档应在 have 与 of 之间。 129. D .根据需要, 形式前面也可以加上 when, while, until, once, though, although, -ed as long as , so long as, unless , as if , as though ,even if / though 等词。as 后不能 跟-ed 形式。但在 before, after, without 等词后必须用 being done 结构形式。 例如:这个男孩离开了游戏室没有被人发现。The boy left the playhouse without being seen . 130. B. sing high praise for…“赞扬,歌颂….”固定用法 。 131. A. 关键词 to worry about ,由此我们判断,前面的部分是由名词 exam +不定式 构成的复合结构,而不是从句 。 132. A .有三年他不在公司工作了。 It is + 段时间 + since 从句。Since 从句中的动词为延续性时,意思是:这个 动作有多长时间没有发生了。再如:自从这几场大火以来,有些大熊就没有 见过。Some bears have seen since the fire. 133. D. 同上。 134. D . 135. C.此处 long before 不是一个词语,是分开的。Before 引导后的从句。 136. B. 137. D. 138. C . 139. C . 140. B. 141. C . 142. C. 143. A. 144. A . 人+ be certain / sure of (about )…. ; It is certain that….. 145. A . 146. B . 147. B . 148. A . 149. C . come up with 想出,提出。 150. C .state 可与冠词连用,所表示的情形,形态持续时间最长; condition 不与冠 词连用,一般表示环境或其它。 151.B .say = for example; to laugh at 不是一个固定词组,at …意思是“一看到 / 听 到”。 152. C .现在完成进行时。

153. A .现在很清楚了谁会获胜。进行时表示即将发生的事。 154. A . It is + 段时间 + since 从句。Since 从句中的动词为延续性时,意思是:这 个动作有多长时间没有发生了。 155. C. 在进行时中,always 表示一种语言色彩:高兴或厌烦。 156. C .本题考查了学生分析解题的能力。 句中 sick and helpless, without bread, from some unknown hand 均为插入语。这个句子很长,可以先把三个插入语去掉 进行分析,句子就能显现出来。句意大概是:他跪下来,眼望上天大声地道 出了他真挚的感恩:他说道他的妻子多病无助,他的孩子没有面包,这及时 的设施来自不知名的人,从死亡线上解救了他们。 157. A .adapt… for 把…改编为…; be familiar to 为…所熟知.. 158. B . sb fix one’s eyes on sth….把眼盯在…上… 159. A . …难道你没有感觉到我比她更喜欢你吗(我喜欢你比喜欢她更厉害)? …你的意思是你喜欢她更厉害尼还是她喜欢我更厉害尼? 160. C .若选 A (that) ,为强调句,强调部分须用 at three o’clock; 若选 B(at which) , 为定语从句,但 It was …为表示时间的从句,缺少主句,所以选 B 错。选 C, when 引导的为时间状语从句,所以正确。 选 D, since 引导的句型中,主 句中的时间应表示“段”,为 It is / has been + 段时间 + since 从句 。 161. A . come out 出版,结果; take place 不用于主语 it; occur 常用于 It occurred….突然想到…… 162. B . 163. C . gain(钟表)走快,增加; lost (钟表) 走慢 。 164. B . 165. C . shoot 射中,射杀; shoot at 朝…射击 166. D .否定的比较级表示“最高级” 。 B. accelerated 加速 167. A . A. advanced 使…前进 C. promoted 提到 D.absorbed 吸收 168. C .考查表语从句, what hearts are to animals 是表语从句,what 在表语从句 中作 are 的表语 。 169. C . It was …that 为强调句。 170. C .句子作主语,用 that 引导;主语从句中又是一个含有 if 引导的复合句 。 171. B .根据语境可知,说话人已向对方承诺,故选 B。shall 用于第一、二人称, 表示“允诺, 命令, 威胁”等。 再如: promise that his daughter __D__get a nice …I present on her birthday . … will it be a big surprise to her ? A .should B. must C. would D. shall 172. D .句中 it 指的是时间,所以 when 引导的为时间状语从句。句意:你昨晚到 达电影院的时间是八点吗? 若选 A, that 作强调句,需将 yesterday evening 置于 eight o’clock 之后。 173. C . 174. B. 175. A . anything 在 that 引导的定语从句中,做主语。 176. B. there be 结构的不定式 。 177. D .答案选 D。C 时态不一致 。 178. B . should 后省略了 worship , 虚拟语气。 179. A .同类异物用 one 表示。

180. B .it 代替 that 引导的从句。 181. B . it 代替前边一句话 。 182 . B. 183. A .若 B ,则表示“一个朋友没有能为我抽出一分钟的时间 。” 184. A .那(故事)是在 2004 年发生的, 当时他在上中学 。 185. B .只有在面试前你能用适合于这个工作的事实武装自己,你才能获得这份工 作。 186. B .是一个由 where 引导的定语从句 。 187. B . 是一个由 where 引导的地点状语从句,不是定语从句 。 188. B .for 用于解释,不是推断,所以不用 C 。 189. A . pulled in 进站 ; pushed in 挤进, 插入 ; hurried in 慌忙进入 ; dragged in 把…拖进去,牵强附会 190. B . 除非我们一直打的很好,不然我们不会一直取胜 。 191. B . keep out 留在外边; wipe out 消灭; give out 发光; run out 用完,过期, 从…跑出 lie-lay –lain 躺 192. A . lie---lied,lied 说谎; 193. A . approve 要与 of 搭配使用;agree vi. 常与介词 to,with 或 on 搭配; accepte vt. 接受,承认; consent n. vi.准许,承认,接受。作动词时,与 to 搭配。 194. C .aware 侧重“感官所意识到的外界事物” ,一般是由不知道到“知道” 。 Concious 侧重“心理感知” “心中已经明白” 。如:Everybody is aware of the 再如: is concious of He importance of this matter .大家都知道了这事的重要性 。 a sence of guilt .他感到内疚 。 195.C .write to 给…写信; remind sb of sth . 196. A . “用的方法” 197. A ….的方法:approach 与 to 搭配;其它的与 of 连用。另外: 可有如下表达: use the approch to…; in the way ; by the means; with the method. 198. A .it 代替 if 从句。当谓语动词是 like,love,enjoy,hate,appreciate 等时,后带 when,if 从句时,用 it 来代替,从句置其后。 199 .B . happens to …发生,碰巧 ;comes to 提到; ends up with 以…结束 ; is related to 涉及到 200. B .缺乏勇气使他们失去自由,并最终失去了生命。Cost 指付出代价(劳力, 麻烦,精力,生命等) ,常带双宾语 。 201. A .虽然人人都知道戒烟对人们的健康有益,但并非每个人都赞同在公共场所 禁烟。 in favour of ,赞同; in praise of,称赞; against ,反对; in honour Of ,为纪念…;表示敬意。 202. D . 考查过去分词作表语的用法。get lost , 迷路; get separated , 被拆散 。 203. D .动名词作主语。 204. B .不是同一主语发生的动作,该用状语从句 。 205 .A . seek one’s fortune 闯运气。 206. B . Act One = the First One 第一幕,the theatre ,特指“我”去的剧院。 207. D . normal ,正常的; ordinary ,平常的;common ,共同的 ; routine, 常规的,例行的。日常的办公室工作会使人厌烦,因此我们须要去旅游放松 一下。 208. C .词义辨析题:video 视频;visual 视觉的;audio, 音频的;invisible 无形的。

用这套系统我们可以体验完美的画面,但声音却并不会令人满意,因为音频 系统须要改进 。 209. A .award 后可接双宾语,即:award sb. sth 。 reward 后只接一个宾语,一般 用于 reward sb. with sth 。 。我肯定地说,你的儿子深受其朋 210. D .众所周知: 观其交友,知其为人(谚语) 友的影响。 211. D . 212. C . travel ,旅行,游历; trip ,极为广泛的用词,多指短距离的旅游,也表示 “ 远 足 ” ; tour , 指 有 一 定 的 旅 游 路 线 , 最 后 又 回 到 启 程 的 终 点 ; journey ,远距离陆上游玩 。 集腋成裘; Where there’s a will, there ‘s a way . 213. A . Every little helps. 积少成多, 有志者事竟成; Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. 心之所愿,无所不 成。 It is never too late to learn. 学无止境 。 ,故用一般 214. D .insist 带有两个宾语从句 。第一个宾语从句是表示“一件事实” 现在时;第二个从句表示“坚持做….” ,故用虚拟语气。 215. C .一般状况,用一般现在时的虚拟语气。 216. A .表示对将来的预测,属于真实的条件句。故用 A . 217. C . at one’s own expense 自费。 218. A . 219. B . 220. C .remain 为不及物动词,没有被动语态,主动表示被动的意义。 221. D . 222. B .locked in a lonely country house 是过去分词短语作方式状语,lock 与 famous scientist 之间为被动关系 。 223. C .remain seated 中 remain 是系动词,be seated 就座,坐下。当飞机降落时, 飞行员要球所有乘客在座位上坐好。 224. A 。 There happens to be … 碰巧有….. 225. D 。她热爱丈夫并使自己满足丈夫的要求。 226. B 。full ,完全的,全部的,满的; entire,完整无缺的,和 whole 可以互换; complete ,包括一切所需求的所有部分都不缺; total,用于表示“金额, 数量或程度”含有较强的计算意味。 227. B 。dressed in a while dress 是过去分词作定语,修饰 the pretty young girl, 相 当于定语从句 who was dressed in a while dress 。 228. A 。angrily pointing 并列状语,分别修饰谓语动词 said 。 229. C 。taking 是介词之后宾语 us 的补足语 。 230. B 。非谓语动词的否定式应放在其前 。 231. D 。 这是一个非限制性的定语从句。 关系代词 As, 不是 that 引导的主语从句。 232. A 。主句为 The old temple…is being repaired. temple 后的成分为非谓语动词 作定语,因动词与逻辑主语 The old temple 存在被动关系,故用 A 。 C. function as 为不及物动词,不能有被动语态形式 。 234. D 。in that 作为连词使用,“由于”之意 。 235. D 。it resulted in 作 the damage 的定语 。 236. B 。独立主格结构,不是定语从句。所以不可选 C 。 237. A 。approach 意为达到某些事情的途径或方法,其后常接介词 to ; means 指

为达到某种目的或目标而采用的方法、手段或途径。其后常接 to do sth.或 of (doing) sth; method 指系统地、有条理地办事或解决问题的方法。其后常接 of / for doing sth; way 是一般用语,指人们解决问题的具体办法或途径,其 后常接 to do sth. 或 of doing sth 。 238. B 。when 引导的从句作 the time 的同位语。 that 引导的从句作 information 的同位语从句。因与名词分割开了放置,故给学生带来理解上的困难。 239. C 。考查非谓语动词的用法。列举为 A,B,C…and D 的形式,所以本题中的 and 是连接 said 和 walked 的,因此所填之词应该是修饰 walked 的伴随状 语 turning。 240. A 。多数学生容易选 B, 认为 the woman 为第三人称,其实不是。本句要从 上下文的语境把握。大意是: “带小孩的那个妇女(你)过来呀,我这里有 个座位。 ” “谢谢你先生, 事实上我这边有个座位, 可是我的孩子喜欢看窗外。 ” 241. A 。kind of = sort of ,其前不带冠词,表示“有点儿” 。 242. A 。 243. B 。 244. D 。先行词 her stay 作为“逗留期间”, 所以选 D 。 245. B 。must 在此表示“偏偏”“偏要”, 指发生了与说话人的愿望相反或令 人不愉快的事情。还可以表示决心,意为“一定要,坚持要”。 又如: 我们正要出发时, 偏偏车坏了 。 The car must break down just when we were about to star off . 如果你坚持要走,至少也要等到这场暴风雨婷了再走。If you must go, at least wait till the storm is over . 246. B 。not so much A…as B ,相当于 more …B than A 。意思为:与其说是 A, 不如说是 B 。 247. D 。交际用语。By all means. 当然可以 , 没问题 。 248. B 。sb of sth 控告某人某事。此处空档应在 have 与 of 之间 。




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